14 Dec 2017
JewH254 Moving Beyond the Equilibrium

Dodging stalling and deviation techniques is a part of the job. If you understand how the Establishment creates the Equilibrium then you will understand how to move beyond the Equilibrium. What is an Establishment Equilibrium? It is the creation of a scenario by activating elements on both sides to facilitate a desired outcome that favors the Establishment. General outcome of an Establishment Equilibrium is debt, hate and destruction for others and benefit for itself.

Equilibrium Design
Below are the simple steps that the Establishment uses to design the Equilibrium.

  • Plan the Desired Equilibrium. The first thing that they do is … plan the desired equilibrium. It is planned based upon the desired objectives.
  • Parameters Activated. Here is where the parameters are activated to achieve the equilibrium. Ideology, politics, legals and mind games are used on both sides to create a desired scenario.
  • Equilibrium Activated – Dead End. Here is where the equilibrium comes into play. Both parties are somehow continuously pushed on a preplanned path. Using the parameters activated, scenarios are created so that both parties remain on the desired path. Both parties think that this is how things are and this is what needs to be done. The paths generally lead to a dead end where both parties are hating each other and working towards a destructive end that favors the Establishment. Once the equilibrium is achieved then the Establishment thinks that it has won the game.
  • Move Beyond the Equilibrium. The way to beat the Establishment is to think beyond and work beyond what they can plan. It is not necessary that we allow the equilibrium to be maintained. It is possible to break the equilibrium and work beyond the equilibrium.

Equilibrium Examples
Let me give some simple examples so that you understand how equilibriums function.

The America – Russia Equilibrium
Now, look at the different stages the design of this equilibrium.

  • Plan the Desired Equilibrium. The main objective here is to destroy America, Europe and Russia in a catastrophic war. This is what has to be accomplished. This is their goal. For this to happen … America should be against Russia and Russia must be against America.
  • Parameters Activated. As per their objectives, they activate the parameters to achieve the desired scenario. What they did was … Russia was sitting there and nicely doing business with Europe with no involvement in any conflicts or wars. There were no issues with Russia. They used “Ukraine” as bait to push Russia in this scenario. They said … “hey look! America is bombing again and again … and expanding territory by supporting rebels in Syria. You do the same in Ukraine and expand your territory.” Once Russia supported East Ukraine … the entire West flung into action against Russia. Ukraine was nothing but “bait” to start these desired anti-Russian activities. It was a two sided game. They misled Russia into Ukraine while they used politicians, media and legal entities from the West against Russia.
  • Equilibrium Activated – Dead End. We are right now in a state where the equilibrium has already been activated. One or two politicians might try to destroy this equilibrium but the Establishment uses multiple points to support its agenda. For example, Trump tried to restore relations … but the Congress and the Media was used aggressively against Trump’s moves to restore relations. And on the other side, Putin has been very patient and tried everything he could to end this equilibrium … he was failed as well. Single leaders face a “dead end” when trying to change Establishment Equilibriums. After several attempts, they think that this is the routine and this how things are. Trump stops speaking in favor of Russia and Putin starts tit for tat operations. Both of the parties are pushed on a path that the Establishment had already decided. If you see the end result of this equilibrium then it is only hate and destruction. And it favors the Establishment to cover up its debt based systems in the West.
  • Move Beyond the Equilibrium. If you remain in this Establishment Equilibrium then you are headed towards nothing but hate and destruction. How to move beyond this Equilibrium? This cannot be accomplished by any one American or Russian politician. You cannot do it via America or via Russia alone. Because if any single politician or media entity tries to disrupt this equilibrium then he will be overcome by multiple Establishment support points. This work needs to be done mostly from outside America … and not from within America. That is how you secure the work from Establishment control and hammering. When you work from the outside then you get full freedom to hammer the equilibrium and the guys who created it. You get full freedom politically, financially and legally when you work from the outside. This is why we need to work with Turkey, Malaysia, Serbia, Middle East and Russia to move beyond this equilibrium. This is the main reason we suggested these countries and to design the work from the outside. This is the only way you can successfully and quite easily move beyond the equilibrium. All other attempts can be easily suppressed by the Establishment.

President Trump Demonization and Lawsuits Equilibrium
This is another “equilibrium” designed by the same Establishment. Take a look.

