12 May 2017
JewH239 Saving Trump from Quicksand

So Donald ... America is giving you a tough time? Lol. Welcome to the games. It’s a little bit complicated. Sometimes you get confused ... as to what the hell is the Establishment doing ... and what is going on around you ... why don’t things work in a normal way? You don't even know that you are stuck in quicksand.

Your situation is like a guy stuck in quicksand. You can’t get out and while you are in, the troubles keep coming. You can’t quit the Presidency and while you are in, the troubles keep coming. First understand what is going on ... so that you have at least a little idea of the system.

The Jewish Establishment - Frontend
They don’t want you in power. And as per their plans, the West should have already been destroyed via Russia during the Obama Administration itself. And you, my dear friend, you are the biggest obstacle from that happening ... which is why they don’t want you in power. They can’t boot you from power because we have withheld those attempts and procedures. But since the Establishment has the ownership of the media, corporations and other politicians ... they can run a non-stop massive demonization campaign against you continuously. Which is exactly what they are doing right now.

All of these demonization and criticism that you see in the media ... these “frontend” moves are run by the Establishment. They are the ones who plan and execute this strategy. The Silent Majority has little control over this process. We cannot stop the media from demonizing you ... because it is a corporate system ... the employees have to follow the company rules and follow the directions of their managers and directors. At this moment, we cannot expect the Silent Majority to turn against their own employers. Because right now, you cannot give them a reason for that ... and secondly, you cannot provide an alternate option for them.

The Silent Majority or the Matrix – Backend
We told you that the Silent Majority is nothing but the Establishment itself. We form the body of the Establishment. There are certain things that we can do what the Establishment simply cannot stop us from ... like ...

  • Voting. The Establishment might own the companies but they cannot control who we vote for ... and they cannot control every voting machine or electoral votes. We have sweeping control over this ... which is how you are President today.
  • Eliminating Impeachment Efforts. Impeachment efforts have to move through several legal, intelligence and political channels. It cannot be done solely via corporate dictatorship. We can again hold off on any kind of impeachment efforts. You can be sure to remain in the White House ... doesn’t matter what crappy move that the Establishment might try to make using the media or a few control points that they have.
  • International Affairs. The Matrix extends over several countries. There are several countries out there where the Establishment influence is very limited. We can provide you with a strong international political backing. For example, support from Putin. Putin’s support for you has been unshakable since your candidacy ... and he will continue to remain a very very strong ally.
  • Techniques and Technology. The Establishment sustains its dominance over the country via its specialized techniques and technology. It is able to track every government, military and intelligence activity ... which is how it is able to control decision making and dodge any opposition. But since the Matrix is setup by the Establishment itself ... we have access to all of their techniques and technology ... and we know what these guys are up to. So, we have a technical advantage over them.

Frontend and Backend Combination
Sounds more like a sex scene ... but if you see the end result of this frontend and backend combination ... the Silent Majority is able to eliminate any “existential threat”. Placing you as the President eliminated Hillary Clinton who would have flipped against Russia on day one. Eliminating any impeachment efforts ... maintains you as President ... losing you as President becomes an existential threat. But while we contain you and protect you ... the Establishment has a sweeping control over Frontend operations ... they are easily able to run a non-stop demonization campaign ... they are easily able to maintain you under the hammer.

The situation in the West ... especially in America ... is not about whether you are a good President or not ... it is not about whether you are a good leader or not. There are bigger forces into play that decide whether to show you as good or show you as bad. Which is why I said ... welcome to the games. It is not a simple straightforward streak. And you can see what the Establishment has decided to show you as ... are they showing you as good, Donald? While we are saving you and protecting you from getting impeached ... you are getting continuously hammered by the Establishment. It is like a guy stuck in quicksand ... you can’t get out and while you are in, its trouble.

Take support from Powerful Global Forces
Why do you think that we work for America from abroad? Because we know how this entire system is designed ... the moment you speak against the Jewish Establishment ... the entire system pulls you in like quicksand ... everything around you turns against you and you are eliminated in no time. This is what happens in America and this is how they sustain their monopoly.

But if you are stuck in quicksand then how would you pull yourself out? Expecting support from the domestic level is like expecting the sand that is pulling you in to help you. The only way to get out of that quicksand is to ... hold on something real strong and real powerful from the outside ... and pull yourself out of that situation using their help. You have to hold on to something stronger and more powerful.

