26 Dec 2017
JewH256 Preach Christianity in Jerusalem and Israel will toss you in jail

Netanyahu will rally for a capital in Jerusalem but he will not tell you about the prevalent anti-Christianity laws and culture in Israel. Preach Christianity in Jerusalem and Israel will toss you in jail for up to 3 years. Recognizing Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel will mean the permanent ban over the preaching and spreading of Christianity in Jerusalem.

Netanyahu will maliciously quote that "Jerusalem is the land for Jews" ... he will say that "this is what the Bible says". But what he does not say is that ... the Israeli Government will toss you in jail if you are caught giving the Bible to anyone in Jerusalem or if you try to preach Christianity to anyone, you can be imprisoned for upto 3 years. They have created a law to facilitate this in Israel.

Firstly, it is ridiculous to use Holy Books for a claim over some land. Judaism is thousands of years old. Jews have lived in so many parts of the world. Now, you will claim land in all of the places that Jews lived or what? 1000 years ago we lived here ... 3000 years ago we lived here ... 6000 years ago people of our religion lived here ... therefore this land belongs to us. Legally, this claim is ridiculous.

The Islamic Empire extended all the way till Spain. Now, should Muslims go to Spain and say ... "excuse me, as per our books ... our Islamic Holy Empire extended till Spain. Muslims lived here 1000 years ago. Therefore, all of you should vacate Spain and allow Muslims to live in Spain." Do you see how ridiculous the claim is?

Secondly, the Bible also says that "do not kill and do not take other's property". Why are you using the Bible's name to kill and take other people's property? As per the Bible, you are actually committing a serious sin by taking over Jerusalem.

Thirdly, you have banned the preaching of Christianity in Israel. Anyone found giving the Bible or preaching Christianity is thrown in jail for up to 3 years. And you are asking Christian countries to "recognize Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel". So very nice.

Fourthly, your own Torah says that Jews should not form a country of their own, owing to the sins and crimes committed by the Jewish people. If you create a country of your own then it will be the headquarters of criminal activity. Your own Torah bans you from creating a country of your own. Your own Rabbis know this very well.

Fifth. Jesus Christ was born just 10km away from Jerusalem. You are taking over a major city right next to the birth place of Jesus Christ and trying to officially ban the preaching of Christianity in that city? I can't even write how Jesus must be outraged about this.

First take over a Holy City and then ban the preaching of Christianity. And now you want all Muslim and Christian countries to approve this? To approve your slandering of God and religion?

The very purpose of sending a messenger from God ... the very purpose of sending Jesus Christ to us was:

  • To promote Christianity
  • To promote the Bible
  • To spread God's Word
  • And call people towards Christianity

This was the very purpose of the life of Jesus Christ. You take over major cities where Jesus Christ was born and literally ban God's work. You have designed laws to facilitate this. You have banned the preaching of Christianity in cities where Jesus Christ grew up and you want Christian countries to make it official? You want Christian countries to step forward and say we recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital and let all of these laws against Christians and Christianity become official forever on this land. This is what you want us to do?

Sixth. You guys dislike Christianity and Christians in Israel so much that you have banned Jews from marrying a Christian ... because Christians are unclean and Jews are not supposed to marry them. Now, these "unclean Christians" who are not fit for marriage should recognize Jerusalem as your official Capital, is it?

Seventh. You were originally given a small portion of land in the north. You have illegally occupied several cities and regions all the way till the South. By recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital, you want us to recognize all of the illegally occupied land uptil Jerusalem as legal? Is it? This is what it would mean.

Till date, all embassies are maintained only in Tel Aviv. Because that was the land that was allotted to you. The rest everything in the South has been illegally occupied by you. On the pretext of "Jerusalem being Israel's eternal capital", you want the world to legitimize your illegal occupation of several cities beyond your allotted land? And by recognizing this, you want us to say ... let the laws of Israel prevail all over these cities and let the preaching of Christianity be banned in all of these regions?

Eight. The main reason why you guys have laws that ban the preaching of Christianity and other religions is because you guys are not even Jews. You guys are Satanists who have embedded Satanism within Judaism. You are sticking to Judaism because it is allowing you to practice Satanism. You guys are practicing Satanism while getting rid of all other religions.

This is why 65% of Israel say that they do not follow religion and they prefer irreligion or secularism. You openly support LGBTQ ideas and promote the same on the "Holy Land". You have centers of Scientology and Kabbalah based in Israel. You are supporting and promoting everything against God and religion on the "Holy Land" where Jesus Christ himself was born.

By recognizing Jerusalem as your Capital, you want us to recognize the spread and promotion of decadence, satanism and deviation on cities where Jesus Christ himself grew up? You want us to make it all official for you?

Ninth. Your "Holy Book", the Talmud teaches that Jesus Christ was illegitimate and was conceived during menstruation; that he had the soul of Esau; that he was a fool, a conjurer, a seducer; that he was crucified, buried in hell and set up as an idol ever since by his followers. "As punishment for his crimes and impiety, he suffered an ignominious death by being hanged on a cross on the eve of the Passover."

Read details here: http://active-democracy.com/talmudic-teachings/1204-life-of-christ-christian-cross.html 

This is not some psycho Jews talking trash. This is written in your "Holy Books". Such are the teachings and views that you guys have about Jesus Christ and we should allow you to take over the land where he was born and grew up?

Tenth. The official policy of Israel is that "Israel is a country only for Jews. Christians and Christianity is not welcome." Israel will not take any Christian refugees even if you are fleeing war and persecution. You will be deported back to the country that you came from. 

And you are calling this a "Judeo-Christian crusade" to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel? As per Judaism, you are banned. As per Christianity, you are committing a sin. And you are rallying Christian countries for a capital in Jerusalem where you hate Christians and have banned the preaching of Christianity itself. Fantastic dude, fantastic.