30 Apr 2017
JewH234 Arms Industries is a part of the Establishment Criminal Syndicate

President Trump got an early endorsement from the NRA and he thinks that the Arms Industries are a big fan and his strong supporters. What he does not know is that the Arms Industries is a part of the Establishment Criminal Syndicate ... and they will lure him into a disastrous trap that will either get him impeached or get the country destroyed. Read for details.

The NRA Endorsement
It’s a long article ... relax, sit back and read. Trump thinks that he got an early supporter from the Arms Industries. The question that you should ask is ... why did they endorse you? Do they have an alternate option?

  • Income Source. The main thing about the NRA is that they don’t have an alternate option. The media, the Hollywood, Corporations ... if you see ... they have their own regular source of income. They don’t depend upon the White House for their income.
  • No power to oppose. Secondly, the NRA does not have any people power to oppose you. They manufacture guns ... stuff that kills people. They can’t take to the media and say ... “hey, our President does not like guns!” That will not help their business and it will not get any people support. People don’t like guns and the NRA has no standing among the people. Technically, they have no power to oppose the President in any way.
  • Lure you in a trap. However, if the President supports them ... then they get contracts worth trillions. Winning the support of the President ... helps the Establishment pull Trump in a war plan ... which is going to be a disastrous trap.

These guys cannot benefit your Presidency in any way ... they cannot oppose you in any way ... and working with them will only create debt by the trillions for the people. When the NRA is coming and kissing your feet ... it’s not a good thing ... it’s a trap. Keep reading ... you will know the details of the trap.

