02 May 2017
JewH235 Trump should join Gulf Kings to take down the Establishment

Now, let me give details of why Trump should join Gulf Kings in taking down the Establishment. It is not just a win-win-win-win strategy for everyone involved ... but it is a multifold win-win-win-win strategy for everyone involved. Everyone involved wins multiple times.

Let’s look at the core problem. Why we should nationalize the Federal Reserve? Why we should move the money-printing out of the hands of this “private criminal entity”? Why the government should take over this activity?

Democracy is by the people and for the people ... not by the bankers and for the bankers
If you see the core definition of democracy then it is ... by the people for the people ... it is not by the bankers for the bankers. Who represents the people? The government represents the people. Do the bankers represent the people? No, they don’t. In fact, when the banking entity is run by a group of people who follow a criminal ideology then you get massive levels of criminal systems in the society. Some examples:

  • Buying of media entities and businesses. Do you know what the Jewish Establishment does when it has money printing under its control? They go around buying the major media entities and businesses in your country. Jews were supposed to be the most hunted down communities during World War II. They were expelled and living as migrants. But somehow from this impoverished condition of yesterday ... today a tiny group from this community forms the richest class in the entire world. They are richer than all of American and British people. Somehow, these guys have the cash to buyout 90% of the American media. Somehow, they have the cash to own the largest manufacturing companies in the world. Where did this cash come from? Yesterday, you were expelled and impoverished ... and today you guys are trillionaires?
  • Controlling the media of the country. The free cash in the hands of a criminal entity creates more problems for the country. Once they own 90% of the media, they control the direction of the country ... they can promote what is right and wrong in the country ... they can mold minds of the people. They can run widespread agenda in uniformity across the country that serves their personal interest. They control which politician is promoted and which politician is ridiculed and pushed down. A bunch of criminal minded people are sitting there and running your country ... selecting your leaders ... telling you who to vote for and who not to vote. This is exactly how the media in the West is being used by the Establishment right now. And how were they able to own 90% of the media? The free cash source from the Federal Reserve.
  • Controlling Campaign Finance. Owning the media is on one side ... they also own the largest corporations. And these corporations heavily invest in campaign finance. When the majority of the largest corporations are owned by the Jewish Establishment ... then guess which politician gets sponsorship and support? Just by controlling campaign finance, they able to control how much a candidate can promote himself and fight in the race. They are easily able to knock out any candidate that does not support them or their plans or their schemes or their ideas. They are effectively able to put puppets in the Congress. Now, you know why most Congressmen kiss Israel’s feet in AIPAC meetings? This widespread corporate ownership was facilitated ... how? The free cash source from the Federal Reserve.
  • Debt Based Societies. Why are these guys buying all of these companies and media entities? Can’t they just take their money ... enjoy and chill? No, their ideology is different. All of these activities are carried out as per a “criminal Jewish ideology”. According to them, Jews are the masters and non-Jews are created to serve them. This is exactly what this widespread ownership facilitates. They literally own all of the major corporations ... and you literally work for them. They think that they have accomplished this greatness only because of this ideology. Which is why in real time, they will create societies that will facilitate massive debt and massive costs.
    • $1 Trillion Plus – Student Loans. Owing to this ideology and owing to their systems ... the student loans have crossed more than $1 Trillion. Its bad for the people but it is good for them. Why? Because it generates hundreds of billions in interest for the bankers every year.
    • $3 Trillion Plus – Mortgage Loans. Today, the American people are more than $3 Trillion plus in mortgage loans ... just trying to own a house. Again hundreds of billions in interest goes to the bankers.
    • Hundreds of billions in Credit Card Loans. The cost of living is maintained so high that on an average an American has more than 3 credit cards. Loans on credit cards have crossed hundreds of billions. No freaking politician stands up and does anything about this.
  • Terrorism and Wars. The situation is so drastic in the West that countries are collapsing under debt. The national debt has reached and even crossed the GDP of several countries in the West. People are on the streets protesting against austerity measures. So what is the Establishment’s response to this? You will get the answer if you understand their ideology. As per their ideology, we are “goyim” ... meaning cattle ... they own the farm and we the non-Jews are animals who work in the farm for the owner’s benefit. Just like a farmer directs the moves of the cattle while ploughing the field ... the Establishment directs the politicians in running the country. Just like the animals in the farm must work to benefit the farmer ... similarly, the people of the country must work and all benefits should go to the Establishment. Which is exactly what is happening right now. But what is also happening is that ... animals are protesting ... animals still don’t know who the main culprit is ... but the animals are angry and they are protesting. So if a bunch of animals turn violent and go against the farmer ... what should the farmer do? The farmer should terminate those animals to safeguard himself ... because the farmer’s life is more important than the animals’. Which is why these guys are creating these wars right now. This is the main reason ... they are pissing off Russia right now. There is too much of malice done in the West ... and they need these countries terminated. According to them, it is not people protesting ... but it is animals rising against the farmer. This is why they are designing the current wars near Russian borders. The entire game is “banker designed” based upon their ideology.
  • Promotion of LGBTQ. Currently, they are at a termination level ... their urgent requirement is termination. And if you see the stuff that they have done till date ... then you will see how our lovely Establishment has been integrating their ideology in the West under different skins. Do you know why LGBTQ groups have a widespread support in the media, Hollywood and politics in the West? No one is born gay ... that is bullshit. If you see their culture in Kazaria, then sexual perversions and decadence was the norm. They worshiped the devil and every type of sexual perversions was very normal and routine for them. According to us, it is “perversion” ... according to them it was normal and routine culture. Support for LGBTQ is the Establishment promoting “hometown culture of Kazaria” in the West.
  • Suppression of Christianity and other religions. This is exactly what the Jewish Establishment did wherever they went. It might be via Communism in the East or via media & corporate monopoly in the West. They suppressed Christianity and other religions at a widespread level. Promotion of stuff against God and religions is their theme. Because religions like Christianity and Islam oppose everything about devil worship and deviant activities. We are natural enemies for them. Promotion of Atheism and LGBTQ via the Establishment is designed to pull people away from mainstream religions. And if you see, they have done a really good job ... today Atheism has become the third largest religion in the World after Christianity and Islam.
  • Promotion of drugs, crime and decadence. This is not just deviance ... for the Establishment, it is a planned and calculated activity. Promotion of drugs, crime and decadence is a “policy” for them. Why?
    • Money Time – Means of Income. Pornography is a multi-billion dollar industry in America. They are working on legalizing Marijuana in the West right now. Guess who is going to supply that “Marijuana”. Yes, Israel is the world’s leader in Marijuana production. Which is why you see ... Bernie, the Jew, is very keen on legalizing “recreational drugs”. An open supply of guns has created widespread gun violence in the West. Who benefits? Gun manufacturers. Is it good for the people? No.
    • Keeps people busy. The second reason why they promote these elements is ... again because of their ideology. This what the Kazarian King did ... this is how he benefited from it. He maintained his people busy in all kinds of perversions, drugs and violence. He allowed everything. It helped him keep the people busy among themselves ... the only thing the people were busy with was ... drugs, sex and violence. The only official thing that he wanted his people to do was ... go into neighboring countries ... kill, loot and bring stuff for him. That’s how he maintained himself rich. So what our lovely bankers are doing right now is ... they are playing Kazarian King. They are maintaining the people busy in bullshit ... in decadence, drugs and crime ... so that they don’t have time to question them or work on bringing about any change. The people remain busy in crap ... while their exploitation systems run in the background.
  • Maintenance of a high cost of living. Apart from all of the problems surrounding the people ... the people are kept busy working on one job ... two jobs ... three jobs ... just to maintain the damn expenses. Just to pay the bills, the people are working three jobs at a time. Why? It keeps people busy and diverted. The people are kept occupied by either the crime and decadence that surrounds them ... or they are busy paying the bills. Nobody has the time to question the system or work against the system.

