04 Jun 2017
JewH245 Demonization is Step One. Next Step will be Destruction.

A very routine Establishment strategy is ... first demonize your target ... unleash massive public demonization of the target. And once enough demonization has been levied upon the target then facilitate the target’s destruction. Demonization is step one and in the next step comes destruction.

Terrorism is directly proportional to the Debt Crisis
Firstly, heartfelt condolences to the people affected in the recent London attack. May God heal your loss and pain in the most appropriate manner. However, it is difficult to keep calm in such a situation of crisis and out of impatience and pressure from the media and the people ... the leaders tend to blame another religion or race for terrorism ... which is a gross mistake in itself. This is what the leaders have been doing in order to contain the situation and to show the people that something is being done about it. As a result we get actions taken against a race, religion and community which has given us zero results till date. Leaders are pushed into taking action in a direction that gives no results at all.

If you truly understand the whole situation and if you understand who is creating these acts and how it is being done ... then you would be taking action against the Debt Crisis and the overwhelming Establishment influence and control over our country. This is what will solve the problem of “terrorism” ... not just blaming a community and taking racist actions against them. However, our leaders have a long way to go.

Step One Demonize. Step Two Destroy.
Coming back to a more pressing topic of the Trump Presidency ... this is the Establishment strategy my friend. Whoever they want to destroy ... the first thing they do is ... immensely demonize the target in the media under whatever pretext possible. This demonization is done only to justify the next step of destruction of the target. If they directly go ahead and destroy the target ... then the Establishment is seen as the aggressor and the bad person. People need an explanation as to why the target has been destroyed. If people don’t get an explanation then any and every entity associated with the act of destruction is seen in bad light. Some examples will help.

Step 01: Demonize Saddam. Step 02: Destroy Iraq.
I know Trump is not a Middle East ruler but it helps in understanding how the Establishment functions. The Establishment wanted to expand the War on Terror and take it to Iraq. But under what pretext should that happen? The “demonization of Saddam” was the first step charted out. “Saddam is a dictator ... Saddam has WMD ... we have “intelligence” reports that confirm everything.” Using Intelligence agencies is a part of their game. Bush goes around the world demonizing Saddam in order to get a license to destroy Iraq.

Step 01: Demonize Gaddafi. Step 02: Destroy Libya.
The next target country was Libya. They sent in a few armed terrorists in the country who started attacking government forces. What would any country do in response to an armed group? You will send your soldiers to deal with it. They already knew that this would be the government’s response. So what does Hillary do? She takes to the media and says ... “there is going to be bloodbath in Libya! We have to save Libya! Gaddafi is a tyrant dictator.” She ran a demonization campaign against Gaddafi. What was the next step? Libya was destroyed. She got a license for an intervention in Libya.

Step 01: Demonize Assad. Step 02: Destroy Syria.
The next target was Syria. They played the same strategy in Syria. They sent in an armed group that kills 200 soldiers. If one terrorist group kills 200 soldiers and sits there chanting anti-government slogans ... will you just sit there and let it happen? Obviously, you will send your soldiers to deal with them. Hillary plays the same card of intervention again in Syria. But luckily, this time Russia and China don’t buy it. They veto repeated intervention requests from Hillary. Even then what the Establishment does is ... run a massive demonization campaign against Assad ... saying “he is a tyrant dictator who turned guns on his own people.” They used this to justify the mass weapons supply for the destruction of Syria.

Step 01: Demonize Trump. Step 02: Destroy Trump Presidency
Now, if you look at all of the above 3 rulers ... Saddam, Gaddafi and Assad ... did anyone do anything against America? Did they hurt a single American life? No, they did not. They were just busy running their own countries in whatever manner they could in their own ways. Bombs were not blowing up in public places, millions of people were not displaced ... these were peaceful countries. The entire region was peaceful. But our lovely “Establishment” runs strategies for their own benefit and purpose.

The main purpose of this entire War on Terror, attacks in your homeland and destruction of several countries is nothing but deviation from the Debt Crisis and the fear of the exposure of the exploitation systems designed by the Establishment. Which is why they are trying to maintain you in something that is worse and that is ... death and security. They are running an agenda where your own lives are at risk ... so forget about what the bankers are doing and forget about how your industries and jobs have been stolen ... your lives are at risk ... worry about that. This is the statement that the Establishment is making using the concept of “terrorism”.

