25 Apr 2017
JewH232 Silent Majority is the Establishment Staff working against its Masters

What President Trump thinks is that ... “hey, this Establishment is so big and widespread ... I need to be friends with them and do as they say.” But the real time dynamics are totally different out there. In real time, the Silent Majority is the Establishment Tools, Establishment Technology and Establishment Staff against the Establishment Owners / Masters.

The Establishment and White Slavery
What is slavery? Slavery is exploiting a person ... the person has no way to get out of that exploitation scenario ... and this exploitation continues for a long long duration of time. This is slavery. The difference between Black Slavery and White Slavery is that ... the Black People were openly told that they were slaves and they were openly abused ... the abuse was evident physical in nature. White Slavery is run hidden in layers ... under a cover. You are told that it is for your good and your greatness ... when all of that is a lie and you are just being exploited with a terribly high cost of living, crappy products, no savings, rampant crime, terrorism, threats, hate, fear and wars. All benefits drain into the hands of a few while the masses are leeched. Every system that the Establishment has created ... it is plain exploitation of the White People.

The Silent Majority Matrix

If you see the above illustration ... yes the Establishment has ownership of most of the entities ... but the thousands of people that work under them ... they don’t approve of their owners. This is the Silent Majority. They know that it is a crappy system ... they know that it is all lies ... they know that it is all wrong ... but since they don’t have the ownership of the media ... they end up being the “silent” majority.

But these are not just traditional layers or traditional employees. The Silent Majority is a live, interactive and dynamic “matrix” which extends through several countries including political and intelligence layers. I will have to write an entire book in order to explain how it operates. But this is again a system created by the Establishment for its overwhelming control of the masses. The main issue in this equation is that ... it’s a totally different ideology ... the ideology of the owners is different and ideology of the masses is totally different ... owing to which there is a keen desire within the Establishment to break this system apart.

Active Democracy and the Silent Majority
Obama thought that Active Democracy is just one tiny company publishing some stuff ... and he will connect with us whenever he wants. What he did not know is that ... the White House is just one tiny dot on the Matrix ... and we are already connected to a massive network of hundreds of millions of people. Do you think we wrote hundreds of pages just for Obama? We connected with Obama so that he knows what is going on ... so that, at least he has some info. But one of our most important connection points was the Silent Majority.

Obama thought that we are not connected with anyone and he didn’t take much action. While the Silent Majority was watching him ... seeing that ... this guy is just quack-quack who doesn’t do anything. The Silent Majority was disappointed and in despair over Obama’s inaction and lack of performance.

The Establishment scared over what we publish
Why do you think that the Establishment is “scared” over what we publish? These guys are trillionaires ... who own tens of thousands of media outlets and most of the largest corporations ... most of the Congress bows to them. But they are afraid of a simple company like Active Democracy ... why?

  • Exposure. Firstly, we expose the shit out of them. We expose all of their malicious programs and systems. So, technically ... we don’t scare them ... it is their own malice that scares them.
  • White House and Kremlin. Not only we expose their ongoing malicious systems ... but we also predict their next moves and alert the White House and the Kremlin of the same. These guys are criminals and the top two power houses of the World put some fear in them.
  • Silent Majority. Apart from the above, we are linked to a massive network that links the info to politicians, intelligence agencies, corporations and other networks around the world.

Understanding Real Time Dynamics
Okay, where is the proof? Show me some evidence. Understanding Silent Majority dynamics ... of how they are networked, how the information flows, how things get activated ... this info requires a book of its own. But I will show you some real time stuff in action ... you will understand how the Establishment is afraid of its own staff because of its own policies. Some examples ...