The entire system is designed by the bankers. Now, when this was not enough ... keeping the people drenched in drugs, decadence, crime and high cost of living was not enough ... people were protesting ... so they have facilitated terrorism and wars. “Hey look! There are a bunch of guys who want to kill you!” The system is so rigged and so pathetic ... that they are capitalizing and making money off this scheme as well. They have increased the terrorism and brought the wars to the shores of Russia ... they are about to facilitate complete termination ... and guess what ... they are making money off this scheme as well.

Root out the Bankers
This entire scenario can change. We can have a fantastic beautiful and peaceful world ... with no violence, drugs, crime and wars ... systems that actually work for the people. We can get that done ... and one of the first things that we need to do is ... root out the bankers ... nationalize the Federal Reserve ... bring it under total government control and cut off the cash supply to this private criminal group. We simply cannot allow these criminals to print our money.

Why Gulf Kings and Princes?
So, how is President Donald J Trump going to do this? How is he going to make this historic stunning move? How will he change the world as we know it? This is something that he cannot do on his own. It has to be a global operation. A global collaboration is something that the Establishment cannot handle ... it is something that they never imagined would happen. They always thought that ... “hey, we own the media ... we own the politicians ... and there will be no one who will rise against us.” They never imagined that someone would rip off all of their exploitation systems and facilitate a global cooperation against them. They are so scared of this being realized that they have packed their gold and fled from Israel to South China Sea ... under the umbrella of China, a Communist country that is supposed to protect them.

