14 May 2017
JewH240 Deviate, Invalidate and Mislead Establishment Strategy

Active Democracy has been immensely successful in reaching out to the White House, the Kremlin and the Silent Majority ... in exposing Establishment malice because we were able to look into their mischief and expose their strategy and techniques. Let us discuss some Establishment strategies to understand how they function.

Satan is their Guide
These guys come from a different realm and a different ideology. What is totally unacceptable and unimaginable for us ... that stuff is routine for them. These guys follow an opposite realm where lying, cheating, misleading and even killing non-Jews is okay and perfectly moral for them. Opposing God and doing the opposite is what drives their work ... this is what makes them more powerful and rich ... as per their thinking pattern. In this scenario ... where they have to oppose God ... who becomes their friend and savior? Satan. Technically, Satan is their official guide to richness and power.

They don’t care about the means or methods used ... their target is “money and power” ... irrespective of the means used. Which is why they have legalized and made moral every illegal activity that is possible. If we ... Christians and non-Jews ... in our moral world ... if we have to do something that is right ... then we look into divine guidance, we look into what is legal, we look into what benefits the people and we look into progress and prosperity. But these guys follow an opposite realm. How they think is ... what would Satan do, how would Satan operate, how would he mislead the people, how would he strategize, how would he benefit himself and after that ... how to protect yourself.

Security is utmost important
Which is why these guys place utmost importance to “security”. Security of Israel, security of the Jewish people, security of China ... why do you think Israel and China heavily invest and immensely focus on their military and security? Because both of these countries are developed based upon malice. On one hand Israel is based upon the loot of several countries via the Federal Reserve System ... until now that is ... and on the other hand China is developed based upon pulling all Western industries on their soil. The Establishment themselves know that it is malice, it is stealing, it is looting ... which is openly done ... which is why they place utmost importance to their security ... just in case these non-Jews who have been fooled and tricked ... they will realize what has happened and they might turn against the Jewish Establishment. These guys themselves fear the malice that they have done around the world.

Establishment’s Mental Voodoo
Now, since their guide “Satan” has driven immense riches to them ... made them the world trillionaires, got all of the money printing in their hands, got all of the worlds industries on their soil and they own the money, the technology and the jobs ... following Satan has become a fantastic successful formula for them. That is why they sit there and use “mental voodoo” to fool the Christian leaders and people ... and run their own agenda for self-benefit. These Christian leaders have no freaking idea of the core principle behind the agenda ... they have no idea that they are being lied to and being openly fooled ... because of our lovely Establishment is hiding under several skins.

Deviate, Invalidate and Mislead
Some examples will help in understanding their “mental voodoo and misleading techniques”. One of their technique is “deviate and invalidate”.

  • Statement. If someone comes up with an actual fact that shows the malice or disasters carried out by the Establishment then they try to invalidate that fact by creating a deviation towards something else. For example, Julian Assange revealed documented proof of 100,000 civilians being killed in Iraq.
  • Deviate & Invalidate. There was absolutely no way that they could oppose the “fact” shown via documented proof by Assange. So what did they do? They created a deviation saying ... “Assange had sex without using condoms! Assange should be investigated!” What was this? This was an attempt to invalidate what Assange revealed and to suppress any further action that would be otherwise required upon this revelation. If this action against Assange was not taken ... if these sexual allegations were not levied upon him ... he would be a free man and the hammer would be on their head.
  • Mislead and Continue Malice. So instead of them being under the hammer ... they put the hammer on Assange’s head. Instead of them being investigated and instead of them being scrutinized ... they are investigating and scrutinizing Assange. Using this technique there were able to suppress Assange and continue their malice. No action was taken on Assange’s revelations and no remedial measures were taken to address the issue. Instead, 2 more countries were destroyed, 1 more million people were killed and 10 million people were displaced.

Assange thinks that he attacked Hillary Clinton by his revelations. He does not know that he pulled off a strike against a bigger entity ... and that entity is called the Jewish Establishment. You stepped on their interests and plans.

Donald Trump – Deviate & Invalidate
The Establishment pulled off the same strategy on Donald Trump.

  • Statement. Donald Trump was 100% right on jobs being shipped off to China and America having a negative trade balance with almost every country in the world. But then again this system is created by the very same Jewish Establishment.
  • Deviate and Invalidate. So what did the Establishment do in response? “Trump likes to grab pussies!” The Establishment could not oppose Trump’s factual statements about America’s terrible economic situation. So they pulled off a deviation to completely something else in order to invalidate Trump.
  • Mislead and Continue Malice. They thought that they had completely destroyed Trump ... they would get Hillary in power ... and their exploitation systems will continue. But here is where the Silent Majority gave a surprise to the Establishment. The Silent Majority pulls off the vote in Trump’s favor.

