03 May 2017
JewH236 This is not a “book”. This is a “call for action”.

The Establishment has been simply fantastic in fooling and misleading the Obama Administration. Their ways have been as simple as ... “hey, the guy is writing a book. Don’t contact him. It will interrupt the book writing process. Let him finish the book. Relax ... just sit and read.” They stalled Obama while they were actively working on ways to blow up America in the process.

Firstly, this is not a book ... we are not writing any God damn book. We have absolutely no intention to publish this content as a book. In fact, once we launch our work ... this entire site will be taken down ... and we will come up with entire new content in a far more professional, detailed and researched manner with complete videos in CNN style. “The Lovely Jewish History” only serves as a list of pointers. This content has only been written so that our leaders understand what is going on ... who the culprit is ... what their ideology and mindset is ... what their program is ... and how to stop their destructive plans ahead. This content is written only to stop World War III ... which the Establishment is very actively creating.

Secondly, this is not a book ... this is a call for action. We need the collaboration of the US President in fixing these problems. Now, look at the fantastic ways that the Establishment fooled the Obama Administration ... it is all “mental voodoo”.

  • Writing a book. “Hey, let him complete the book. He is writing a book ... contacting him will stop the book. Let’s sit back and read.” Who does this benefit? Does this benefit America or does this benefit the Establishment?
    • Packed up and ran. What these “criminals” did was ... stopped any action from the Administration ... read the complete strategy online ... packed up and ran with their gold. Thanks to Obama’s inaction.
    • Russian Interference. The second thing they did by “reading the book” was ... they launched a policy of demonizing Russian interference in the West. They stalled Obama ... and instead they themselves took real time action in pushing back Russia. Because Russian support is an integral part of the strategy.
    • Fake News. Another thing that they accomplished in real time while stalling Obama was ... marketing the concept of “fake news”. This was again done to counteract Active Democracy. When we would expose the massive criminal systems setup by the Establishment ... they would cry “fake news”. This is their strategy. They use mental voodoo to fool you and stall you ... while they take real time action in supporting and promoting their plans.
  • Active Democracy has clients. Another mental voodoo strategy. “Active Democracy has a side business. They have clients. You don’t need to contact them.” Yeah right ... we have clients ... we have a side business. And that is like saying ... a person has a medical emergency and he calls 911 for immediate support. But you tell the person ... “don’t go to the hospital ... hospital has other clients, the hospital is doing fine ... just stay on the phone and talk to the 911 guy.” If you won’t go to the Doctor ... will your problem be solved? No it won’t. You will continue to remain in that critical condition. And the fantastic thing that the Establishment is doing is ... maintaining you in that critical condition and working on ways to blow you up.
    • War via Iran. During the Obama Administration itself ... there were intense plans for a major war expanding into Russia via Iran.
    • War via Ukraine. Several US Politicians were calling a full scale military support of Ukraine against Russia. We stalled all of these moves. This “content” that we published online ... helped in stalling all of those moves.
    • Missile Strikes on Syria. Once Obama moved out ... they immediately created a scenario for direct missile strikes on Syria. Another full-fledged move to create a major war.
    • North Korea. Now, a missile defense system is being setup in North Korea. What is this? This is the Establishment stalling positive and constructive work that will bring an end to all of these crappy debt based systems that facilitate crime, terrorism and wars. They are stalling all of the positive moves and actively working on ways to blow up the West.

Establishment Elements
If you see the illustration above ... the green section shows each field or arena ... the red section shows the Establishment elements.

  • Political Leadership. Establishment puppets in the Congress are used to promote the Establishment agenda.
  • Security Threat. If any politician questions Israel or the Establishment then he gets death threats and sometimes he is even assassinated. This is done via Establishment agencies including the Mossad.
  • Campaign Finance. The Establishment Corporations heavily invest in the campaigns of supporting politicians.
  • Political Decisions. Again when it comes to decision making, it is done via the Congress which they control.
  • Concept and Policies. All of the concepts and policies that they come up with are “mental voodoo” ... hardly any of them benefit the people in any way ... in fact, most of them are exploitation systems.

This is how the Establishment operates and this is exactly how the Obama Administration was stalled and misled. It led to 8 years of incompetence and a debt of $20 Trillion. Now, I am sure President Trump does not want to follow the same path. He does not want to end up as incompetent as Obama. This is what he needs to do to overcome the Establishment. Read on.

Activating Superior Global Elements
President Trump needs to activate superior global elements. Working at a National level will not get you the support ... almost every system out there is rigged ... you will get hardly any support at the local level. This is how you plan out things.

