16 Jun 2017
JewH250 Who is the Victim? The Establishment or the President?

The Jewish Establishment protects itself and its monopoly via a bogus strategy of playing the victim. “Ah we are Jews ... we have been suppressed ... we are victims ... protect us ... don’t take action against us ... we are victims.” That is just in words but in reality they form the richest and most powerful class of the top 1% of America. Look at the figure, Jewish Establishment elements have abandoned and ridiculed the President in every possible way and surrounded him by Lawsuits and Investigations for no reason. Who is the victim here? The Establishment or the President?

Firstly, Happy Birthday Mr.President! May God bless you with everything that you need to Make America Great Again. Its tough times now ... but by next year ... things will start changing in your favor ... and you will be enjoying every bit of it. Trust me.

Jewish Establishment Malice
Understanding Jewish Establishment Malice ... is not something you can understand with a few pages. It basically requires 2-3 years of full study ... it is like a course in its own. You have to study all of the past events since 1000 years, their entire history, their behavior & actions, where they came from, their ideology, thinking patterns, establishment setup, network around the world, their centralized system, their education and control, their technology ... it is massive massive amount of information.

And you my dear friend, you don’t have the time to just sit and read all of this like Obama. You are under attack ... with every passing week ... the situation will get worse for you. However, just read these two publications ... it will give you an insight into their setup and functioning.

Jews are killed if they talk about this
The Establishment is a “criminal” enterprise. Jews are killed if they expose this side of Judaism to the public. Harrold Wallace Rosenthal was a highly educated Jew from Cambridge and Harvard, involved in politics. This information was revealed and confirmed by Rosenthal. And within one month he is murdered.

A Jew exposing this side of Judaism is like ... you are involved in a powerful drug cartel and you are going to the cops and giving information to the police about the cartel’s activities. What will happen to you? The moment your Boss gets a chance ... he gets you killed. This is the exact state of Jews. They are either supposed to deny it or remain silent.

Classification of Jews based on Malice Awareness
In fact, you can classify Jews based upon this malice awareness.

  • Type 01 - Actively Support, Defend and Promote the Malice. There is a huge segment of Jews that will actively support, defend and promote this malice. The majority of this section is comprised of the Israeli Government, most Rabbis, Orthodox Jews, Kabbalists, Bankers and the top Corporation owners. These guys are basically the ones who are very well aware of the ideology because of their intensive knowledge of the religion or because they are the beneficiaries of one of the systems created by this ideology. You can easily pinpoint such Jews by their “aggressive defense” on this subject. Just ask them “what do you think about Jews considering other humans as animals and the Talmud teachings of non-Jews being created to serve Jews?” Such Jews will typically respond via aggressive defense:
    • This is racism
    • This is anti-Semitism
    • This is hate mongering
    • This is a witch hunt
    • Or they will totally deny having such content in their books
  • Type 02 – Aware of this malice but silent. And then there will be another section of Jews ... who is aware of this malice but they will be mostly silent. They will not go around exposing this malice ... because they don’t want to die. But if you reach out to them and ask the same question then “they will not deny it”. They will say ... yes, this stuff exists but in our society we have two extremes. One on the right who believe in all of this racist ideology and one of the left who don’t believe in all of this stuff. They will agree to it and also separate themselves from it. Jews that comprise this category are the Common Jews ... who are not holding any high government or corporate profile ... and who are not very Orthodox.
  • Type 03 – Have no idea of what is going on. And then there is another section of Jews ... who have no idea of what is going on. This section of Jews is comprised of Common Jews who mostly don’t live in Israel. They are not Orthodox nor are they exposed to the policies of the Israeli Government. They have grown up in a Christian or non-Jewish environment. Such Jews will be like ... we have no idea of what you are talking about.

I would suggest you to read the Protocols of Zion and the Harrold Wallace Rosenthal Interview (The Hidden Tyranny) to get a glimpse of what is going on. These publications are 40 years old. Since then the Establishment has only advanced its agenda. If you talk to Jews about these publications ... you will get the same response as you get for the Talmud ... denial or aggressive defense in the same distributed manner.

Active Democracy and Malicious Jewish Ideology
The difference between Active Democracy and the few other guys who publish information about this malicious ideology is that ... most of the guys just know of its existence. But we take it a few steps ahead and move towards solving the problem.