Look at their thinking pattern and the moves that they play. It is all “mental voodoo” and misleading techniques designed to invalidate ground level facts. They try to create scenarios to eliminate opposition.

Active Democracy - Deviate and Invalidate
Why do you think that they play the racism card when Active Democracy is concerned? “This is a racist propaganda and this is Anti-Semitism”. This is again a “deviate and invalidate” strategy to eliminate actual ground level action against their malice. Till date they have come up with numerous techniques of stalling and suppressing our works ... and it is all based on mental voodoo. Here are some examples.

Election Interference
They think that they can stop our work under the propaganda of election interference. But we don’t operate that way at all. Our work is something like Amnesty International ... it operates all over the world for human rights. You can’t kick out Amnesty International from your country on the pretext of political interference ... because “human rights” is much more basic than politics. You can’t go around abusing people, leech their resources and maintain them in debt and crime. You can’t justify that by saying don’t interfere in our politics.

But unlike Amnesty we don’t work on individual people being abused ... we work on systems of abuse ... “exploitation systems” ... that is our specialty. We focus on eliminating exploitation systems that abuse the masses or the entire country. You can’t run massive exploitation systems ... abuse people by the masses ... and then say don’t interfere in politics. But that’s the best our lovely Establishment could come up with in order to invalidate our work.

Work from America
Almost every system in America is massively rigged. There is huge Establishment monopoly and control in America. So another proposition that they come up with is ... “please come to America and work from America”. They try to promote and market this. Because the moment we enter America ... they can unleash several parameters against us to stop our work. See how they design and promote stuff that cater to their interests and goals.

Work in the White House or the Obama Foundation
We connected with the Obama Administration to address these issues. They stall Obama on taking any kind of action that would be successful in eliminating their malice. Instead, they try to encourage “over participation” by Obama. “Let them work from the White House ... you will shine. Make it a part of the Obama Foundation ... you will get to own the work”. Both of these attempts will pull the work on American soil which would only stall and stop the work. The US President himself cannot take any successful measure to change these systems ... that’s how the entire network is designed. So, one guy working from the White House or the Obama Foundation ... is not going to change anything.

System beats system ... like a diamond cuts a diamond ... we need to design a system to beat a system. What these guys have facilitated via their monopoly in politics, media and corporations is a “system” that works in their favor. So doesn’t matter who you are ... you might be even the President of the United States ... as one person you stand no chance against a “system” that contains you. You will end up being a fish trying to fight against the water. If Obama had any idea of how these guys function then he would not even come up with those ideas. But this is how the Establishment misleads and gets things done in their favor.

This has not yet happened ... but just telling you this in advance so that ... just in case they try to pull of this misleading technique then you will be prepared for it. We need technology support from Russia. Our sites are planned to be hosted on Russian servers ... as the Establishment can easily pressurize other hosting companies located in the West to refuse service for our work. Which is why ... we prefer to host in Russia. But the Establishment elements can mislead you saying “why only tech support ... let us do the work via Russian TV ... we will give the full-fledged news channel”. This is over participation that benefits the Establishment ... they can easily invalidate our work saying ... “why should America take its policies from Russian TV ... since when does Russia dictate American policies?”

This is what these guys do ... they will stall immediate real moves required ... and they will promote actions that they can easily shoot down in the next steps. These are all misleading techniques.

GCC Countries
We are requesting Trump to collaborate with GCC countries in channelizing funds. They can again mislead the GCC country to try to host the project on their soil. We have chosen “Moscow, Istanbul, Belgrade and Malaysia” to be the bases for the project. Why? Because all of these countries are democratic countries and they are from the right ideology to support the work. GCC countries are fantastic ... no doubt about that ... but they are Kingdoms. Our project is heavily oriented on democratic principles that empower people. We would like you guys to remain Kings and not have protests in your countries owing to work being based there. This is again over participation and a misleading technique used by Establishment elements to derail the work.

This project cannot be based in any Kingdom because the very fabric of the work is democracy and people power. We would not want your own people to question your authority. Establishment elements can actually place such protests in your countries only to stop our work. If they place the protests in Democratic countries ... it can very easily be handled ... it can get complicated in Kingdoms. We will work with your countries at a later phase once the entire system is developed. We will channelize the work through your authority ... so that you get the credit for the work and instead of protests ... your people will love you.

Play your roles
So the simple advice for everyone involved would be to ... play your roles. Don’t try to over participate and get misled by the Establishment. They have wasted 8 years under Obama in the same manner. The Establishment’s list of misleading techniques is numerous and endless. Which is why ... we need to use “intelligent action” and make sure to do what benefits the people at the ground level.