24 May 2017
JewH241 The Establishment takes a big dump on Trump’s Victory Lap

President Donald Trump has taken a historic and a fantastic move to work with Gulf countries. He has got fantastic deals worth $480 Billion in sales and investments for the US. One meeting with Donald Trump and half a trillion worth investments for America. Now, that is a fantastic Presidential stroke that Donald Trump has pulled off. The Manchester attack is nothing but a big dump by the Establishment over Trump’s victory lap.

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Trump’s Victory Lap
Now, let us assume that this Manchester attack never happened. In this scenario what would happen?

  • Trump would come back to America and say
  • Hey, the Establishment media keeps ranting about Trump-Russia, Trump-Russia and Trump-Russia ... which is nothing but bullshit.
  • I have went out there and got fantastic deals with Gulf countries
  • I have got business worth half a trillion dollars in just one visit ... how freaking awesome is that.
  • I have got jobs for the American people, I have billions of investments for American infrastructure
  • Till date, Bush and Obama have only blown up tax payer money by supplying our arms and defense systems as if they were candy. Today, I have reversed this ... we are not blowing up our tax payer money ... we are not going in debt by providing arms and defense ... but today we are getting paid by the hundreds of billions that we truly deserve for our defense services.
  • This is how America should run ... this is how America should negotiate
  • And I have demonstrated that ... hell, yes we can ... yes we can lead in a positive way that actually benefits our country

The Nasty Manchester Attack by the Establishment
Now, look at the nasty attack planned by the Establishment.

  • Instead of Trump returning to a peaceful world that he left ... he is coming back in an environment of fear and terror.
  • Now, in such an environment is Trump going to brag about selling billions worth of arms and ammunition?
  • Is he going to praise King Salman’s hospitality when another guy named “Salman” just killed scores of our people?
  • The fact that they picked a guy named “Salman Abedi” to carry out the attack ... it clearly shows that the attack was preplanned much before in time.
  • The Establishment knew that Gulf Kings are great in hospitality and they would provide strong support for America.
  • They knew that Trump would be well received and a good relation with Trump automatically translates into worldwide publicity.
  • Trump’s great relations with Gulf Kings would change how the American people look at Islam and Muslims

The only way to cast a shadow on all of this and take a huge dump over Trump’s victory lap was to create a terrorist attack even before Trump reaches American shores.

  • Now, instead of Trump praising Arab hospitality and welcoming nature ... he will be standing there talking about how to deal with terrorism.
  • Instead of Arabs being praised and relations being normalized between Christians and Muslims ... the Establishment media is all about the “evil and cowardly” act of one sponsored element.
  • Instead of Trump praising his art of the deal ... he will be talking about something else.

Read more on the Manchester attacks here:

The Manchester attack was designed to kill Trump’s optimism about peace


Establishment Media Hypocrisy
We already told you guys before ... this is the Establishment priority:

  1. Demonize Trump and Russia
  2. Demonize Islam and Muslims

With Trump’s visit and sky rocketing deals with the Gulf ... they could not continue with only Trump-Russia agenda. It would openly show the hypocrisy of the media. If there was no attack and they kept on hammering Trump on Russia ... despite Trump bringing home half a trillion worth deals ... it would openly show the media hypocrisy. Demonizing Trump would only backfire. Which is why creating an event at this very moment in time was very important for the Establishment. It helped them cast a shadow over Trump’s deals with the Gulf and helped them continue the demonization of Trump, Russia and Islam.

Gift from Netanyahu
This attack happening while Trump is in Israel ... is nothing but a gift from Netanyahu. Netanyahu is like, “Ow yeah, you want to shine so quickly? We have hammered you continuously for several months and you want to get out of this via just one tour to the Gulf? You want to undo our hard work of several months via just one tour? You want to go to America and show what a great deal maker you are? All right buddy ... take this ... this is my gift for you and now handle this!”