18 Feb 2018
JewH258 Mueller’s indictments are an open aggression towards basic human rights

It is clearly evident that the Special Counsel has absolutely no crime to prove against Russia. It is not a crime to like a candidate. It is not a crime to support a candidate. It is not a crime to express yourself. It is all covered under the “freedom of expression and speech” acts in all Democratic countries around the world. Mueller’s indictments of Russians is an open aggression towards basic human rights.

Let’s take a look, shall we? All you need to do is see:

  • What actually happened?
  • How it is being construed to be a “crime” by the Special Counsel.
  • And if it is actually a crime then how will the world change as per the Special Counsel.

This is what happened
Some Russians got together, used American nick names and supported Trump online. That’s it. They did not kill anyone, they did not steal from anyone, they did not harm anyone nor did they steal any State secrets. The only thing that they did is … some Russians got together and supported Trump. Now see the allegations being levied against them by the Special Counsel:

  • Aggravated identity theft
  • Wire fraud and bank fraud
  • Criminal conspiracy to defraud the United States

Let’s go through them one by one … to understand what is going on. Firstly, keep in mind that the FBI is not above the law. Just like every common citizen, the FBI should also follow the law and respect the rights of other citizens of the US as well as other countries around the world. They cannot make up crime that suits their investigation. They cannot make up crime that suits their political agenda. Just take a look what actually happened and how they are “making up” the crime as they go along.

The Allegation: Aggravated identity theft
Identity theft is one person is trying to be another person in a way trying to exploit that person’s image or resources. If one person calls himself “Rod Rosenstein” and then pretends to be an FBI agent … uses your identity card to withdraw funds from your bank account … uses your identity to steal your resources or benefit from your name or image … then that is called “identity theft”.

Now, you are alleging that the Russians committed “aggravated identity theft”. Okay fine. So, how many Americans were affected by this “aggravated identity theft”? How many Americans lost their funds from their bank accounts or credit cards or jobs or whatever? Was there any impact on any single American life by this “aggravated identity theft”?

No, not a single American was harmed or abused. Using “nick names” online is not identity theft. You need to check what crime actually is. If you actually know how the online world functions … then you rarely ever use your real name online. On only very rare websites, you actually give your real identity. Even on Facebook and Twitter … if these companies removed all of the unverified accounts then they will lose more than 50% of their customers. No one is interested in revealing their real identity on the internet. We already have enough of spam, hackers and criminals who target the innocent online. Being in FBI, you should know this. No one is interested in giving their real name, address and contact information online.

Since when is using American nick names a crime?
That’s point number one. Since when is using nick names a crime? Raghunath Subramanyam, a Software Engineer in the Silicon Valley calls himself Robert. Is that a crime? He is an Indian named Raghunath calling himself Robert … is that a crime? The Chinese vendor Li Wei Fang calls himself Larry. Now, is this Chinese guy pretending to be American and stealing American “identity”. There are millions of guys named Robert and Larry … just because you call yourself Robert or Larry for convenience … is that committing a crime?

What is an American name?
You are claiming that just because Russians used American names … they were pretending to be Americans and stealing American identity. Please tell me what is an “American name”. Is Robert an American name? Is that patented by your country? What about the Robert living in Canada or in the UK? Are they stealing your American name? How do you define an American name? Are there any rights for an American name that you supposedly have?

If you have rights for such American names then which Americans are entitled to use these names? If you see, America is a land of immigrants. Can a Chinese immigrant use that “American name”? Or would it be identity theft and the Chinese should continue with his Chinese name? What about the people immigrating from Ireland, Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa … can they use an American name? Or is it specifically meant for immigrants coming only from the UK? Could you kindly define what an American name is … before you start levying criminal charges on the use of that name.

What about your identity Mr.Rod Rosenstein?
Why do 80-90% of Jews change their name to fit into the country that they live in? Jews in America have American names … Jews in Russia have Russian names … why not stick to their Jewish names? How about using your rule on yourself? Why is that most Jews hide their religion? Especially the ones in top political, government and corporate positions … why do you hide your religion? This is your Wikipedia page:


Talking about identities … why is your religion not mentioned on your wiki page? Why do most Jews in top positions “scrub” their religious identity from their info pages? What are you hiding? What’s wrong in calling yourself a Jew if you are a Jew? Why hide your identity? Is there something about your Jewish network that you don’t want us to know?