War Path to North Korea – A Disastrous Trap

  • Arms Industries is an Establishment Division. These guys cannot harm you by opposing you. But they can harm you by supporting you ... by winning your support and by pulling you in a bigger Establishment designed disastrous trap.
  • Head an Uncontrolled Rigged System. You thought ... “hey, I am going to be President, the most powerful man on the planet ... and everyone is going to bow to me.” Does it look like anyone bowing to you? You are heading a terribly rigged system where the Establishment influence is spread across several levels of your political, media and even military organization. In this rigged system ... “things are not as the media portrays it to be” ... you are already experiencing this aspect. And things will not be executed as you want them to be. For example, your missile strikes on Syria. You wanted a proportionate response to the Chemical Attack. Firstly, the Chemical Attack itself was staged. One week ago, Israel was saying that, “we will eliminate Syria’s air defense systems” ... and the next week ... America is bombing Syria’s airfields ... so guess who carried out that Chemical Attack? So, don’t fall for the content that they put in the media ... especially when “events that call for war” are concerned. Secondly, see how your command was executed. You told Putin that ... “we are going to attack only the airfield”. 59 Tomahawk missiles were launched ... only half of them hit the target. The remaining 50% are falling everywhere. This was not a mistake ... it was deliberately done to piss off Assad and Putin ... and invite a war. This is how your own military operations are rigged at the ground level. You say one thing in the White House and at the ground level ... something else happens ... and it happens as per Establishment strategy. You are heading a terribly rigged system that is simply not in control ... not in “your control” that is.
  • Ineffective Military with Radical Groups. Not only you have an ineffective military ... but you also have association with Radical Groups. I am not saying that your missiles don’t work ... of course ... the military arsenal is good ... but the actual execution is totally rigged. Instead of eliminating terrorists ... the Establishment has rigged the operations to give rise of armies of terrorists. I will give you the proof of ISIS being run by Israel ... right here. Do you see Israel’s treatment of Muslims? They hate Muslims ... Muslims are terribly treated in Israel ... they are not given refuge ... Israel advocates not giving refuge to Muslims in all of Europe. But Israel is treating thousands of people fighting in the wars. Who are these people that Israel is treating? The people who are fighting in these wars are rebels, terrorists, Iraqis and Syrians ... all of them are supposedly Muslims. The question here is ... if you can go out there are treat thousands of fighters ... why not provide refugee status to people fleeing the war? If you care enough to open your hospitals and provide cross border ambulance services ... why not give them refuge as well? Saudis have taken 2.5 Million Muslims ... Turkey has taken millions of Muslims ... Germany has taken more than a Million Muslims ... you are right there on the border ... why don’t you take at least 50,000 Muslims per year? They don’t ... and they will not ... why? Israel is not treating Muslims ... it is treating Jews who are fighting in these wars ... they are treating their own citizens. These guys cover their faces ... call themselves ISIS ... and in the name of Islam ... they are killing tens of thousands of Muslims. That’s the ground level activity that is going on. And these ISIS groups and activities ... keeps the war machine running. Which is why any ISIS related activities is given massive publicity in the Establishment owned media in the West. This is the functioning of the entire Criminal Syndicate as a group. And your military never eliminates ISIS ... because your military is rigged by the same Establishment ... and ISIS is not Muslim terrorists ... but ISIS is a Jewish group run by Israel. No right minded or even twisted minded Muslim will go around killing fellow Muslims.
  • Radical Groups in Korea. This was the activity till date. This has been going on since the past 16 years in the Middle East. They have spiraled and increased these wars using terrorist groups. Creation of Radical Groups is in their program ... which is why you will find in the news ... “North Korea threatens to kidnap Americans”. North Koreans are Communist assholes ... but this is not their program ... it is our lovely Establishment designing a Radical Group to spiral this war out of control. And once this North Korean “Radical Group” starts its activities ... then imagine the publicity that will be given in the US media. Things are not as simple as taking down one bad guy here ... it is widespread vicious malice.
  • Communist Country next to the Russian Border. Apart from a rigged Military and possible Radical Groups ... what you should note is that North Korea is a “Communist” country. Communist countries are Establishment strongholds. And if there is something that the Establishment hates ... then it is ... Communist countries being taken down by America. Do you think that the Establishment will just sit back and allow you to take down a Communist country?
  • Objective is Elimination. The objective under the Bush and Obama Administration was “deviation” ... these wars were supposed to work as a deviation from the failing American economy. But now the program has been upgraded to “elimination”. They want total termination in the West ... this can happen only if Russia is involved in the War. Which is why getting you to attack Syria was important ... because it is an entity protected by Russia. When they moved the program from Syria to North Korea ... then they just moved the program from the West of Russia to its East. North Korea has a massive modern military ... it is not a simple Middle East country where you can sit and shoot missiles from a ship. The moment you attack ... North Korea will respond with a full scale war. These guys are not simple Muslims ... they are vicious criminals. All it requires for Russia to get involved ... is a few missiles falling in Russian territory. One single Russian dies and the media will go ballistic in Russia calling for a full scale war. Do you think Putin will sit on the phone line and be okay with missiles falling in his country and his people being killed? Russia is no Middle East country ... they will respond to every single Russian life. The Establishment knows this ... which is why they are targeting Russia, pissing off Russia and placing wars on the Russian borders.
  • Deaths of Millions and Destruction of the Korean Peninsula. It is going to be modern warfare and it will result in the deaths of millions of people and the destruction of the entire Korean peninsula. At a minimum, this will happen. Trillions worth weapons being sold ... is thousands of tons of ammunition. Once you give these contracts to the Arms Industries ... then someone has to be on the receiving side of these bullets, of these bombs and of these missiles. It is just one paper that you will sign ... but at the ground level ... there are actual real human beings who will be on the receiving side of this thousands of tons of ammunition. It will eventually result in the killing of millions of Koreans for no mistake of their own and it will destroy both ... North and South Korea. Go ahead and take a look at Syria’s cities and towns ... it has already happened there. Which means ... Trump signing off on a war against North Korea ... is Korea being the next Syria.
  • Bankers are ready to terminate Israel. Donald ... America is lucky to have you, as you are guy with commonsense. But you are quite unlucky because you are facing waters that are ten times more complicated that Obama ever faced. The situation was not so critical during Obama ... at all. Right now ... the Establishment is ready to terminate Israel ... they are attacking Syria again and again ... inviting a new front of war. Imagine this escalates when you start a war with North Korea. How will Russia respond? On one hand you are bombing on Russia’s East coast and other hand your closest ally is bombing on the West coast. Do you think Russia will just sit back and watch? With all of this provocation around its territory?
  • Add Trillions in Debt – Deployment of US Forces. A war with North Korea is not as simple as shooting missiles from a ship. Imagine North Korea goes full scale and starts occupying territory. ISIS already did that in Iraq and Syria ... there is no doubt that the Establishment will attempt to do the same in Korea. Imagine you losing territory to North Korea ... what will you do as a response? You can’t sit there and lose ... Americans will not put up with that ... it will be an international embarrassment. So, you will end up ... not only spending additional trillions in war ... but you will also deploy hundreds of thousands of US forces to contain the war. If you don’t send the forces ... then its an embarrassment ... if you send the forces then the people will go ballistic against you. Take a look at Bush’s reputation to cross check ... of how the American people respond to wars and the deployment of US forces.
  • Face Massive Demonization at Home. However this war might enfold ... you are going to get massive demonization at home. You are already seeing that the media is no friend of yours. All they need you to do is make one major blunder ... and they will go ballistic against you ... there is no way you can stop them. Recent example ... Ivanka Trump went to Berlin ... see how much the Establishment media hates you and your family ... “Ivanka was booed ... Ivanka was heckled” ... what is that? It is bullshit ... the audience’s response was hardly audible. They took that one tiny little thing and made it headlines in a total negative fashion. People just smiled at a simple joke and this is how the media portrays it. Imagine the demonization that they will create with something as major as North Korea.
  • Very high possibility of Impeachment. The Establishment does not want you as President. Falling into their trap of a war with North Korea ... will give them all of the reasons that they need to demonize you, scrutinize you and then eliminate you. This is the least that the Establishment will viciously work on. They want you gone.
  • Very high possibility of a war with Russia. And there is a very very high possibility that they will do everything possible to initiate a war with Russia. They have already made every possible move to piss off Russia ... from sanctions to demonization to building troops on the border. All they need is the action to begin. It might be Syria or North Korea ... they want this action to begin. And if you allow this to happen ... you will not go down in History as the Greatest American President ... but you will go down in History as the biggest mistake that the American people ever made. It will not be your mistake ... everything will be designed by the Establishment ... it is only your name that will go on the banner ... you will be used as the scapegoat. It is 100% Establishment malice right now ... but it will be Trump’s name that will be used ... that is their exit strategy.

