02 Jun 2017
JewH244 This “mess” is designed only to get more messy

What Trump does not know is that ... terrorism, demonization of Trump & Russia and provocations from North Korea ... these are not just problems ... these are not plain issues that you expect to solve and get over it. All of this is a “mess”. And this mess is designed only to get more messy.

In problem solving skills, you find out where the problem is ... who the culprit is and then try to move on with a solution. The issue with ongoing problems is that they are not “naturally occurring” problems ... where you can make a genuine positive effort and it gets solved. These are deliberately created problems which are designed to get worse ... which is why we introduced the 3 Realms so that you understand the design of the problem.

Our lovely Establishment has resources by the Trillions with connections spread across the World. So if they want to create a problem ... not only they can create a problem but they can create a mess out of it ... and once they create the mess then they can keep making it more and more messy. Take a look for yourself.

War On Terror – Terrorism
It started off with 2-3 events with a tiny group of Al Qaeda supposedly located in Afghanistan. And look where we are after 16 years.

  • Trillions spent on this mess
  • Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen ... several countries destroyed because of this mess
  • From being tiny terrorist groups ... they are complete armies of terrorists now
  • And it is consuming a huge section of the world

If the real issue was with one tiny group of Al Qaeda then it should have been knocked out and this problem should have been solved for good. But that was not the case ... it just kept expanding and expanding and its still expanding. How and why? If you sit in the Public Realm and watch our Politicians take action from the Government Realm ... then it is pretty much a game of cat and mouse. That’s all you see ... bad guys are there and we should do something to stop them ... events are happening, we have to do something ... people are dying, we have to do something ... but the cycle never ends.

Because you are not looking at the main culprit behind the issue. You are trying to catch puppets while paying no attention to the puppeteers. You have to zoom out of the situation and look from the Establishment Realm as to what is exactly going on.

Terrorism is

  • A well designed
  • Fantastically planned “strategy” with
  • Strong financial
  • And political support
  • Run by the Establishment
  • Immensely marketed by the media

This “strategy” is designed to “terminate” countries. There is no one bad guy out there that you have to catch or stop ... there is no one issue that you can address and this will stop. You are living inside the issue. The problem is not some Muslim countries on the other side of the Ocean. The problem is within and all around you. The problem is the Establishment that is trying to terminate countries as a deviation from the debt crisis that it has created.

Russia – Interference and Propaganda
The main objective of the Establishment is to terminate America ... for which it needs Russia to be pissed off at the West. This is another termination strategy designed by the Establishment. And it has all of the same characteristics as the War on Terror.

  • Started off with objecting to the war in Ukraine
  • Then came the sanctions
  • Then it turned to humiliating President Putin
  • Then banning of Russian athletes
  • Then blaming Russia for cyber-warfare and hacking
  • Then Russian news channels became “propaganda” channels
  • And now Russia is trying to destroy Western democracy via election interference
  • And all of this is fully publicized in the Establishment owned media in the West
  • All of this is fully supported by Establishment puppet politicians in the West

In reality, there is no Russia problem. In reality, Russia loves the West and it wants to be friends. All of the above is just a “mess” created by the Establishment to facilitate its own “termination strategy”. If all of the above does not happen then Russia will not turn against the West ... there would be no reason for friction. These are termination strategies.

Trump – Bad President
The same goes with Trump. Tell me one thing that Trump has done that has hurt a single American life. Trump loves his country, he loves his people and he wants to do what is right for America. What is wrong in any of that? If you look from the Public Realm and the Government Realm then you will not find anything wrong with that. But if you look from the Establishment’s Realm then you will find where the problem is.

The Establishment has created so many systems of exploitations in the West that several countries are drowning in debt ... people are on the streets protesting against Austerity measures ... the situation is out of control. The only way that the Establishment can get away with its malice in the West is by just terminating these countries via a war against Russia. And then Donald Trump happens ... he is one strong hell of a dude ... who will put commonsense first ... he will first look at what is good for his country ... and a war against Russia is never ever gonna happen under Trump. This patriotic Trump just became the biggest obstacle in the Establishment plan. This is why ...

  • It started off with his sex scandals
  • Then Russia collusion investigation
  • Investigate Trump Campaign
  • Investigate Trump Administration Members
  • Investigate Trump Top Team Members
  • Investigate Trump Family Members
  • Did they take money from Russia?
  • Who talked with Russia?
  • How many meetings?
  • How many calls?

What is the above? The above is not a problem ... it is a “mess” ... it is a mess created by the Establishment. Just like the War on Terror and demonization of Russia ... demonization of Trump is fully promoted in the Establishment owned media and supported by several Establishment puppet politicians.

North Korea – Provocations
Another interesting thing that has been happening is provocations of war from North Korea. This is not new. This has been happening since the Obama Administration. This nasty guy has been provoking Obama as well. Obama turned a deaf ear to his rants. And this guy’s provocations have only been escalating.

