17 Dec 2017
JewH255 Design of the Beautiful Mind Equilibrium

Trump is a nice guy with a fantastic vision of Make America Great Again. But somehow he is being misled into a disastrous direction that only creates racism, hate, division, fear, debt and wars. This path only leads to destruction of nations and facilitates his impeachment while benefiting the Establishment.

President Trump is coming up with policies that are:

  • Anti Minority
  • Anti Muslim
  • Anti Immigrant
  • Jerusalem – creating destabilization in the name of peace
  • Gutting Net Neutrality – handing over the Internet to the Establishment
  • Massive Expenses on Military and Defense

If you see all of the above moves then they create only hate and debt for America. The country does not benefit in any way. The only flow of benefits is to the Establishment. Via hateful moves, the Establishment is able to support its anti-Trump agenda and via mass expenses, Establishment entities drive the benefits. While the nation is thrown into debt and hate, the Establishment benefits.

Trump has a great vision of Make America Great Again. This vision actually addresses the current American crisis.

  • That America has lost its leadership in the world
  • That America is in a crisis
  • And that we need to move into a great direction

The vision addresses the current crisis and promises to move into a great direction that will solve all of the current issues. But somehow, the Trump Presidency is being grossly misled into a disastrous direction that does not make America great in any way. This misleading could be channeled via:

  • Misleading Rabbis
  • Establishment Donors
  • Political Puppets
  • Netanyahu or
  • The Israeli Government

Only God knows how Trump is coming up with all of these decisions, but they are totally drastic. They are helping the Establishment in every way possible in:

  • Creating hate towards Trump
  • Demonizing the Trump Presidency
  • Helping in getting Trump impeached
  • Destroying the West via wars

The Establishment has already unleashed a massive media network against Trump even before he became President. Now, all of these policies are only providing fuel to the fire. It is making everything justified. Before it was just bias and unfair coverage … but with more and more movement in the negative direction, the Trump Presidency is only legitimizing its own opposition.

Design of Equilibriums
How is this done? How is Trump being misled? How is the Establishment able to move ahead with its agenda of impeachment and destruction?

This is done via “the design of equilibriums”. Establishment Monopoly gives them with a widespread network via which they can play both sides. Equilibriums are like a fish tank. The Establishment gets to put whatever it wants in the fish tank. It can put some plants to create oxygen or it can put a shark to come after you. Their monopoly throughout the country helps them treat the entire country like a fish tank. And their monopoly exists not only in America but it extends all the way till Europe.

Equilibrium Levels
Let me show you some levels of equilibriums so that you understand their functioning.

  • Domestic Level – Democrats VS Republicans. Firstly, apart from the Democrats, they have already unleashed the media, investigation committees and lawsuits against you. Now, they play both sides to facilitate movement on their pre-planned path. What would have been fantastic for Trump to do is … team up with the Democrats and hammer out the Establishment with a sweeping majority. But at the moment he does not have the policies that will pull the Democrats on his side. In fact, they are putting negative policies in his agenda that are only helping the Establishment to create more backlash for Trump. And the Democrats are gladly opposing Trump. The same was done for Obama. Don’t think that the Democrats are in bed with the Establishment. They did the same thing for Obama also. Although he did not have negative policies in his agenda … they stagnated his entire Presidency via Republican opposition. It’s a two sided game. In this two sided game, you are put on a path that leads to Establishment favored results. It was stagnation for Obama and it is impeachment for Trump.
  • International Level – America VS Russia. The whole thing is a game carried out via monopoly. Via multiple support points, they are able to facilitate anti-Russian moves. Whether it might be with or without American involvement. Still moves against Russia are taken via Europe. The whole thing is resulting into tit for tat measures … which is exactly what the Establishment wants.
  • Micro Level – Active Democracy. And at a micro level, they try to stop political cooperation with Active Democracy because they know that we will change both of the above equilibriums.