Incentives from the Arms Industries is just step one
The Arms Industries will come to you ... with a lucrative offer ... “start this conflict, start that conflict, start a war here, start a war there ... and we will give you lucrative incentives”. This thing is just step one towards a disastrous trap. I know ... Bush did it ... Hillary did it ... Obama did it ... but you are in different times now. The situation is different. In fact, if you follow an alternate path ... you can change things and make it ten times better for you ... or a hundred times better for you. This terrible situation that you are in ... we will make it fantastically simple for you ... and beneficial for you.

Wars and Paid Speeches – Converting Black Money into White Money
See ... the current equation that exists is ... pretty cheesy. What they basically do is ... transfer some funds into your Swiss Bank Account in return for the weapons contracts that you give them. And a portion of this “black money” that exists in your Swiss Bank Accounts is converted into “white money” via Paid Speeches. If you see ... Hillary promoted and created this civil war in Syria ... trillions worth ammunition was sent to Syria. What does Hillary do once she steps out of being Secretary of State? She goes on a “talking tour” ... she goes around the country making speeches ... getting paid $200-250K per speech. Tell me who the hell wants to hear Hillary even talk ... let alone pay $200K for one speech? If you see the guys who pay for Hillary’s speeches ... then it will be the same Wall Street Establishment Network.

They are just channeling “white money” that Hillary can openly use for herself as personal income ... in the form of speeches. If she tries to pull money from her Swiss Bank account ... then that amount would be open to scrutiny and accounting. Clintons made “hundreds of millions” in paid speeches. These paid speeches is an easy open cover up operation of transitioning white money into their accounts.

Cheesy Money for Presidents
Obama’s first speech ... he gets paid $400K ... by Wall Street Companies. I am sure Obama has more speeches planned. Seems like a good amount for one speech ... but in reality it is a very very cheesy amount for the US President. Do you know how much the Federal Reserve takes every year from the US? They take $4-6 Trillion every year from US alone ... and no one can question them ... for what they have taken that amount and where they are spending that amount.

If Hillary Clinton got paid $100 Million in one year for paid speeches ... then that is 40,000 times lesser than what the Bankers take from our accounts in one year. If a common man spends $50,000 on himself in one year ... for example ... and he has a dog ... if he spends $5 per day on his dog ... then the man spent 30 times less on his dog than himself. The Establishment spends more than 1000 times less on the US President than a common man spends on his dog.

$4 Trillion for themselves and $100 Million for the President? Seriously? This is the equation that you guys are okay with? I know it is all corruption ... but even then? Jesus.

Nationalize the Federal Reserve
How about we stop the treatment of US Presidents worse than dogs? How about we boot these guys and Nationalize the Federal Reserve? Why do we need them in the first place? Why should the Nation’s money be printed by a “private self-serving criminal entity”? Why is our money under their management? Here is where all of the debt comes from ... here is where all of the debt based society is created from ... here is where all of the destruction and wars come from. We eliminate the root cause of the debt. And it will automatically eliminate the terrorism and wars that we see around.

I know this is something that Trump cannot do on his own ... which is why “Active Democracy” is there for you. We know all of the parameters that need to be pulled to make this happen. Just to see the other side of the world ... let us assume it is done ... let us assume that the Federal Reserve is Nationalized. Then under whose control would be the money printing? It would fall under the President’s control.

