26 May 2017
JewH242 Gulf Kings show the World who is America’s “true friend”

America is in debt and crisis. President Trump is seeking help from around the world. Mexico says, we will not pay for the border wall! South Korea says, we will not pay for the missile defense system! Canada says, we will reciprocate on the import tax! And NATO countries are crying to pay for their defense. Trump calls Gulf countries and they say, it’s our honor. Here’s hundreds of billions in investments and if you want more, we will give you more. We love you and we will stand by you.

America is $20 Trillion in debt and every year they fear a government shutdown owing to lack of funds. Trump is trying to balance the budget and raise funds to reduce the debt. Here’s a breakup of the response from around the world.

  • Mexico. There is a security issue from the Southern border owing to drugs and crime. Building the wall controls the inflow of drugs and criminals. America gives hundreds of billions to Mexico every single year via oil purchase. America is the biggest oil consumer for Mexico. All Trump did was requested for only “$10 Billion” to build the wall. We are investing hundreds of billions every year ... and he requested for only $10 Billion. And how does Mexico respond? “We will not pay for that f*cking wall!” For two years, they have only humiliated America and made fun of you ... and declined to pay anything for the wall.
  • Canada. Another country where America has a huge trade deficit. We buy hundreds of billions of Canadian oil every year. All Trump did was ... he put a small tax on timber and some other products coming from Canada. The tax would be tiny fraction compared to hundreds of billions we are giving to them every year. And what does Canada say in response? “We will reciprocate ... we will also put taxes on your products!”
  • South Korea. America invests billions of dollars on securing South Korea from its Communist neighbors. Recently, owing to Kim Jong Un’s threats ... Trump deployed the THAAD missile defense system in South Korea. It costs just $1 Billion ... just $1 Billion. We are securing the country for decades investing billions every year ... now Trump asked them to pay just $1 Billion. What do they say? “Why should we cough up a billion dollars whenever America asks us to pay? We will not pay!” And look at America’s grace ... they still continue to support the country despite the nasty negative response. Because that is the right thing to do.
  • NATO Countries. America is investing hundreds of billions on NATO defense. 23 NATO countries do not pay their share of defense. America is tanking in debt ... requesting NATO to pay up ... but NATO countries are crying to pay their share.

This is the response that America got from its immediate neighbors, from Europe who are supposed to be their closest allies and from East Asia. But when President Donald Trump reaches out to the Gulf ... this is what he gets:

  • He gets an open hearted royal welcome
  • He is showered with immense love, respect and Arab hospitality
  • He gets $110 Billion in immediate sales
  • He gets $350 Billion over the next 10 years
  • He gets $20 Billion for American Infrastructure Development

Saudi Kings are open heartedly telling America that:

  • Hey, you called for help?
  • It is our honor. We will do everything possible for you.
  • Here’s hundreds of billions in sales and investments.
  • If you want more? We will gladly give you more.
  • We love you and we stand by you!

Welcome to the Arab world ladies and gentlemen ... welcome to Arab hospitality. Gulf Kings have truly shown the World who is America’s true friend.

Interestingly, the Establishment owned media in the West does not talk about:

  • The fantastic hospitality shown by Saudi Kings to the US Administration
  • The tens of thousands of jobs that their investment will support in America
  • The $20 Billion investment that Saudi is making directly into American Infrastructure
  • The eagerness and willingness of the Arab world to cooperate with America
  • How Trump and his family was treated like Royalty
  • How Ivanka Trump was a sensation in Saudi Arabia social media

Instead the only thing they talk about is:

  • Trump - Russia
  • The teeny tiny mistakes that Trump might have made on the tour
  • And the new Establishment planted terror attack

Congrats to Trump
Firstly, congrats to Donald Trump for making fantastic friends. These Gulf Kings will be your friends for life and they will help you in every possible way. You might have seen some differences there ... in their language, clothes, food and dance. These are “cultural differences” and it happens at almost every other place. For example, if you go to China, India or Africa ... then their traditional clothes, food, dance and language will be different. Similarly, the Arabs are a little bit different when it comes to their culture.

Islam and Christianity
But this is the common ground in Islam and Christianity ... in Islam they believe in all of the Prophets and the divine books ... starting from Adam all the way till Jesus. They believe in Noah, Moses, Abraham and all of their miracles. All of these Prophetic stories are mentioned in the Quran. And when it comes to Jesus ... Jesus is not just a Prophet in Islam ... he is one of the “greatest” Prophets in Islam.

Islam contains all of the positive characteristics of Christianity ... of love, respect, honor, friendship, progress, prosperity, support, help, people, unity and doing what is right. They might dress a little bit different and speak a different language ... but from within ... you have a huge common ground. Just like you ... they love their countries, they love their people and they love to do great things. Which is why ... if you reach out to them with something positive and constructive ... and they will respond with overwhelming support.