  • Plan the Desired Equilibrium. Equilibrium designing begins with the main objectives. Based upon the objectives everything else is designed. When it comes to President Trump, the Establishment aims to impeach or imprison him. These are the main objectives.
  • Parameters Activated. If Trump has to be impeached then they need all of the reasons to impeach Trump. They need hate and dislike towards Trump that will help them impeach him. There are several policies that have been put into Trump’s agenda that are only hateful towards the minorities. God knows how they have got those policies into his agenda … via Don Jr.’s Rabbi, Establishment Donors, Netanyahu or whatever. He has policies like the Border Wall, anti-Muslim, anti-refugee, anti-latino and anti-immigration. To add to that, he has other policies that only create massive debt like Tax Cuts, Military Expenditure, Defense Spending and Wars. It is a two sided game. They are not putting anything likable in Trump’s agenda. It is mostly hate and debt. And on the other side they have unleashed a massive demonization campaign, investigation committees and lawsuits.
  • Equilibrium Activated – Dead End. If you see the equilibrium achieved then it is only hate towards Trump and lawsuits that will impeach him. And if Trump tries to stop this equilibrium then he is totally helpless. He simply cannot stop the media and the more he yells at the media, the more media demonizes him. He cannot fire investigators. He fired one guy and that only back fired for Trump. You end up being in a dead end in an Establishment Equilibrium … where doesn’t matter what you do, things just keep getting worse. You will end up doing favors for them and these guys are so malicious that they will design favors such that they will root out more of your support bases.
  • Move Beyond the Equilibrium. What you need to realize is that you cannot successfully handle the Establishment from within America at all. You need several support points from the outside and then root out this equilibrium from the inside. You have to step outside the box … you have to work beyond the equation. If you remain in the fish tank then you will be subject to whatever they unleash in the tank. You have to work from Establishment-Free countries to hammer them out. You can hammer the Establishment as well as hammer these silly equilibriums that they have put into place.

I know you are interested in cash but you don’t need to kill people and wage wars to make money. There are several fantastic ways of making money. You can spend trillions on building America and creating a better life for Americans and make your money in the process. You can make money by doing good. You don’t need to suck up to the Establishment or do them any favors. We will show you how to generate these trillions in favor of America. And a little bit of reform in policies in required. You will be loved, adored and be a highly successful President … instead of being hated and impeached. There are excellent options when you move beyond the equilibrium.

Monopoly - Active Democracy Equilibrium
The Establishment knows very well that we are the only ones, apart from God, that can fix this crisis. There isn’t a single one in the entire US Intelligence, military or politics that knows all of Establishment’s exploitation systems nor is there anyone who can fix it. The Establishment knows this … for this also they have created an equilibrium. Take a look.

  • Plan the Equilibrium. Establishment’s objective is to stall the work and nullify any direct cooperation with top political leaders. We are connected with the Matrix since the past 17 years now. We know their systems very well. The Silent Majority loves me for some reason. I spent 7 years with SM and then started working on politics. This is what SM informed me 10 years ago “hey, we know that you love people. It is excellent that you are entering politics. We know that you will be great. But this is what the Establishment is planning for you … take a look at the movie The Beautiful Mind. That’s their plan for you. They just want to take all of the information that you will give and then say … “what letters? Nobody read your letters. It is all in your head. None of this exists.” They will leech out all of your plans and ideas … benefit from it to the fullest and then dump you aside. This equilibrium planning was informed to me 10 years ago.
  • Parameters Activated. Now, to facilitate the above scene … they unleashed the required parameters. They had two main priorities … extract all of the information and nullify any direct top political cooperation. Extracting the information will help them take the fullest benefit from all ideas and nullifying any direct political cooperation will help them suppress my rise during the process. Exactly, something that happened in the movie, the Beautiful Mind. To make it happen … they laid enormous emphasis on what I was writing … to the extent that Obama was himself referring to it as a guide. But when it came to actual action … they used mental techniques like … “no, no, no … why don’t you become great by doing it yourself? Why don’t you become famous by doing it yourself? Why don’t you control the cash flow by running the program via your Foundation?”
  • Equilibrium Activated – Dead End. They activated the equilibrium and facilitated the dead end that they wanted. At least, that’s what they thought. They had no idea that SM was already in touch and I was already warned about this “information extraction scheme”. Lol. We never wrote any solutions any where … not on the website nor on my computer. Lol. The only information we wrote was to stop the wars and explain the problem statement.
  • Move Beyond the Equilibrium. When it came to wars, Obama definitely moved beyond the equilibrium … he understood what was going on and successfully stopped a catastrophe against Russia. Wars can be handled directly by the President as he is the Commander in Chief. When you are the Commander in Chief, the Establishment cannot push you … there are no multiple pressure points. You are in full control when it comes to wars. You command the army and all generals follow your orders … else they get fired. Wars can be managed from within. And since we knew that in this “information extraction scheme”, they are going to listen to everything that we write … we wrote the information required to stop the wars. And about every other issue, we have only explained the problem statement. To address these problems … you have to work on Establishment Monopoly … which can only be done from the outside. And that’s exactly what we are working on.

