07 May 2017
JewH238 Process Control Stalling and Misleading the Obama Administration

The Obama Administration is a wonderful platform to understand how the Establishment works ... to understand how the Establishment stalls and misleads the US Administration. They mostly use “mental voodoo” to mislead the Administration and interestingly they use both styles of mental voodoo ... negative and positive. Let’s take a look.

Establishment’s Misleading Moves – Negative Style Mental Voodoo
What Active Democracy did was ... interacted with the Obama Administration showing them where the main problem was ... showing them how the “Jewish” Establishment is tanking America in debt and destroying countries in the process. The US Administration is massively rigged and the Establishment has control points at various levels. To counteract the information provided by Active Democracy ... they misled the Obama Administration with negative assumptions like:

  • This is Racism
  • This is Anti-Semitism
  • Don’t listen to a Muslim against Jews
  • Muslims don’t like Israel and bla bla bla

What they tried to do basically was ... use mental voodoo to push away the Obama Administration from the core problem. They tried to play the religion card. We said ... okay fine ... and we actually proved how the banks, the media, the corporations and the majority of the Congress is owned and controlled by the “Jewish” Establishment. Muslims don’t own your banks or corporations or the media ... the Jewish Establishment does. And they are the ones who are pushing the country towards a terrible negative direction.

Apart from that ... we also showed how the Common Jews themselves are being used by the Jewish Establishment in their agenda. The Establishment is fooling their own people and citizens for self-benefit. They have created World Wars and got killed hundreds of thousands of Common Jews and got millions of Jews expelled from Europe only to create and populate Israel. Now, they are creating another World War which will again lead to the expulsion of millions of Jews from Europe and America.

We used logic and facts to eliminate their negative mental voodoo and help the Obama Administration see through the core issue coming towards the West. The Establishment lost the argument by using race based negative mental voodoo that has no connection to the actual ground level problem.

Positive Style Mental Voodoo
Since they lost all attempts to stop the work ... they jumped in with a “positive style” mental voodoo. This time the agenda was not to stop the work but it was to “own and control” the work. Once they own the work ... then they control the decision making ... they control what moves are made ... they control what policies are introduced ... they control how the work falls into place. And since they own the whole damn thing ... they make sure that minimalistic efforts are made ... just to show on the frontend that some efforts are being made ... while in reality they are just stagnating the actual work and controlling the work for self-benefit.

This is the positive style mental voodoo that they came up with:

  • We got it! We will handle it!
  • The Israeli Government is the culprit.
  • The Bankers are the assholes.
  • Active Democracy is a tiny company.
  • We are powerful. We will take care of it.

If you see the lines above ... they seem to be in total agreement of what we showed ... they are on the same positive page. But they outsmarted Obama ... took over the work and pushed Obama towards very weak, frail and minimalistic efforts that wouldn’t change anything at all. These are their positive moves during the Obama Administration:

  • Promote the BDS Movement. “Okay so, Israel is the culprit ... so let’s boycott Israel.” Please tell me, what was the impact of the BDS movement? Did we change who owns the corporations in America? Did we change who owns the media? Did we change any policy in America? Nothing ... they took over the task and made minimalistic efforts into a direction that wouldn’t change anything much.
  • Audit the Federal Reserve. Since Obama realized that the Bankers were the assholes, he tried to “audit” the Federal Reserve. Firstly, you don’t try to “audit” the Federal Reserve, you “nationalize” the Federal Reserve. You need to totally eliminate Establishment access to the Nation’s money printing and you bring it under the President’s control. Secondly, to bring about any change in the Federal Reserve you don’t go silently to the Congress and try to do it. First you give massive publicity among the people to the issue and then you try to change the laws. The Establishment knew that this attempt to audit the Federal Reserve could easily be shot down ... that’s why they misled Obama to do this.
  • Some warnings from the UN against Israel. “Active Democracy is a tiny company and we are powerful with a lot of contacts in the United Nations ... let’s take actions against Israel via the UN.” There are like dozens and dozens of UN sanctions and warnings against Israel ... and Israel doesn’t give a damn about the UN. The UN is just a bobble head for Israel ... and Israel does not care how the UN moves its head. It has minimal impact on Israel’s activities. This was again another technique used by the Establishment to take over the work for just “namesake” and waste time in minimalistic action.