  • Ideology Roots. Not only we know its presence but we also know its roots. We know why they think and behave like this.
  • Live Application Dynamics. Unlike others we can apply this in World Politics dynamically.
  • Future Preplanned Steps. Based upon their past patterns, we can tell you about their future preplanned steps.
  • Solution to the Crisis. Not only we can tell you what they will do next ... but we can also provide a solution to this crisis.
  • Not with hate but with love and understanding. Most people turn with hate against all Jews because of this know-how. But that is not the solution ... we know how to solve this with love and understanding.
  • White House and Kremlin. In order to solve this crisis, unlike others, we are connected with the White House and the Kremlin ... the most powerful houses in the World.

The Death Spiral and the Silent Majority
If Jews are shot dead for exposing this malicious ideology then how come am I still living, right? This is not 1970s. This is 2017 and we have the Silent Majority in our favor. SM are fantastic guardian angels. Tell me ... would it be easier to shoot one guy or shift gold worth Trillions from Israel to South China Sea? Yeah, these guys packed up and ran. Forget about me being in a death spiral ... these guys are scared for their own existence ... which is why they are worsening relations with Russia and trying to eliminate Trump ... so that the West can be quickly terminated.

Ridicule, Lawsuits and Investigations – The Establishment Cage
Donald dear ... I hope by now you have realized who your opponent is. Just by looking at the ridicule and continuous demonization we told you in January itself that they are working on your impeachment. If you had got in touch with us in January itself ... then today would have been a different day. You would be celebrating your Birthday instead of worrying about the ridicule, dismal approval ratings, the lawsuits and the investigations.

This is the Establishment Cage ... they will come to you ... create problems around you and use the legal system in order to eliminate you. They will use the most microscopic information possible to get this done.

Calling Netanyahu or the Federal Reserve does not help
Hotel politics does not work. In the Hotel business it is give and take. Let alone being World Politics ... this is “Establishment Politics”. As per the Establishment, you are just cattle ... you are meant to be used. There is nothing like “give and take” ... it is just take. If you call Netanyahu or the Federal Reserve ... they will just take from you ... they will only use you for their benefit. Netanyahu will ask you to bomb the next country and the Feds will ask for an increase in the interest rates.

But they will not respond in kind. Why? Because they don’t need to. There is nothing you can do to them ... you are just one politician and the World needs to run as per their planned agenda ... it will not change because one politician wants a change. You are wasting time by approaching them.

Past Presidents Ridiculed by the Establishment
Here is a preview of how the past Presidents were ridiculed, used and flushed down by the Establishment:

  • Bill Clinton (1993-2001). He did nothing wrong. He was one of the best US Presidents ... created 23.5 Million jobs. Even then, the Establishment had their own global agenda which required trashing Bill Clinton and ridiculing him with sex scandals. And that’s what they did.
  • George Bush (2001-2009). The objective of Bill Clinton’s scandals was to make people vote for Bush. They used Bush for all of their crappy wars and then turned the guns on Bush once the job was done. Bush was massively demonized and blamed for all the Establishment wars and he was labeled the “Worst President Ever”. Bush was used and flushed down the toilet.
  • Barack Obama (2009-2017). He followed most of Establishment war plans ... financed rebel movements in several countries ... and he ended up being a Zero President with nothing done for the people ... with zero legacy. He was consumed with stagnation.
  • Donald Trump (2017-2025). Forget about the past 3 Presidents ... comparatively they had it good. The Establishment is planning “Nixon” for you ... either impeachment or resignation. Donald, will you just sit there and take the punches? Your future is in your hands. Don’t be blind-sighted ... don’t get stagnated ... don’t get ridiculed ... don’t get stalled ... fight back ... fight back Donald ... fight back.

How to fight back?
That is a good question. That’s exactly what we will do for you. This war is not against the Trump Presidency ... this war is against America itself ... this war is against 325 Million Americans. It is against their way of life, it is against their dreams and it is against their very existence. The Establishment is malicious and they are planning a terrible war.

You can’t take down the Establishment by just pin-pointed efforts on some individuals. You need to have a plan to take down the entire Establishment ... you need a War on Monopoly ... so that you can eliminate all of their control points. You root out their control points then the Establishment automatically falls. If you fight against just one intelligence guy or one politician or one investigator ... then the Establishment will raise several more. You need a strategy to take down all of their control points so that the entire Establishment structure falls apart.

If the Establishment falls apart ... then all of this demonization, stupid and unnecessary ridicule in the media, investigations and lawsuits ... all of them disappear. The plan should not be to take down one or two individuals ... but the plan has to be to take down the entire Establishment.

