27 Feb 2018
JewH260 Working with Human Rights groups is not Collusion

This is what Trump needs to understand. Working with Human Rights groups is not Collusion. The definition of Collusion is “meeting in private to do something illegal”. Two factors make up Collusion:

  • Private. The meeting is private and confidential.
  • Illegal. The planned activity is illegal.

You are having this issue with Russians mainly because of these factors. Your meetings were private and you worked on a narrow aim to help Trump win. The objectives were very narrow … which is why the Establishment is doing its best to define it as Collusion. On the other hand, if you look at the work of Human Rights groups then these factors don’t apply to their works.

  • Public. They are open and widely publicize their agenda and works for the people.
  • Totally Legal. All of their works are totally legal.

Examples will help. Its like meeting and working with Mother Teresa. She was a champion for poor and homeless people. She had immense fame and she had her offices in several countries. She got millions of donations from several governments as well as private donors. Now, would you define meeting and working with Mother Teresa as “Collusion”? Dozens of top politicians have met Mother Teresa and also helped her in her works. Because of their association with Mother Teresa, these politicians have also got a good reputation of doing good work and caring for the people. Is this Collusion? Mother Teresa has offices in dozens of countries around the world and they are helping the poor and needy. Is this political interference? No, it is not.

Take a look at these companies.

  • Transparency International (transparency.org). Based in Germany. They work on about 180 countries in the world studying the levels of corruption in each country based on several factors in that country. Germans working with German sponsors on the corruption in politics of 180 countries. Is their work political interference or collusion?
  • Crisis Group (crisisgroup.org). Based in Belgium. Foreign company with foreign donors … working on world issues, wars, sanctions and human rights. Is their work political interference?
  • International Federation for Human Rights (fidh.org/en). Based in France. Foreign company with foreign donors … working on women’s rights, international justice and migrant’s rights. Is their work political interference?
  • International Center for Human Rights (humanrightsintl.com). Based in Canada. Foreign company with foreign donors … working on human rights and democratic principles. Is this political interference?
  • Institute for War and Peace Reporting (iwpr.net). Based in Britain. Foreign company with foreign donors … working on government and institutional accountability. Is this political interference?

There are similar tens of thousands of Human Rights groups all around the world. This is how Human Rights groups work:

  • Identify the issue. They identify an issue or cause that they want to work on.
  • Design a solution. Then they design a solution for the issue.
  • Campaign for the solution. Then they campaign for the solution in various mediums … online, newspapers, TV, magazines, social networks … everywhere possible.
  • Connect with law makers to fix the system. Then some of them … if need be … they also connect with law makers to fix the system.

This is a routine practice of any human rights group around the world. Each and every step is 100% legal and legit. All of these steps are approved under American and International Laws.

Active Democracy – Criminal & Exploitation Systems
Our specialty is “criminal and exploitation systems”. This is what we specifically focus on … as a step one. In step two, we also provide stunning and fabulous systems that are people centric. This issue of exploitation systems is not only an American issue but it is a world issue.

If you check our website then 95% of the time we are talking about the “Establishment” … its criminal systems, techniques, practices, history, ideology, background and every move that they take. Only 5% of the content on the website is about “political candidates”. And we discuss political candidates only because the Establishment uses politics as a tool to run its criminal and malicious agenda. Even when we are talking about this candidate or that candidate we are focused on our primary agenda of “combating exploitation systems”. So all in all, 100% of the content on the site and our works are totally focused on criminal and exploitation systems.

You can go ahead and check it for yourself. The site is live. We have published more than a 1,000 pages. Our central focus in all of the work that has been done till now is nothing but “criminal and exploitation systems”. And being protected from crime, abuse and exploitation is a “basic human right”. Doesn’t matter if you are American or Russian or British or European … it is your basic human right to be protected from crime, abuse and exploitation. Our work is a 100% human rights based work.

