18 Jun 2017
JewH251 Jewish Establishment Levels Need to save Jews from the Jew

Trump does not understand why the media hates him. He does not understand how the most powerful country in the world is $20 Trillion in debt. He does not understand the terrorism in the world and why our politicians are getting aggressive against Russia. This is “Jewish” malice, my friend. This is nothing new ... this malice has been an ongoing problem in Europe for more than a thousand years. This is a problem that the Church itself failed in solving. And God willing, if Trump makes the right moves then this problem will be solved under the Trump Presidency.

The Church and the Kazarian Jews
This Establishment monopoly is not as simple as it seems. It has very deep roots in a “criminal ideology”. If you look at the origins of all of this malice ... then this is how it fell into place. Kazaria is the name of a Kingdom that existed near the Caspian Sea. You never hear of it because it was the only “Devil Worshiping” Kingdom of its time. Its history is censored in the mainstream education and media around the world. Because if you study this then you get an understanding of all Jewish problems.

Owing to Kazaria’s continuous looting of neighboring countries, it was taken over by Russia. During this takeover, many of these devil worshiping Jews fled to Europe. How did you get “devil worshiping Jews”? Jews are supposed to follow the Torah and Moses ... so how do you get devil worshiping Jews? Because of Kazaria’s continuous malice in neighboring countries ... it was pressurized to follow a monotheistic religion ... by Christian and Muslim Kings. The then Christian and Muslim Kings saw that this bad behavior of the Kazarians was because they were worshiping the devil, they had no culture and they were involved in all kinds of malpractices. Because of this pressure ... the Kazarian King chooses Judaism ... not Islam and not Christianity ... but he chooses to convert to Judaism. However this conversion was only for namesake to show the neighboring countries that ... we, the devil worshipers, are following Judaism. This is how you get “devil worshiping Jews”.

This problem was still confined to Kazaria’s neighborhood. But once Kazaria fell to Russia then we got a huge migration towards Europe. Our lovely witchcraft practicing Jews reach Christian lands. Here ... after a while ... they start practicing their own stuff ... which they obviously believe to be their “culture and tradition”. For them ... they were practicing their traditions ... but for the Christian Kings and the Church ... it was witchcraft. The main issue was not of witchcraft alone ... these guys were trained with the “right to loot, steal, lie and kill” non-Kazarians. In Kazaria, they were told that this is their “divine right”. This was taught to them by their King.

So, when these pockets of Jews started practices of lying, misleading, stealing and committing crime along with drugs and decadent activities ... they were expelled by the Christian Kings. This “expulsion” created the barrier of hate towards Christian Kings, the Church, Christian religion and principles. The Jews screamed ... “we are being expelled just because we are Jews, because we are different, because we are practicing our own culture and tradition!” And then began the Bubonic Plague in Europe. Wells, lakes and rivers were contaminated ... and Christians started dying by the millions.

Thus began the “witch hunt”
The Church started the Inquisition ... hunting for anyone practicing witchcraft ... hunting for anyone making potions at home. This expulsion of Jews, the Inquisition and the Bubonic Plague ... did not exist only for one month or one year or 10 years. The Inquisition lasted for 700 years. For 700 years the Church was hunting for witchcraft and banning everything associated with it. 200 Million Christians died in the Bubonic Plague.

You want proof?
Listen to any Kabbalist Jews, they will themselves tell you ... “Kabbalah is Jewish Mysticism or Jewish Magic. Kabbalah was suppressed for a thousand years by the Church. Jews were burnt alive for practicing witchcraft.” This is the statement of Jewish Rabbis themselves. The main question is ... if you are a Jew then why were you practicing witchcraft? Aren’t you supposed to follow Moses and the Torah? Where does it say in the Torah that you are allowed to practice witchcraft or use magic?

The Original Jews and the Assault on Judaism
The original Jews had their own issues. They loved money more than God. But some of them were good as well ... just as good people exist in all religions. But when Kazarians joined Judaism, it was a complete assault on Judaism. What Jews were facing in the Middle Ages was that ... they had no country ... Kazaria was taken by Russia. And then on the other hand, they had the Church who was hunting for anyone practicing witchcraft. “Satanism” was not an open option for them. They could never openly be Satanic or carry out devil worship like they did in Kazaria. Their only option was to be Jewish.

Creation of the Talmud – the Oral Torah
If you told the Church that you were a Jew then you had immunity. Because Judaism had a historic connection with Christianity. They had no other option but to call themselves as Jews. They hated the Church because the Church hated them ... simple as that ... you hate them, they hate you ... Newton’s Laws. It was pretty obvious. But they loved their own culture, traditions and practices. They collected all of their original beliefs, practices, traditions and culture from Kazaria ... and formed the “Talmud”. And they called the Talmud, the Oral Torah.