  • It started off with just threats
  • Then it moved on to missile tests
  • Then missile tests with nuclear warheads
  • Then ICBMs
  • Now, they are dropping missiles near Japan

This is another termination strategy. He is not crazy ... he is not insane. Look at it from the Establishment Realm ... look at their objective and see how they are facilitating it. If a war breaks out ... the Establishment will not waste time and they will spiral it in mind blowing ways. These guys are carrying out major terrorist events around the world ... if a war breaks out then it will only be an “opportunity” to throw a few bombs and missiles here and there to spiral the conflict.

And this whole massive World War will be eventually blamed on:

  • War on Terror – Radical Islam. A bunch of Muslims dudes went crazy ... they were blowing up bombs here and there. In order to stop them the wars went all the way till Russia.
  • Russia – Putin. Putin was against the West ... invading Ukraine and hacking the West.
  • Donald Trump. And then we got Donald Trump ... nobody liked him, nobody wanted him to be President.
  • North Korea. To add to all of this chaos ... the nut job in North Korea started the conflict. And it spiraled in many ways.

This is how the World War III is going to be justified ... these are the people they are going to blame ... while keeping themselves totally out of the loop. All of the above crisis is designed and created by the Establishment to facilitate the termination. But very nicely and very fantastically they are going to step aside and put the blame on all of you guys. This is their exit strategy.

Reverse the Tables with Active Democracy
We can just sit there and let these guys make the scenario worse and worse every single day ... or ... or we can do something about it. These guys will not stop because every single day the debt increases by $3.4 Billion for America alone. Every single day the debt increases by $3.4 Billion. The more the debt increases ... the more they panic, the more chaos they create. They cannot handle it. We need to step in and take over.

This is what needs to be done. This terrorism is not going to stop until the debt crisis continues and the Establishment monopoly reigns. We need to move the focus from:

  • Terrorism
  • Demonization of Trump
  • Demonization of Russia and
  • North Korea threats

All of the above are nothing but fear politics. Instead we need to move the attention to:

  • Banks – Debt Crisis. Expose all exploitation systems setup by the Establishment in all spheres of life in the West and around the world.
  • War on Monopoly. Actively work on eliminating Establishment monopoly in all spheres of life.
  • Media. Breakdown Establishment monopoly in the Media.
  • Corporations. Breakdown Establishment monopoly in Business.
  • Politics. Eliminate Establishment monopoly and influence in our politics.

We have to change from subjects of fear, hate and division start working on stuff that really matters to the people. And this cannot be done as long as we are taking the calls from the Establishment ... as long as they are still in control ... as long as Establishment Realm still exists. We need to break it down and focus on our people and our countries and make a beautiful fantastic world.

The more you get involved, the more messy it gets
If you see the Establishment strategies ... the more you get involved in their schemes then the more you waste money and time.

  • Terrorism has been nothing but a total waste of money and time with no results achieved. Trillions spent but what result has been achieved? Nothing ... the crisis is only worse.
  • Demonizing Putin and Russia. What are we gaining from this? How is Europe or America benefiting from this? Nothing ... it is a total waste of time and energy.

All of their schemes are designed only to leech resources from us ... or waste our time and money. But this can be reversed ... if you work with Active Democracy and focus on the real stuff with the right policies and bring about the right change. We can reverse the whole thing ... turn the tables against the Establishment and help you win.

Winning Partners
Trump will have 4 key winning partners in this:

  • President Putin. I will not say Russia ... but it is Putin who is important. Not every Russian politician is aware of Establishment malice and not every Russian politician will give you the fantastic support that Putin will give you. And if you see, Putin has been incredibly consistent in supporting you throughout ... right from the beginning of your campaign till date. He has not moved one inch back. He will be of incredible support in this work.
  • Gulf Countries. You will find the same attribute from Gulf countries. They will open heartedly help you and they will not move back. What you should know about Saudis is that ... “they are great friends and they are great traders”. We are giving them $300 Billion every year and if you want to them to toss $10-20 Billion every year in something that is important for you ... they will gladly do it. Its not that we need that much ... just $1-2 Billion should be enough for our work in America. But they have the capacity to give 10 times more than we need and they will do it gladly.
  • Silent Majority. This is a widespread Establishment network that will favor you. These guys form a huge section of the US population. They will favor you only if you work on our policies to benefit the people. If you sit there and do nothing like Obama then you will start losing support from SM. SM is the only thread that is keeping your Presidency intact. SM and Active Democracy are closely interconnected because both of us have the common goal of a great people and a great country. I am sure you have the same interest as well. SM is already looking for alternate options. Details later on that.
  • Active Democracy. The thing with Active Democracy is ... don’t try to own us. This is a major problem that comes from the West. Putin is not trying to own us ... Erdogan has not even thought about owning us ... but several ownership schemes come from the West. Why? Because that is how the Establishment functions. They will
    • First own the work
    • Then control the work
    • And run it for their benefit

This is what we have to make sure in every possible scenario.

