21 Apr 2017
JewH229 The Scared Establishment’s Desperate Efforts

You have been seeing a lot of demonization of Putin and Russia ... a lot of investigations into relations of Trump and Putin ... and investigations into Russian interference in Western elections. Do you know what this is? This is the “scared Establishment” desperately trying to save its own existence. Let me give you some details.

Active Democracy Strategy
What we did a couple of years ago was ... design an entire strategy of how to eliminate Establishment monopoly. We put in several parameters that would be required to put this together. What the Establishment said was ... “Hell no, this cannot happen. We cannot allow this to happen. This will eliminate our existence and influence around the world. Let’s just reverse the whole thing!”

The Reverse Ideology
See ... basically these guys follow a “reverse ideology”. They look for self-benefit while exploiting the masses. For example, increase in the cost of living makes sure that people don’t save any money ... when people don’t save money, that’s when they go to the Bank for loans. So creating a high cost of living ... making sure that they save no money ... helps the Bankers. It’s a reverse ideology ... they don’t look into how to help people, how to make things better for the people, how to ease their lives ... that is not there in their thinking pattern.

They work in an upside down realm. If everything is great for the people and there are a lot of savings ... then the Bankers don’t make any money. If the world is at peace with no ISIS or no terrorist activities ... then guns don’t sell. But if ISIS grows continuously and terrorism is non-stop then the weapons industry flourishes. Its reverse ideology. What is bad for people, it is good for them. What is good for people, it is bad for them.

So, when Active Democracy created the strategy to make things better for the people ... then automatically we are the enemy. By default, their thinking pattern tells them to do the opposite. I will give a few points of our strategy ... see how the Establishment is reversing these points for their own benefit and survival.

American and Russian Unity
We know how the Establishment functions and how they have rigged the US Administration at various levels. Security is a major concern in this project. Previous US Presidents have been shot dead by the Establishment for daring to print their own money. Most US government elements are rigged and controlled by the Establishment. So, who will protect the US President and US leaders who will bring about these changes in America?

A fantastic and super capable power that comes into the picture is Russia. Russia itself has been the victim of the Establishment’s vicious and murderous rule of Communism in the East. Millions of Russians have lost their lives because of the same Establishment. When America cooperates with Russia, then Russia will gladly and very effectively put all Establishment owners within their crosshairs ... giving US leaders a unique security shell. This is something that Russia can do very effectively. All Establishment elements have been rooted out from Russia and there is no Establishment control in Russia. Russia will be simply fantastic in enabling this to happen in the West.

This possible unity of Russia and the West scares the shit out of the Establishment. Their malice is at the peak ... countries are drowning in debt ... there is direct verifiable ownership of Establishment elements in all of these processes. So what they did was ... “No, no, no! We need to reverse this whole thing. We need to demonize Putin and we need to create friction between America and Russia.” That’s the reverse strategy that they came up with. Why? Because it helps them in mainly two things:

  • Facilitate Termination. Their malice is at its peak. Facilitating termination of the entire West via a war with Russia is their top priority. Demonizing Putin and Russia ... creating friction with Russia ... helps them in this strategy.
  • Reverse Strategy. This reverse strategy helps them prevent America from joining with Russia against them. Instead of America and Russia joining together in taking down the Establishment ... they remain apart with missiles pointed at each other.

The second thing that you are observing out there is “investigations”. All of a sudden there are investigations ... investigations into Trump’s relations with Putin ... investigations into Russian interference in elections in the West and bla bla bla. Do you know why they are doing this? Because in our strategy at Active Democracy ... the first thing that we will be doing is “launch investigations”. The moment we get a sponsor to launch our work ... we will be hiring a team of researchers and investigators. And these guys will be directed to investigate the shit out of the Establishment ... we will investigate every malice of the Establishment right from its Kazarian roots and the bubonic plague to the Communist Rule, World Wars and Corporate malice in the West. We will investigate each and everything and put it in black and white.

And this scares the shit out of the Establishment. So, what do they do? Instead of allowing sponsors to reach us ... instead of allowing us to do our work and investigate them. They are sitting there and investigating Trump and Putin. “Putin interfered in the elections! Putin got Trump elected! We need to investigate this.” What is this? This is nothing but the desperate ways of the scared Establishment. Did Putin rig the election machines? Nope. Did Putin pay any election officer to rig the votes? No. These allegations are nothing but stupid and ridiculous. But still they are carrying out these investigations and giving widespread publicity in their owned media channels. Because they are simply scared of the idea of Trump and Putin working together.

We had created this concept of Russian Unity during Obama Administration itself. We strongly emphasized on Obama having good relations with Russia. Obama was on a tilted platform ... sometimes yes and sometimes no. But when Trump made a strong argument of having good relations with Russia ... and then he also won the elections ... here is where the Establishment flipped out of its mind. And it used every possible tool to demonize Trump and Putin. They used the media, Democrats and intelligence agencies ... to demonize and investigate these relations. Why? Why is the Establishment so scared? What is so wrong in having a proper relation with Russia? Because it is not about having a proper relationship with Russia ... the moment these two forces combine and start working with Active Democracy then the very existence of the Establishment will not be possible. They are scared of their own malice ... and they are scared that the good guys will come after them. So, they are playing a reverse strategy of making the good guys fight with each other ... if Trump and Putin fight with each other ... then it is a winning streak for them.