The one that is given to Moses is the written Torah ... and the one that is passed on orally is the Oral Torah. And the fantastic part is ... both of them are diametrically different ... the Torah and the Talmud is diametrically opposite ... both of them are totally different. On one side the Torah is teaching you about love, peace and helping each other ... and on the other side the Talmud is teaching them that it is okay to lie, steal, mislead, kill and create circumstances for your success. The Torah is teaching them about the life after and the Talmud is teaching them how to live a full life in the now. Torah is about God and Talmud is about money and power.

The Church failed to protect Judaism
If I go into details ... the differences between the Torah and the Talmud will take a book in its own. But what you should know is that the Talmud is the opposite of the Torah ... it is a totally opposite realm. The Church had a significant influence in the creation of the Talmud. The Church could not protect Judaism. Why should the Church protect Judaism? The Church was the guardian of Christianity. The problem was that the Church was also very influential in the government. The only options that the Church gave was to ... convert to Christianity or follow Judaism. Satanism and witchcraft was banned.

The Church failed in looking into the core problem. The Church failed in taking a secular approach. The Church failed in loving all of its people. If the Church looked beyond the bounds of Christianity and looked closer into the issue with love then they could have found a better solution. In Church’s defense, millions of people were dying in the Bubonic Plague ... it is difficult to keep a cool head when millions of people are disintegrating into death.

The Life under a Different Skin
The conflict with the Church for a thousand years gave Jews the training of living under a different skin. This turned into a “formula of success” for them. “Run something for your success and say what non-Jews need to hear about it.” This became a routine for them. If you listen to some Rabbis then they will say, “Torah is more like Christianity. Talmud is the main part of Judaism. The Talmud contains the main principles and beliefs.” Jewish Rabbis will themselves say this. What are they doing here? They are living a life under a different skin.

Using the same concept, they have created several systems around the world for hundreds of years ... “under different skins”. Take a look.

Each of these systems created ... they are one thing on the outside and what is inside is totally different. They say one thing in words but in action something totally different is going on. And all of these systems are created for the benefit of a few Jewish owners.

The Protocols of Zion – The Implementation of the Talmud
If you read the Protocols of Zion, it is nothing but the active implementation of the Talmud. And what is the Talmud ... it is nothing but a collection of Satanic beliefs and practices that facilitates crime in the society. It teaches Jews how to extract wealth from the masses by hook or crook.

Ideology Propagation through Different Levels
Okay, the witchcraft was in the Middle Ages and who the hell reads the Talmud now? This is how the same ideology is propagating in modern times now.

  • Level 01 – Planning – Federal Reserve & Banks. These guys are the biggest sharks in the game. They overrule all of the other Piranhas. They do the core planning for self-benefit systems.
  • Level 02 – Implementation – Corporations. The Bankers control the capital that each company can get. They easily channel finance to buy companies and facilitate corporate monopoly.
  • Level 03 – Marketing & Legal Support – Media, Politicians and Hollywood. Now, you understand why our media and Hollywood promotes LGBTQ. There is a deep rooted hate towards the Church and Christian principles among the Establishment. They will say in words “we love you ... the Judeo-Christian Faith ... we are one” ... but in practice they trash the Church and have banned any kind of reference to Jesus in public schools. They play victims when in reality they are the owners and the wealthy Top 1% of the population. And the entire spectrum of media, politicians and Hollywood will aggressively support Israel, Jewish Establishment and all of it’s ventures. This is the Protocols of Zion in action.
  • Level 04 – Global Support – Jewish People. They use a significant segment of the Jewish population to campaign, promote, support and defend the entire Establishment agenda. It might be LGBTQ or Israel or something as simple as trashing Trump. It is in the Establishment’s interest to trash Trump and the entire network comes into play.
  • Level 05 – Recipients of End Result – the American People. What is the end result of this entire network functioning under different skins via four different levels? The result is that the ... people get ripped off ... patriots are booted and puppets are installed. It is one sided benefit ... the whole thing is a criminal system.

Protect the People and Eliminate the Ideology
For a thousand years the Church failed in solving this problem. This problem has somehow risen again and again through time. We will solve this problem successfully and without hate ... God willing.

  • We are not going to expel Jews just because they are Jews.
  • We are not going to burn witches because they worship the devil.
  • We are not going to hate, abuse, jail, hurt or kill any Jews

In fact, we will protect the Common Jews and solve this problem with love, understanding, laws and systems.We will eliminate the ideology and not the person associated with it. We will filter out the good ones.