They wanted to stagnate us while extracting the information from us. But we stagnated their war plans by the information that they were extracting from us. They were thinking that they were managing us … but we were managing their activities. And during the entire process … while stopping wars … we have fully exposed:

  • Who these guys are
  • What their ideology is
  • How they function and
  • Exposed many of their malicious schemes of exploitation

It takes time to sink in. All of these are massive systems and when you hear about it for the first time, it is not even believable. It takes time to see all of the parameters into play and then it sinks in. We used the last 10 years to make it happen. Not only we stopped wars, saved millions of lives and trillions worth property in the process … but we have also exposed several exploitation systems of the same criminal entity.

The only thing that Obama missed out on was a legacy. The whole process took such a long time that his Presidency got over. And by the time we gave him a strategy from the outside of pulling in Middle East countries, it was his last year. During your last year, you don’t have much influence on ME countries.

All of the above 3 equilibriums are created by the same Establishment. The simple strategy that they are working on is:

  • Take the information
  • Nullify any direct political cooperation

What happens in both of the above scenarios is that … firstly, they don’t have any means to stop me from publishing. So, they have to take the information. They simply cannot stop the first option. But the information is too good … so they give a twist of their own. “Ah this is great stuff, let’s do this on our own.” This is done to accomplish the second part of the scheme … that is to nullify direct political cooperation.

What will happen if there is direct political cooperation?
As it is, in the first option they have absolutely no control on what I write or what I do with my resources. Now, if there is direct political cooperation then:

  • Move out of the equilibrium. We instantly move out of the equilibrium. Which means that … I don’t remain as one person anymore and I start setting up an entire network to go after the Establishment.
  • Terribly limited information. If we remain in the equilibrium then you are stuck with terribly limited information … information that will be praised as “fantastic and the fullest information possible”. That’s just a misleading technique.
  • They cannot control or manage the work. Once politicians start directly working with me then they are not in charge anymore. They cannot manage or control the work. I start building up resources and start expanding the work. And the equilibrium gets totally destroyed.

Understand what they are doing … see through these systems … and break out of these equilibriums … work outside the box. Don’t get trapped, misled, directed and limited by the Establishment. Everything that they are working on right now only leads to hate, debt, friction and destruction. There is a multitude of techniques and control points that they use to accomplish this. Try to snap out of it.

Functions like a hospital
Our work functions like a hospital. They will mislead you saying “hey, you be great. You do the work. Why him?” That’s garbage information. You are the President. Is the President’s job to perform a Neurosurgery? Will you be a great President if you performed a neurosurgery? The roles are totally different. You need to play your role and let us play our role. That’s how it works.

We make everything incredibly simple. It is a terribly complex problem with a multitude of parameters at play. But we give you very simple steps. Follow the simple steps and everything will work out. The President can easily pull strings to facilitate the setup of a hospital. He can support the legals for the same. All of the work that the hospital will do … the credit will go to the President.

When each of you play your roles then it becomes very easy to do the work … it becomes easy for the hospital to function. And if you try to do via guys who don’t know shit … like Bannon. Then nothing will be cured. They don’t know the virus nor do they have a cure for it.

When it comes to monopoly, it is a stagnation scheme. While they stagnate political cooperation, they will continue on their path of demonizing Trump a little bit more and worsening relations with Russia. You have been seeing this since one year now. Move out of the equilibrium.