05 May 2017
JewH237 Focus on the Immediate Steps and Team

Don’t worry about teaming up with Democrats for now. Trying to team up with them right now is like ... trying to have lunch and dinner at the same time. It will just make things messy and complicated. It’s a long term project with a lot of variables involved ... we will try to make it simple and easy for you. For now, just focus on the immediate steps and team.

It’s going to be a long journey ahead ... and trust me ... it’s going to be one fantastic and fabulous journey ... and you will enjoy every bit of it. I know there is a lot of negativity and suppression in the air. It is because this is how the current system is designed and this is what it facilitates. The moment you start making changes ... realistic changes in this system ... then you will find a beautiful shining light ahead ... everything is going to be very easy and very positive.

This project is not just for America ... it is going to change hundreds of countries around the world. And you my dear friend ... President Donald J Trump ... you will be the key leader who will bring about these changes in the World along with President Putin. Now, you have some rough idea of the work and strategy ... its time to realize and initiate the work. A two term Presidency means ... 8 years ... which is about 2920 days. So don’t look at the ladder of 3000 steps ahead ... its easy to climb the ladder ... just look at the next step ahead ... and take the first step ... and then the next and then the next ... and in no time you will be at the top of the ladder.

The Current Team
Let’s take a look at our current team and some team equations ... and team roles ... so that we know what we are doing ... and what our important roles are.

Active Democracy and the Silent Majority
We will give you stunning mind blowing policies ... not only we will give you the policies ... but we will also work with you in making it happen. We will give you victory on a platter ... all we need you to do is step forward and take it. We will give you a golden crown on a platter ... all we need you to do is step forward ... take it and be King ... be a King that keeps “People First”.

You might think that ... “hey I am alone in this and the Establishment owns the majority of the media, corporations and politicians ... how will I do this on my own?” Firstly, you are not alone ... you have the Silent Majority with you. The Silent Majority is nothing but the Establishment ... it is the hands, legs and the entire body of the Establishment. You see some frontend moves which are negative ... it happens only because of the “malicious owners” of the Establishment. In this entire game, their scenario is pretty much like a Military Commander whose Army is pissed off at him. Tell me, what good is the Military Commander if his own Army is pissed off at him and won’t listen to him? This is exactly what we will facilitate. Right now, they listen to him only because there is no other leader in the scene and there is no other option for them. This very own Establishment that is viciously against you ... it will reverse the game against its owners.

We have already facilitated this movement from within to a great extent. The Silent Majority is just waiting for the right policies to be initiated so that they can break open from the clutches of these malicious assholes. Trust me, the Silent Majority is on the same page and they will give you massive support. You already have these two elements with you.

President Putin and GCC
This is not a marriage. Don’t try to get everyone to agree on everything.

Objective: Eliminate Jewish Establishment Monopoly and facilitate fantastic people based systems. This is the main objective. Putin has his own role and GCC have their own role.

Putin’s Role: Security, Intelligence and Technology support. This is a unique role for Russia which other countries cannot do. When Russia gets involved, it’s a million times stronger than the corresponding Establishment elements.

GCC Role: Channeling of Finance. This is a unique role that GCC countries can do because they are Kingdoms and just one of these countries can outmatch the entire Establishment combined together.

But then both of them don’t need to agree on other aspects of their countries ... that is not a requirement. For this project both of them have the right ideological positive background ... they will get on the same page to accomplish the objective. But if you understand the working of the Matrix, then Establishment elements will try to break this team using other unrelated aspects. For example, the Saudis and Russia are political and financial rivals. Russia supports Iran and it also competes in the Oil Market ... making Russia a rival for a key GCC country. But then this rivalry has nothing to do with the objective of the project nor does it have to do anything to do with their individual roles.

You will win this game ... if you can accommodate and prepare for almost every major Establishment deviation. You can do that if you understand the Establishment’s reach, malicious ways of working and ways of deviating things. So, the Establishment might try to play this card ... “ah look! Ow my God! Russia is there in this project! Active Democracy loves Russia. Active Democracy stopped a war on Iran! Active Democracy saved Syria!” This is just mental voodoo that the Establishment might try to use to push GCC countries away.