Take over the Process – Control Decision Making
What did the Establishment do above? They took over the process ... using positive mental voodoo like ... “we want to do this, we know how to do this, we are powerful, we will take action against the culprits, Active Democracy is totally right and we will make sure to do something”. Once they took over the process ... they controlled all decision making ... the only thing that they facilitated was stagnation, incompetence and minimalistic efforts that changed nothing.

Self-Benefiting Real Time Actions

  • Information Extraction. All of these policies and actions that the Establishment takes ... it is based upon their ideology ... of using Christians and non-Jews for their benefit. They are very keen on what Active Democracy publishes. They don’t have any ideas of their own ... they are very keen in extracting information from the Goyim. Once they collect the information ... they carry out the work using their sources. From their perspective ... Active Democracy is working and providing them the info ... which they are supposed to use and benefit from. But we wrote a book that takes down this very ideology. They were shocked at the info that was being published.
  • Stalled Political Contacts. One thing that they did was ... they stalled any direct connection with politicians or governments. They stalled us on the pretext of being a small company, racism and bla bla bla. They made sure that we did not directly connect with any key politician ... because the moment we do ... our work reaches to a totally different level. This is the real time measure that the Establishment elements pulled off using the Matrix. This was done for their benefit to stall any opposing element.
  • Countries rattled to stop the work. These guys were so insecure and scared of our work that ... while they stalled political contacts ... they rattled several countries to stop our work. If we are a tiny company that don’t matter much then why rattle entire countries to stop our work? Read here how several countries were rattled only to stop our work: http://active-democracy.com/news/the-lovely-jewish-history/1296-jewh208-countries-rattled-stop-active-democracy.html
  • Demonize Russia. They took over the work based upon positive lies but made absolutely no change at the ground level. Instead, they started strategies at a global level in order to stop the next steps in the project. They made Obama just sit there and read ... extracted all of the information about the strategy ... they think that they have all of the information ... lol ... and yes, Russia is going to be a key player in the project ... Western cooperation with Russia will be critical in this project. So what did they do ... they started massive demonization of Russia. They stalled every positive constructive step that will move the project forward and facilitated only negative steps.
  • Fake News. Do you know why the concept of Fake News is popularized so much in the West now? Because when we will show that the Jewish Establishment is responsible for Communism and the deaths of tens of thousands of Priests in the East and execution of millions of Christians ... then they want to cry “fake news”. They think that they can stop our work using a silly concept of “fake news”. This is the best idea that our lovely Establishment could come up with.

No Real Change at the Ground Level
As a result of the Establishment’s mental voodoo techniques ... and controlling of decision making via process control ... it has been 8 years of The Obama Administration and nothing was accomplished.

  • No change in Media Ownership
  • No change in Corporate Ownership
  • Continuous increase in National Debt
  • Continuous increase in Student and Mortgage Loans
  • No Industries brought back to America
  • No change in Cost of Living
  • All Exploitation Systems continue to run Untouched
  • Only Stagnation was Facilitated
  • Only Aggression against Russia was facilitated

Establishment Strategy – Control Process for Self-Benefit
If you want to get anything done successfully for the people in the West then you must outsmart the Establishment. You have to predict all of Establishment’s moves and then make stronger moves that the Establishment is simply not able to control. That’s how you get things done.

