09 Jun 2017
JewH247 Abandoned & Ridiculed at Home. Immensely Powerful Internationally.

President Donald J Trump ... just drop whatever you are doing and get in touch with us ASAP. You are officially in the red zone now. You are just two steps away from impeachment. Whatever you might be doing ... infrastructure, jobs ... it doesn’t matter ... if you are not going to remain President, it doesn’t matter. Just drop everything and get in touch with us.

You do not have the luxury to just sit and read. Since your nomination, the Establishment has declared war on your Presidency. Every single day they have been delivering punch after punch on your work, policies, family, team members and your entire Administration. And guess what ... they are winning ... they are winning big time. If you do nothing then you are bound to lose.

Obama had the luxury to sit and read ... because he nor his Administration was under attack. He had the luxury to sit and read ... entertain himself, pick & choose and do as he pleased in his own time frame. America was under fire during Obama ... with massive debt, wars moving till Russia and a failing economy. We repeatedly warned Obama ... but he was fooled and misled ... during his long tenure of 8 years the only thing that he ended up doing was ... sitting and reading ... with nothing done. He could do that ... because he was not directly under attack. You ... my dear friend ... Donald J Trump ... you are under massive attacks and the Establishment is on a full scale “war” against you. They want total and complete annihilation of the Trump Presidency.

Who and Where the Problem comes from
You might feel that our site is very informative ... yes, it is ... but it provides information only on where the problem is coming from and who is the culprit. This site is not the “solution” to the problem. It is only an alert system ... which only alerts you on the major crisis ahead.

It is something like ... you are in a cage with a tiger. You are sitting there reading ... how big the tiger’s teeth are, how big its claws are, what might be going on in the tiger’s head and what will the tiger do next? Tell me, sitting there and just reading this information ... will that help your situation with the Tiger? We write it so that you understand what you are dealing with. We write it because this malicious Tiger takes forms and runs its malice under different skins.

It sits nicely next to you like a furry rabbit ... telling you everything that you need to hear ... making sure you take no action against it ... and then its own entities tear you apart piece by piece. This is the “Rabbit-Tiger” approach that you are dealing with. In appearance, it is nice, lovely and friendly ... but in action it is vicious, self-centered and dangerous. Which is why we told you ... “trust no one, evaluate everything”.

How would you deal with being stuck in a cage with a Tiger? You would ... call for help ... take outside support. You have the key in your hands ... you have the remote that will open the door to your room, a guy with a gun will enter the room and shoot down the Tiger. This can happen. Wouldn’t it be nice ... if someone shot down the Tiger that is tearing you apart?

The Problem is Bigger than You
At the Domestic level ... it is sweeping Establishment monopoly and control. You cannot suck up to them and expect them to change. This is not Hotel business ... it does not work that way. If the Establishment is creating a problem for you then you cannot pay them off ... you cannot offer any terms for cooperation. They have more cash than you can imagine and the problem is beyond your control ... no terms for cooperation can fix it.

The issue is massive ... it is beyond the White House ... it is bigger than your Presidency. Several countries are failing and they are on the verge of collapse. America itself is more than $20 Trillion in debt ... if you can stop from going more in debt that itself will be incredible. But how will you save other European countries that are collapsing under debt? It will take trillions and trillions to save the entire continent out there. And if you save it today ... it will collapse again tomorrow. All of this is happening because of “Establishment Monopoly and Exploitation Systems”.

This is not your fault ... this crisis is much bigger than you. It was already in place before you became President. You have done nothing wrong. The only problem with you is that ... you will not destroy the West via a war against Russia. Your Presidency is an obstacle to the only “solution” that the Establishment sees for their survival. If the West is terminated via a war against Russia ... then it buys them another 70 years. While the West rebuilds after its destruction, the Establishment will be running its systems in the other half of the World that would not be destroyed. And once the West is rebuilt ... then they will run the Exploitation Systems again in the West ... and then repeat the cycle. This is their plan.

Abandoned and Ridiculed at Home
This is why they have totally abandoned you at the Domestic Level. This is why they are at a full scale war against the Trump Presidency. This is why they are ridiculing you at every possible opportunity. Look around yourself and you will see.

