23 Apr 2017
JewH231 The Establishment VS The Silent Majority

What the Establishment thinks is that ... they have everything under control and under their influence owing to their monopoly. They think that they can take down the Trump Administration any time that they want. What they don’t know is that ... in reality ... they are tiny grains of sand within our fist ... and we can take them down any time we want.

Its time to introduce Trump to the “Intel Community”. We told you before that there are bigger forces into play out there ... one is the Establishment and the second one is the Intel Community. Its time for you to understand what this Intel Community is.


You saw the above illustration before in our previous articles. Yes, the Establishment has a monopoly in all of those entities ... media, Hollywood, Corporations, Arms Industries, Congress and EU. But what you are seeing out there is only a 2 dimensional view. That is only an illusion of total control. Take a look at the below illustration.

This is the Establishment in 3D. Yes, they have the ownership ... that is true. But the ownership is just one layer ... all of the people that work under them have a totally different ideology. While the Establishment ownership comprises of a malicious, misleading and exploitory ideology ... the entire team that works under them come from a positive, loving, constructive and progressive ideology. While the Establishment owners have a criminal Jewish ideology, most of the people that work under them have a loving Christian ideology. While on the frontend there is a malicious criminal guy, right behind him there are hundreds of people who do not approve him.

How do they still manage to run these malicious systems? Lies and misleading. All of their systems are based upon lies and covers. Each of their systems is run based upon a lie and a cover. All of their team members are told a lie and they are made to operate under a false pretext.

Establishment Technology
Yes, the Establishment has fantastic technology. Technology so advanced that the FBI or CIA cannot even detect. But to be able to form this technology and expand their networks in several countries ... they had to take help from American and European Christians. They had to share their technologies with the Christian people in developed countries so that these technologies could be further developed and enhanced in order to strengthen Establishment networks.

The interesting thing that happened during this “sharing” owing to their greed for expansion is that ... they shared their technology and methods with people of a totally different ideology. They were not told that this is a crime ... this is a criminal system ... it is exploitation of the masses for the benefit of a few. No, they were not told all of that ... instead, they were told ... this is for your greatness, your power and your progress. It was all lies. As a result they created a massive network across several countries ... they got the best brains to work for them ... they got a network that extracts wealth and resources from several countries ... while they controlled and silenced the masses.

The Silent Majority
Here is where the “Silent Majority” was formed. The guy in the front is an asshole ... but there are hundreds of other guys who are contained in the system ... held hostage ... unable to make any change ... as the entire system was owned and operated by someone else. Here is where Active Democracy came into picture. We showed them how you are being held hostage, how you are being exploited, how all benefits are going into the hands of a few while things become more and more difficult for you every single day. Now, they are working towards total destruction while you guys sit there being afraid doing nothing. Stop being chickens, stand up and fight.

Intel Community
That led to the activation of an “Intel Community” within the Silent Majority. The Intel Community is not the FBI or CIA. It is the Establishment itself ... it is the body of the Establishment ... the mind, hands and legs of the Establishment. What we basically got was ... a group of people ... within the Establishment ... who understood what exactly Active Democracy was talking about. And since technically, they are the Establishment ... they have all of the tools and technology in their hands that the Establishment has. They have all of the capabilities that the Establishment has. And the fantastic part is ... they can reach any part of the network that they want across several countries. It might be the political circle, intelligence, corporations, media or whatever. This is why I call them the Intel Community ... just for you to understand. Technically, they are not an Intel Community ... they are the Establishment itself.

Why I separate them is because of the difference in nature that is contained in them. They have the same tools but they use it to do what is good for the people. You can call it more like a revolution within the Establishment.

How do you verify this?
How do you verify their existence and work? Good question. I will give you some examples so that you understand their reach and work.