A thousand excuses for what they want
They will use any and every possible excuse for what they want. To be against Trump, they will use a thousand excuses … to be against Russia, they will use a thousand excuses … and to stop political cooperation with Active Democracy, they will use a thousand excuses. That’s how they play their game. You can win when you work beyond these equilibriums. You need to be able to think beyond and work beyond the Establishment.

You need to snap out of these Equilibriums and work with Establishment-Free entities and countries. You need to take moves independent of the Establishment. I will show you how.

The Beautiful Mind Equilibrium Details
Your Domestic and International Equilibriums are connected with the Active Democracy Equilibrium. By now, as per Establishment plans WWIII should have already happened. America and Europe should have already been destroyed. It is only because we got in between … and we got in touch with the White House and the Kremlin … that this destruction was stopped. That’s why they lay a lot of emphasis on the Active Democracy Equilibrium.

Extract Information
They designed the equilibrium similar to the movie “The Beautiful Mind”. We were informed about this even before they launched this equilibrium. Their objective was very simple:

  • Extract all of the information that they can get
  • Use all of the information for self-benefit

But the truth was that the design of this equilibrium itself was false … it was a cover up. Why? Because:

  • Unstoppable Exposure. They could not stop what I write or what I expose or which criminal system I expose. My work at the current level with the current resources is not stoppable. I am not doing anything illegal. I am exposing criminal systems. The work only helps people and countries. The truth was that they simply could not stop my work. The evidence for this are the thousand plus pages that I have written and that America and Europe are not yet destroyed. Since they could not stop the work anyhow … they came up with the idea … “hey, let’s extract information! Let us benefit from everything that he says.”
  • Christian American Base. America has a Christian base. They could not just say … “hey, let’s just kill this guy because he is talking against us.” This is not how Christians function. They had to give something that Americans will buy. So, they came up with the information extraction strategy. Lol.
  • Mislead to Fail. And the second part of their strategy of “using the information for self-benefit” … it sounds greedy and selfish. But no, they are actually fooling you in this part also. They know it very well that the only thing that you can do with the information that I have provided is “stop wars”. Other than that, I am only talking about who the criminals are and how they behave. The information is extremely limited. Under the assumption of greed for self-benefit, they push you on a path where you can easily be failed. It is a “skinned” strategy.

I will give you an example. Obama tried to audit the Federal Reserve. They gave Obama also the same strategy. Extract the information and do it yourself … become famous … use the info for self-benefit. So the information that Obama “extracted” was that the Federal Reserve was a private company printing the nation’s money and it was taking trillions out of the country. And we had no right to question or control the Federal Reserve. This is the information that Obama extracted … now they encouraged Obama to do it himself to become famous. Obama tries to audit the Federal Reserve and his move was easily shot down in the Establishment controlled Congress.

They misled Obama into a terribly weak path that can be failed easily. And they consumed several years of Obama on this “weak path that can easily be controlled and failed”. The only thing that Obama succeeded was in controlling wars. And in the rest he failed. Because all of those are “problem statements”. The Federal Reserve being a private entity that takes trillions of the nation’s money outside the country without control … is a problem statement. We haven’t given the solution for this yet.

Working outside the Equilibrium
When it came to wars, we showed Obama how to work outside the equilibrium. For starters, the President is the Commander in Chief. He is the sole authority when it comes to wars. Under him, he had Hillary GodDamn Clinton as Secretary of State. Hillary was running the State Department as if she was the President herself and Obama had no right to tell her what to do. She was running the State Department in total autonomous mode.

Obama gave her Libya … America followed France in bombing Libya. But with Libya, he understood Hillary’s activities. Thereon, he refused to cooperate with Hillary on any other bombing mission. Obama refused to bomb Syria. He clearly told her “whatever you do in the State Department is your business … but you do not have the White House. You cannot control the White House.” Since Obama refused to cooperate with her … she went running to the UN Security Council again and again and again to get a license to bomb Syria. And all of her attempts to bomb Syria were vetoed by Russia and China.

