23 Jun 2017
JewH252 The Money Network moves into Christian Hands. Jews convert to Christianity!

Saving the Common Jews from the Jewish Establishment is like rescuing people from a criminal organization. It is like rescuing prostitutes from a prostitution ring ... it is like rescuing innocent people from a drug cartel. This is how it works.

The Jewish Establishment - The Race Based Money Network
If you look into the network that the Jewish Establishment has setup then it is pretty much a “race based money network.” An example of this would be ... if the mother is Jewish then the children are Jewish. Why do Jews say this? If the mother is Jewish then the children are Jewish? Technically, being Jewish should be about the faith of Judaism and following Moses and the Torah. If the children follow Moses and the Torah ... then they are Jewish ... doesn’t matter what your parents were. This is how religion works. But in the current Judaism that is being run around the world ... they follow the concept of ... if the mother is Jewish then the children are Jewish. Why?

Because this “Jewish network” is about the race ... it is not about the religion. They are identifying and preserving the Kazarian race. The Jewish brotherhood is not about the religion but it is about their race. This is why some Jews in Israel say, “Judaism is a white man’s religion.” Kazarians were white / yellow. These Kazarians are hiding under the cover of a religion. This was facilitated by the Church ... as they were not allowed to be Satanists. So they chose to live as Jews.

The Church’s uniform aggression against devil worship and Satanism created unity among the Kazarians. So, what our lovely Establishment does is ... they utilize this common history and feelings to unite Jews under a common umbrella of Jewish brotherhood against everyone else. This is why supporting Israel, Federal Reserve, LGBTQ culture and all systems created by the Jewish Establishment is a culture and responsibility for a huge Jewish segment around the world.

The Money Network
Jews own 90% of the media in America. They own the largest corporations in America. If you are a Jewish businessman in America then it rains in cash for you. They tend to give business within their community. Many people say ... a simple way to make a lot of money in America is to convert to Judaism.

Controlling Factors – Social Humiliation & Financial Isolation
All is good when you are working in the interest of the Jewish Establishment. All is good when you are following the rules. But the moment you turn against Israel or against any Jewish Establishment policy ... that’s when begins the problem. The Establishment uses two main factors to control the Common Jews.

  • Social Humiliation. You are instantly branded as a “self-hating” Jew. They find the most aggressive vocabulary to demonize you. The common term is self-hating Jew ... if you dare to speak up against Israel or any of Jewish policies then as per them ... you hate the fact that you are a Jew. This is if you are a Common Jew. If you are a politician then you are ridiculed and hammered in the media ... and your political career is destroyed. This is social humiliation for daring to speak against or stand up to Israel or the Jewish Establishment.
  • Financial Isolation. Just now it was raining in cash if you were a Jewish businessman ... but the moment you speak against Israel or the Establishment then the very existence of your business becomes an impossibility. You face severe financial isolation.

Standing up to Israel or the Jewish Establishment is like totally destroying yourself in America. This is exactly what they are doing to even President Trump. His policies are not in accordance to Establishment’s interests. This is why they are levying such social humiliation on him via ridicule and demonization in the media. How are they able to do this? Via “monopoly”.

Proportionate Representation saves the Common Jews
Here is where “proportionate representation” saves the day.

  • It eliminates Establishment monopoly.
  • It eliminates the control over Common Jews.
  • It eliminates the control over American people and politicians.
  • Moreover, it pulls the money network into the hands of the majority

Which implies that the money network moves into Christian hands. The moment the media, banks, corporations and the political structure is back into Christian hands ... it totally frees the Common Jews from the clutches of the criminal Establishment network. No more threats, no more humiliation and no more financial blackmail. All of these networks start running under a beautiful democratic loving Christian ideology of love and support for all.

Jews follow the Money – Jews register as Christians
If you look at the main concept within the Jewish Establishment ... they are not about the religion ... they really don’t care about Judaism. They are more focused on worldly success ... they are more focused on the money. It’s okay ... you can like money if you want. Since we would be following the concept of Proportionate Representation ... based on this concept Christians form the majority ... so then the ownership of all major networks would move to Christian hands. Since Jews follow the money, their next obvious step is to register as Christians.

Currently 6 corporations own 90% of American media. If the Jewish owners of these 6 corporations register as Christians then 90% of the media still remains in the hands of 6 corporations. Which is why we have further segmentation details for each industry. This is why we have been mentioning these monopolies separately:

  • Political Monopoly
  • Banking Monopoly
  • Corporate Monopoly
  • Media Monopoly

The way you breakdown each of them is different. Discussing those details are not within the scope of the page. But trust me ... once we are done, 6 corporations will never own 90% of the media. But the good thing is that Jews will start converting to Christianity in huge numbers ... willingly, on their own.

Jewish Conversion Type
There will be mainly two types of conversions:

  • Business Owners. Firstly, business owners would like to be identified as Christians as they would want to benefit from all of the perks of being in the majority. They would not like to face any kind of limitation.
  • Common Jews. Destruction of Establishment monopoly means freedom for the Common Jews from Establishment pressure and control. Now, they can freely convert without the risk of ridicule or financial strains.