The Allegation: Criminal conspiracy to defraud the United States
Your next allegation is that … all of this is a “criminal conspiracy to defraud the United States”. A bunch of guys going online and saying … we like Trump, please vote for Trump … this is a criminal conspiracy? Just because you are the FBI and the Special Counsel … something does not become a crime just because you said so. Where is the crime committed here? Did anyone get hurt? Did they steal from anyone? Did they kill anyone? Did they steal any State secrets or classified information? Nope, nothing … absolutely nothing. These are basic human rights.

  • To like a candidate … it is natural, it is being human. You like a celebrity, you like a football player, you like a politician … this is how life works.
  • To endorse a candidate … they liked Trump and they endorsed him. Where is the crime?
  • US leadership impacts international affairs. Endorsing Trump was a great thing that Russia did. God forbid, if Hillary had won … there was a huge possibility of a war against Russia given her record on ridiculous warfare. To have a feeling, to express your feelings is covered under Constitutional rights of every Democratic country.

Liking a good candidate and endorsing him is not a crime. How was the United States “defrauded”? Just because they liked your President … does it mean that your country was defrauded?

The Allegation: Interference in the political system
You are alleging that they “interfered in the political system”. What is a political system, my friend? Democracies are by the people and of the people … the entire country is a part of the political system. 330 million Americans form the political system. As per your allegations:

  • No foreigner should like an American candidate
  • No foreigner should endorse an American candidate
  • No foreigner should speak in favor of or against an American candidate
  • If they do so, then it is considered as “interference in the political system”

So, what about Britain? They were openly demonizing and making fun of Trump. Where is the whipping stick against them? Their politicians and their newspapers … all of them were talking, endorsing and showing favoritism towards American candidates. Was this also interference in the American political system?

If you don’t want any foreigner to talk about American politics or endorse or support any American politician then:

  • All world news channels have to drop covering American political news
  • All world newspapers have to drop covering any American political news
  • Because it would be considered as “interference” as per the Special Counsel
  • The entire world should remain pin drop silent and make no suggestion, no endorsement, show no support ... and turn a blind eye and remain utterly silent when it comes to American politics? Is this what you are suggesting?
  • Then it would be total Communist Fascism. Last time I checked America was still a Democratic country and following Democratic principles.

American history of involvement and support
Just for your information … if you suggest that no one should speak in favor of any American leader then just check your own record for the past 200 years or so.

  • Communism. Did America get involved in taking down Communism in the entire Eastern World? Forget about supporting or endorsing … we literally financed the taking down of the entire government in several countries.
  • Middle East. If others are not supposed to get involved in American politics … then what about Saddam, Gaddafi, Assad and Kim Jong Un? If others are not supposed to get involved in our politics then does the same rule apply to us also?
  • South Africa. What about the apartheid system in South Africa? As per your rules, the world should have remained totally silent and allowed the abuse and killings of innocent Blacks in South Africa? As per your rules, the entire world should be indicted for getting involved in South Africa. Isn’t it?

This is what’s election meddling is:

  • If someone bribed your election officials … that’s meddling.
  • If someone tweaked your voting machines … that’s meddling.
  • If your people were free to vote and choose whoever they wanted … if votes were cast properly and counted properly … then there was “no election interference”.

Russia did not interfere in your elections. And you have no proof that it was done.

  • Liking someone is a basic human right. Liking Trump is not a crime.
  • Telling someone to vote for someone is a basic human right.
  • Supporting someone you like … is a basic human right.

The Allegation: Wire and Banking Fraud
And you also accuse Russians for wire and banking fraud. Okay fine. From whose bank account did they steal? How many Americans lost their funds? If Russians paid their workers … that is a fraud? Getting paid for the work that you do is a fraud? A foreigner hiring Americans is a fraud? Millions of Americans work for foreigners and foreign companies … is that a crime or a fraud? Were the Americans hired to do anything illegal or commit a crime? Who was defrauded here?

All of these are utter total bullshit allegations. And the main reason why you did not indict an American in this is because all of these are bullshit charges. Liking Trump is not a crime … supporting Trump is not a crime. If you had indicted an American then the Special Counsel would have counter lawsuits on its table for its aggression on basic human rights. You cannot criminalize basic human rights.