Powerful Global Forces – Gulf, Erdogan and Putin
Which is why we are asking you to think outside the box. At the Domestic level ... just forget about it ... it will only be offense and the support will be very fragile and weak. But if you connect with Gulf countries then they will give you 100% support ... Erdogan and Putin will be your strongest allies in this fight. They will provide unshakable bases for the work. Doesn’t matter how much the Establishment will cry ... these bases will remain unshakable.

Stunning Policies
Currently, there is massive ridicule in the media about the Trump Presidency. Approval ratings are at a dismal low. Spending some money on infrastructure ... fixing roads and bridges will not do the job. Roads and bridges are fixed even in third world countries. The people need something totally fantastic and fabulous to get out on the streets and fight for Trump against the Establishment. You need mind blowing stunning policies that will create a new world. That’s exactly what we will give you.

The moment you launch our policies ... the people will be blown away ... they will fall in love with you ... they will fight for you and protect you ... they will kick the Establishment’s ass for you. There will be nothing that can shake you. People will see through this Establishment malice and they will fiercely protect you.

Net Neutrality – Don’t pass any regulation to control the Internet
This brings us to an important point. Don’t pass any regulation to control the internet. One of the ways they can stop us is by controlling the Internet and blocking our content. Make sure that you are not passing any regulation to control the Internet.

Identify and Root out Establishment Puppets
This is a place where Ivanka needs to help her dad. Identify and root out Establishment puppets. The major problem with Establishment puppets is that:

  • Establishment Comes First. They have an ideology and a system where they keep the Establishment first. They don’t care about God, country, people, Party or sometimes even family. Obeying the Establishment comes first ... doesn’t matter it might be legal or divine laws, country or party’s interest or even family ... these puppets follow the instructions of the Establishment. They will do what is in the interest of the Establishment. This is how the network functions.
  • Stalling and Stagnation. They will serve as agents to stall and stagnate anything that might hurt the Establishment’s interests.
  • Promote Self-Benefit. They will promote only those actions that support the Establishment ideology or practices.

This is the problem with the Establishment network and this is how Obama was stalled. If you see Putin or Erdogan ... they work with the speed of light when compared to the US Administration. If I say something in the interest of Russia today ... then by tomorrow it will be in action. But when it came to Obama ... it would take years for anything to fall into place. Why? Establishment stalling techniques ... they sit there playing with your mind ... “no, no, no ... don’t do this ... this is not good for the people and country ... we cannot do this ... this is racism, this is hate mongering, bla bla bla” ... they will sit there creating dozens of excuses ... playing with your head ... making sure nothing positive moves ahead. Why is Putin different? He does not have Establishment puppets in his Administration. If something is right for his country then he makes it happen at the tap of the finger.

How to identify and root out Establishment puppets?
There are four types of Establishment puppets ... based upon their training.

  • Type 01 - At home training. These will be mostly Jews, people married to Jews or people with Jewish ancestry. These guys get at home training from studying the Talmud, from their Rabbis and fellow Jews. They are trained on “dual ideology” ... of how to play the Jew, support the Jewish Establishment and resist the non-Jews. Which is why Donald Jr. should keep this in mind “whatever happens with the Rabbi, remains with the Rabbi”. Don’t try to incorporate it into politics. You will end up creating major disasters.
  • Type 02 - Political Training. These can be Jews and non-Jews. They are mostly politicians who get training from Jewish lobbies. They are paid to support the Establishment. If not, their careers are rattled via media demonization.
  • Type 03 – Corporate Training. This mainly applies to Media and Hollywood. Journalists and reporters are specifically instructed not to submit any information that might be against Israel or the Jewish Establishment in any way. Even if they do submit any such data then it is trashed as anti-Semitism. Same applies to Hollywood ... you say something against Jews and they will destroy your career. Mel Gibson is a vivid example.
  • Type 04 – Matrix Training. You will not be able to identify these puppets. This enterprise is simply too huge and widespread. And it is not necessary that the blocks be made on the pretext of anti-Semitism ... any excuse can be used and in the Matrix ... people obey in the Matrix. It is also a form of a puppet system.

So a simple formula to identify Establishment puppets are:

  • Jewish Factor.
    • Are they Jewish?
    • Married to Jews?
    • Jewish Ancestry?
    • Frequent visits to Israel?
  • Puppetry Factor.
    • Their connection with Jewish lobbies.
    • Their dedication to Israel.
    • Pro-Israel or Pro-Jewish works or writings.

These two factors will help you to a great extent in eliminating Establishment puppets.