The Issue with Iran
To understand why GCC countries have an issue with Iran ... let me just give a small preview. “Shia Islam” which is followed in Syria and Iran ... technically it is not Islam. These guys are heretics ... they are deviants. And guess who created Shia Islam? Yeah, it was initiated by a Jew. Not all Jews are bad ... its just one section among them that’s ultra-hardcore bad ass. If you see the concept of Satanism ... it is technically not a religion ... but their formula is “oppose God”. So what these guys do is ... enter a mainstream religion and start creating deviations from the main concepts of that religion. They have done this to almost every mainstream religion ... including Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

This is why you will find the Talmud to be totally on a contrast with the teachings of the Torah. They enter a religion and then incorporate all of their Satanic rituals, practices and ideology within that religion. For example blood rituals ... they have incorporated this in Talmudic Judaism, Mormon Christianity and Shia Islam. The more you enter these “deviant sects” the more radical and deviant you become.

It’s a very lengthy topic ... so let me cut it short. The Saudis are pissed off at Iran mainly because of the vicious things that these guys do in the name of Islam. It simply outrages them. So when they see that Russia is protecting Iran ... and Active Democracy has stopped a war against Iran ... and we are saving Syria ... and we are seeking GCC cooperation in this ... the Saudis are like ... what the hell?? Lol. As per their perspective ... this project is all over the place and they don’t understand what the hell is going on. You can’t blame them ... they have their own regional concerns.

So, the good news for the Saudis is that ... these “deviant sects” that they create ... it mainly results in Atheism. The Iranian government proudly calls itself the “Islamic Republic” ... and its revolution as the “Islamic Revolution of Iran” ... but in reality the majority of the Iranian people simply “hate” this version of Islam that they are promoting over there. They themselves have moved away from Shia Islam ... and since they don’t know whether to choose Shia or Sunni ... they are following an alternate path of not being religious at all. This is what happens is most places where such deviant sects are run ... people move towards Atheism ... this is what happened during the Communist Rule ... this is what’s happening in Israel ... 65% of Jews call them as irreligious and this is exactly what is happening in Iran. And in all of these places ... the governments really don’t care people going Atheist ... because their basis is actually Satanism. So, more the people move away from God, the more they like it.

The second good news is that ... yes we protected Iran and Syria from wars ... but we do not support the Iranian government or its fascist ways of ruling over its people. We will be working towards heavy sanctions and eliminating this hateful, negative and fascist rule in Iran ... in the future ... God willing. Our moves are people based ... it was important not to allow the genocide of millions of people for no fault of theirs.

And Russia will cooperate in the sanctioning and change of government in Iran because ... the moment the world sanctions Iran ... then Iran goes running to Russia ... Russia technically gets more business when Iran is sanctioned. Sanctions on Iran means more money for Russia. Iran cannot sell oil to Russia because Russia itself is an oil rich country. And when we change Iran’s government, we will honor all of Russia’s current ongoing contracts with Iran ... there will be absolutely no change in business between Russia and Iran after the change of government. Russia will actually help in the change of Iran’s government. But this project is not of high priority. We have a much more pressing issue in the West that has to be addressed right now.

Teaming up with Democrats
This is not an immediate requirement. Don’t waste your time in doing this right now. Most of it will automatically fall into place. What we need to do right now is “mobilize the country ... reach out to the masses with fantastic policies”.

Immediate Steps Required
Here are your immediate steps that you need to take care of.

  • Step 01 – No New Wars. We have already been working on this step with you for a while. We need you to hold off on any new wars. Because this path is totally different ... the Establishment is maliciously working towards your elimination ... if you enter this path then you will not be able to control it. And moreover, if you don’t enter this path then it will help you stay away from these major Establishment elements ... Banks, Arms Industries and Oil Companies ... don’t get in bed with these guys. We will be making massive changes in the country and these 3 corporations are major anchors that are taking down America.
  • Step 02 – Team up with President Putin. We have already worked on this step during your campaign itself. You have already accomplished this. See, it is not very difficult ... you have already accomplished two major steps on the ladder. You have already taken two major moves.
  • Step 03 - Collaborate with GCC. This is your next step. Tie up with these guys ... you will reap the benefits by the trillions. It will give you an unlimited cash source for yourself at a personal level ... and for the country it will create trillions in revenue. If you see the past two Administrations, America has been continuously tanking in debt by a trillion every single year. We will give you policies such that ... instead of going down by the trillions ... you will go up by the trillions. Imagine that fantastic growth happening under President Donald J Trump. This collaboration is very critical. It will change the entire banking industry of the World.
  • Step 04 – Prepare for a Massive Campaign. Once you take the above step ... then you prepare for a massive campaign to be unleashed.

And by the way, great move on “religious liberty”. You just got hundreds of thousands of Churches in the US as “Trump Supporters”. Prepare for a campaign that will create World History ... God willing.