22 Apr 2017
JewH230 “Sex Scandal” is an Establishment “Pressure Point”

What Bill O’Reilly does not know is that ... he was not fired by Fox and he was not fired because of his sex scandals. That was just a cover. It was the Establishment that got him fired because he was interfering in a bigger “Banker Plan” by supporting Trump. Here are the details.

Sex Scandals are an Establishment “pressure point”. They basically track your life in everything that you do ... they have setup systems to track the activities of almost every single American. Who you call, who you email, who you meet, who you have sex with, who you fight with, who you are friends with ... everything is tracked by the Establishment. Just in case, they want to get rid of someone ... then this database provides very good support. They will just pull up one woman from 5 years ago or 10 years ago or even 20 years ago ... and create a sex scandal out of it. This scandal is given widespread publicity in the media that they own ... voila ... you are booted.

Firstly, if there was a problem with a woman ... if some crime had been committed then it should be reported on the same day or the next or at least in the same week or month. If you decide to go to a news channel for something that happened 5 years ago or 10 years ago ... then it is not about what happened but there is an agenda behind that ... especially when the person has reached a high celebrity or political status. When the person has become very rich and popular ... now the women somehow muster up the courage to complain? It is not about any sexual assault ... but its about the money on one side and an agenda on the other side.

This is how it works ... let’s see a few cases and how the Establishment got what they wanted by using “sex scandals”.

Bill Clinton
A fantastic two time Governor and President ... doing a great job for the country ... creates more than 23.5 million jobs. And voila! All of a sudden in his second term ... there is a sex scandal. Apparently one woman shows up and supposedly something happened 10 years ago. And the scandal is being given widespread publicity now. Why? What is the Establishment’s take in this? The main issue was that Bill Clinton had already created a 96%+ employment in the US. If he had continued on his fantastic growth ... he could have probably reached 98-99% employment.

Jobs was not the problem during Bill Clinton ... it was Establishment malice. Establishment malice was already at its peak during Bill Clinton’s tenure ... despite such massive job growth, the economy was going to tank by more than $1 Trillion every year. If Bill Clinton had reached 99% employment and there would be a debt of more than $1 Trillion every year ... then the American people would freak out and demand an investigation and change in this. George Bush would have to fit into Bill Clinton’s shoes and fix the economy. Instead of this happening ... what our lovely Establishment did was ... created a scandal and deviated the people’s attention to something else other than the economy. Instead of Bill Clinton being praised and complimented ... he was being thrashed and ridiculed ... which led to George Bush’s election.

What Bush does is ... he doesn’t talk about the debt at all ... not once during his tenure he talked about the debt. The only thing that Bush talked about was ... Al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein, Al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein, Al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein. This entire War on Terror agenda was a “cover up” for the failing US economy. And the economy was failing owing to Establishment’s malicious self-serving policies. Which is why ... Demonizing Islam and Terrorism were the top agenda during George Bush and to a great extent even under Obama.

The sex scandal designed around Bill Clinton was to facilitate the movement from Bill Clinton to George Bush. It was to tell the American people ... “No, no, Bill Clinton was not a good guy. He assaulted women. Vote Republican ... vote for George Bush.” And everyone knows what George Bush did ... at the end of his second term ... George Bush tells Obama that there is a debt of $10 Trillion. The entire War on Terror was a cover up operation. It was an Establishment strategy to cover up their malice.

Julian Assange
Another sex scandal designed in the same style was for Julian Assange. Some women ... several years ago ... something happened in some country ... and they want to talk about it now. Especially at a point when Julian Assange has revealed the deaths of more than 100,000 “civilians” during the Iraq War. He provided documented proof for this. How is the Establishment connected with this? These deaths were carried out mostly by “private war contractors”. And it was a major blow to the Establishment created wars in the Middle East. Julian Assange had become an obstruction for the Establishment. They immediately pull up the women that he had slept with in his life ... and voila ... there is a sex scandal. Sex scandals is a pressure point that the Establishment uses to eliminate opposition.

Donald J Trump
The guy is a patriot ... he loves his country ... does not want a war with Russia. This simple thing is a problem with the Establishment. Sometimes good guys are a problem for the Establishment. Because right now, the Establishment’s priority is a war with Russia ... they want termination of countries in the West ... and Donald Trump is a major obstruction. He wins the Primaries and he is on his way to become President. And then what happens? Yes, sex scandals come into the picture all of a sudden.

What’s going on? It’s the same Establishment playing the same tricks. This is a common pressure point used by the Establishment to eliminate obstructions and opposition.

Bill O’Reilly
The number one TV Show Host in America ... with the highest ratings and viewership. What is the problem? He supports President Donald Trump. Trump’s elimination is the Establishment’s top priority now and Bill O’Reilly is using Fox News ... a network owned and controlled by the Establishment ... to support and promote Donald Trump. It was a major clash of interest with the Establishment.

Bill O’Reilly is someone who does not give into pressure ... he says what he wants to say ... he is very strong in his opinion. Which is one of the reasons why he was a very successful host. There was no Establishment puppetry in Bill O’Reilly’s work. But when he chose to support Donald Trump then that’s where the major issue was. Bill O’Reilly was providing massive positive publicity for Trump when the Establishment wanted the opposite. And the Establishment as usual ... plays its dirty trick and boots Bill O’Reilly.

Why does the Establishment prefers to use Sex Scandals?
There are a few reasons why the Establishment uses this technique:

  • Spy Tools. There are several ways in which the Establishment is able to spy into the private lives of the American people. Every email, phone call and everything you store on your phone or PC is tracked. As they own the companies that provide all of these services ... they automatically have your data. Corporate monopoly facilitates this.
  • Media Ownership. Having your private data with you ... all they need to do is reach out to those women and give them a lucrative offer. It might be an offer or it might be a threat, as they have good political connections as well. Once the woman is ready to cooperate ... they design the formula for a scandal and give widespread publicity in their owned media channels.

These are the two simple tools owing to which they prefer using this technique. They have the data and they have the means to publicize it. And if you see all of the victims above then you will find these common factors.

  • Happened long time ago. Whatever happened ... it happened several years ago. It did not happen yesterday or a week ago. In all of the above cases, the events happened several years ago. Since the Establishment has tools to track all of your life history then it is very easy for them to pull up this data.
  • Political Agenda. In all of the cases above ... if you see ... all of them are politically sensitive ... they impact the Establishment’s political agenda in one way or the other.
  • Widespread Media Publicity. In all of the cases above ... if you see ... they are given widespread media publicity. Again something that the Establishment is able to do because they own the media.
  • Payouts or Threats. The women involved in these scandals either get hefty payouts or they are under pressure. These are the two ways in which the Establishment pressurizes women to cooperate in these preplanned scandals.
  • Establishment Benefit. The end result of this “sex scandal” will be a benefit for the Establishment and a promotion of their interests. If you see all of the above cases ... they are centered around Establishment interests.

Establishment not caring about cash flow is a “Red Alert”
The important thing about the Bill O’Reilly sex scandal is that ... he was the number one TV Show Host with dozens and dozens of sponsors. He was bringing in a huge cash flow for Fox News. He was hot property. Even then the Establishment eliminating him ... not caring about their cash flow ... shows how their priorities have drastically changed. It shows how they are putting such immense emphasis on Trump’s elimination. They are like “okay, we don’t care about losing tens of millions in revenues ... but we need to get rid of this Trump supporter.” This is a Red Alert in the destructive plans that the Establishment is creating.