  • President. Firstly, you are a fantastic media magnet with an outstanding killer instinct. You stand unmatched in the entire Congress. The Establishment uses cheesy Congressmen for their agenda. But if you ... the President of the United States ... stand up for a better strategy for America ... that will in real time do fantastic things for the people, generate revenue by the trillions and eliminate all of these crappy wars, debt and terrorism. Then you yourself are a fantastic superior element that will demolish the entire political support of the Establishment in the country. We can simply incinerate them. And you have already done that ... you have already knocked out a long line of Republicans like pinballs.
  • Security Threat. These guys have tiny groups like Mossad that threaten Western politicians. But if you pull Russian intelligence and forces into the picture ... then we outmatch them by a million times. They will not dare to threaten you or any other supporting politician in any way. It will only be a major blunder if they even try to threaten you.
  • Campaign Finance. Yes, major corporations in the US are owned by the Establishment. But if you pull Gulf countries in the equation then just one of these countries will outmatch all of these corporations combined. They simply won’t stand a chance.
  • Political Decisions. Yes, they control the majority of the Congress. But we will not be taking our new laws and systems to the Congress ... instead we will be taking them to the American people. We will reach out to hundreds of millions of people ... we will put people on the streets to get these changes done. And if any Congressman does not support the bill then he is looking at a lot of very very angry people and a possible recall.
  • Concept & Policies. The entire system is kaput and bullshit. Right from media, politics, education, corporations, healthcare, arms and banking. Most of them are exploitation systems that extract and leech wealth from the people. All of these systems are run based upon lies and mental voodoo. People get nothing in real time. The Establishment uses “mental voodoo” to fool people ... we will use “logic and the truth” to rally the people. We will stomp out their malice using the truth.

The Establishment never imagined that something like this could come into existence. If you activate the right global links then the Establishment stands no chance. We will be superior to them a million times in almost every way. And the good news is that ... almost everyone in this strategy is 100% ready for this project. Starting with you ... President Trump ... you want a great America ... and President Putin ... who you are good friends with ... he is more than willing to support and cooperate ... and then the American people ... they themselves are so eagerly waiting for the launch. Their current drastic scenario itself screams for help. And Gulf Kings ... by their very nature of being positive and helpful ... they themselves would love to take down the Establishment.

Subtle Pressure Points
Do you see the matrix shown below?

This interconnection is spread across several countries. Let’s say for example ... you make a call to a Gulf Country ... asking them to contact and support Active Democracy ... it does not happen just like that. It is not as simple as one President contacting another Leader ... and the work is done. No ... that Leader forwards the request to his subordinate and then it trickles down to a verification level with Active Democracy. Even Obama made these calls. But he did not prepare to handle the matrix.

Once the decision making trickles down to other guys ... that decision making enters the matrix and the Establishment has widespread influence in the matrix ... in most of the countries. They use the same silly techniques of “stalling the work using mental voodoo”. They use some stupid excuse in order to stall the work or stall any positive decision.

How can you control the decision making to overcome Establishment deviations?

Now, obviously you don’t have the tools to know all of the people involved in another country’s decision making process. So how can you overcome Establishment deviations in other countries?

  • Phone call is not enough. You might think that ... “hey, I am the President ... and I made the call ... everything should fall into place now.” Just a phone call is not enough.
  • Create Motivation. Apart from the phone call ... motivate them ... show how we can help in their tourism industry, setup 7 Star Hotels and launch a long term collaboration.
  • Subtle Pressure Points. If the above is also not being realized then take a look at the work flow and cash flow into these countries. America has a long term relationship with these countries in the fields of security and oil. We give them business in the tune of hundreds of billions every year. Place a subtle pressure point on one of those contracts ... a stall, a hike or deviation ... something to show them the importance of this project.

This is the last thing that the Establishment will want to happen ... but the best thing that the Establishment can do is “mental voodoo”. The Establishment has absolutely no control over international contracts. You as President ... you have full authority when it comes to international contracts. Just place a subtle pressure point on any one of these contracts ... only to show them the importance of the project and to eliminate Establishment deviations. If the Establishment comes to them with silly mental voodoo ... then the only thing that will remain stuck in their heads is ... the pressure point placed by Trump in their contracts.

It’s a line of countries ... don’t pressurize all of them ... just one or two should do the work. Just letting you know ... they will love this work. These pressure points are not to hurt them in any way ... it will depend upon how quickly they respond ... quicker the response, lesser the damage ... if there is any damage then it should be of a fixable nature. It is only to eliminate Establishment influence within the matrix ... and make them realize that this is a serious and important project of high priority.

In the entire strategy ... this is the only connection point that is pending ... otherwise Putin is ready, the people are ready, the strategy is fantastic ... we only have to make the right connection with Gulf Kings to get things started. And the more you delay ... the more demonization of Trump happens in the media, the more the work gets stalled and the more war ideas they will come up with. They stalled 8 years of Obama in this manner. Outsmart the Establishment ... use superior global elements.