  • We will not be sold
  • We will not be bought by anyone
  • We will not be directed by anyone
  • We will not be managed by anyone
  • We will not be controlled by anyone

How do you think our work has reached this stage ... where we have sent Jewish Bankers packed and running with their gold? Because we have resisted every attempt of ownership and control of our work. Our work is “intelligence” based that favors the people. Allowing politicians and corporations to control and direct our work is like ... God discussing with the Pharaoh of Egypt as to what to write in the Torah. It is like God discussing with the Kings and Priests of Rome as to what to write in the Bible.

Phases of the Work
We have two phases of the work.

  • Formulation. First is formulation ... where we formulate the complete system ... which includes the policies, rules, regulations, campaigns and everything. In this phase, we keep only people first and no other influence under consideration. This phase is 100% pure and 100% people oriented.
  • Implementation. Then comes the implementation. Here is where we cooperate with world leaders. As to which policies they would like to implement ... then we give them full-fledged support in the execution via rules, regulations, campaigns and get the work done based upon their capability and the country’s capacity. There is flexibility in this section.

In the first phase, we have absolutely no room for any outside influence. We don’t care if you are the King or the President. Barack Obama was not just one common guy ... he was the President of the United States. He tried and we rejected ... simply because it will not work ... nothing will be realized. And look at Obama’s terms that he gave to Trump for cooperation ... don’t repeal Obamacare, keep all of my decisions intact, keep all of my regulations in place ... the moment we involve politician in any managerial position this is what happens. It becomes more about them and less about the people.

What to do and what not to do?

  • Don’t try to own us. There will be temptations and misleading techniques from the Establishment that will direct you to own our work. Don’t fall for it. Our entire basis of work is “people power” ... bringing corporate ownership to the people ... breaking the Establishment monopoly. But the first thing if you do is “try to own us” ... then you can say goodbye to any expected change. The Establishment will sit there laughing ... “hehehe, he was trying to break us down but we own his work as well ... now, we will direct for our benefit.” You can’t let that happen.
  • Don’t get carried away with the investment. “Hey we are investing $1-3 Billion in this project ... we should get ownership.” This is a political campaign ... each US Presidential candidate raises about $1 Billion. The country does not become yours just because you donated to the campaign. Yes, the Politician will consider your requests because you supported him. Similarly, we will also consider your requests when we run the work in your country. If you like the objectives of the work then you are welcome to donate ... otherwise don’t approach us to own anything. And by the way, this asking for sponsorship has been the most embarrassing part of the entire project. We will be allocating a separate 10% of funds to setup high-end premier schools and colleges in a few cities. The revenue from these institutions will help us support our work for life. We never need to depend on a third person for our work ... not at least for the main core structure.
  • Don’t fear them, they fear us. President Trump ... don’t fear the Establishment ... they fear us. I told you about Hillary’s outing into the woods to discuss Establishment related topics ... that is one way to hide information from the Establishment. You need to hide when you fear something. This is what puppets do. Hillary is scared and she will never dare to speak against Israel or the Jewish Establishment ... which is why she hides in the woods. You don’t need to hide from the Establishment ... unless there is something illegal that you might be doing ... otherwise you have nothing to fear.
  • Talk on the phone. You don’t need to go all the way to Saudi Arabia to talk to the King. You can talk to them on the phone ... that is no problem at all. Because firstly, KSA is an American ally. They cannot demonize you for talking to the Saudis ... like they do for Russia. You just got half a trillion worth investments from them. Secondly, the last thing the Establishment will do is reveal any information related to Active Democracy. If they reveal your conversation about Active Democracy with the Saudis ... then we instantly hit the mainstream media. This is the last thing that they will want. Because the moment they bring Active Democracy in the mainstream media ... then the topics move into banker malice, Communism, exploitation systems ... and the road goes downhill from there onwards for them.
  • Don’t use the term “Jewish” Establishment. However ... just to keep you on the safe side ... at least for the initial stage ... don’t use the term “Jewish” or Jew or Judaism for anything. Neutralize your approach ... use neutral terms like ... Global Elite, the Establishment or the Corporations or even the Bankers. If Trump is standing up to the Establishment ... then Trump is seen as the hero. Right now, you are the billionaire who is creating racist policies against the people ... you are the biggest rich problem that the people see. But once you address “the Establishment” then you are addressing the biggest shark whales of the Sea. Here they see you as the hero. You remain the same billionaire but the perspective changes. And the Jewish Establishment media cannot demonize you for speaking about the “Establishment” because it will only backfire.
  • Criminals on the run. Keep this in mind. They are the criminals on the run ... they are the ones who are hiding. You have nothing to fear. As long as everything is legal ... even if you are standing up to the Establishment then you have nothing to fear. There is no law that says that ... you cannot speak against the Corporations or the Bankers or the Establishment. In fact, if you do, the people will love it.

Fantastic World
You have almost everything into place. You have Putin on your side. You have Gulf countries with you. Just make the right connections and move forward in the creation of a fantastic world. We can reverse all of this crappy bullshit stuff that is going on in America and Europe. We can change everything to something beautiful and fantastic.