Palaces, Mosques, Churches and Holy Cities
Now, you have travelled to 3 main Abrahamic faiths in this tour ... Saudi Arabia, Israel and Vatican City ... what did you see? The common thing that you will see in Muslim and Christian cities is this:

  • Palaces. Both Muslim and Christian Kings have made heavy investments in setting up fantastic palaces.
  • Mosques and Churches. Muslim Kings have made heavy investments in setting up fantastic Mosques while Christian Kings have made heavy investments in setting up fantastic Churches. You will find beautiful Mosques all around the Middle East and you will find beautiful Churches across Europe and Russia.
  • Holy Cities. Another thing in common you will find is that ... both of us make heavy investments in building Holy Cities. You can see how fantastic Mecca and Medina has been built (in photos) ... and you can see how fantastic the Vatican City has been built.

Investment in Palaces in understood ... they are Kings and they make nice houses for themselves. But the investment in Mosques, Churches and Holy Cities show their love for God and Religion. It shows not only how much money they had ... but it also shows how much they loved God and how much invested in God and Religion.

State of Israel
Now, you have also been to the State of Israel. Did you see how the Synagogues and Holy Sites are maintained in Israel? You have been to Jerusalem, right ... how was it? It is exactly as they got it 70 years ago ... it is maintained in ruins. Why? Because the Government of Israel has absolutely no interest in Judaism or its Holy Sites whatsoever. They just use Judaism to claim their right on the Holy Land. If they were truly the Children of Moses and if they truly believed in Judaism as they should have ... then Jerusalem would have been one of the most fantastic cities in the World.

Its not that they don’t have the money ... the entire State of Israel is setup by the Bankers. And they get interests by the hundreds of billions every year. Where is the investment in God, Religion and Holy Sites? Nothing ... zero.

Identity Theft
Their investment in God, Religion and Holy Sites is zero ... because they are not who they say they are. Its an identity theft. These guys are actually witchcraft lovers living as Jews. This is what they invest in:

  • Immense expenditure in building the most advanced military in the world. If they had made the same investment in building Jerusalem then Jerusalem would have been a golden city by now. But they focus on military, military and security and security ... because Israel was created to secure the reserves of the Bankers. Them being the Children of Moses and having the divine right to the Holy Land ... is just a cover.
  • And then the second thing that they invest is in ... everything that is twisted ... scientology, Kabbalah, LGBTQ and Atheism. They claim their right to the Holy Land ... because it is their divine right ... and then nude parades and gay parades are openly conducted on the “Holy Land”. Imagine having a gay parade in the Vatican or Saudi. It is beyond imagination ... but this is what they are doing on the “Holy Land” ... because this is where they come from ... this is their culture and ideology. It is nothing but open disrespect and abuse of the Holy Land.
  • Zero Investment for the People. Their ideology is totally the opposite. In Islam and Christianity we are fighting for what is right for the people, investing in the people, making great cities, manufacturing, trade, industries ... this is the theme of our countries. But in Israel, it is totally the opposite ... they do nothing for the people.

Presidential Visits to Israel – Sympathy Tour
The way they design Presidential visits to Israel ... is essentially a form of a “sympathy tour”. It is more of a “please give us tour”.

  • Here are the Holy Sites ... we are Jews ... please give us support
  • Holocaust Museum ... please give us political support
  • Jews getting killed ... please give us military support
  • Hamas ... please give us free arms and ammo
  • Hezbollah ... please give us free fighter jets
  • We are your ally ... please give us more financial aid

It is an opposite mindset. It is all about leeching from you. The entire tour is designed to take more and extract more. Why? Because their ideology is like that ... this is how they are supposed to function. We are supposed to work for their benefit ... so everything that they do ... they design it for their benefit. When it comes to Israel ... it is all about give me, give me and give me. And when they come to your country:

  • They try to own all of your work
  • They own all of your major companies
  • They own the majority of your media
  • They own majority of your industries

We are not supposed to own anything ... and everything is supposed to work for their benefit. This is their mindset. As a result, all cash flow goes into the hands of a few and huge segments of the World ends up in debt and crisis.

It is a reverse realm ... an opposite mindset. Its all about extracting for self-benefit in one way or the other. They either leech on you like a parasite or come to you and own all of your work, media and companies. Either ways ... they work only on extracting your wealth and resources. As per them ... this is the greatest thing that they can and should do ... this is their brilliance. This is what their ideology trains them to do. This is their best accomplishment.

Judaism and Torah
I know your first visit was to the Holy Sites of the three major Abrahamic faiths. Yes, you have visited the Holy Sites. But the Israeli government is not the true representation of Judaism as the Torah teaches them to be. What’s going in there is nothing but “identity theft”. And stealing is totally allowed in their ideology.