Make Hundreds of Billions on the Side
I know there is a little bit of corruption in politics ... it is not a clean field. But instead of taking cheesy payments from the Arms Industries or the Establishment ... instead of taking cheesy $100 Million or $1 Billion or $2 Billion ... what if you can take a few hundred billion for yourself whenever you want. Nobody needs to know ... why a private jet filled with classified boxes (cash) flew to Qatar or Kuwait. The money printing would be under the President’s control and nobody needs to know. It could happen.

Converting from Black to White
Instead of sending the amount to Swiss Banks ... this is solid cash sent to the Middle East. How do you convert this black money into white money? How do you show the proper accounting for the same? What Trump should do is ... be friends with Middle East Kings and Princes. Your classified material can be stored at a classified property in these countries. After you complete your Second Term as President, you can launch or expand your current hotel properties. You can take these Princes as your investors ... it will be 100% your money from your “classified sources” ... but these Kings and Princes will help you in the paper work. Nobody audits the Middle East Kings ... it is their country ... nobody questions their finances. Why they will help you?

  • Establishment Elimination. You are working on the elimination of the Jewish Establishment. There is nothing more that they would love.
  • Share in Resources. Whatever you store in their countries ... they can get some share in that.
  • Share in Business Ventures. On paper work, you need to show them or their affiliate companies as investors. So they will get an ongoing income as long as your properties function.
  • Boost in Tourism. Your investment will create fantastic luxurious properties in their countries and it will lead to boost in tourism in those countries.
  • Collaboration in Africa. You will not only build 7 Star Palatial Hotels like the world has never seen. But you will also team up with the same guys and do some great work in Africa ... setup schools and hospitals in Africa. There are tons of work that you can do with a few hundred billion dollars. They would love to be involved in some good work as well.

Build Stunning 7 Star Palatial Hotels Worldwide
Cash will never be a problem for you. Once you eliminate the Feds ... cash will never be a problem for you. You can squish the competition with stunning properties ... it might be the Hiltons or Sheratons ... the amount that you can channel will be incomparable. You can choose any city of the world you want ... Paris, London, New York ... and you can build stunning properties sprawling over acres of prime land.

Obama is going around making cheap cheesy speeches for $400K. At the end of your Second Term, you will go around building properties worth in billions ... stunning mind blowing palatial properties.

Are we encouraging corruption?
Technically, no. We are actually stopping corruption by 99.9975%. If you see ... today the Federal Reserve takes $4 Trillion of our money every year. Let us assume Trump takes $100 Billion ... that is 40,000 times less than $4 Trillion that the Bankers take. Technically, if we remove the Federal Reserve and nationalize it ... and put the President in charge ... then we are eliminating 99.9975% of the money going towards corruption.

Moreover, the best part is ... the finance is removed from the “criminal ideological mindset”. If Trump takes $100 Billion ... what is he going to do with that? He will splurge on himself ... he will splurge on lavish properties ... and then that’s it. He will either do good work for himself or for others. Unlike the Establishment ... he will not go around creating malicious debt based systems, he will not look at other humans as animals, he will not go around creating radical groups and he will not go around promoting crime and wars. This will cut off the finance channel to this criminal Establishment. It is just the first step towards reforming our banking and finance systems.

And yes ... after one or two terms ... even this glitch in the system will be fixed to a great extent. But honestly, it is politics ... so some level of corruption will likely be there. The most important accomplishment will be getting rid of the criminal Establishment from our banking and finance systems.

Follow a path of total peace and diplomacy
While the incentives from the Arms industries are easy and they might seem lucrative in the short run ... but they are essentially a trap and they will lead to a major disaster. But if you work on an alternate path of rooting out the Establishment then the gains will be limitless ... limitless for you and limitless for the people. You can bring about fantastic changes without firing a single bullet ... with total peace and diplomacy.

Your own limitless financial source will create a strong hand in dealing with any other Establishment entity ... it might be the media, corporations or oil companies. Small cheesy donations will not waver you from doing what is right for the people.

Gain Trillions in Revenue for America
Instead of following the Establishment’s war path ... if you follow the alternate path then you can gain trillions in revenue for America. We will show you all of the techniques and policies. Instead of spending in trillions, you will gain in trillions.

Be a Rockstar President loved and adored by the people
Instead of falling for the Establishment trap, you can be a Rockstar President who is loved and adored by the people. Instead of blindly following the Establishment ... challenge them, outsmart them and do what is better for the people and the country. And you have it in you to do this ... you can do this better than any other dumb nut in the Congress. We will show you how.

The moment you follow our policies then you will instantly get elected for a Second Term and you will be the fantastic world leader that created a new and a beautiful world.