11 Jun 2017
JewH248 Impeachment in 2 Steps. 1. Question Trump. 2. Prove One Answer as Wrong

Bill Clinton was rattled and eliminated using only one investigator but Donald Trump has 5 different Committees investigating his Campaign and Team Members. Trump should realize that he is in a situation 5 times worse than Bill Clinton. Unleashing 5 Committees to investigate Trump only shows how much the Establishment wants the Trump Presidency to be over and eliminated.

Bill Clinton – Kenneth Starr
Bill Clinton had just one guy investigating him ... Kenneth Starr. Why was Bill Clinton being investigated? The economy was doing fantastic ... there was high job growth ... investor confidence was at its highest. Bill Clinton was doing almost everything right for the Country ... except NAFTA. He was a fantastic, fabulous and charismatic leader. If the Establishment did not do anything to rattle Bill Clinton then the next guy would have to fill his shoes. And the next guy that had to become President was “George W Bush”.

The Establishment wanted George Bush to be the next President. If they did nothing to Bill Clinton ... then do you think that people would go out there and vote for a guy like George Bush? Bill Clinton’s sex scandals were used to push people away from the Democratic Party and vote Republican ... so that Bush could be elected. And everybody knows what started to happen during the Bush Administration ... 911, War on Terror and all of this terrorist crap that is going on around the world. This was the main agenda that they needed to be launched. Why? Because despite Bill Clinton’s fantastic performance, the economy would go into debt by $1 Trillion every year thereon ... owing to the Establishment’s exploitation systems setup in America. They had to launch the scheme of terrorism in order to create the deviation. And all of that started off with demonizing, ridiculing and eliminating Bill Clinton.

Bill Clinton – Seduced by a Jew and Impeached by a Guy married to a Jew
The world might know about Monica Lewinsky and Kenneth Starr, the guy who investigated and got Bill Clinton impeached. What they might not know is that ... Monica Lewinsky was a Jew ... both of her parent were Jews. And interestingly, the guy who was investigating Bill Clinton non-stop for several years ... he was married to a Jew. This is a learning point ... where you can see the functioning of the Jewish Establishment ... “they play both sides”. Yes, they play both sides. They set you up. They create circumstances around you ... in order to take you down. This is how the Establishment functions.
They send a nice chubby cute girl to you in the White House ... who is all flirty, naughty and fooling around with you. And then they also put a vicious investigator behind you ... who will use the most intimate information from your life in order to demonize, ridicule and eliminate you. This is not a coincidence ... you will see how third parties were used in order to make it happen.

See, flirting in the office happens all the time ... people are at work and stuff happens. Jew or non-Jew ... it doesn’t matter. But what your girlfriend does not do is ... “keep a dress with your semen on it as proof”. This is simply yucky ... this is exactly what Monica Lewinsky did. She kept a dress with Bill Clinton’s semen on it ... safely and securely stored for years as “proof” of their relationship. This is crazy and fanatic behavior ... but this is exactly what she did ... she stored the dress for years and this dress was used to prove Bill Clinton’s relationship. Right from the beginning it was preplanned and totally setup.

And then they send Kenneth Starr ... another Jewish control point ... who investigates Bill Clinton for several years ... attempting to extract the most private and intimate information from his life. This is one of the reasons, I tell Trump ... make sure that your male and female family members don’t fool around in the White House. The White House is a “government building” ... you are under watch ... doesn’t matter which room it is. Do not fall for any temptation ... doesn’t matter how cute the girl is or how nice the guy is ... it will be a trap and it will be fully utilized against you. You want to have fun? Then plan your weekends elsewhere.

Donald Trump Investigations
Currently, the Trump Campaign and Team Members are being investigated by these Committees.

  • Special Counsel - Justice Department
  • House Intelligence Committee
  • Senate Intelligence Committee
  • Senate Judiciary Committee
  • House Oversight and Government Reform Committee

What has Trump done against the country? Nothing. Has he hurt a single American? Nope. Is he creating any policy that hurts American interests? Nope. Then why the unnecessary crazy investigations? You don’t get an answer if you look at this from the normal realms. But if you look at it from the Establishment Realm then you can easily see how much the Establishment wants the Trump Presidency to be over and eliminated. They are using every possible influence point to terminate the Trump Presidency.