The Establishment is playing Shark Eats Shark
This ideology benefits none other than a few families. They will say ... “hey, Jews are the Masters and we have to use non-Jews for our benefit.” But in reality if you see ... where are the Jewish Masters? Who are the Jewish Masters? How many Jews actually own banks and large corporations? The entire enterprise is owned only by a handful of families. The rest of the Common Jews slog like any other person in the world.

That too ... these guys sit there and create World Wars ... who benefited from these wars? Only Israel and the Bankers. Hundreds of thousands of Common Jews were killed and millions were expelled. It only helped in the creation of the State of Israel. These guys are teaching Common Jews that they are superior ... and they have the right to lie, fool and mislead Christians and non-Jews. They are teaching Jews that ... this is how they must survive and this is their obligatory duty as a Jew. But in reality the Common Jews themselves are being used and fooled.

Need to Save Jews from the Jew
The Establishment is playing shark eats shark. They are teaching Common Jews to be sharks ... while they themselves are playing shark on them. Now, they are creating a war between America and Russia. What is going to happen to 6 Million Jews living in America and Europe? Don’t you think Americans are going to figure this out once their country is destroyed? This already happened in Germany 70 years ago ... what happened to Jews in Germany? There are millions of Jews living in America. What is going to happen to them? They will be mercilessly persecuted. Again the expulsion and persecution of Jews will come into existence and this time it will be by the millions.

The Bankers have already moved their gold to South China Sea. They don’t really care even if Israel is wiped out. They are literally putting the entire Jewish population of the world at risk. For what? So that these guys can save their gold and get away with their debt based malicious systems in the West. This is a criminal system and the guy above is more criminal than the guy below. And the Common Jews will be the victims of this ideology and the Jewish Establishment.

Breaking down the Trillionaires and Breaking down the Establishment Monopoly
This is one of the main reasons we need to break down these Trillionaires and break down the Establishment monopoly. So that we can keep our countries safe from the malicious and disastrous war plans of the Establishment. It not only saves our countries and our people but it also saves the Common Jews who would otherwise be mercilessly persecuted for no fault of theirs.

How does this affect the Trump Presidency?
We have a fantastic Patriot in power and he wants to do what is right for his people and country. But he has entered a realm that he does not understand. He does not understand what the hell is going on and why there is so much noise in the media. That’s why we told you ... during the campaign itself that you will be entering some hot waters and very unpredictable atmosphere. This is how Establishment monopoly directly affects the Trump Presidency.

  • Private Federal Reserve - Facilitate Corporate Monopoly. These guys are the main culprits. They channelize finance to facilitate corporate monopoly. Which is why one of the most important thing we need to do is “Nationalize” the Federal Reserve. We need to put the Nation’s money printing in the hands of the President. We have to take it away from being run by a private Jewish family.
  • Corporate Monopoly - Dictates Political Opposition. What corporate monopoly does is ... it controls campaign finance ... it dictates the agenda of the politicians ... it dictates political opposition. If some sponsor says ... “hey, go trash Trump” ... that’s exactly what the politician will do. They use corporate monopoly to control the entire political spectrum. We will show you how to break this apart very easily.
  • Media Monopoly - Carries out Demonization and Ridicule. You are already seeing what the media is doing. We will show you how to break down the media monopoly. Right now, you are doing campaigns and speeches. But in a campaign speech you can reach upto 20,000 people. Once you break the Media Monopoly then you will be directly reaching 20-50 Million people very easily.
  • Government Monopoly - Legal, Intelligence and Political Opposition. Monopoly in government office ... it might be the Pentagon, NSA, CIA, FBI, Justice or Legal departments ... placing Establishment puppets in the government helps them run each government office for their benefit. For example, Intelligence ... anytime they want to open a case against you ... voila, it’s done. This is why we need to root them out from all government institutions.

How to root them out? Proportionate Representation.
The key to the solution is “Proportionate Representation”. You can’t be a tiny 1.6% minority of the country and run the entire country for your benefit. This is against the very concept of Democracy. Today America calls itself a Democratic Nation ... but the Democracy in America is a mere illusion. You are voting for only those guys that are approved and promoted by the Establishment. Trump’s victory was a miracle that the Establishment never expected. But the Establishment is controlling 70-80% of the Congress in this manner. They are running the entire country just for themselves.

Ivanka’s Private Intelligence Team
This is why we requested Ivanka to setup a Private Intelligence Team. She should screen the entire Executive Branch using the puppetry factors mentioned in the previous article. Right now, the most important divisions are the “intelligence departments” ... FBI, CIA and NSA. There are tens of thousands of employees ... how will you screen all of them? The priority right now is only the “decision makers” ... the directors, managers and team leaders. Just screen all of them and identify the puppets.