Firstly Trump needs to collaborate with Putin. Putin is simply fantastic and he is 100% ready on this project. He would love to work with the West and help them get this done. He is more than eager to get this done (Love you Putin!). The second entity that Trump needs to work with is Gulf Kings and Princes. Why Gulf Kings?

  • Muslims love Jesus. See, whatever the Establishment told you about Islam and ISIS ... Muslims and ISIS ... all of that is bullshit. Just flush that info down the toilet. The truth is you cannot be a Muslim without loving and respecting Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ (peace be upon him) is a revered and respected Prophet in Islam. And Islam contains almost all of the positive attributes and characteristics of Christianity ... of truth, love, honesty, charity, care, compassion, hospitality and loving people.
  • Positive and Constructive Mindset. You might find the Gulf Kings dress a little bit different and sport a beard ... but other than that they are very similar to you. Just like you ... they love to do great things ... just like you ... they love to do fantastic things for the people ... just like you ... they love to be loved and respected.
  • Love to take down the Establishment. Interestingly, they would love to cooperate with you in taking down the Jewish Establishment. They will readily do everything required to take these guys down. Because they are very well aware of their criminal mindset and activities.
  • Need help with Tourism Industry. GCC countries are trying to reduce their dependence on oil. They are keenly developing their tourism industry. You can collaborate with them in helping them design fantastic recreational parks.
  • Trump’s 7 Star Hotels in the Gulf. They would love to host your 7 Star properties in their countries and cooperate with you in everything you need for the same. Setting up some of your hotels in their cities will help them support their tourism industry.

Benefits for President Donald J Trump
If we move the Federal Reserve and bring it under the President’s control ... this is how President Trump benefits:

  • Multi-Billion Dollar War Chest for the next election. Cash will be the last thing that Trump needs to worry about.
  • Instant Election via Fantastic Policies. All of the above changes that we are showing ... they are from one simple move ... national the Federal Reserve. These benefits are for the people involved via one simple step. Apart from this, we will show you complete systems of overhauling the media, corporations, politics, education and healthcare. Once we show you the complete policies then the people will simply love to have you as President forever. People will regret the two-time Presidency policy. They will love you that much.
  • Stunning 7 Star Palatial Hotels Worldwide. Cooperation with Gulf Kings will easily help you setup fantastic stunning 7 Star hotels worldwide. Any place ... any city ... with no limitations of budget. Any city will throw a red carpet for Trump’s projects.
  • Rock Star History Making President. You would be on your way to becoming a rockstar history making President.
  • Trump Foundation in Africa. You will be setting up some schools, hospitals and start agricultural projects in Africa. Gulf Kings will cooperate with you on this. And you can channel profits from your 7 Star Hotels to maintain the running expenses of these projects in Africa. It will be fantastic philanthropic work that you can do as former President. We will show you beautiful projects in Africa.
  • Lead the change in the entire World. All of the policies that we will give you ... they are not only for America ... we have to root out these criminals from every country possible. You will be a “world leader” who will facilitate these changes around the world.

Benefits for Africa
Since we started this stupid War on Terror, Africa has been a forgotten nation. Trillions are being spent in destroying countries ... while funds are being cut from Africa. We are going to make America, Europe and Russia a filthy rich and successful zone. These countries will channel by the hundreds of billions in the development of Africa ... in education, medicine, agriculture, construction and self-sustaining systems. Its time we eliminated hunger from Africa ... we need to make Africa food sufficient, at least as a first step.

Do not follow Obama’s path, Donald
Obama followed the Establishment’s path ... he was misled and fooled by the Establishment. He spent two terms in stagnation, terrorism, wars and debt. He made some frail attempts that were not successful. He lost big time and ended up doing nothing for the American people. He came in 2009 and left in 2016 ... did he stop the wars? No. Did he end terrorism? No. Did he eliminate the debt? No. Did he bring back industries? No. Did he change the education system? No. What did Obama do in real time that changed people’s lives? Nothing.

The only thing accomplishment that he has at his hands is ... he did not destroy America via a war against Russia. That’s Obama’s biggest accomplishment. If you follow the Establishment then this is how you get locked in ... you get locked into stagnation, debt and wars.

Instead be a Great President
Instead, outsmart the Establishment ... play a better game than they do ... activate global links ... and win ... win big time.