Do not volunteer to testify under oath – It’s a trap
Okay firstly ... Trump should NOT volunteer to testify under oath for anything. Do NOT go there ... there is absolutely no necessity to go there. In fact, that’s what they want ... they want you in the legal game ... it’s a trap. They will eliminate you using the legal game. It’s a shortcut to terminate your Presidency. All they need to do is:

  • Call Trump for Questioning
  • Frame a Tricky Question
  • Get an Inaccurate Answer
  • Prove Lying under Oath
  • And that becomes an Impeachable Offense

It’s a very simple game of Q&A. You do not want to go into that direction ... mostly because:

  • Defamation. Once you are being “questioned” by any Committee ... it puts you in a negative light. Whether you did something or not is a separate thing but the fact that they pulled you in front of a Committee that questioned you ... it gives a very very bad impression among the public.
  • Criminal Image. It creates a criminal image. This is one of the reasons why people don’t like Hillary. She was repeatedly questioned over Benghazi. Whether she did something wrong or not is a separate question ... at the end of the day ... it creates a criminal image.
  • Public Opinion Tanks. You might be willing to testify to prove that you did nothing wrong. But this very process itself is meant for criminals ... and it tanks your Public Opinion.
  • Perjury. The above is the least that can happen. In the worst case scenario, you are opening yourself to issues related “perjury”. You said something in this testimony and then you said something else at another place ... this is a silly legal game ... they will catch you on microscopic details.

As an end result of all of the above ... you will get a very shady image created about yourself.

Bring the focus on the Establishment
You can allow the Establishment to hammer you ... you can allow them to win. Or ... you can change the game. Bring the focus on the Establishment ... bring the focus on the Establishment ... bring the focus on the Establishment. “War on Monopoly” is what you need.

You have to change the direction and focus of the people. You will win if you strike at the roots of this problem. All of these investigations ... you can root them out. You can destroy and eliminate all of these investigations ... forget about testifying and trying to prove yourself right. You don’t need to standup and allow yourself to be questioned by these malicious criminals. You can totally destroy all of these investigations ... if you can successfully change the focus to the root problems of our country, of our society and show the world how the Establishment is screwing us all. That’s how you are going to save your Presidency ... that’s how you are going to be victorious.

And trust me ... we have all of the facts required to win. But what we don’t want you to do is ... terminate your international relations.

  • Russia. Russia is very important. The Establishment plays both sides. On one side they will create a Russia based problem for you and try to terminate your relations with Russia. At the domestic level, you are already abandoned and ridiculed ... your massive power comes from the international level. Using influence from the outside you can fix the domestic issues. Don’t do anything to worsen or terminate relations with Russia. Putin is a great friend and he will support you 100%.
  • Gulf. The same applies to Gulf countries. These guys will be massive supporters against the Establishment for you. These terror attacks and anti-Islamic activities are again a two sided game. Don’t create any anti-Muslim law ... it will only alienate the massive support that you can get from the Gulf. Play smarter.
  • Don’t be misled like Obama. And lastly ... don’t be misled like Obama. The Establishment fooled Obama saying ... “you are the President of the United States ... you don’t need to work with one brown guy on the other side of the Ocean ... you can do everything yourself.” Lol. Obama tries to make his own moves ... and they corner him, hammer him and flush all of his efforts down the toilet. He succeeds in nothing ... he ends up being a zero President.

We don’t want you to be a zero President. We want you to be fantastic and fabulous President. The Establishment will create events and fool you ... and push you away from the very elements that will save your Presidency. Don’t fall for those events ... you have to play smarter.

Right now, you are in a situation that is 5 times worse than Bill Clinton. Help us destroy these investigations against you. If you try to do it on your own ... they will call it “obstruction of justice”. But we are an “International Media Company” ... the same rules don’t apply to us ... we can publish whatever we want and we can rattle the shit out of the Establishment. We can rally the people in whatever policy we want ... we can expose the Establishment’s malicious intentions in all of these investigations ... in fact, we can pinpoint all of their pressure points and puppets in the government ... their methods and their techniques ... how they run everything for self-benefit ... and the several exploitation systems that they have setup.

We will create several lines of investigations and root them out from every Public realm. They will have absolutely no control over Public life. Instead of you being investigated ... we can put the Establishment under investigation and change the entire game in your favor. This is exactly what needs to be done ... this is the need of the hour.