12 Jan 2018
JewH257 Trump gives Jerusalem. The Jewish Establishment gives him a humiliating book.

What President Trump should know that Michael Wolff, the author of Fire and Fury, comes from a lovely Jewish family. Trump tried to give Jerusalem and the Jewish Establishment responds with a best selling book that humiliates the entire Trump family. They take help from Trump with one hand and stab him with the other. Welcome to the criminal Jewish Establishment, President Trump.

The Stab in the Back
Bill Clinton was betrayed by Monica Lewinsky. What people don’t know is that, she also comes from a lovely Jewish family. She was just a pawn that was placed and used to humiliate President Clinton. They gave her immense legal support and massive publicity so that she played her role in the humiliation setup.

This is deja vu of what is happening to President Trump. This time it is Michael Wolff who is from the Jewish family and he has written a humiliating book against the President’s entire family. Despite President Trump’s legal threats, the book moves ahead with its publishing plans. Not only it is published but it is given massive publicity in almost every news channel and newspaper. This event is being given immense legal support and massive publicity so that the humiliation setup is fully executed.

A best seller that humiliates the entire Trump family
And look at the end result of the functioning of the Establishment … the combination of full legal support and massive publicity of a book that targets the President’s private life and conversations … has created a best seller in the market. The book is selling like hot cakes and the publisher is struggling to cater to the orders for the book.

Jerusalem and Israel
What President Trump might have thought is that … “hey, I am planning to give them Jerusalem. This is the best thing that can happen for them. Now, I should be respected and treated nicely by the Establishment.” Well, you can expect this with “normal people”. The Jewish Establishment is a “criminal entity” … that follows criminal paths in order to achieve its goals.

As far as Israel is concerned, it will not talk against America. It will always suck up because sucking up is how they get what they want. If they talk against America then they lose. They lose aid, military and political support. Israel will always suck up and ask for more and more and more. This is the strategy that is into play when Israel is concerned.

While they suck up, they will go around bombing their neighbors … occupying more land and demand international recognition of all of their illegally occupied land. Sucking up to America is helping them do this. It is helping them in their criminal activities.

Giving Jerusalem changes absolutely nothing back home
The Establishment is one major entity and each of its section runs its own strategy and its own agenda. Each of its section is designed to operate for its own benefit. The main reason why Israel does not speak against America is because … it doesn’t matter. Israeli voters cannot change America. They cannot affect any American leader. In fact, they can be on the receiving side of the American leader’s anger.

The Jewish Establishment stabs you back at home in America … via legals, media and politicians. Because back home in America, you cannot do anything to them. You can’t take action against their corporations, media or politicians. Even if you do, then it will be like targeting a few leaves on a tree. The tree still has tens of thousands of leaves … these other leaves will still continue the same agenda and continue to target you … even if one or two leaves are taken down. This is how they function.

Stabbing you in America helps them because American voters matter. Rattling your image in America helps in taking down your Presidency. Humiliating you in America is in their best interests. This is why they run this dual policy … “take whatever Israel can get and then stab you from within America”.

Make Israel follow International Law
This is how you balance it out. As far as Israel is concerned, make them follow International Law. Press on it. Do not approve any illegal or criminal activity. Protect their people … there are a lot of innocent Common Jews … provide the protection against any regional conflict. But also press them to follow International Law.

  • They should give up all of the illegally occupied territory.
  • Push back their borders into internationally recognized borders.
  • Forget about giving them Jerusalem. Stall it, delay it and don’t let it happen.
  • No more illegal settlements.
  • Control their overly aggressive bombing and violence against others.

All of the above are “criminal activities” that you should not support as a world leader. Give protection for their people but make them follow the law. If you follow criminals then they will play their game on you. You will be betrayed and stabbed. Just look what happened in recent months. They are openly stabbing you in the back.

And don’t fall for those ridiculous gestures of naming a “train station” after Trump. All of that is bullshit. Your name should go in history for doing something nice. Not because you gave an illegally occupied city to some vile Satanists who have banned the preaching of Christianity on the soil where Jesus grew up. This is no compliment. It is a mockery. Your name should go in history for great things, not for how they fooled you.

Handling the Establishment within America
You are taking action against one or two leaves on the tree. This action is never going to be enough. It will be too less and too weak. You have to initiate measures to take down the tree itself. Break the monopoly and you will come out winning.

Technology. Channelize. Publicize. Demonize
Bannon was just the guinea pig. He was just one pawn that they used and threw aside. This is how they function.

  • Technology. They have advanced technology via which they can spy and monitor almost anyone in America. This technology exists in varying levels in several other countries. It helps them track whoever they want.
  • Channelize. But the information collected from the above technology cannot be directly leaked to the media. Because the moment you publicize something, the people will ask for the source. And they cannot afford to reveal their technology. So what they do is … they will use one guy within the system to reveal all of the information that they want to be revealed. This inside guy works as the “channel” to leak the information to the world. Bannon was one such guy that was used and he will not be the last one. They can use anyone.
  • Publicize. Once the information is leaked then the Jewish Establishment media comes into play … giving maximum publicity to the information revealed. Which is exactly what is going on.
  • Demonize. Using all of the features above, they get to demonize and humiliate whoever they want, including the President of the United States.

Cut down the tree, cut down the tree. Break their monopoly. Do not give them Jerusalem. Delay it. Work on breaking their monopoly.