Let me give you some examples. We spent trillions in the war in Iraq and guess who got the oil? Yeah, China got the oil. Why China? China is a Communist country being built by the Establishment to protect its industries and reserves. Almost all of Europe’s industries have been shipped off to China ... and it is the Jewish Establishment that owns all of these major industries. The stronger China is ... more protected is the Establishment’s money making machines. Consolidating Communism in China ... protecting and promoting China serves Establishment’s interests.

We gave a simple task to Obama ... to contact GCC countries so that we can start the project. This task is in the peaceful zone. But the Establishment is so aggressive and well connected that they are “controlling war zones” for self-benefit. In scenarios of “war”, they are taking care of self-benefit ... in such aggressive, drastic and disastrous scenarios of war ... they are able to direct decision making in their favor. Just making a call to GCC countries doesn’t do the job ... some kind of deal to make sure it happens has to be in place.

Another example of controlling wars for self-benefit ... “protecting Kurdish territories” in the war zones. Why are Kurds the allies of America all of a sudden from out of nowhere? Kurds never had a territory of their own. Why are they being given territory and why are they American allies? It is not that Kurds are allies of America ... but Kurdish territories serve the interests of Israel. They are using these wars to break down the current countries into smaller territories and facilitate new states that will serve Israel’s interests. And American troops and resources are being used to tear the region apart and serve Israel’s interests.

Single Handed Accomplishments of Active Democracy till date
We know most of Establishment’s misleading and disastrous policies. The Establishment says that ... “it is a tiny company ... why work with Active Democracy?” It is just mental voodoo to stall the work. Here are some of our accomplishments that we have carried out single handedly along with the Silent Majority.

  • Silent Majority or the Matrix. This is a widespread Establishment network being run in several countries under different skins. It is the interconnection of almost all major elements of life ... from media and corporations to politics, military and intelligence. Single handedly we have a widespread influence in the Matrix.
  • White House and Kremlin. Using the Matrix we were easily be able to connect with the White House and the Kremlin ... and alert them of the disastrous moves ahead.
  • Saving Syria and Iran. By connecting with Putin were able to save Syria and Iran ... and stop these wars that were nothing but genocide in other countries. We did this single handedly by connecting with Putin and explaining him:
    • How these wars are designed ... who the main culprit is in these wars.
    • And of how these wars will enter Russian territory. We were able to activate the Kremlin and save two countries from mass genocide.
  • Diverted a World War. We connected with the Obama Administration and showed him how an attack on Iran will create a war with Russia ... and how that war will result in a World War. Obama realizes this and consolidates the Iran Nuclear Deal in order to stop this war. This is something we accomplished single handedly.
  • Establishment Malice Worldwide. Single handedly we were able to look through malicious systems and expose Establishment malice worldwide.
  • Bankers packed up and ran. Yeah, we are a tiny company but our work scares the shit out of the Establishment. Because of our work till date, the Bankers have packed up their gold in Israel and ran to South China Sea. The bankers are on the run because of our work.

Verifiable Ground Level Realistic Moves
This is exactly what we need ... we need verifiable ground level realistic moves ... not just stupid mental voodoo. In fact, Putin was 10 times faster than Obama in everything that we said. We say something today and by tomorrow the Kremlin is taking counteraction. The Matrix exists in Russia as well ... there is some level of Establishment network in Russia ... but when it comes to Putin ... nothing stands in between. Which is why if you see all of the moves that Putin took ... they were quick, verifiable and ground level realistic moves. The West is a different scenario where the Establishment is a major obstructing medium. So, Trump needs to work on techniques and policies where the Establishment has no control. And he needs to place subtle pressure points to make sure things are done. Realistic change requires realistic action.

Not Trying to Show Off here
Heh ... we are not trying to show off here but this is exactly what the Establishment fears:

  • Ow my God, these guys did so much single handedly!
  • If they get direct political contacts then we are doomed!
  • If they get finance for this project then our only option is “pack up and run”.
  • If Trump, Putin and GCC combine then they will be unstoppable!

So what we need to do is dodge their mental voodoo techniques and make realistic moves.