Widespread Publicity
As per our strategy ... once we collect the information of Establishment malice throughout World History ... we will give widespread publicity to this ideology and its vicious malice that has occurred throughout the world since Kazaria. We will fully expose this malicious ideology and its policies ... and work towards its elimination. That’s an integral part of the strategy.

This again is a nightmare for the Establishment. They cannot simply imagine this happening in real time. This is something that they never envisioned that it would happen. So, they are resorting to a “reverse strategy” ... instead of this happening, they are demonizing the good guys out there ... Trump and Putin ... guys who are trying to do good for their countries and the world. They are busy dividing Trump and Putin ... America and Russia.

Protests and Marches
Have you seen so many protests against a newly elected President? There are non-stop protests and marches against President Trump ... under some excuse or the other. Do you know what this is? This is again a reverse strategy. As per our strategy, we would expose Establishment malice and their malicious systems ... and put people on the streets to protest against these policies to bring about a change. Instead of this happening, what the Establishment is doing is ... planting protests again and again against President Trump. Under some excuse or the other there are immediate and instant protests against Trump. Why? Because the Establishment is scared that if people come out on the streets against them ... then there is no other option for them other than pack and run. So, alternatively they are sitting there and planting one protest after another against Trump.

New Laws
We want to expose Establishment malice and create new laws in order to eliminate that malice. This is again an integral part of our strategy. What does our lovely Establishment do? It reverses the strategy and starts creating laws against Russian support and involvement in the West. In Europe they are considering new laws and action against news agencies, journalists and politicians connected or sponsored by any Russian entity. They are literally coming up with laws to make sure that Russia does not unite with the West. Because the moment it does ... it threatens their survival. This is again a desperate measure by the Establishment to save itself.

Technically if you see ... these guys are Devil worshipers living as Jews ... guys who practice Devil worship in the name of Judaism. This is a core Jewish problem. It is because of this malicious ideology that is embedded in their religious books, like the Talmud, that is creating this malicious policies and problems around the world. So, in one of our proposals we discussed ... why should the Holy Land like Jerusalem be held by a bunch of Devil Worshipers?

  • Their malice is widespread around the world
  • 65% of their population is irreligious
  • They are monstrous towards their neighbors
  • They have banned the distribution of the Bible and other religious books
  • Just like their hometown Kazaria, they love wars and weapons. Weapons industry is booming in Israel.
  • Just like their hometown Kazaria, they love agriculture. Agriculture was the main occupation in Kazaria.
  • Just like their hometown Kazaria, they love drugs. Israel is the world leader in the production of Marijuana and other drugs.
  • Just like their hometown Kazaria, they love decadence, homosexuality and sexual perversions. Which is why you will find that Jews are the prominent leaders of LGBTQ groups and the pornography industry.
  • Satanic temple, Kabbalah, Scientology is based in Israel.

All of the above is not the Torah ... it is not the teachings of Moses. Why should the Holy Land be held and remain to be illegally occupied by a government who is so vicious and disastrous? As a response to this what does the Establishment do? It follows a reverse strategy. “No, no, no ... this cannot happen. Instead, we should make Jerusalem the official Capital of Israel. We should make America and Russia recognize Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel”. Which is why all of a sudden you see ... there is immense emphasis on moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem. They are going to Russia to pester Putin to officially recognize Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel.

Why? Because once we expose these guys and their malicious systems ... if America and Russia combine ... you can easily instruct Israel to restrict its borders. Israel will have no other option but to follow. So, alternatively what they are doing is ... getting America and Russia ... the key countries to recognize Jerusalem as the Capital. It’s a reverse strategy.

Inaction and Stagnation
If you see ... all of the above actions are ridiculous and desperate ... the Establishment is scared and it is making its most desperate moves. This is the best that they can come up with. Because their ideology and thinking pattern does not give them constructive, progressive and positive ways of doing things. This is their way of doing things ... fooling people, outsmarting people and benefiting themselves in the process.

But despite having the right strategy and fantastic policies ... you will see that the Establishment is making progress but we are not. Why? Inaction and stagnation. All of this information was given to Obama ... he took no successful action to address these issues. It’s like ... you are in a horse race ... you have the most fantastic horse with you ... but all you do is sit on that horse and gloat. “Hey, I have the most fantastic horse with me. Yay, yay, yay.” And then you just sit on that horse without taking even one step ahead. The other guy is a vicious malicious guy sitting on a donkey ... and he is moving ahead ... he is winning in his malicious ways. Why? Because, despite having the most fantastic horse with you ... you are just sitting there and not making any move. The guy on a donkey is leading and ahead of you ... only because he is making real time moves that will help in his agenda. A walking donkey is more effective than a standing horse.

If the donkey has taken 100 steps ahead of you ... and if you come into action ... do you think the horse will win or not? Hell yes, a running horse will win any day against a donkey ... doesn’t matter if the donkey has a little bit lead. Unfortunately, Obama has timed out ... his race got over 3 months ago ... and the donkey won against Obama. Now, Trump has the horse ... the donkey is still in the lead ... President Donald Trump ... what are you going to do? Are you going to follow Obama ... do nothing and allow the donkey to win? Or are you going to come into action?