  • Hillary Clinton Investigations. The Establishment launched sex scandals against you to eliminate you from the elections. In the final weeks, the FBI reopens investigations against Hillary. How do you think that happened? The Republicans did that? Republicans had already abandoned you. The Democrats and the Establishment was against you. Yes, it was our Intel guys who got it done.
  • Rigged the election in Trump’s favor. How do you think you won the election? The Establishment did everything against you and sat there content thinking that the job was done. But surprise! Trump wins. How do you think that happened? Yes, it was our guys.
  • Investigations against Netanyahu. Netanyahu is the leader of the Jewish world. He was probably trying to pull strings to stop our work. Guess what happens next? Investigations against Netanyahu are opened against corruption charges. It was to tell Netanyahu that he was messing with the wrong guy.

I am not saying that I have fantastic connections around the world. Nah, I am just a simple guy who loves people. The interesting thing that you should see here ... is the working of a unique entity that is ready to do whatever is required to secure the people and to do what is right for the people. American politicians go out there and kiss Netanyahu’s feet in every AIPAC meeting ... they literally worship Israel and Netanyahu. But we are able to rattle Netanyahu on his own soil.

Fantastic Guardian Angels
These guys work as fantastic guardian angels. Doesn’t matter who the politician it is ... doesn’t matter which part of the world it is ... they have ways to influence. That is why I told you before ... don’t worry Trump, you have a guardian angel protecting you.

Should you work with the Guardian Angel?
Since these guys are so fantastic and more powerful than the Establishment itself ... should you work with the Guardian Angels? The answer is no. The situation is a little bit complicated out there. You would not know who is who. It is like ... you go to a hospital ... there are two doctors ... both of them have the same lab coat and the same tools ... who will you trust? That’s why we said ... “trust no one, evaluate everything”. The only thing that you trust in this scenario is “intelligent action”. Act on what benefits the people in real time. The Intel Community or the Guardian Angels have their eye on you and they will do their job without needing direct interaction.

If they are so powerful and capable then why don’t they change the world on their own? That’s a good question. Because they are dependent upon our instructions and sight. Owing to the Establishment’s widespread misleading and malice ... these guys are contained in the same darkness. So, just like Obama ... they also read but they also do some works. But then they are dependent upon the info that we have published ... and we talk mostly about wars online. So they have taken some measures in that line. They are themselves waiting for us to unleash the new policies.

The Race to win the Silent Majority
Now, here’s the thing about the Silent Majority ... it comprises of hundreds of millions of people around the world. The Establishment tries to run its own agenda via its media. They try to portray you as a racist and a monster ... in order to win the support of the Silent Majority in their agenda. We have an active Intel Group that can reach any part of the system. But the entire Silent Majority comprises of hundreds of millions of people across the world and they would be subject to the content that is maintained in the media, despite our active influence. Which is why ... we request you to go easy on any race based policy that might target any religion, country, race or color. Because you would be falling into a trap that the Establishment will actively use to demonize you among the majority.

Superiority of the Intel Community over the Establishment
The Intel Community is mainly led by American Christians ... they know that the Establishment owners are a bunch of criminals. They will rattle the shit out of any politician or corporation. And there is nothing that the Establishment can do about it. They cannot stop them, they cannot influence them ... there is nothing that they can do to contain them. This is the current status of the operation.

The Establishment VS The Silent Majority
Now, take a look at the illustration below:

The Establishment ownership is there ... but don’t think that ... “ow, my God ... these guys own everything ... which is why they are so powerful ... we cannot do anything to them.” No, that is not the actual case in reality. In reality, their ownership is only a very thin layer of crust around a massive majority of hundreds of millions of people that they simply cannot contain.

It is like an eggshell ... the little bird is about to come out of that eggshell ... a little peck on that shell will crack the shell and open it. Just one little bird can crack the shell and open it. In the case of the bird ... the eggshell actually protects the contents till the bird is fully formed ... once the bird is formed, it cracks open the shell. In the case of the Establishment ... it is not a “protective” shell ... it is an “exploitation” shell that is only exploiting and leeching them. Just one little bird can break open the shell ... here we will have hundreds of millions of people who are terribly eager to break open the damn shell. Trust me, the movement will be massive.