Europe likes the Iran Deal
Europe is very well aware of Establishment malice … that the Establishment is trying to create a conflict against Russia. And European countries will be the first and worst victims of Russian aggression, if the conflict begins. This is the main reason why European countries worked very closely with Obama to sign the Iran Nuclear Deal. This is the reason that they are against the Trump Presidency cancelling this deal.

This deal protects Europe from Russia. This deal avoids one of the paths to a war against Russia. Obama used his authority to team up with Europe against Establishment malice. And guess who was super against this deal? Yes, the Establishment puppet, Netanyahu. Because it derailed the Establishment’s path to the destruction of America and Europe.

Doesn’t matter what shit-show Netanyahu put in front of Obama … Obama kicked him in the nuts and went ahead with the deal. Because that was the right thing to do. The President of the United States has overwhelming international powers when it comes to Israel. We are a thousand times stronger than Israel. You never ever need to worry what Israel or Netanyahu says. And not only against Israel ... but the US President has sweeping powers when compared to almost any other President. You hold enormous powers in your hand ... we will show you how to pull the world in your favor.

Blindly being against Democrats is how you will lose
I am not trying to be a pro-Democrat here. But you need to see what was done and why it was done before you repeal anything. The main criminals are the Establishment here. Just because the Democrats are giving you a tough time, don’t jump into the criminal bandwagon and try to undo everything. It will only unleash these criminals and their disastrous plans.

Jerusalem and Gutting Net Neutrality were massive blunders – Backend Politics
The Jerusalem decision was done to please the Establishment. Gutting Net Neutrality was probably done to kick the Democrats in the nuts. Both of them helped the Establishment … using one excuse or the other. Don’t sell off the internet to the Establishment. You already have enough media opposition with their current monopoly. Now, you also put the internet in their hands? It was not a wise decision.

But there is a way out. Whenever the Establishment fools you and pressurizes you into doing something that is not good for the country or the people … then use “backend politics”. Obama routinely used these techniques to derail Establishment moves. Lol. On the frontend, you can read whatever speech they give you but in the backend …

  • Control Votes. Tell your team of loyal Republicans not to support the vote.
  • Legal Action. Allow legal action to succeed against the policy.
  • Europe. Tell European leaders and other world partners in the backend not to support the same.

Russia working outside the Equilibrium
I will give you another example of working outside the Equilibrium. We pulled Russia into the international scenario. Why?

  • Because Putin is a fantastic leader
  • Russia is mostly Establishment free when it comes to politics
  • There was a need for a balance in world power
  • Russia was being isolated
  • Russia has a massive military
  • And Russia needed allies

It was simple military games. We showed Russia that:

  • Its investment will be zero
  • It will help countries against terrorists
  • It will gain allies
  • It will gain long term contracts
  • Russia will be the major preferred supplier for every major import

All Russia needed to do was pull a few strings and get into the game. Trust me, Putin did not waste any time at all. He jumped into action.

  • He got Syria and Iran into his fold
  • He then started working with Iraq
  • Then he got Turkey
  • Then he got Venezuela
  • Then he got Pakistan
  • Now he has North Korea

It easily raked in 7 countries in his fold, most of whom are Muslim countries. You are sitting there promoting an anti-Muslim agenda while Russia has more than one million Muslims in Moscow itself and it has become a “role model” in eliminating terrorism. Muslim countries are moving into the Russian fold for defense and in dealing with terrorism issue. Because they know that American systems are rigged by the Establishment and wherever American forces move it only results into genocide of the people and a total destruction of the country. Syria and Iraq are living examples of America’s rigged systems.

Russia has become a “role model”
We told you this before … work with us and the world will follow you. It has already begun for Russia. It is simple military activity. Putin has understood all of Establishment activities and games in this zone. Russia is not rigged by the Establishment. Owing to which … they have got a splendid victory in Syria. The rapid stabilization that Russia has brought about in Syria has made Russia a “role model”. Other countries are relying on Russia … moving towards Russia … following Russia … and trusting Russia when it comes to defense.

