06 Jun 2017
JewH246 “Travel Ban” is a tool to demonize and impeach Trump

Donald dear, I hope you are doing everything possible to make sure that the Travel Ban is NOT reinstated. This is not a ban ... it is a “trap” ... it will be used to the fullest extent for your impeachment approval. Look at the illustration above and read for details.

As we mentioned in the previous page ... the Establishment needs two major factors for impeachment.

  • Factor One – Demonization. Just look around yourself what is happening. Since one year ... since you got the GOP nomination ... you are continuously demonized on one pretext or the other. It might be sex scandals or the travel ban or the border wall or the deportations or climate change ... whatever it might be ... look at the response from the media. It is full-fledged demonization. This demonization is designed only to boot you from office.
  • Factor Two – Investigations. The second factor that the Establishment needs to boot you from office and get you impeached is “investigations”. Your Campaign is being questioned ... your Administration is being questioned ... and now your family members are also being questioned. All they need is one wrong answer from you and they get what they want for your impeachment.

Zero Support from Republicans
Forget about the Democrats ... you are getting zero support from your own party. Just look around yourself ... who is supporting you? Which top Republican leader is fighting for you in the media? Paul Ryan? Mitch McConnell? Mike Pence? Who is fighting for you on the frontline? Nobody, except that poor Sean Spicer who does it because that is his job. You are all alone out there ... abandoned by your own party.

Republicans – Either Silent or Oppose Viciously
No Republican wants to be thrashed by the Establishment by giving you support. If they support you ... they get thrashed by the Establishment ... if they go against you then they have to put up with you. Which is why most of them are totally silent. And if someone is speaking up ... then it is John McCain and Lindsey Graham ... who are openly criticizing you in the media. Other than them ... it is Marco Rubio and John Kasich ... who are again “Republicans” speaking against you.

Your own party knows that you are a “visitor” in the White House. This is why they are conducting themselves in this manner. Nobody survives this much demonization and thrashing by the Establishment. Nobody has been given this much demonization before ... not Obama, not George Bush and not Bill Clinton. Nobody was demonized like this in their first term.

A Requirement of Massive Disapproval from the People
This is what you need to know about the Travel Ban. It is not something that will help America ... it is a “trap”. These recent events are designed to pull you in this trap.

  • Firstly, you made a fantastic and historic visit to the Gulf where you got half a trillion worth investments. This is of mind blowing proportions and it is everything that the Establishment never wanted. You are taking the world in an opposite direction of cooperation and peace. Your entire tour was focused on peace and cooperation. If you came back home and marketed the massive $480 Billion worth contracts then it would be a massive blow to the demonization of Islam created by the Establishment over the past decade.
  • Secondly, you connected with the most powerful elements that would support you against the Establishment. On one hand you have Russia and on the other hand you have Gulf countries. And relations with both of them will help you root out the Establishment like candy from America. The Establishment is scared and pissed at this possibility.
  • Thirdly and most importantly ... they cannot impeach you using the theme of Russia-Russia-Russia. It has to be something that people get pissed off at ... it has to be something that will create protests on the streets. People should be on the streets protesting against the Trump Administration. And then ... if they impeach you at that moment ... then the impeachment is more justified. The impeachment gets the approval of the people. That’s exactly what this Travel Ban will do.

Travel Ban Next Steps
Look at the next steps ahead with the Travel Ban.

  • Assuming the Travel Ban is reinstated. Blocking of tens of thousands of passengers begins.
  • Instant Protesters. The Establishment immediately flips and changes news headlines from “terror attacks” to “Travel Ban Reinstated”. Instant protesters will be planted at the airports.
  • Heart Breaking Stories. And they will start marketing heart breaking stories of how ... a girl child could not enter USA for an operation that she needed so dearly ... how Trump is tearing families apart ... how people are not able to enter USA ... how one relative is here and the other one is out.
  • We are all Muslims Protests. And then come the “we are Muslims” protests ... I am a Muslim protest ... let us all register as Muslims.
  • Terrorism will be sidelined. Even if some attack happens ... then its news will be sidelined and they will be busy bashing Trump and his Travel Ban in the media.

This is not new ... it has already happened. Just check what happened a few months ago ... it has already happened. The Establishment priority is to boot Trump ... this is number one Establishment priority. These recent attacks are a trap pulling you in a major crisis of a Travel Ban. It is completely Establishment designed and facilitated.

