25 Jun 2017
JewH253 Christianity reigns again in America & Europe. Jesus is back in action!

Rome failed for a 1000 years in addressing the Jewish problem. They could not look into the core of the problem ... and they could not remove the main culprits behind the problem. Most of the time it resulted only in hate, expulsion and death for the Jewish Community. But this time it is going to be different ... this time, America is going to accomplish this colossal task of Biblical proportions successfully, God willing ... under the Trump Presidency.

I used to look at Obama and say ... damn, this guy is so lucky. He is the luckiest person in the world. He rises from slavery to be the President of the United States ... he has no idea of the great things that he is going to do ... not only he has become the President of the United States ... but he is going to do such phenomenal and fantastic things that will make him the best President ever. Not only he would be the first Black President ... but he would surpass the greatness of all Presidents combined. I would be stunned at the mere luck of this guy ... that he became the President at such a crucial time in History.

But unluckily ... Obama failed to get in touch with us. He was successfully stalled and deviated by Establishment elements. And he ended up being a Zero President. I was a little bit heartbroken for Obama. I love black people ... I would have loved to make him the Greatest of the Greatest. I would have enjoyed and relished every bit of it ... but team work is a two way street ... and 8 years is a very very very long time. He simply timed out. He was not that lucky, I guess. As Obama says ... he will go down in History as the President of the United States ... but not as the greatest.

Break Establishment Monopoly – Protect Common Jews
Coming back to 2017 ... the Trump Presidency. By the way, Team Trump is 5 times more responsive than Obama’s ... and that’s a great thing. The changes that Team Trump has made over the past few months ... Obama did not show so many changes in all of his 8 years. Lol. So, it’s kind of great to have President Trump in office.

The Jewish Problem is not only a sensitive issue but it is also a widespread problem. We need to be very precise and very surgical in extracting out the main culprits while securing and protecting the innocent Common Jews. Breaking Establishment monopoly will be one of the first steps that will give us the political, media and financial tools to accomplish the same. And when we work towards this problem:

  • Not only you save the Common Jews
  • But you also eliminate massive exploitation systems from the country
  • You secure billions of people across several countries and
  • You create fantastic & fabulous people based systems

This work is a win-win-win for so many people at so many levels. And the President who leads this work is going to be one of the most fantastic and fabulous world leaders ever.

Root out Ideology – Setup Monitoring Committee
Not only we will break down Establishment monopoly in almost every sphere of life ... but we will also root out the very criminal ideology that is creating these mindsets, people and systems. This will be a permanent monitoring committee comprised of comparative religion experts, criminal science experts and Jewish Rabbis. Once the content has been cleaned and filtered out ... this committee will continue to monitor Jewish religious schools in America, Israel and all around the world. Thus making sure that this ideology fades away along with the next generations.

This monitoring needs to continue for at least the next 2 generations ... that is ... at least for the next 40 years ... to make sure that this ideology has been successfully cleaned and removed from every corner of the world. Thus pulling the Common Jews in a fantastic, safe, secure, progressive and helpful ideology that takes care of everyone. This transition is compulsory for a successful solution to this problem.

A Fantastic Nation
Now, President Trump is probably like ... “hello, we have terrorism going on ... we have $20 Trillion in debt ... all of our industries are in China ... I am banning Muslims ... and now you are asking me to ban the Talmud ... and start changing the media, politics, banking and corporations of America. What the hell is going on? And how am I supposed to do all of this at once?”

Well, that’s a good question. Trust me, everything is interconnected. But everything will not be done at the same time. The main reason we wrote all of this is so that you know where the core problem is ... how these issues are created and how they are interconnected. So that you can successfully follow a path to a proper solution without flipping in between. In between you should not get a shocker and say ... “oh my God, what is this?” It is just to get you on a common page.

The Sequence
The working on the ideology part is for your Second Term ... not right now. That is not the starting point. If we make that as the starting point then it will backfire to a great extent. So just remove everything from your mind that we told you ... keep a clean mind ... and see. What is the most important thing that your Presidency needs right now?

Break Media Monopoly
You are the President of the United States but you are hiding from the media. Anyone that you send in front of the media are being totally destroyed and ridiculed by the Establishment media. There is non-stop demonization of the Trump Presidency in the media. It has been driven to such extents that it has become difficult to conduct your daily White House press briefings properly. The first thing that you need to do is break the “media monopoly”.

And that’s exactly what we will do for you within the first few months of our project. The moment we setup our team ... within 2 months you will have a comprehensive plan to immediately start breaking the media monopoly. You will go live on air and declare the creation of 2,500 Millionaires under a fantastic Trump plan to break the media monopoly. And this number of millionaires will reach to more than 10,000 Millionaires exclusively under the breakdown of the media industry.

