13 Jun 2017
JewH249 Trump Presidency A Victim of Establishment Monopoly


Trump Presidency is a victim of Establishment Monopoly. There are hundreds of media agencies continuously demonizing and ridiculing Trump while there are only 2-3 media outlets that talk about Trump in a positive light. This is a living ongoing example of Establishment Monopoly in action. This demonization is designed to erode Trump’s support base to justify any forthcoming preplanned impeachment.

Sheep and Wolf Strategy – The Two Sided Establishment Game
This is a critical time where Trump should understand the nature and functioning of the Establishment. If you don’t understand the Establishment then you will never figure out how to solve this crisis. Their “monopoly” helps them play a puppet game. They sit back as puppeteers and run the entire show.

Fighting against the puppets will get you no results ... it will change nothing. For example, if you fight against the media outlets ... it will change nothing ... nothing positive will come out of it. If you fight against one intelligence guy ... nothing positive is going to come out of it ... if you fight with one Democrat ... nothing positive is going to come out of it ... if you fight with one investigation committee ... nothing positive is going to come out of it. You will end up throwing punches after punches ... and puppets will keep rising one after another against you. The more you punch, the more they rise.

Understanding the Establishment is the key to designing the right fight against them. Stop fighting puppets ... take down the main guys behind them ... take down the main puppeteers ... then the show will come to an end. Here’s how they function.

One Group Plays Sheep – Crying as the Victim
The interesting thing about the Jewish Establishment is that they don’t show off. They don’t talk about how powerful they are ... they don’t talk about how rich they are. They are Trillionaires ... but they don’t even list themselves among the richest people in the world. Hundreds of billions goes to Jewish Bankers every year as interest ... their yearly income is in the tune of hundreds of billions ... but do you see the name of any Rothschild family member in the world richest? No, they don’t show who they are.

Even if you visit Israel ... they will show you the Western Wall, the Holocaust Museum and sites where Jewish homes were destroyed. But they never show you their gold reserves ... lines of trucks of gold worth in Trillions. Actually, access to these reserves is even above Netanyahu’s paygrade. Even Netanyahu was not given an opportunity to see these reserves. Netanyahu is just one soldier promoted in politics that they are using to run their agenda.

Their strategy is totally the reverse. Instead of showing you how powerful they are, their riches by the trillions and their advanced biotechnological labs ... instead of that ... what they do is ... they play victims. Playing the victim gets them all of the support they need ... this is a more effective and successful card for them. “Ah we are Jews ... we are suppressed ... we are in a difficult situation ... don’t be racist ... don’t be anti-Semitic ... and bla bla bla.” Playing the victim card helps them in 3 main things:

  • No action is taken against them. Psychologically, they have just deviated your attention. They have just played with your mind and shown you the opposite of what actually is. This is done to make sure that you don’t doubt them and you don’t take any action against them. They are already the victims ... you don’t want to be the bad guy who will initiate any action against them ... that’s the statement that they are making here.
  • Take over key positions. Once they win your goodwill ... then they take over key positions in your Administration. “Ah, we are Jews ... don’t be racist ... we are here to help.” They will move ahead and systematically take over key political positions in your Administration. Look around yourself and analyze.
  • Make sure everything works for the Establishment’s benefit. Once they take over your key decision making positions ... they will make sure that everything works for the Establishment’s benefit. Forget the country, forget the people ... all benefits flow to the Establishment. They will make sure all products are still bought from China, Free Trade Agreements are still being honored, all jobs and industries are still owned by them and they have total ownership of all major corporations, banks and media entities.

They are playing the victim card ... they are showing that they are the weakest segment of the society ... and while they are doing that ... they are making sure that they are the most powerful and richest segment of the society. See how “reverse ideology” works for their benefit? This is not a trick ... these are their “formulas for success”. Play the victim card and own everything.

One Group Plays Wolf – Maliciously Tears you Apart
Owning everything and controlling everything is not the end of it. Once they make sure that:

  • You don’t doubt them
  • They have your confidence
  • You have given them all key positions
  • They hold the power and decision making

Then they send another group ... which they own ... to maliciously tear you apart. They play this simultaneously ... on one side they are making sure that ... you don’t doubt them, you don’t suspect them, you have full confidence in them ... and then on the other side they will send another group ... that will rip you apart and tear you down.