  • World’s most advanced military. Israel is a tiny country but it maintains one of the world’s most advanced and sophisticated military. Apart from the weapons and fighter planes that it gets from the US ... it also maintains high tech biological weapons. Why? Why does a tiny country of 6 million people need such an advanced military? To fight Hamas? Those guys are terribly ill equipped ... they still use Old Stone Age techniques of tunnels and AK47 rifles. This military is not actually to fight with Palestine. It is actually developed to protect Israel from Western countries. They know that their malice will reach to a peak ... they that these countries will sink in debt ... they know the extent of exploitation systems setup in these countries ... they know that these countries will turn against Israel. So when these countries will fail and they will realize that this malice was Banker designed ... and these Bankers are based in Israel ... then they would obviously make a move towards Israel. This massive military preparation is designed for this scenario. This is why Netanyahu says ... “this time we will protect ourselves”.
  • Diamond and Jewelry Exports. Did you know that Israel is one of the world’s leader in diamond exports? Well, there is nothing wrong in exporting diamonds ... but something is fishy when there are absolutely no diamonds found in Israel and it is exporting billions worth diamonds every year. You will not find any other country in the World where there are no diamonds but it is the leading exporter of diamonds. Diamonds and expensive gem stone exports ... do you know what that is? It is a cover up operation. It is cover up operation for our lovely Federal Reserve to buy billions worth diamonds, gems and gold from around the world to build their reserves. These guys print money by the trillions and give to whoever they want. Even if you are the President even then you cannot question the Feds to whom the money was given. What these guys do is ... they take this money ... convert it into diamonds, gems and gold ... and store it in this format. Israel’s jewelry business is a cover up operation to build Banker reserves. It is the security of these “reserves” that is of the highest priority to Israel ... which is why they keep saying “security of Israel is important, security of Israel is important”. The advanced military was built to secure these reserves because all of this money is “stolen money” mainly from the West.
  • Iron Dome Program. We wrote about this before. The plan was basically to destroy the West in a war with Russia ... instead of allowing the West to turn against Israel. And while this war would go on ... Israel would protect itself using the Iron Dome Program. This program was built using American money ... it would save Israel while Israel would create scenarios to destroy America.
  • Brand New Empty Cities in China. Did you know that China has built brand new cities that are totally empty ... full-fledged cities with all amenities but totally empty. Why does China need empty cities? These cities were designed to accommodate the migration of Jews from the West towards Israel and China once the war would begin.
  • Movement of Gold from Israel to South China Sea. We exposed all of the above before. Now what do they do? They moved the gold reserves from Israel to South China Sea. Now, they are ready to terminate Israel in a war with Syria and Russia. They are skipping the migration program to China. Why? Because we already put it in Black and White ... and if they follow through the program ... then they would be guilty as charged. So, what the Bankers are saying is ... “screw 6 million Jews, terminate all of them ... just secure our gold.”
  • Missile Attack on Syria. To facilitate the above termination ... what they are doing is ... dodging what we write ... because the moment we write and publish ... very important people know what is happening. If you see ... we were mainly publishing on Fridays and Sundays in the month of March 2017. These guys saw that ... if we publish on Sunday then the next article will be published on the coming Friday. So this is how they designed the next events once we published on Sunday:
    • Monday – Russian Metro Attack. Immediately the next day, they planted an attack in the Russian metro in order to deviate Russian intelligence and attention away from Syria.
    • Tuesday – Chemical Attack. On Tuesday, they planted a chemical attack in Syria. In order to invite a quick response from the Trump Administration they gave widespread publicity to this attack in the American media.
    • Thursday – Missile Attack. And by Thursday, America is launching missile attacks on Syria.

Our next date for publishing was on coming Friday as per the norm that we were following then. So, they designed the whole thing within that time slot ... from Monday to Thursday. Thank God that Assad did not respond. If Assad had responded then it would be an all-out war ... in a few days Russia would get involved ... and then there would be no stopping.

There are a few things to observe in the design of these events.

Establishment Connections. Look at all the points of Establishment connections and activities.

  • Terror attacks in Metros ... while using Muslim Central Asians ... always using the “cover” of a Muslim miscreant ... a nice exit strategy. The blame is on the Muslim ... not the Establishment.
  • And then Chemical Attack ... where is the need for Assad to use chemical weapons when he has Russian technology and weapons with him? He has one of the world’s best tools with him and he will resort to chemical weapons especially when he is winning?
  • Misleading the US Administration via false media publicity ... use of mass media to push wrong decisions.

We had to publish an article to show the White House what the hell is going on and how it will lead to a total disaster. Thank God that we had Trump in the White House and he understood.

The second aspect that you can see from these events is ... how the powerful Establishment is scared and dodging a simple company like Active Democracy. Why? This is the power of the truth and this is the influence of the Silent Majority.

This is why this is a “media project”
Abraham Lincoln printed his own money and he was shot dead. Nobody even knows that he printed his own money and nobody know why he chose to print his money? Lincoln did not understand these criminals ... if he understood these criminals then the first thing that he would do is give massive media publicity to the issue. He would tell American people why the Federal Reserve should not print our nation’s money and why it is important for us to take over this operation. The first thing he would do is reach out to the people ... and then bring about the change. If he was shot after that ... then we would immediately know who the culprit was. In fact, they would never dare to shoot him because the people already know of this malice and the people would be outraged if it was reversed. But since Lincoln did not reach out to the people ... he was simply shot and the printing was shifted back to the Federal Reserve.

The Establishment fears people
The Establishment runs exploitation systems and they fear people. If people realize these systems ... and if people are given alternate fantastic options ... then the only thing that the Establishment will do is “pack and run”. They cannot stand the will of the people.

Mass Publicity eliminates Establishment’s Backlash
Once you give mass publicity to the issue, the Establishment will not dare to respond in any way ... because their response will only backfire. Because at the end of the day, they have to continue doing business with the people ... they have to live among the majority. They have large Jewish communities around the world. If the Establishment goes around killing or threatening people or leaders ... it will create a backlash on their own communities and organizations. They might own several thousands of companies ... but the moment we give mass publicity to this malice ... then they will have no other option but to change. You can already see them running to South China Sea ... they are on the run. They have no choice but to accept the change.