These puppets will stab Trump in the back. We need to identify them and demote them to Administrative jobs for now. Later on, we will flush them out. This screening will give you immense amount of information and it itself will show you the reach of the Establishment within the government. Don’t demote all of them ... out of 100 leaders ... maintain only 2 Jews in the leadership position.

Distribution Framework
Out of every 100 government employees, maintain these proportions:

  • Jews: 2
  • Asian: 5
  • Native, Mix: 10
  • Black: 12
  • White: 70

This is Proportionate Representation. This is Democratic Representation. This is Democracy. The country needs this ... this is how it is supposed to be. This is not racism ... this is not hate propaganda ... this is Democratic Representation in the right Proportion. 90% of the media being owned and run by the Jewish Establishment is not Democracy. 70% of the Congress being controlled by AIPAC is not Democracy. All government agencies working for the Jewish Establishment is not Democracy.

Gulf, Turkey, America and Russia
Gulf countries, Turkey, America and Russia coming together to take down the Jewish Establishment ... do you know what this is? This is History repeating itself. A thousand years ago Christian and Muslim countries stood up to stop Kazaria. This is Christian and Muslim countries standing up once again to stop the malice from the same ideology. This time we will do it better.

Ban the Talmud – Focus on Eliminating Ideology Teaching and Propagation
Netanyahu keeps saying “this time we will defend ourselves ... this time we will defend ourselves”. Do you know what he means? Repeatedly through History, the Talmud was burnt and Jews were expelled from countries again and again. Now, Jews have a country of their own with nuclear and biological weapons ... so he is saying “this time we will defend ourselves”. Lol.

He thinks that we are going to come with a vengeance ... burn the Talmud, kick out the Jews and come for stolen gold and money. But what he does not know is that ... this time we are not going to come with hate ... we are going to come with love. We are going to push the malicious ideology aside and hug you with love.

This is one of the reasons Trump must not fail. If Trump falls and the war is facilitated ... then the destruction that the war will create ... this destruction will not keep any room for love and patience. That will be a very very difficult phase ... especially for the Common Jews ... this is the phase that Netanyahu refers to.

Reverse Application for Defense
Do you know why the Establishment is saying that “Russia is interfering in Democracies in the West”? This is reverse application. Actually, Russia is getting involved to eliminate the Establishment and save the Democracies in the West. So the Establishment blames Russia and tries to show Russia as a threat for the people. When in reality it is the opposite. In the same way, they protect this ideology. This ideology benefits none other than the Establishment but they make the entire Jewish population protect this ideology and protect Israel.

If we say Ban the Talmud, the Establishment will immediately try to use the Jewish people in order to protect this book and ideology. When in reality, this ideology benefits only the Establishment and the Common Jews have no benefit from it at all. In fact, 65% of Jews in Israel calls themselves as irreligious or Atheist and show no connection to this ideology. But the Establishment plays a reverse game ... and shows it as a threat to the entire Jewish population only to use them to secure themselves.

They try to create fear and insecurity among Jews telling them ... “the Goyim are coming! They hate you! They will persecute you! You have to defend yourself!” In reality, they are just using the Common Jews to save themselves.

Donald Trump – The Millionaire Maker
The great news for Ivanka (Jared), Eric, Donald Jr., Barron and Tiffany is that ... your Dad is going to be known as the “Millionaire Maker”. We are going to break down the Trillionaires and create hundreds of thousands of millionaires. This is what the breaking of Establishment monopoly will facilitate. There will be tens of thousands of millionaires created around the world. You Dad doesn’t know ... he is saying jobs, jobs, jobs ... I say, screw jobs ... he is going to create millionaires ... CEOs, Directors, Innovators and top notch Entrepreneurs ... your Dad is going to create hundreds of thousands of them.

And when this work will spread across the Globe ... and the number of new millionaires will reach the millionth mark ... your Dad will own the title of “The Billionaire that Created Millions of Millionaires”. He would be the only person in the entire history of mankind to get this title, The Billionaire that Created Millions of Millionaires.

So what I need you to do is ... support him in every way possible and most importantly understand and learn what is being done. Whatever happens with the Rabbi, remains with the Rabbi. Do not try to incorporate that into politics because it will only stall, delay and deviate. The Trump name will reach a new global glory ... and you need to be able to connect with what your Dad has done. As a Trump, people will look upto you ... they would like to see the greatness of Trump in you ... so please understand and learn as we move along. You are at a fantastic and historic time where the world is going to change in many ways.