Just like Saddam, Gaddafi and Assad ... they did nothing against American interests ... so is Donald Trump ... tell me one thing that he is doing against American interests. Tell me in one way he is hurting a single American life. All he is doing is ... trying to make a great country. But this is what upsets our Establishment. They don’t like people who do what is good for the people. They are running a massive demonization campaign against Trump ... only to destroy his Presidency in the next step.

Bill Clinton’s Impeachment Procedures
This is what you should know about Establishment techniques to impeach Presidents. You don’t actually need to do something that deserves impeachment. Bill Clinton did nothing that deserves impeachment. The Monica Lewinsky case was designed only to start the “investigations”. Once the investigations begin ... the game is more about what you say and what you don’t say.

  • Lying under oath. They win via investigations. They win by how they design the questions. It is a Q&A battle. If you say something that is not true or not accurate ... then you can be accused of lying under oath which becomes an impeachable offense. This is what they did to Bill Clinton. They just designed the Q&A in such a manner that Bill Clinton for his image and safety did not answer very accurately ... and he was accused of lying under oath.
  • Disclosed and Not Disclosed. If they have asked for some information and you have not disclosed the complete information ... then they will try to construe your “non-disclosure” in negative light.

The Two Massive Red Lights
The two massive red lights that you should see when the Establishment wants to destroy your Presidency are:

  • Demonization. Are you being demonized in the media? Monica Lewinsky case was used to demonize Bill Clinton in the media. Look around yourself Donald ... are you being demonized in the media? Hell yes you are ... not just demonization ... but it is massive demonization.
  • Investigations. The next intermediary step is investigations. Are you being investigated for anything? Is there any investigation where you could be involved in the near future? You are not directly under any investigation ... but your Administration is ... your team members are ... and now even Kushner is being called.

As per the Establishment scheme, they have already reached to a 75% scale in the destruction of the Trump Presidency. The moment they call you for questioning ... the destruction scale reaches to a 99%. Once you are under questioning ... the only thing that the Establishment needs to do is ... frame a question for which you will not give an accurate answer. If they can prove that the answer that you gave is not accurate or not true ... then the game is over. You have lied under oath and that is an impeachable offense.

This is how the Establishment functions ... they design the game around you. You don’t need to go out there and commit a crime. They will come to you ... prove to the world that you are a criminal and then destroy you ... for no reason whatsoever. This is exactly what happened to Saddam, Gaddafi, Assad and even Bill Clinton. All of them minding their own business ... running their own countries ... but the Establishment wanted otherwise. Welcome to Establishment Monopoly.

Current Establishment Track
This is the current Establishment track that they have put you on.

  • Demonize Trump – Maintain Trump near Impeachment. We already discussed this above. The demonization of Trump, his family and Administration members ... and all of their acts and policies are demonized ... this demonization is designed to maintain Trump near impeachment. Even if you do something nice ... it is not recognized and they find tiny errors to demonize you. This is not bad behavior ... this is “strategy”.
  • Democrats Capitalize Demonization – Silent Majority pulls the plug. The Democrats are making very little effort on demonizing Trump but eventually they will be the beneficiaries of Trump’s demonization. How do you think Obama got elected? He capitalized on Bush’s demonization. But Democrats are not the major concern here. The major concern is the Silent Majority ... they themselves have started looking for alternate options. Details below.
  • Legal Action and Investigations – Facilitate Impeachment. As discussed above these legal actions and investigations are designed only to lower the axe on your Presidency. This is also very active right now.
  • Republicans pull the plug – Paul Ryan Team ambitious. There is a segment within the Republicans that wants you gone. They are just waiting for the axe to fall on your head. They will flip overnight against you.

Silent Majority Pulling the Plug
Silent Majority is the only thread that is keeping your Presidency intact right now. SM is the only entity that is much more larger, more active with further reach than the Establishment owners. Technically, they are the Establishment body and they also form a huge segment of the people. The reason SM supports Active Democracy is because we are highly people oriented. All of our policies and systems are designed to benefit the people. Everything that we will restructure ... the media, the banks, the corporations and the political system ... everything will be designed to be better for the people.