The Allegation: 2 Russians were collecting intelligence
2 Russians visited America and you allege that they were “collecting intelligence”. Hundreds of thousands of Russians visit America every year. “Collecting intelligence”? Can you get even more vague and ambiguous than this? Ow tall buildings in Manhattan and ah look … there is a park also … this is collecting intelligence? What classified information did they steal? What State secret did they steal? Nothing whatsoever. Its all bullshit made up crime and allegations.

The Special Counsel is trying to implement fascist dictatorship over the world

  • Suppressing basic human rights
  • Suppressing freedom of speech and expression
  • Misusing National Security has the whipping stick

They have absolutely nothing against Russia. Just by using the word “Russians” … they want to create a feeling of doubt and insecurity. As if Russians are aliens with 3 eyes and 6 hands that devour human beings. “Ow Russia did this … Russia did that … Russians hired Americans … Russians came here, went there.” Its all total bullshit. This is only fear mongering with no real crime at hand. It falls in perfect line with the Jewish Establishment’s agenda to:

  • Demonize Trump and
  • Demonize Russia

This has been their agenda since Trump won the Primaries. The Special Counsel is nothing but a bunch of Jews serving the interest of the Jewish Establishment. Rod Rosenstein is a Jew and they have hired several other top “Jewish” prosecutors to run this agenda. Some of their names are … Andrew Goldstein, Aaron Zelinsky and Andrew Weissmann, all seasoned Jewish prosecutors from the Justice Department have been hired by Mueller.

Blaming simultaneous anti-Trump rallies on Russia
This is a typical Jewish Establishment gimmick of selling bad apples along with the good ones. They will sell 3 good apples and along with that … they will stick in one bad apple. What you will think is that … if these 3 apples are good then the fourth one is also good … but its just a gimmick. This is exactly what Rod Rosenstein played during these indictments.

He took some facts about Russian support for Trump and then also stuck in one bad apple blaming Russia for the anti-Trump rallies. In fact, all of the anti-Trump rallies were carried out by the Establishment. They have hated Trump from the beginning and they never wanted Trump to win. They hated Trump to the extent that they would literally start beating up Trump supporters. They would create fights at almost every pro-Trump rally. Rod Rosenstein is very nicely sliding this blame on Russia.

Why on earth would Russia ever want to create discord and hate for Trump? If Russia wants a fight with America, it will directly fight. Why support Trump and then create anti-Trump rallies? It is a ridiculous accusation. Russia supports Trump only because it wants good relations with America and the West. Rod Rosenstein should be more cautious in using old gimmicks from the book.

What is actually happening here?
The world is becoming a small place. People are interacting with each other … it is creating global communities and the exchange of information is seamless. Previously, in the absence of the internet and online communities, the Establishment could easily run multiple agendas in different countries. They could run an agenda in America and make them believe that Russia hates America. And then simultaneously, they could run an agenda in Russia making them believe that America hates Russia. They could easily design conflicts by running different agendas in each country.

But now the world is becoming a small global village where interactions around the world are instantaneous. The Establishment is losing its control and superiority over the people. They are no longer able to define and control boundaries of information exchange. And they are using their last card of “fascist dictatorship”.

The Establishment’s last card of fascist dictatorship
This is the last step that they can take and then there is nothing beyond this that they can do. This is the dead end for them. They have no way out. This is their last card.

This is what they did in Communist Russia, by the way. Anti-Semitism was punishable by death. As per them, we are all sheep and cattle. Sheep and cattle should not speak against their masters. Christians and non-Jews should not speak against their Jewish rulers. Upto 90% of the Communist leaders in Russia were Jews. They organized execution squads against people who questioned their rule or authority.

This is the exact phase where the Special Counsel is entering. “hey, we are the Jewish Establishment. We run the legal system and government. If these sheep and cattle rise against us … then lets crush them down using the law”. The Special Counsel is in fascist mode right now. They cannot become as crazy and heinous as they were in the Soviet Union … because the American people will crush them even before that happens.

All of the indictments are total garbage with no proof of any crime whatsoever. They are just trying to put fear among the people and rattle the White House. They are trying to implement a fascist dictatorship.