You are doing fantastic when it comes to Racism Issues
This is what you should know right now ... you are doing fantastic when it comes to racism issues. Issues related to racism would be the key elements used to create chaos under your Administration. You are handling that wonderfully.

  • Deportations. You are deporting only criminal illegals. It is a fantastic move. They cannot blame you for tearing families apart. The guy is here illegally and committing a crime ... and he is getting deported ... the media cannot argue on this ... they cannot demonize you on this. You have fantastically handled this issue. Otherwise, they were planning to put protests against you using the deportations issue.
  • Border Wall. Its good that you are not pressing on the Border Wall for now. It helps ... it helps in containing the aggression against your Administration.
  • Police Violence. You lost a lot of support from the Black Community by taking sides with the Police. Neutralizing yourself helps on this issue. However, this issue has not created much headlines.
  • Travel Ban. If you have guys like Gorkha in your team then this is what they will suggest you. That’s why I said ... let him go ... these Establishment puppets will only trap you into Establishment plans.

Make sure that the Travel Ban is NOT reinstated
Right now the only thing that the Establishment has is the “Russia” story. And this story is also very very weak ... we will stomp it out once we launch. But other than Russia ... they have nothing against you. All of these protests about climate change ... these are very weak protests that won’t matter much. But Travel Ban is a hot issue ... it will portray you as a racist who does not care about people ... who discriminates against religion ... who does not connect with the common American principles. It will give the Establishment everything they need to increase aggression against you.

What you should know is that ... the Establishment is terribly terribly scared right now. These are desperate moves of the Establishment ... all of these events and attacks are totally desperate moves. They need you as the aggressor ... they need you to be the bad guy ... and this Travel Ban will give them that. Don’t fall for the trap.

The moment you fall for the trap ... they will actively start working on dismantling the Trump-Putin-Gulf relation ... and this will happen by booting Trump first.

Crime comes as a surprise for the common man. But it is a planned activity for the criminal.
This is what you should know. These guys are the biggest criminals of time. Killing a few people here and there is simply routine for them. They have killed hundreds of millions of “Christians” during the Communist rule. So, a few here and there is no big deal for them ... under whatever pretext or cover it might be.

For us ... common people ... crime comes as a surprise. Your wallet got stolen ... it’s a surprise ... your car got stolen ... it’s a surprise ... your credit card got ripped off ... it’s a surprise. For the common man crime comes as a surprise ... but for the criminal ... it is “planned activity”. For these guys ... crime is there in their ideology itself ... lying, misleading, killing, creating favorable circumstances ... its there in their ideology itself. And they are pretty darn detailed in handling each associated step. Some examples will help.

  • Bill Clinton. The guy is doing fantastic ... creating 23.5 Million jobs for the American people ... one of the best Diplomats that America has seen in recent times. But the Establishment had other plans ... they had to make sure that Bush would win. If a Democrat performed so flawlessly ... why would anyone vote Republican? They had to demonize Clinton in order to get votes for Bush. Bush was needed to launch the War on Terror. So, what does Bill Clinton get? Surprise! Something happened with some woman several years ago while he was Governor ... now she has to stand up and make allegations.
  • Saddam, Gaddafi, Assad. What did these guys do against America? Nothing ... just minding their own business ... running their own countries. But the Establishment needed some countries to hammer as a part of the War on Terror. So what do these guys get? Surprise! Do you think that these guys would have imagined in their wildest dreams that in 2001 America would come and destroy their countries ... and render millions of people homeless? No, it does not happen like that in normal life. But it was a surprise.
  • Vladimir Putin. Do you think Putin thought 10 years ago that America would put sanctions on their country and isolate them from the world? Do you think Putin sat there and predicted this? No, it came as a surprise. Why? Because the Establishment needs Russia to be pissed off at the West. It does not happen in normal life but it was a surprise.
  • Bill O’Reilly. One of the highest rated and highest paid US TV show host ... bringing tens of millions in revenue for Fox. Did he ever imagine that he would be fired for a sex scandal? These allegations are 8 years old ... why fire him today? Because he was a staunch Trump supporter. He did not expect it ... but it was a surprise.

So, dear dear dear Donald Trump ... these guys are vicious criminals ... do not fall for their trap. We need you in creating a fantastic world. Look at a few steps ahead ... see how it impacts your Presidency and public image. We really need you to stay away from any kind of scandal or issue that would mark you as “racist”. We cannot give the Establishment what they want. They will use it very effectively against you. They are terribly scared and they are terribly desperate. It’s the right time to hammer them. Don’t do the opposite and allow them to hammer you. Play smart.