28 Apr 2017
JewH233 Abraham Lincoln was “shot dead” for printing his own money

Abraham Lincoln went against the Federal Reserve and he printed his own money. He thought he was dealing with a “bank issue”. He had no idea that he was dealing with a vicious “Criminal Syndicate” that follows a criminal ideology. Lincoln was simply shot dead and the money printing was reversed to the Federal Reserve. People dont even know why Lincoln was shot.

American men in suits ... speaking in American accent ... living in America for generations ... does not necessarily mean that they also follow “Christian American ideology and principles”. Love, respect, doing what is right, fighting for the truth, standing up for others, equality in race, religion and color ... are typical American principles. Just because the bankers look like you, talk like you and dress like you ... don’t expect them to follow the same ideology and principles. Their ideology is made up of a different grain ... for them Christians and non-Jews are sheep and cattle. According to them ... we are meant for their use ... killing us is routine for them ... it is simply okay for them. They will do it without a second thought and without any remorse. Welcome to the Jewish Establishment.

This was Abraham Lincoln’s biggest mistake. He did not look through the main criminal mindset behind these bankers. He thought ... “hey, I am the President ... I have more authority and power over some simple bankers ... and I will do what is right for the people ... I am not doing anything wrong.” While he was right in his assumption ... it was a terribly limited approach. He ended up being one lonely person doing what is right against an entire Establishment. He was eliminated from the scene and people don’t even know why.

Alternatively, if Lincoln had followed a different path of addressing the same issue ... then he would have been a hero, he would have been safe, criminals would be on the run and the system would never have been reversed. This is what Lincoln should have done.

Massive Publicity – Expose the malice and the criminals
What he should have basically done is ... take to the media and expose this malice, its associated criminal ideology and the main criminals who support and benefit from this ideology. He should have exposed this at an international level. I will give you an example ... it is something like ... there is a criminal gang at so and so location. You go to a news channel and expose who these criminals are ... where they are located as of now ... what they did in the past and also expose the next banks that they are planning to rob. What will happen to that criminal gang? Do you think they will think of hurting you? Or they will just pack up and run? Well, initially they might be pissed off at you ... but if this is done at a massive scale ... using leaders and people worldwide ... while creating new systems and reforms ... these guys will have absolutely no choice but to pack up and run.

Lincoln had absolutely no understanding of their criminal ideology or mindset ... which is why he did not opt for this option. Obama tried to audit the Fed ... that bill was shot down. Again people don’t even know that Obama tried to audit the Fed. Obama again made the same mistake.

Involve People – Vote for Change
Exposing this malicious criminal ideology and its systems are just phase one. In the next phase, you should involve the people ... you should make people “vote for change”. Offer fantastic alternate systems that are beautiful for the people ... make people understand the malice ... make people understand the importance of the new systems ... and then bring about the change. You have to follow these steps ... you “have to ... have to” ... follow these steps.

If you try to do this on your own ... either your attempt will be shot down or if you are successful then you will be shot down. But the moment you involve the masses ... it becomes a totally different game. Doesn’t matter how big the corporation is ... doesn’t matter how vast the Establishment is ... they don’t stand a chance in front of the people. Don’t you see all the time that major corporations call back their products from the markets owing to a flaw that has been exposed in the media? They will readily face billions in losses ... call back millions of their products ... only to avoid the wrath of the people. Why? Because at the end of the day ... however malicious these guys may be ... they still have to survive among the people ... their companies still have to do business with the people.

Create New Laws – Changes are not Reversed
Lincoln was shot dead and money printing was immediately reversed to the Federal Reserve. But once you give massive publicity ... make hundreds of millions of people worldwide aware of this malice ... then it makes it impossible to go back to the same old malicious systems. It brings about a change for good forever.

Let alone hurting you or killing any one ... the Establishment will have no choice but to follow the new norms and systems. And if by any chance they try to hurt any leader or activist involved in these changes ... then it will only backfire. It will expose and confirm the vicious nature of their ideology and practice. Huge communities of Jewish people live in the most developed countries. If the Establishment attempts any aggressive move, then it will create a backlash against these communities ... and these communities will whip the Establishment’s ass. The tiny Establishment will lose the support of their own Jewish people. Today they are using sections of Jewish communities to run their malice ... but tomorrow the very same communities will turn against the Establishment.

We will be creating these changes in hundreds of countries worldwide. Any associated leader getting hurt will only create a manhunt for these Establishment criminals.

Eliminate Malice for Good – Fix: Banks, Media, Corporations
The Federal Reserve is just one simple example of the dynamics of eliminating “corporate crime” from our societies. Exactly in the same manner, Active Democracy will be working on eliminating criminal systems associated with Media, Politics, Corporations, Arms Industries and Oil Companies. All of them fall under the same umbrella of the Establishment Criminal Syndicate. Today, they relish their existence only owing to their monopoly in media and politics. Tomorrow ... God willing ... will be a different game.

And guess what ... just because of the content present on our website ... these guys have already fled with their gold from Israel to South China Sea. You can see that our strategy works. Today Netanyahu is ready to start a war with Syria ... piss off Russia and get Israel terminated. So much for the Israeli Government and Bankers protecting Jews. You can see their self-centered and self-serving criminal mindset here itself ... they are ready to toast 6 million Jews in Israel in a Nuclear Holocaust via a war against Russia. They don’t care for their own people.