  • Republicans – Abandon or Oppose. Your own Party members don’t fight for you. They are either silent or a few guys will openly oppose you.
  • Democrats – Not a Single Vote. You are not getting a single vote from the Democrats. In their defense, they are just playing tit for tat. This is how the Republicans behaved during the Obama Administration and the Democrats are just offering their regards.
  • Media – Vicious Demonization. Comey’s testimony aired live on most mainstream media channels. They tried to make it the “Monica Lewinsky” of the Trump Administration. The live airing of Comey’s testimony by the Establishment media should clearly show you how much the Establishment wants the Trump Presidency to be over.
  • Hollywood – Abandon or Ridicule. No top Hollywood celebrity wants to be associated with you or perform for you. Why? Because Hollywood is run by the Jewish Establishment. Nobody wants to hurt their career by supporting you. In fact, everybody delightfully ridicules you ... because that is in the interest of the Establishment.
  • European Union – Oppose or Resist. Another Establishment stronghold ... the European Union. They are also on an oppose and resist platform against the Trump Presidency.

The even more sad part is that ... the above cannot be fixed by just making a call and requesting for cooperation because you are the President of the United States. This is not Hotel business ... it will not help. Whenever you call Netanyahu ... the only thing he will say is ... please bomb Assad, please bomb Assad. Netanyahu’s job is only to promote more war and successfully create a conflict against Russia. What will bombing Assad do? It will piss off Russia and create a line of friction against Russia. In this situation of crisis, the guy is still catering to his self-interest.

Why? Because all of this is above his paygrade. Netanyahu is just a front end pawn of the Establishment and he plays his role in running the Establishment agenda. He has no powers to change anything. Following him will only alienate Russia, a powerful force whose help you need right now.

Immensely Powerful Internationally – Scared and Desperate Establishment
They might have abandoned you at the Domestic level ... but at the International Level ... you are still the President of the United States ... you have immense power and the Establishment has no control over your International relations and contracts. In fact, the Establishment is scared and desperate in this scene. This is why they are trying to create maximum damage at the Domestic level in order to thwart your International influence.

Russia – Interference and Propaganda
Why do you think that the Establishment is all “Russia Russia Russia” all the time? Because they are scared and they are desperate. Firstly, they have Trump, a fantastic patriot in power ... and then if he joins Russia ... then they are the two most powerful countries in the World ... and the Establishment stands no chance compared to your combined power. You can root out the Establishment from any country you want. Not only in America or Russia ... you guys can root out the Establishment from any country in the World. The Establishment will come on its knees begging for mercy. When you both combine then this is what you can make happen.

This is what scares the shit out of the Establishment ... this is why they are continuously demonizing Trump and Russia. They simply cannot stand the chance ... the very thought ... of both of you coming after them.

And at this key point ... what will Netanyahu tell you to do? Bomb Assad, bomb Assad. Why? It will create friction against Russia. It will destroy this relation. He is maliciously playing the Rabbit-Tiger game with you. He is talking like a victim but tearing down your International influence.

Gulf – Terror Attacks
First Trump becomes President ... then he is great friends with Russia ... and then he connects with Gulf countries! This is like a nightmare for the Establishment. This is like the worst combination that can ever happen for the Establishment. The Establishment has negligible influence in Gulf countries and these countries will finance the shit out against the Establishment.

So now how to handle this crisis of Trump cooperating with the Gulf? Terror attacks. Even before Trump reaches American shores after his Middle East trip ... terror attacks start happening. All of a sudden there is a surge in attacks. Like the usual routine ... ISIS claims the attacks ... it is blamed on Radical Islam ... thereby casting a shadow on any Gulf cooperation.

If you observe all Establishment moves ... they are verifiable “events” created at the ground level to support their plans. This is how the Establishment succeeds ... they actually do verifiable stuff ... events are real, actions are real and policies created are real. And we non-Jews ... we just sit and read ... taking no real action and making no real time effort ... and expect everything to fall into place because of our good intentions. Lol. That’s why nothing works for us and everything benefits the Establishment ... because we never took any verifiable positive move to make sure that things change.

Active Democracy – Don’t Contact, Don’t Launch
They will try to use a long list of excuses and tricks to try to make sure that our work does not begin. The moment our work begins then the focus moves to the Establishment ... its malice and its Exploitation Systems. This is the last thing that they would want.

Travel Ban – It’s a Trap and It’s a Reverse Application
The objective of the recent terror attacks was to put doubt and deviate Trump from cooperating with Gulf countries. They seemingly succeeded ... Trump is back asking for the Travel Ban again. On one side they will create the event and on the other side they will use one advisor to push you in the wrong direction.

Reinstating the Travel Ban right now is something like ... the Establishment has placed a pile of dynamites below the Trump Presidency and they are making Trump throw a matchstick into that pile of dynamites using his own hands. That’s exactly what the Travel Ban do for the Trump Presidency right now ... a matchstick in a pile of dynamites.

My dear Donald Trump ... you simply simply cannot initiate any race based policy right now ... you simply cannot afford any public disapproval right now ... it will blow your Presidency away. Just don’t do it ... don’t do it.

