25 Feb 2018
JewH259 Everyone owning a gun will take us back one century into the Wild Wild West

Yeah, everyone should carry a gun. Bullets should be going in every direction. The moment one guy loses his temper and reaches out for his gun ... then the entire room goes down. Justice served, I guess. On the spot justice, who needs cops and who needs a judicial system? Seems like going back one century ago into the wild wild West.

They should also sell cowboy hats along with the guns. The cowboy hats bring the right flair of firing two pistols at a time. The only thing we will miss is the small houses and horses. Other than that, we have everything else. The people, the accent, the clothes ... all you need is the guns and cowboy hats ... and we can start killing each other.

This is what you need to note about the "sicko" who killed people in the school. This "sicko" is an American citizen on American soil and you are the American government who is calling him a sicko. This teenager would not be a mass murderer if he did not have a gun. The government could have easily prevented this guy from being a mass murderer. They could have prevented several people from being shot dead and they could have prevented an American citizen going to jail for life for mass murder ... if you actually worked on killing the means of carrying out the crime. No guns then no mass murder.

Trump could change his mind on the Second Amendment
However, NRA has given the Trump Administration an early endorsement. Trump has given $700 Billion in contracts to weapons industries. So it is quite unlikely that Trump will work towards limiting guns in the hands of civilians. He could change his mind ... but you never know.

More guns in the hands of civilians will not solve gun violence. More guns only means more business for weapons manufacturers. It solves nothing. Gun violence is a more complicated problem ... its not just about the number of guns out there. Yes, definitely more the guns, more the violence. That's definitely a factor. But even then, if you fully want to address this issue then "crime and violence" needs to be addressed at a much larger scale with many more parameters being addressed and worked upon.

Interestingly, all of this trickles back to the Establishment and the Establishment will resist in making positive changes on this track. Just like NRA is suggesting only more guns to be deployed giving their companies more business.

Limit number of guns
But yes for now, limit the number of guns. Just like you are screening the immigrants coming into your country. Put in strict screening and vetting procedures for guys who can own a gun. Try to limit the number of guns as much as you can. Let them have it where the need is dire and where they need it for their security. Right now, anyone can buy a gun in the US and that's ridiculous.

No guns for civilians in Communist countries
You know something interesting, check China or North Korea or any other Communist country ... see their regulations for gun ownership. All of these countries strictly prohibit and heavily control the ownership of guns by the civilian population. Communism is a Jewish Establishment designed system. When it comes to a country controlled by their own type of government ... they will strictly prohibit gun ownership. Firstly, because if the people own guns then the first victims will be the Communist leaders. Secondly, because they don’t want any gun violence in their countries. They want strict obedience and maximum output from the civilians. It makes it easier to manage the people, control the crime and run the country.

These are the regulations followed by the Jewish Establishment in Communist countries. But when it comes to Western Democracies ... which are mainly Christian countries ... they run the opposite policies. They want the country in as much chaos and crime as possible. They want you to suffer as much as possible ... while you suffer they will benefit from it because they are the private weapons manufacturers who sell the guns. They run completely opposite policies in their countries. Which is why you will find that there is nothing like "gun violence" in countries like China and North Korea.

Its not insanity, it is Establishment technology
Another thing that you should know is that it is not "insanity". These guys are not mentally unstable. This is high-end Establishment technology at work. You need forensic experts to detect what is going on. The Establishment can easily control what you think and what you do ... via flow of drugs in the products that you eat and using electricity they control your neural networks. The FBI or CIA no one is aware of this science. All of it comes from advanced biotechnological research labs from Israel. These drugs are channeled via Jewish Establishment owned companies in the West.

It is like putting a person on remote control. They block out the majority of his brain's neural networks so that all of his reasoning and self-control is highly limited. And they systematically guide him via online literature of carrying out mass murder, help him get the weapons and carry out the crime. This is why the Establishment media says the guys was "Radicalized quickly" ... "Radicalized Online". They are actually referring to their activity of controlling targeted individuals in carrying out such mass crimes.

When Muslims are used ... it is blamed on Radical Islam and ISIS ideology. And when Christians are used ... they say these guys are not mentally stable. Santiago, the Latino guy in the airport shooting recently, he was saying that "the US government is forcing me to join ISIS and carry out mass shootings". All of these targets are talking about "mind control". The Latino thinks that, it is the US government that is forcing him to carry out these crimes ... he does not know about the Establishment or how this technology functions.

Using this technology and techniques the Establishment can force and push anyone to commit any crime. Interestingly, till date only Muslims and Christians have been used. And if you see such mass shootings in schools, Churches and public places happen mainly in the Western countries. Because the Establishment monopoly is concentrated in these countries. They can control the products, the companies, the media and the politicians and run the show as per their plan. Several Muslim refugees in Europe were also used in a similar manner. The blame was put on "terrorists" entering Europe as refugees.

How come no mass murders are committed by refugees in Turkey and Saudi Arabia when these countries have taken millions of refugees? This happens in Europe and America because firstly, it is in the Establishment's interest to keep the West occupied in terror and fear. Secondly, the Establishment can easily radicalize any potential target to carry out such crimes using their technology. Thirdly, because they control the media and legal process in these countries. They can run the show as per their agenda.

That's why Netanyahu was saying that "there are thousands of terrorists entering Europe as refugees". How does he know who is a terrorist and who is not? They publicize this in the media first so that once the target is "radicalized and ready for action" then the act can be successfully blamed on whoever they want. He was talking about the Establishment’s plan to radicalize potential Muslims for these acts. And when ISIS claims that "he is our soldier" then actually it is the Establishment claiming that "we trained him and helped him carry it out. He is our soldier." They are openly running a criminal agenda of mass murders in plain sight and we don't see it through.

We will show you how to handle it. It is a complicated issue. The whole thing moves up to the top of the Establishment hierarchy. Mere ground work will not change much. But the ground work is good to expose the issue and to gain some mileage. For now, try to limit the number of guns and type of guns. Question the Second Amendment. Then we will show you how to handle this issue. Doing a great job in activating the people, by the way. Keep it up ladies!