Look at the circle on the right in the illustration. The Establishment thinks that ... “hey, we own everything ... we control everything” ... but in reality they are little grains of sand within the fist of the Silent Majority. They will be stomped and eliminated in no time.

Netanyahu: Pack and Run
The Bankers already know it very well ... Netanyahu knows this ... which is why he is calling Jews to come to Israel again and again. They know that once the Active Democracy movement enters Europe, Israel itself will be revolutionized. Let alone America and Europe ... Bankers will lose control over Israel itself. Which is why they moved their gold to South China Sea. They simply cannot afford their gold to be discovered.

Good News for Common Jews
The good news for the Common Jews is that ... they don’t need to pack and run anywhere ... just stay where you are. We are forming fantastic people oriented systems and no race, color or religion will be discriminated against. We are only eliminating criminal ideologies and exploitation systems.

A Revolution within Corporations and Media
You know what the status of Establishment ownership is? It is like one slave owner sitting surrounded by a 100 slaves that he owns. The slave owner is very proud that ... he owns a 100 slaves ... he does not know that these 100 slaves are sharpening their knives to do ... guess what? This time the slaves are not simple, humble Black people with limited resources. This time ... they are highly educated White people from the most developed countries of the world with the best possible military.

All of this media bashing that you are seeing against Trump ... all of this will get reversed ... these media companies will turn against their masters ... and we know exactly how to make that happen.

Trump’s Protective Shells

Obama sat there doing nothing against these exploitation systems. None of his steps were successful ... mainly because he did not have a full understanding of the system and he did not have the right policies to pull it off. Sometimes Presidents are a little bit afraid of taking the required measures. Abraham Lincoln was alone by himself ... playing the President’s card in making decisions ... which is why the Establishment was successful in eliminating him. He did not pull the right security shells to secure himself. He probably did not understand the viciousness and criminal nature of the people that he was dealing with.

Here are some of Trump’s protective shells:

  • Intel Community. It is a fantastic group that can rattle the Establishment at any point that they want. They have all Establishment tools and they are very well aware of Establishment moves. These are one of your most powerful guardian angels that are close to you.
  • Secret Service. And then comes your Secret Service and other government agencies that will keep you safe.
  • Russian Security Shell. The Establishment can outsmart government agencies but if you collaborate with Russia then they will give you a security shell that will rattle the shit out of the Establishment.
  • Active Democracy Policies. Another important point is that ... Abraham Lincoln was shot dead because it was his idea to print his own money. But now, it is not your idea ... all of these policies are formed by Active Democracy ... and people are rallying in the streets and voting for change. It is people based movement carried out by Active Democracy. So you basically don’t have any direct responsibility in this. “The people wanted it and I approved ... and I had to approve ... there was so much pressure to do this.” This can be your official frontend stand to keep you safe from any Establishment anger.
  • American People. And once you approve ... the American people will adore you and love you for this. They will know who the malicious guys are and who the criminals are ... and the people will themselves love you and protect you.
  • All Mighty God, He's Everywhere. And the best of all and the Mightiest of all ... All Mighty God ... these are fantastic and simply lovely policies that will be beneficial for hundreds of millions of people ... they are so good that God Himself will love you ... and God willing ... He will protect you.

This will be the Norm
Another important thing is that ... we will not change just one country ... these changes will be accomplished all across Europe and the World. This will become the norm ... it will be a new World. Abraham Lincoln made one change at one place which is why he became the target. But we will be bringing about these changes in as many countries as possible. The remainder of Establishment that will exist ... they will have to go with the flow of how things have changed ... they will have to go with the new norm. This will again cripple any Establishment anger as their anger or attempts to restore old systems will only backfire. They can never go back to the old systems again. This widespread change itself will secure all leaders involved.