The Travel Ban and Jewish History
Here is some background info for you on the Travel Ban. Obviously, whoever suggested you for the Travel Ban has a direct Jewish link ... might be a Rabbi, friend, family or advisor. The Travel Ban is actually a “reverse application”. If you see Jewish history, Jews have been expelled repeatedly from several European countries again and again throughout history. From Russia, Italy, France, Britain, Spain and so on. Repeatedly they have been expelled.

Why? If you ask them ... they will give you vague explanations like ... “we were expelled just because we were Jews ... this was racism ... this was anti-Semitism and bla bla bla”. If you look at their explanation ... if you want to believe it ... okay fine ... one King might be a racist asshole who kicked out Jews for being Jews. But several Kings from several European countries through different phases of time ... all of them were idiots and assholes? And they kicked out only “Jews” and left all of the other people untouched? We are talking about the most developed nations of their time ... Russia, Britain, Spain, France ... these were the leading nations of Europe. These countries reached their glory because their Kings were assholes and idiots?

No, their reasons don’t justify ... these reasons are designed to cover up what actually happened and create wrongful sympathy. Not only Jews were kicked out ... the Talmud was repeatedly burnt and regulations were created against Jews. The question that you should ask here is ... what was written in the Talmud and what were Jews doing owing to which they were kicked out and regulations created against them. That is the right question ... which will give you the right answer.

Like we have been saying through the hundreds of pages that we have written ... the main Jewish problem lies in the Talmud. This book is a collection of a vicious Satanic ideology, principles and practices embedded as Judaism. This is what is teaching Jews that they are superior ... non-Jews are created to serve Jews ... and it is okay to lie, cheat, mislead, kill and create circumstances for their success. And when you practice this ideology ... you end up being criminals ... set up criminal systems and practice crime. It is because of this repeated crime and criminal activities that Jews were repeatedly kicked out from several European countries.

Jews will not give you this right explanation ... because as per their ideology ... we the non-Jews should be killed for simply reading the Talmud. We are not supposed to know or read the Talmud. Because it exposes all of their crappy ideology and practices. And if confronted by a non-Jew ... Jews are specifically told to lie and deny all of this information ... in order to protect themselves, their community and their malicious systems. Which is why they say ... we were expelled just because we were Jews ... and if they give any more information ... they will blame the King for being a racist asshole.

Now, coming to the Travel Ban. The Western World is sinking in debt owing to the malice of the Jewish Establishment. They know that it is all because of them ... they know it ... they know that it will be discovered ... they know that it is time for Talmud’s exposure again ... they know it is time for expulsion. This is why Netanyahu keeps saying ... come to Israel, anti-Semitism will rise, come to Israel, anti-Semitism will rise. The Establishment knows that history is going to repeat itself. A huge section of the Jewish population in unware of this massive malice and ongoing crisis. But the Establishment knows exactly what is going to happen.

War on Terror Invention
Thus they came up with the concept of War on Terror ... “hey look! Muslims are bad ... Islam has an ideological problem ... the Quran teaches hate ... ban Muslims ... put surveillance on Mosques and Muslims communities.” This is reverse application. It is designed to create a deviation from the main miscreants. This is the game that they are playing since the past 16 years. This is why every time you talk to Netanyahu ... he will be talking about bombing one country or the other. And the entire terrorism crisis is being blamed on Muslims and Islam.

And Muslims are like ... what the hell is going on ... Islam is peace ... we have no idea about these terrorist activities. You speak to any Muslim ... Sunni or Shia ... it might be a commoner or a King ... he will say the same thing ... Islam is peace and we have nothing to do with terrorism. This is an Establishment game of Rabbit-Tiger. And the fantastic part is ... even using terrorism ... they are draining resources of your countries by the trillions. They are benefiting from this chaos as well.

Trump Presidency and Travel Ban
Now, coming back to Trump Presidency ... see how the Travel Ban is going to impact your Presidency. Several actions have been taken against Islam ... did it help? Ban of the veil in France ... did it stop the terrorism? Actions against Minarets in Switzerland ... did it help? Making Muslims change culture in Germany ... did it help? Have all of these measures stopped terrorism and terrorist events? No ... terrorist acts are still ongoing. Because you are taking actions in the wrong direction.

The Establishment is sitting there laughing at Western countries ... at their stupidity and how easily they can be fooled and misled. The Travel Ban will not stop any event ... but it will definitely be a matchstick thrown in a pile of dynamites for the Trump Presidency. This issue is very complicated ... we will deal with it. But you simply cannot afford to initiate any racist policy right now ... you cannot afford any kind of public disapproval right now.

The Establishment is on a full scale war against you and you need to initiate moves against the Establishment. That is the only way your Presidency is going to survive. You have no other way out.