28 May 2017
JewH243 Technology Realms - Establishment’s Technological Superiority

Okay ... this is what President Trump needs to know so that he understands the functioning of the Establishment. The Establishment is not just a bunch of Bankers and Corporations out there. It’s a little bit more complicated than that. I will try to make it simple so that you understand the basic realms that surround you. If you understand this ... then you will understand the leaks about your Administration as well as the ongoing terrorist activities.

The Three Realms

The illustration above shows the three basic realms that people are connected with. At the center ... we have the people.

Private Sector or the Public Realm
Here is where the people are connected with the private segment ... like telecommunication, electronics, food industry and so on. The information flow is from the people to ... for example ... a cell phone company. It knows how many calls you are making, it knows your name and contact information. The same information sharing applies to almost every service that you use on a day to day basis.

Government Sector or the Government Realm
The level of control and access is much greater in the government realm. In the Public Realm, we had information moving only in one direction ... from the people to the companies. But in the Government Realm:

  1. The information moves from the people to the government and
  2. Information also moves from the corporations to the government

For example, the NSA spies on your phone calls and emails. They do this even without you noticing that it is being done. The NSA is using its own set of technology tools to tap into servers and collect the information being transmitted. This is the Government Realm.

Establishment Realm
Now, apart from the above two ... there is also a third realm ... which is the Establishment Realm. The Government collects information from only two sources ... the people and the corporations. But these guys have the tool sets to tap into all three segments:

  1. They can directly collect information about the People
  2. They can directly collect information from Corporations
  3. And apart from that ... they can also collect information from the Government

They are able to tap in all three segments of the normal world ... which gives them an upper hand to all of the three. This is how the Establishment is able to rule over the People, Corporations and the Government itself.

How are they able to do this?
The Jewish Establishment has its own ideology and its own mindset and its own rules of how things should function. They have sets of books that teach them how to do this. As per their ideology, they should own everything, control everything and we the people should do only what benefits them. This is exactly what they facilitate everywhere.

  1. Federal Reserve. To accomplish this, the first thing that they did was took the money printing in their hands. This gave them an unlimited source of cash supply.
  2. Corporate Monopoly. Then they started buying out all of the major corporations ... which gave them all of the technology in their hands. The best research and development in almost every major field is in their hands ... giving them an upper edge to any tool that exists in the Public, Private or Government Realms.
  3. State of Israel. Creation of the State of Israel has given them the legal right and place to carry out these activities unchecked. They can setup any biotechnological research lab and sit there and create whatever disease they want ... it might be Ebola or Zika Virus ... we will have absolutely no clue what is going on out there.

Almost all of the tools, equipment, software, phones, computer, food and medicine ... that you are using in the Public, Corporate and Government Realms ... it is being supplied by the Establishment. They literally own your lives. You get what they provide. You use what they provide. Not only they can track what you do with each of those equipment ... it might be your cellphone or computer ... but they are the ones who are making these tools and technology available for you. They know exactly what you know and what you can do ... and they are easily able to maintain an edge over you.

Trump is worried about leaks
Whatever you might be doing ... in the Public Realm or Corporate or Government ... they are easily able to track you and maintain an edge over you. Now, Trump is worried about leaks ... his phone calls are being leaked, his private conversations are being leaked and he does not understand how it is happening. This is exactly the problem with Establishment monopoly in almost every field around you.

You might think that ... hey, I am President of the United States ... and I have the tools to sit and watch what Active Democracy guys are doing in their office from my White House. But what you don’t know is that ... the Establishment is sitting and watching what you are doing in almost every room of the White House from their monitoring centers.

What is this technology?
Forget about tracking one small police station ... they are able to track almost any government activity all across the United States at any level. Now, what is this technology and how are they able to do this? If I start writing on that ... then it will take another book. Just understand the Realms for now. Curtailing their technology expertise is a long shot ... it will take a lot of time.

Technology Realms and Terrorism
There are events happening recently ... the Technology Realms will help you understand Terrorism in a better way. This is what the Establishment is able to do in most Western countries:

  • Activate Mole – Provide Provisions. They are able to activate any mole in the West and give him the provisions to carry out the attack. They are able to do this via control in the public and corporate realms.
  • Bypass Security – Allow Event to Occur. And then they are able to allow the mole to bypass security and actually carry out the event. The Establishment is able to get this done via control over security and government agencies.
  • Event Fully Facilitated – At the Right Time & Place. The event gets carried out as per the Establishment interest at the right time and at the right place.
  • Use Media & Politicians – Promote for Self-Benefit. And then this event is given massive publicity in the Establishment owned media and politicians are used to initiate action that benefits the Establishment.

This is the sequence of events of how it falls into place. Take a look at the illustration below:

This is how the event propagates.

Type of Terror Events
There are mainly two types of terror events:

  • Culprit is caught alive. This is a very rare situation. Casualties are minimal in this ... mainly one or two digit. For example, Fort Hood Shooting or Santiago Airport Shooting. You will mainly find that it is carried out by a loner or a very tiny group. It requires little planning, technology and effort.
  • Only Signs left at Site. The culprits are never caught ... only signs are left at the crime scene. For example 911 and bombing operations. The guy shouts Allahu Akbar and blows the entire place. Saudi passports found at 911 scene. These are “signs” left to make you believe that it is “Islamic Terrorism” ... because that is supposed to be the main theme.