You will create stunning headlines like, “Trump creates 2,500 Millionaires!” And that’s just a start ... “he plans to create 10,000 plus millionaires in the media industry”. It will be great stunning news to start with and within months ... with the break of the media monopoly ... you will be getting hundreds on media outlets in your favor. Not one ... not two ... not three ... but you will be getting hundreds of media outlets in your favor. Today, only Fox supports you in some way ... but there are dozens and dozens of other media outlets that trash your Presidency. This will change within months.

The creation of “Trumillionaires”
Every millionaire created by President Trump will be known as a “Trumillionaire”. That’s a new word that will be added to our dictionary. And the counting of the Trumillionaires will begin with the breakdown of the media monopoly. Remember, we are targeting the creation of a million millionaires ... for your stunning unique title ... The Billionaire that created a Million Millionaires.

The fantastic part of all of this is that Trumillionaires will be 100% Pro Trump. You are the one who created them ... who gave them this opportunity ... their very existence as a millionaire is because of you. And creating 10,000 Trumillionaires in the media industry will give a massive boost to the Trump Presidency in almost every city in America. Today, you are hiding from the media ... but the moment you breakdown the media monopoly ... you will be live and you will kick ass. And you will get 100% support from hundreds of media outlets.

The Breakdown of the Corporate Monopoly
The initial breakdown of the media monopoly will take 6-12 months ... by which time you will have several media outlets in your favor. Once we have a good grasp over the media and when we can openly challenge the opposition fiercely ... we will move ahead with the breakdown of the Corporate Monopoly.

Why do we need to breakdown the Corporate Monopoly? This is the biggest problem that America faces today ... America and Europe in fact. This is never addressed in the mainstream media and never mentioned by our puppet politicians. The fact that only 6 corporations own 90% of all US media and all profits and benefits of the media industry flow to the hands of just 6 families is not democracy ... but it is monopoly of criminal proportions. They are openly ripping off the American people from their rightful share in their industries in their own country.

This monopoly problem has been facilitated in almost every major sphere of American life. We are being simply exploited for the benefit of a few and the entire country is directed by a few. This is not democracy ... this is “Corporate Dictatorship”.

If we have to stop the money drain problem of America ... if we have to stop the continuous debt of $1 Trillion every year from America ... then breaking the Corporate Monopoly is a must. And the fantastic part is ... once you have media in your hands ... then you will get massive public support in every “people based solution”. We will be able kick ass and hammer the Establishment in every segment possible with maximum people support.

10,000 Trumillionaires in the media industry is just the start ... when we move towards breaking the corporate monopoly ... you are looking at the creation of hundreds of thousands of Trumillionaires. Each of them will be American ... each of them will be Christian ... and each of them will love President Trump. Because it is your initiative that made it happen. All we need is a guy with some guts ... with some balls ... with some courage to do what is right for the country and people ... and stand up to the Establishment in favor of the people ... unlike the rest of the chickens in the Congress.

Intellectual Excellence
At this point ... all we are doing is just breaking monopolies ... just addressing the issues in the media and corporate segments ... and making everything in favor of the people. No mention of Jews or Judaism yet. In fact, we will reach out to a beautiful beautiful segment of our lives ... and it is called the Church. Once President Trump starts creating thousands of millionaires ... his popularity will be skyrocketing. But making a great country with only money is not enough ... we also need to focus on “intellectual excellence”. A rich nation with no intellectual excellence is essentially a hollow country that can be swayed to a destructive path very easily.

If you look at our today’s Establishment system in America and Europe ... Jesus and Christianity have been stomped upon and shoved under the rug. We asked for a separation of the Church and the State. But we never said no to Jesus ... we never said no to God ... we never said that we wanted God out of our lives ... we never said that we wanted Jesus out of our lives. We never asked for Jesus to be removed from our schools, education system and the government. We never asked for the expulsion of Jesus from our lives. Interestingly, this is exactly what the Establishment has done in the name of separating the State and the Church.

Today, they have banned prayers in the public schools. They are banning Christians from praying to Christ in a Christian country. How outrageous and unacceptable is that? How can you guys put up with that? And how is the Establishment able to do this? Monopoly, my friend ... monopoly. They own 90% of the media and they decide who comes on the shows. The LGBTQ guys come on the shows ... and tell us how it was to be transformed from a man to being a woman ... they give that guy a reward for doing so ... congratulations for your transformation. They come and tell us how they are smoking marijuana. And they tell us how respect LGBTQ and create separate bathrooms for the transgender guys.

When was the last time that they brought a fantastic motivational speaker like Joyce Meyer or Joel Osteen to create some hope and love among the American people ... on their shows ... on Fox or CBS or NBC or whatever? They have shoved aside Jesus and Christianity in Christian countries via their monopoly. This will change. We love Jesus and we love Christianity ... and Jesus is going to come back into action! Jesus is going to come back into our news, media, schools, colleges and universities ... he is going to come back into our lives. And President Trump is going to make it happen.