Putin and Russia did not do this with hate or enmity. They did not create any racist policy nor did they demonize any people or religion. They went only for culprits … went only for the criminals and as a result stabilized the country. They got overwhelming support. Putin’s popularity has sky rocketed and Russians have returned as heroes back home … while our guys come back with PTSD and reliance towards American leadership has plummeted around the world.

Starts from the outside and then it builds from the inside
While Russia played a fantastic role in Middle East countries, its relations with Europe and America still stagnate. Russia had to get involved to stop these wars. Peace is required to fix Establishment based issues. In fact, this “War on Terror” was designed to deviate your attention from Establishment malice within your countries. This was not War on Terror … this was War For Terror. They needed terror to terrorize the Western nations. They were not fighting terror, they were maintaining the American and European people in terror. It is because of Establishment debt based systems that are crippling these countries that these countries were the primary targets of terror. That’s why terror does not happen in South America or Russia or Australia.

This entire War on Terror is a bullshit system designed by the same Establishment that is crippling your countries under debt. And when you are sitting in one of these countries … it might be America or France … then don’t expect to take over the Establishment by yourself. Doesn’t matter if you are a politician or a businessman. They run these countries as if they are “fish tanks”. The Establishment puts some plants when it wants to provide oxygen and it puts in some sharks when it wants to terrorize people. This is what the Establishment Monopoly facilitates for them.

The work begins from the outside and then it builds from the inside. Don’t ever think that you can take down the Establishment from within. They will drown you via their multiple support points. First you start from the outside … build a fantastic base that is secure politically, financially and legally … and then using this base you start hammering them out from within.

This is what they fear the most. Active Democracy has been unstoppable till date. Using just one computer, we have stopped world wars, got the White House and the Kremlin into action, saved several countries and exposed many of Establishment’s malicious systems. The only major step that is required for us is “political cooperation”. And once we get politicians working with us … they know that we will build a massive network and unleash several elements after the Establishment’s malicious practices and presence. We have already been unstoppable till date … thanks to God and the wonderful security of the Silent Majority. With resources on our side, we become a massive power against the Establishment. They have absolutely no idea of how to control us then.

Which is why, they use this prank of “do it yourself and become great”. Lol. Because they know that you can be failed easily from within, that you have very limited knowledge and you don’t even know what has to be done.

You can win if you snap out of these equilibriums. Never take instructions from Establishment elements. They don’t tell us what to do. They will only mislead you. We take the lead and we tell them what to do.

  • Take fantastic policies and reforms
  • Pull Democrats on your side
  • Pull Europe and Russia on your side
  • Pull Middle East, Turkey and Malaysia in favor
  • Destroy Equilibriums and Monopoly
  • Build a fantastic nation based on love, peace, equality with people centric policies

Enormous Research Teams Required
And don’t try to hire me. It is not a one man’s job. Just mud-slinging on Jews will not work. Politics and media are only some of the elements that will be used in the work. The work requires massive research, investigations, journalism and forensic science. These are all criminal systems. It requires a full functional hospital of 1500-2000 people with various skill sets based upon the criminal system being investigated.

And just like you cannot get rid of the police force only because the criminals are in jail. In the same manner this work needs to continue to improvise systems and to keep an eye on new malicious systems.

All credit goes to world leaders
“Do it yourself and become great”, that’s bullshit. It is designed to put you on a terribly weak path where you can be failed easily. The whole thing functions like a hospital. You are the President and you can pull strings so that the hospital can function properly. But it is not your job to do Molecular Research in Biology or Forensic Science. That’s the researcher’s and the doctor’s job. You play your role and let us play our role. This way it becomes incredibly easy and things get done.

And everything that is accomplished under your Administration, the credit goes to you. Try not to get misled and snap out of the equilibriums. Greatness is waiting for you.