Till date, we were able to activate the Matrix and show them how this system abuses their own people. We were able to activate elements and make them realize malice within their systems. So, effectively at a domestic level ... we can only save your Presidency ... we can only stop you from going down in the quicksand. You will be alive and you will be President ... no one will impeach you ... that can be guaranteed. Because of the Establishment monopoly and the current laws ... that’s the best the Matrix can do for you.

Now, this sand can turn in your favor ... instead of going down, you can rise ... instead of being demonized and ridiculed ... you can be loved and adored. But for that to happen you have to ... you “have to” ... collaborate with Global Powerful elements along with Active Democracy. There is no other choice.

  • Do you see any other politician or person or company around you that gives you the information that we give you?
  • Do you see anyone ready to save you and fix your entire system?
  • Do you see anyone ready with a plan to eliminate the debt?
  • Do you see anyone addressing the debt based systems?
  • Do you see anyone addressing the Trillions of loans in education and real estate?
  • Do you see anyone ready to reduce the cost of living in the West?
  • Do you see anyone ready to give you fantastic high quality competitive products?
  • Do you see anyone who can show you the functioning of the Establishment and the Matrix?

I can go on and on with the list. There is absolutely no one around you that can help you do this. Do you see anyone who is ready to accomplish this with a plan? We know how to do this because we know how these guys function and we know how to change the systems.

Saving the Silent Majority
Why do you think that we are working on changing laws and eliminating Establishment monopoly? Because these are the two things that these guys are using to run their malice:

  • Monopoly in Ownership - Corporations
  • Laws and Policies - Government

In the current system, they have both of the things on their side ... corporations as well as the government. But if we use laws to change the corporations ... then they lose both control points. Once you start working on eliminating Establishment ownership using the government ... then you free the Silent Majority. Today they contain the majority of the Christian population ... mainly because the Jewish Establishment owns the companies and they run the government. Once you launch a campaign to eliminate both of these control points ... then the Silent Majority becomes a massive force in your favor. The Silent Majority does not need to be “silent” anymore. They can speak and they can fight with absolutely no fear of any adverse consequences.

Stalling Techniques
This is what the Establishment fears will happen. The moment Active Democracy launches its campaigns then all of these games are over. So, they run a two layered operation. On one side, they will try to make sure that you don’t get in touch with us and that you don’t work with us. They will try to successfully stall our work under various stupid pretexts. And once they do that ... they will take fistful of sand and throw it on your face. On one side they will stall you and then on the other side ... they will demonize and hammer you. It’s a two layered operation.

Russia and GCC
That’s why we are telling you ... doesn’t matter what the damn media says ... you are safe and secure. You are protected ... you will not be impeached ... doesn’t matter what prank the Establishment will try to pull off at the domestic level. We have you covered. Associate with Russia, GCC and Active Democracy ... we will save your country. It is not only you who needs to be saved here ... the Silent Majority is nothing but your own people and your own country. Their very name “Silent” Majority screams for help. They are silent because they don’t have an option. This project is not just about saving the Trump Presidency ... you are just one of the beneficiary of the project ... the people and the country needs this.

Don’t flip or buckle
And yeah ... we show what the Establishment wants ... we show what Obama did ... it does not mean that we are asking you to do the same. We are just showing you the malicious moves. We will never ever support the malicious ideology of the Establishment. Don’t ever think that we want you to buckle or follow the Establishment.

Russia and GCC will gladly cooperate. In Russia, you don’t need a pressure point. Putin is a fantastic guy ... he will give you cent percent support. There is no Establishment influence in Russian politics. However, you would need to look a little bit closer in GCC countries. Its not about political influence ... but sometimes the Matrix can be used by the Establishment to control decision making. Try to pull strings to make sure that things are done.

Tip for Putin
You must be enjoying seeing the pathetic state of the West. Lol. Well, this is how it is my friend ... this is how it is. And because of this overwhelming Establishment influence in the West and especially in America ... it is going to be a long learning curve for them. It is going to take years for them to first learn, understand and then overcome media & political monopoly to establish a new system. It’s a lengthy project for the West.

Your support is critical and as an end result of this project ... malicious Establishment influence will be eliminated ... which will result in long lasting good relations with the West for you ... which will eliminate all sanctions and business relations will resume. But the better thing than that is ... while the West struggles to get out of the grip of Establishment ... you can make sweeping changes in your country. The fantastic reforms will pull dozens of countries within your fold. You don’t even need to wait for the removal of the sanctions ... automatically countries will turn to Russia and join you in your greatness.

This will be one of the fantastic advantages that you will have over the West. You have already fought off the Jewish Establishment malice. Now, you can simply start towards a fresh new rise to greatness with no obstructions at all.