SM will support you and fight against your impeachment only if you fight with Active Democracy and do what is great for the people. If you fall back to Obama policies ... of sidelining Active Democracy, trying to do everything yourself, fail in everything positive, continue bombing other countries, draining our country into more debt, changing nothing for the people and people live in the same crappy system as they did during Obama’s 8 years ... then SM does not have a reason to support you. SM is the people ... if you are not going to change anything for the people then why should they fight for you and support you?

And what I am seeing is that ... they are already looking for alternate options. They are preparing for the fall and working on the next guys to make sure that they don’t terminate the West via a war against Russia. But as far as Active Democracy is concerned ... we would prefer Donald Trump. Because we know that the next guys will not be as strong as you. You are a media magnet and you have a fantastic killer instinct ... and I don’t think the other guys will be able to do the job as good as you can do it.

From a Racist Billionaire to Robin Hood
If you work with us then everything changes. Right now the Establishment is promoting you as the “racist Billionaire” who:

  • Has a list of sex scandals
  • Creates racist policies against the minorities
  • Is trying to get richer with every opportunity he gets
  • Is not fit to run the country

This is the image that they are marketing right now. People see you as the biggest “rich problem” in the country. But if you reverse the game on the Establishment and put their malice under the focus then everything changes. You don’t even need to do it yourself ... just pull the right connections and let us do it for you. See how we design and pull off the whole thing ... see how we rally the people ... see how we will pull the support of the masses ... then you can officially join the movement. Just to keep you on the safe side ... it does not have to be “your agenda”. It is our agenda. Once we rattle the shit out of these guys who are troubling your Presidency, the American people and the entire West ... then you can gradually come into the picture.

Turn the Tables against the Establishment – Bring the Focus on the Debt Crisis
You are a Billionaire ... it helps during election ... people see you as a sign of success. But after election, it backfires. People already don’t like politicians given our state of the system ... and you are a Billionaire politician. So psychologically, people are already living in terribly difficult conditions where they are not able to survive at the minimum wage. They want to double the minimum wage just to survive. Now, they see this “Billionaire Politician” who is supposed to change their lives. The margin is simply huge and hope takes a massive plunge.

Breakdown the Trillionaires – Bring Corporate Ownership to the People
Here is where you need to step in as Robin Hood. Let us first activate the new policies and rally the people ... then you take the stage and be the Robin Hood of the people. Breakdown these damn Trillionaires and bring corporate ownership to the people. The moment you take up the Bankers, Corporations and the Establishment to task ... then the people see you as the hero. Everybody knows that these guys are the main culprits ... nobody has a good image of the Bankers and the Corporations and the top filthy rich 1% ... nobody supports them. Here is where you will win massive undoubted support of the people. How to do it? Once we launch, you will know everything. It requires an entire system ... it not a formula that can be put in one page.

Fight for People and People Power – Get Global Support and Recognition
These exploitation systems are being run all across the West at massive scales. The moment you change the game, the people will adore you and love you. You will get massive support and recognition from all around the world. Once we are done in America ... Europe will be next. The Establishment knows this ... this is why they are preparing a Trump-Putin resistance within Europe. Europe will be a very very easy game. Compared to America ... Europe will be tic tac toe.

Why wait for the axe to fall on your head? Fight back and be a fabulous President!
We told you this before. Like a diamond, cuts a diamond ... a system will beat a system. Which is why you will not see my name anywhere on the website or in future works. These guys are running an entire system while sitting in the background. That’s exactly what we are going to do. We will be the think-tank behind the entire operation and get this done. We will setup an entire system to combat these exploitation systems.

Why do you want to just sit back and take all of the hammering that they are giving you? Your ownership or association will not be there in this operation. Whatever we will do ... it will not be your responsibility. Let there be another entity that will hammer the shit out of your opposition. You have nothing to lose. You are not investing your money or your name or your image. It is completely a separate individual autonomous operation.

And when we will rise to a considerable level ... then you can publicly associate with the “policies” and work on how to incorporate the policies in the best manner. Until then, you have nothing to lose but everything to gain.