And once you are totally torn apart and broken down ... they will just blame the other party ... “ow no, it was Monica Lewinsky ... she was the bad girl ... she was the one who exposed you ... she kept the dress with your semen on it as proof ... she played you all along.” The entire blame for Bill Clinton’s scandal was “Monica Lewinsky”. And the interesting part is ... every time Bill Clinton would rise to fame for any reason ... Monica Lewinsky would come to the stage and try to capitalize on it. And our lovely Jewish owned media would give her immense publicity. She made a living out of demonizing Bill Clinton.

Robert Mueller – Investigator Special Counsel
The guy who investigated Bill Clinton ... Kenneth Starr ... was married to a Jew. And the guy who has been assigned on your case ... Robert Mueller ... just check his background and you will know what is going on.

Offshore Work Mode
This is one of the main reasons why a huge section of our work is located offshore. Because the moment, you use the word “Jew or Jewish” then your legal troubles begin in America. As per their ideology, we, non-Jews, are like cattle who work in the farms owned by Jews. And the last thing the cattle should do is turn against its Masters. If you speak against them then they sue you and shut you up.

To address this concern, we will be splitting the work into two aspects:

  • People Power. This aspect will totally focus on the Bankers, Corporations, Establishment and the 1%. We will hammer these guys from this aspect ... they cannot stop us using the racism card in this aspect. Everything is neutral ... no mention of Jews or Judaism ... no court can stop someone from speaking against Bankers and Corporations. We will cover both onshore and offshore works from this aspect.
  • Under the Skin. And then will also run a separate site from another aspect ... called Under the Skin. Here we will show complete connections of practices & techniques with its associated ideology. It will provide the full-fledged disclosure of the criminal system. The content under this aspect will be completely offshore ... until Establishment monopoly is eliminated.

Istanbul and Moscow
This is the main reason we have chosen cities like Istanbul, Moscow, Belgrade and Kuala Lumpur. Because leaders like Erdogan and Putin are like gold when this work is concerned. This criminal Establishment in America will shut down anyone who speaks against them. As per them, you have to remain silent like a cow and allow them to exploit you ... because supposedly that’s what we are meant for. I respectfully disagree.

Erdogan and Putin are fantastic leaders who understand the issue with Israel and the Establishment. And both of them are good friends of President Trump. They can provide a fantastic legal shell to do our work. We will be hiring many Americans to work for us. The last thing we want is the Establishment threatening and suing us in order to stop our work. And if they do, we want to be in the right legal shells to continue our work. We are doing nothing illegal ... everything is based on facts, statistics, logic and what is best for the people.

Establishment friction lines in Turkey
The Establishment is a malicious entity ... they can try to create lines of friction in Turkey ... using the aspect of Saudi involvement. Here is something that you need to know about Turkey. Turks are lovely and fantastic people. However, there is a little bit of regional competition with the Gulf countries. Moreover, with our work Saudis got a $400 Billion defense deal ... while Obama had snubbed Turkey’s request for a defense system.

This is not good when Turkey is providing a key base for our work. If Erdogan wants to do some shopping ... please help him out. Help Turkey develop a good defense system for themselves. Turkey is a key NATO ally ... Erdogan will be more than willing to cooperate on the project ... so why not help them out a little bit.

Be careful with Qatar ... the Establishment is planning major wars
The Establishment is totally desperate for major wars ... they will try to use any and every opportunity to divide regions and create wars. Any new wars will create a major crisis. Gulf countries have put some pressure on Qatar ... just make sure that is the right amount of pressure and that it does not turn into a war. Saudis are already fighting in Yemen in the South ... another line of conflict in the North will not be good.

Don’t worry about the Democrats ... they don’t matter for now
And lastly, don’t bother about the Democrats ... they don’t matter for now. They have a lot of steam built-in because of the opposition that they faced from the Republicans for the past 8 years. Let them lose some steam for now. Once we are in the mainstream ... if they don’t support ... then they will get hammered by the people. Moreover, trying to negotiate with them right now will be like having lunch and dinner at the same time ... a total overload and unnecessary.