Now, it is a totally different issue that if some politician follows our solutions … he will rise to greatness, win elections and be a fantastic leader for his country. This is something that happens on the side as a result of our fantastic solutions and people centric work.

Managing Crime and Collusion
Firstly, all of our major works will be carried out in the future. The major work that has to be done still lies in the future. So, as of now … nothing is done and there is no defined crime as of yet. Secondly, we intend to do the work as legally as possible. There is absolutely no intention of breaking any law, hurting anyone, stealing from anyone or suppressing anyone’s rights. We intend to take every step openly and legally. Which is why we will be working with:

  • Team of lawyers. Locally, internationally and American … we will be using an entire team of full time lawyers to evaluate, discuss and formulate the best legal moves in each stage. So that we are not breaking any kind of law at any stage.
  • Security. Since we are working on “criminal systems”, our top most priority is the security of our staff, team members and work. We are not running from the FBI or CIA. In fact, we will directly coordinate with American security agencies … giving them full information of the work that “American citizens” will be doing in our firms and coordinate with them for protection of every American citizen in our project. The same will be done with intelligence services of other respective countries of each employee. Security is one of our top most priorities. We will be directly coordinating with the FBI, CIA or any other security agency that will work on providing the fullest security for our workers. We are not the ones who are running away from any crime. We are the ones who need protection. And we will work with lawyers and intelligence agencies to formulate the best security shells for our work.
  • Politicians. We will coordinate with politicians from both side of the aisle. Both Republican and Democrat … and work with them on Human Rights issues as to the scale and extent of the issue, how it is affecting the people and how the laws will be created for the same. All coordination will be formulated in consultation with the best lawyers to make sure every move is legal and legit … so that it is not defined as collusion or anything illegal.
  • Donors. The same applies to donors … it might be government or private. There is no law that prohibits donations to international news agencies or human rights groups. Each of our individual companies are centered around Human Rights. We will be keeping lawyers in the loop for all donations … they might be local or international.

Because we know already that the major tool that the Establishment will try to use against us is “legals”. They will try to create legal glitches to stop our works. This is their game … this is how they play it. Trump Presidency is itself one of the victims of this game.

Russia Investigations

  • Bogus Investigations. All of these are essentially bogus investigations. You should have worked with us early and stomped out these investigations. But you allowed them to hammer you on the head with stuff that is totally ridiculous. This is the Establishment using legals as a tool to hammer the Trump Presidency. Even before we launched our website Active-Democracy.com, we knew very well the moves that this Establishment takes. Legals is one of their key tools to eliminate the opposition. You have to fully secure yourself, your family, your team and your Administration from legal games. So, how is it going so far?
  • Establishment utilizing the government machine. In reality, these guys are nothing but a bunch of witchcraft lovers. They have learnt and evolved of how to use the government to protect themselves and how to use the government to eliminate those who expose and oppose them. They have been repeatedly expelled by Kings and Governments from dozens of countries around the world in their history. The major evolution of their “organized crime” is the utilization of the “government machine” to run their systems. This is exactly what is going on. They are a bunch of criminals who are using the government to hammer Trump and Russia to protect their criminal systems.
  • Play a bigger game. We have told you repeatedly … play a bigger game. You cannot win locally. You will be dominated, controlled and end up being a puppet in their hands. As President, you are very strong internationally … you can play a much bigger and stronger game with international coordination. When international forces come into play their “legal games” lose their value and strength. They cannot run their legal games in foreign countries. Legal games are limited to American jurisdiction. Your courts or intelligence agencies have very limited powers on international soil.

The Establishment becomes totally helpless when you activate global forces. If you remain constrained to their centers of power then they hammer you with maximum force … which is exactly what they are doing right now. You are afraid of global cooperation because of “collusion”. There is no collusion with Human Rights groups. There is nothing hidden here and there is no illegal agenda. In fact, the FBI itself cooperates with Interpol in catching criminals. If one government cooperates with another government to catch criminals then it is not collusion. This “collusion” is a mind game that they are playing. Snap out of it.