Ivanka’s Private Intelligence Team

Ivanka should setup a Private Intelligence Team that should be very confidential and trustworthy. They should keep the data only among you and your Dad. No leaks. Hire 2-3 Intelligence guys or investigators who would work on this. Profile your entire Administration using the above data.

  • Cabinet Members
  • Top Team Members
  • Administration Members
  • And then move on to the entire political spectrum of the Congress

This “intelligence” will help you understand what you are dealing with. More the puppetry, more will be the Establishment influence ... and the more they will oppose the Trump Presidency. Just by their background information you will know who your real supporters are and who will backstab you.

What to do with Establishment puppets in your Administration?

  • In the short run, do not share information with them and do not take their advice on anything. If they say something, just nod along.
  • In the long run - fire, redistribute or demote. Establishment puppets should not hold any key decision making or advisory position. Look for the right replacement and then either fire, redistribute or demote to another position.

Who are the right candidates?

  • Christian. They should have a good Christian background.
  • Patriots. People who love America. It is not necessary for them to be racist against others. Loving America means loving American principles as well.
  • Zero Establishment Influence. Make sure to screen them using the puppetry factors. Zero puppetry means the candidates will guide you for what is right for the country. They will stand next to you and fight with you for what is good for the country. They will not obstruct, stall or mislead.
  • Loyal. The above guys will show much more loyalty to Trump in action. Others may talk but in action they will flip. The importance is in getting candidates with zero puppetry factor.

Is this a witch hunt?
This term is demonized by the Establishment media in order to create compassion for the witches. But do you actually know what is the witch hunt? Why were witches hunted? Witches were not hunted just because they were witches or just because they were practicing witchcraft. This is the Inquisition that was launched by the Church. The Church was the official ruling government during the Middle Ages. The reason the Church used to hunt, torture and burn witches is because of the Bubonic Plague. The Inquisition was accompanied by the Bubonic Plague.

The Church was not just hunting for witches but it was looking for those people who were creating potions with herbs. They found wells, lakes and rivers contaminated. One third of Europe’s population was wiped out because of this contamination. The Bubonic Plague was a terrible disease which would kill its victim within weeks and it would be a very painful death. The victim’s body would literally disintegrate while he was still alive. Details later.

Now, if I give you 10,000 people in a stadium and tell you that ... there are 5 guys among them who are about to create 911. Wouldn’t you do everything possible to identify and catch those 5 guys? Wouldn’t you screen all of the 10,000 people to get to those guys? Wouldn’t you screen them again and again if required to get those guys? Yes, you would.

For now ... just do the two simple things. If you have a puppet ... then don’t listen to their advice and don’t share information. Second, fire, redistribute or demote them later on. Take your time in the redistribution ... don’t do mass firing at once ... spread it over a few months. Just identify them for now.

Whom to hire?
Out of a 100 people ... maintain this proportion:

  • Jews – 2
  • Asian – 5
  • Native or Mix – 10
  • Black – 12
  • White – 70

Out of every 100 people within the entire political spectrum that you manage ... maintain the above proportions. We are not firing all Jews just because they are Jews ... we are not racists. We are just maintaining the right proportions. We are hiring 1-2 Jews in every division. But what we are not doing is giving them absolute control and authority.

Jared Kushner
Kushner dear ... we know about your loyalty to the Establishment. We know that you are in a fixed position where you don’t have much leverage. Today ... yes, the Establishment has the monopoly. But the Establishment is a sinking ship. It is Trump and Putin who will come out winning. Trump is going to reach glorious heights and the Establishment is going to be minced meat. We will be taking down the entire network itself. Once we take them down, no one will pressure you ... no one will threaten you.

In fact, these guys have packed up their gold and ran to South China Sea. They are ready to terminate Israel itself. They really don’t care about you. They have put you under investigation only because they came to know that “you made the call so that the Saudis could get a good deal”. You gave Saudis a deal of $400 Billion and they don’t like it. Why stay stuck with guys who have already fled and they themselves know that they are going to fall?

Choose Trump ... work with him. Not only we are going to make him the best President that America has ever seen ... but he is going to be one of the best World Leaders. And you have Ivanka ... she is a total gem. You know that she really loves you, right? Why compromise something so beautiful that you have right now ... for a sinking ship? The Establishment is going to be over and out. If they say something, just blame Active Democracy and Trump ... “Trump is the President and I don’t have much control.” It is going to be a little bit tough in the beginning ... but once we start hammering them ... then all you have to do is sit back and watch the show.