The End of Dual Personality Lifestyle
These Kazarian Jews were essentially Satanists. Owing to the pressure of the Church, they were living as Jews. Here is an example that verifies this information:

A Jewish Girl talks about Devil Worship on Oprah’s Show

Jews are basically trained to live in a dual lifestyle. One lifestyle to show to the world that they are God loving Jews ... and then another lifestyle where they are sacrificing children and worshiping the devil. Now, if you came to know that ... some Jews are killing children to please the devil ... then obviously it will create an outrage. The important thing here is that ... not all Jews are like this. Which is why we gave 3 segments of Jews:

  1. Jews that are involved and promote, support and defend Israel, the Establishment and all of their systems
  2. Jews that are aware but silent
  3. Jews that have no idea of what is going on

Yes, the Jewish Establishment is a criminal system but there are 15 Million Jews that are associated with this concept. The Common Jews are totally helpless against the Establishment because:

  • In Israel ... the Israeli government is setup by the Bankers. They have total control.
  • In America ... the Jewish Establishment has total monopoly.

They have zero official support who can understand their situation. There needs to a government who can stand up and say ... “hey, we know and its okay ... we know what is going on and its okay ... we have got you covered and we will not let anyone hurt you anymore. We will save you from the Israeli Government and the Establishment.” Someone needs to say this and guarantee this. It is the exact scenario of saving innocent people from a drug cartel. Hey, we got your boss ... he is not going to force you to sell drugs anymore ... he is not going to abuse you anymore. Common Jews need to be secured from their criminal bosses ... which happen to be the Establishment and the Israeli Government.

Rooting out the Ideology – Defending Judaism
Once the Establishment monopoly is broken down ... it is a must to root out this ideology. This is how the ban on the Talmud works. It is a temporary ban designed to identify and eliminate all criminal ideology that would lead to criminal practices from books like the Talmud, the Mishnas, the Zohar and all associated books. This is something that the Church should have done during its 700 years of Inquisition.

First, we ban its teaching in all Jewish religious schools in America and in Israel. Once we break down Establishment monopoly, Israel will have no influence on America or American politics. If we could isolate South Africa, a country with 10 times the population of Israel and make it fix its policies ... then we can do the same to Israel as well.

Then, we setup a Committee comprised of 3 different experts:

  • Scholars in comparative religion ... experts in both the Bible and the Torah.
  • A team of experts in criminal science and
  • A team of Jewish Rabbis

These 3 groups will work together in going through each and every religious book of Judaism ... word by word, phrase by phrase ... and eliminate anything and everything that is criminal and that would lead to acts of crime on others. The entire process will take several years ... maybe 5-10 years. This will be an ongoing and a “permanent” process. As and when this Committee will come out with the “filtered” content ... these books will be supplied in Jewish religious schools for learning.

Just banning the Talmud or burning the Talmud will only create more hate and push Jews more into this criminal ideology. Instead we will follow a path of reform.

Reform Judaism and True Torah Jews
The above work is nothing surprising. In fact, the Judaism followed in America is mostly Reform Judaism. Jews settled down in America and their next generations went to Christian schools and they were brought up in a Christian environment. And when they read the stuff in their religious books ... it was of total contrast to the lives that they were leading. They themselves removed a lot of bad content from their books. Rabbis from Israel say that American Jews are more like Christians ... they have removed all of the good stuff about Judaism and that they are following Christianity.

There is a separate group of Jews that is called the True Torah Jews. These Jews analyze the content and accept it only if it is proven by the Torah. And they reject all of the other unrelated content. Thus creating a clean and positive form of Judaism. This is what needs to be done for Judaism at an international scale with the support of American and European governments. This is what will lead to the elimination of Satanic and criminal ideology from Judaism.

Contrast between American Jews and Israeli Jews
If you look at most of the common American Jews ... then they are lovely, respectful, consider everyone equal and follow the norms of the society. They are exactly like any other American. Steven Spielberg, Jimmy Fallon, Jon Stewart, Scarlett Johansson and Mark Zuckerberg ... all of them are Jews ... lovely, talented, hardworking and fantastic Jews. Do you see any crime or racist behavior from them? Nope. This is exactly what the American Christian environment does to everyone. Let Jews register as Christians ... but this is exactly what you get after a few generations. But once we have rooted out their ideology ... it will be even better.

This is the status of Jews currently in America. But if these American Jews went to Israel today ... they will be shocked at the rude, terrible and racist way that some Jews in Israel will behave ... not only the common Jews but also the Israeli Government. Here is one video that will shine some light:

Treatment of Christians fleeing war and starvation in Israel

This is the current state of Israel.

  • Throw the Sudanese off the bus!
  • Judaism is a white man’s religion!
  • Throw the Christian refugees into prison!

These are the statements made in the Israeli society and in the Israeli government. They talk about the Judeo-Christian faith in America ... but if you goto Israel and you are a Christian fleeing war and persecution ... then they will just toss you in jail for the simple task of coming to them and asking for help. This is a problem deeply rooted in their ideology and religious books.

Does it affect the Trump Family?
Firstly, President Trump will say ... “hey, my kids are Jewish.” Yes, I know ... come back to Jesus. Just register as Christian ... in fact, huge numbers of Jews will start converting to Christianity ... especially from the business segment. The good news for Ivanka is that ... she can switch to Christianity and raise her children as Christians, hopefully. Once we break the Establishment monopoly, then they will not have any influence on Jared Kushner or his family. They will be free to choose or even Jared may register as Christian ... who knows. Things will change at massive levels.

Secondly, don’t worry about the corporate segmentation ... the Trump family does not own 90% of all hotels in America ... it will not affect you.

Eliminating the Surprise
The reform of the Talmud will probably begin in your Second Term. There is a lot of work to be done before that can happen. We were just keeping you informed so that you don’t get a shock when we unveil this information in later stages of the work.