How will that happen? Because they won’t own our media anymore ... they won’t own our corporations any more. We, the Christians, will start owning these industries at massive scales ... and we will bring Jesus back into action!

Massive Support from the Church and Christian Leaders
When we enter this phase of the Trump Presidency ... not only Trump is going to be the Millionaire Maker ... but he will have massive influence over the media and he will get whooping support from tens of thousands of Churches across America. This itsy bitsy opposition that the Establishment is providing right now ... using the Intel community and some politicians ... we will hammer the shit out of this opposition. President Trump will be creating waves across Europe and the entire World with his fantastic policies.

The Establishment on its Knees
Now, here is something that President Trump should keep in his mind. The Establishment is an expert in mind games. At every phase, they will try to use two elements to stop this work.

  • Mental Voodoo. These are mind games ... there are hundreds of options in these games. It can vary from ... showing that the project is not feasible, creating fear, using love & flattery to push you away to even the use of demonization and ridicule. They may attempt both types of deviations ... love and demonization. To the extent that they may also send some guys to come on their knees and beg for forgiveness so that you deviate from the project. All of these are games. They will send two guys to beg for forgiveness and at the same time there will also send a 100 guys to stab you in the back. This is exactly what they are doing right now. Only Fox News supports you ... while hundreds of other media outlets ridicule your Presidency ... while the entire media industry is owned by the same Establishment.
  • Financial Isolation. They will try to skew you on finance ... but we will easily overcome that.

These are their two main tools that they use to stop or eliminate opposition. It might be their own fellow Jews or US Politicians or even the President. You have to stay strong and follow the path of reforming your country. You have to do what is right for your country and people. Do not get swayed by any type of suck ups or pressure. We are not hurting, killing, jailing or burning any Jews. In fact, we are making sure that all innocent Common Jews are fully protected, safe and secure.

Russia, Gulf and Turkey
These reforms will not come from within. It is a must for you to team up with Russia, Gulf and Turkey. Using international cooperation, you can easily change America in your favor. You will get massive support from outside and from within.

Media, Corporations and the Church
Once you have accomplished a fantastic level of influence over the media, corporations and the Church ... once these elements are in your favor. That’s when the real change in America will begin. That’s when we will start hammering any opposition and start creating new laws and new systems. Everything that we will do ... will be incorporated as “law” and followed for generations to come.

It is massive massive massive work ... stunning and beautiful ... but a huge overhaul. You will be reforming several elements of daily American lives. And trust me, Americans will remember you and thank you for it. America will reach fantastic new heights and will never be the same again.

Trump Presidency – First Term and Second Term
These are the works that will begin your first term. These works itself will provide detailed information of Establishment reach, malice and ideology. Once we start investigating each segment of American life ... you will get clear evidence and proof of Establishment systems and malice. In your First Term, we will be just breaking monopolies and fixing systems.

You will get a sweeping victory for your Second Term. Only an idiot will stand against you in your Second Term. In your Second Term, we will continue with the fantastic reforms from your First Term and we will move forward towards placing “permanent solutions” to this ideology and exploitation systems.

Massive Development Works
There will be massive development works done for America under your Presidency. The $20 Billion that you got from the Saudis is just peanuts. We will show you how to generate hundreds of billions for American national development. You can do fantastic and fabulous stuff ... you just need to make your mind people oriented ... and pull international strings in America’s favor.

Several cities named after Trump
Today, only a few buildings are named after you ... and you are severely being ridiculed in the media. But working with us and making things people oriented will pull fantastic powers in your favor. Forget about a few buildings ... you will get several cities named after you. And for you too, my dear golden lady, Ivanka. How does “Ivanka City, New York” sound? Would you like a city in New York to be named after you?

Do you know what it is to get a city named after you? It means your name will have a postal code of its own. There will be streets and squares named after you ... several businesses will be named after you. Your name will enter the daily talk of people’s lives. “Hey, I am going to Ivanka City. Hey, have you heard of that new mall at Ivanka City? ... I love that shop at Ivanka ... A new college opened on Ivanka Boulevard.” Your name will be on the letterhead of every business in that city. Your name will be on every residential address in that city. You will be “immortalized” in American lives. That’s what it means to have a city named after you.

That’s just for Ivanka ... Trump will have several cities named after him. “Trump City, New York ... Trump City, California ... Trump City, Florida” ... you name the State and I will get a City named after you there.

This is the rise that we can give to the Trump Family and the Trump Presidency. From ridicule to global glory ... immortalized forever in American lives and history. Choose people.