Just because the guy shouted Allahu Akbar ... it does not mean that he is a Muslim ... any idiot can shout Allahu Akbar. Just because you found Saudi passports at the crime scene, it does not mean that 911 was carried out by them. These are international criminal experts ... they will have 10 passports each with a different name and nationality. The fact that they are leaving these signs at the crime scene is only to misdirect your next moves and put the blame on someone else. Only an idiot will go with his real passport or identity on the crime scene.

ISIS claiming the attack is actually “the Establishment bragging about the attack”
ISIS claims the attack. Why? Because it provides the required “content” for the Establishment owned media to start hammering Islam and Muslims. If you actually understand what is ISIS then you will understand who is claiming it. ISIS is Israel ... the entire group is run and operated by Israel. Israel sends ambulances across the border to provide aid to them. Israel is curing thousands of ISIS terrorists.

If Israel is truly curing Muslims who are fighting in the war then why doesn’t it provide refuge to Muslims who are fleeing the war? Ambulance services are available but sorry no refuge. It does not make sense. ISIS claiming the attack is ... the Establishment openly telling you ... “hey, it is our guy who did it. And you morons, you have no freaking idea what is going on.” This is the Establishment openly bragging about the attack.

Maximum carnage carried out by unproven attacks
If you see all of the terrorist events that have occurred till date from 911 onwards. The maximum casualties are carried out by unproven attacks and groups. All of these attacks require:

  • High Technology. A high degree of technology and expertise.
  • Security Access. They should be able to bypass security at crucial points.
  • Intelligence. They should have the intel to dodge government and intelligence services.

It is only then that such an act can be carried out. If you see the culprits who are caught alive ... all of them had very limited resources. This terrorism is being carried out by a more advanced, well networked and an intelligent group with access to government intelligence. This is the only way that they can carry out large scale attacks in the West.

Islam and Muslims are the victims of Terrorism
They point the finger at Islam and Muslims for Terrorism but in real life if you see ... Islam and Muslims are the “victims” of terrorism:

  • Millions of Muslims Killed
  • Tens of Millions of Muslims Displaced
  • Several Muslim Countries Destroyed
  • Religion Demonized
  • Laws being created against Islamic Culture

Track Flow of Benefits
But if you track the flow of benefits of terrorism then you will find that the Establishment and Israel are the beneficiaries of this scheme.

  • Deviation from the Debt Crisis
  • Deviation from the Exploitation Systems setup in the West
  • Hundreds of Billions as Interest from the National Debt
  • More the debt, more the interest
  • 70% of Oil from War Torn Regions
  • Creating Separate States for Self-Benefit

How do you know it is the Establishment?
Take a look at this illustration again.


If you just sit there and believe whatever is being said in the media then you are falling for their trap. You need to look at actual proof and evidence. For example ... President Trump is watching on the news ... children killed, women killed ... ISIS claims the attack ... then as a politician and leader of the country then ... he would be pissed. But that would be limited perspective. Look from outside the box ... look at the benefit for the Establishment in the next steps ... then you can see the real objective of the event.

For example 911
More than 3000 people killed ... Bush started war with two countries. But if you look at our lovely Establishment in the whole scene ... then America was going to begin ... going in debt by $1 Trillion every year since Bush took office. This debt was created by none other than the exploitation systems setup by the Establishment within America. Bush never talks about the debt for 8 long years of his Presidency. Once he hands over the Office to Obama ... he says, you know what ... we have $10 Trillion in debt. War on Terror was a cover-up of the debt crisis created by the Establishment.

Salman Abedi and Coptic Christians in Egypt
For example, right now Salman Abedi carries out an attack ... and then Coptic Christians are killed in Egypt. Why now? Why is this happening now? The Establishment fears Gulf Countries ... just like they fear Russia ... because they cannot control Russia ... they have absolutely no control over Putin or Russia. So they are continuously demonizing Russian relations with Trump. This is the only way they can try to push Russia away from Western Affairs. In the same way, they fear Gulf Countries. They don’t want Trump to associate with Gulf Countries ... if Trump associates with Russia, Gulf and Active Democracy then it is doomsday for the Establishment.

But they cannot demonize Saudi Arabia directly like they are demonizing Russia ... because Saudi is a US ally ... it has always been a US ally since its creation. They cannot demonize Saudi Arabia. The only way they can turn the tables on Gulf countries is via “Islamic Terrorism” ... via Muslims attacking Christians. Thus the need of the recent terror attacks.

You can fully understand “terrorism” only if you understand the functioning and objectives of the Establishment Realm.

What to do? How to stop the leaks? How to stop terrorism?
It is not like ... you go out there and catch one bad guy and the job will be done. The problem is not so simple.

  • Your technology is limited
  • Your intelligence is limited
  • You don’t own the media
  • You don’t have political support
  • You don’t own your corporations

You cannot try to match Establishment tools and technology. That would be waste of time. But what you can definitely do is ... root out their control and influence. In order to eliminate Establishment influence over our people, corporations and government ... we need to break down their monopoly. We need to terminate their cash flow. We need to take back our money printing ... we need to take back our corporations and make our government work for us again. This is the only solution.