12 Apr 2017
JewH228 Trump and Putin The Christian Crusaders that changed the World

Trump and Putin ... when they join hands ... they can be fantastic, fabulous and splendid Christian Crusaders that changed the World forever. They can join together to create a historic “New World” ... that will be super people oriented and simply fantastic for the people around the World. Both of them will go down in World History like no other Presidents have.

World Scenario
How does this work? At this moment in time ... we are at a very very critical and sensitive stage where Establishment malice is at its peak ... with terribly high cost of living, debt based societies and rampant crime. And the Establishment is actively working towards creating another World War to bury its malice. If we allow the Establishment to progress in its ways ... then we are looking at imminent conflict and destruction in the worst case scenario ... if not that ... then it is continued friction, terrorism, stagnation and debt. These are the two choices that we have owing to Establishment monopoly:

  • World War III. Its gonna be World War III ... with increased friction between the West and Russia. You can easily see it every day. It keeps worsening day by day and month by month.
  • Terrorism and Stagnation. If we somehow avoid World War III ... then we are going to live in continued debt and stagnation in a world of friction and terrorism.

These are the two choices that the Establishment is facilitating around the world. You yourself can see what is happening since the past 16 years. But instead of moving in this direction of friction, terrorism, stagnation, debt, terrible cost of living and wars ... everything can change ... it can be a beautiful beautiful fantastic and fabulous world. Only if a few key elements combine ... then we can make it happen.

President Donald J Trump
Let’s start with President Trump ... yes, my dear President ... you are on the center stage of this entire movement worldwide ... and you can make it happen. You have some fantastic characteristics that no other American politician can match ... and that is:

  • Killer Instinct. You have a fantastic killer instinct. You go for the kill and the wolves don’t stand a chance when you get into action. Most of the other Congress members are Establishment suckups. Given the current scenario of having wolves all around the people ... you are the perfect candidate to take them out.
  • Patriot. You are a fantastic patriot who will not think twice in deciding what is best for the people and the country. This is a characteristic that again the other Congressmen lack.

You are in a fantastic key position to take up this movement at a worldwide level. You came into power to make a Great America ... but what you don’t know is that ... not only you are going to be a fantastic US President ... but you are also going to be a fabulous “World Leader”. The World needs leadership and your help ... and you will provide it in the right “people oriented” manner.

What’s in it for Trump?
If you work on this strategy of eliminating wolves and creating fantastic people based systems around the world ... then this is what you get.

  • A Great America. An America that has never been before ... you will rise to a greatness of stunning levels. You will be a model for the entire world to follow. Stunning progress and stunning success will be the feature of Trump Presidency. The people will love and adore you for generations.
  • Global Recognition and Glory. You will be loved not only in America but around the World. People from hundreds of countries will be thanking and loving President Donald J Trump.
  • A Series of Nobel Prizes. You will be changing lives by the hundreds of millions of people every single year. You could be awarded Nobels year after year ... there will be a series of Nobel prizes in the Trump Family. You will be one of the most loved and respected families around the world.

President Vladimir Putin
The second major key player in this strategy is ... President Vladimir Putin. Just like Trump rises to glory in the West ... you can have the same glory in the East. Russia can be a stunning world leader and a role model to follow. Just like Trump ... you also love your country and people ... and you are also very keen in taking down the wolves. When both of you combine ... it will be fantastic powers working hand in hand.

What is Russia’s Role?
Trump must be thinking ... “why do I need Russia’s help? Can’t I do this on my own?” Well ... no, you can’t. These Establishment wolves are cruel and vicious ... they have assassinated US Presidents before when they dared to print their own money. Why do you think Abraham Lincoln was killed? He dared to print his own money and they shot him dead. These are the places where Russia’s help is critical:

  • Legal Technology Base. The Establishment has widespread influence in many Western countries. And if you try to design a campaign to root out the Establishment via a base in London, New York or Paris ... then they simply file a few lawsuits against you and shut down your media entity. Shutting down opponents is very easy for them. This is one of the techniques of how they maintain their monopoly. They simply shutdown any media entity that goes against them. But in Russia ... the Jewish Establishment has already been rooted out. And Putin understands the Establishment like no other leader. They have lived through Communism which was a horrendous genocidal system created by none other than the Jewish Establishment. Russia will provide a key role in hosting the media entity that will host and promote the required content.
  • Security. Another major role of Russia in this strategy is “security”. Owing to the rigged nature of the systems in America, security can be a concern. The Establishment that has assassinated your previous Presidents ... the same Establishment has rigged your systems. So, your own security has to be “double protected” by Russian security shells. So that when you take moves against the Establishment then you fear no one. Whoever the shit it might be ... the oil companies or bankers or arms industries or corporations or media ... you need to fear no one. Cooperation with Russia ... will not only provide you security against these wolves but Russia can also put the owners of all of these entities within their crosshairs. Doesn’t matter in which corner of the world these bankers or corporation owners might be ... Russia can easily put them within their crosshairs ... giving you total freedom and 100% security to make any move against these wolves.

What’s in it for Russia?

  • Elimination of Sanctions. Firstly, if you see this entire friction between the West and Russia ... it is Establishment created. They want a conflict between NATO and Russia. All of that can change. Instead of a conflict, you can join hands and eliminate all sanctions on Russia. This is one of the first things that the elimination of Establishment monopoly will provide.
  • Stunning Progress of Russia. And when you follow the fantastic people based systems and policies that we design ... it will create stunning progress for Russia as a country ... and Russia will become a key leader in the East.
  • Glory and Respect for President Putin. Just like Trump will be adored and respected worldwide ... the same will happen for President Putin.

Gulf Countries
The third key player in this strategy are the Gulf Countries. This is how the Establishment maintains its monopoly in the West:

  • Eliminate Opponents. Firstly, media opponents are eliminated via legals. And they have actively bought out 90% of mainstream media in America ... which facilitates total media monopoly.
  • Promote or Demote via Media. They control who gets elected via media mileage. Via their media ownership, they easily control who gets promoted and who is demoted. It’s a small tiny Jewish group. But they are sitting there and deciding the entire American political spectrum ... of who gets elected and who gets tossed out.
  • Campaign Finance. The third major factor of how they control who gets elected is via campaign finance. The Jewish Establishment owns the majority of the largest corporations in America and these corporations heavily invest in politics. Just by controlling who gets the campaign finance ... they decide who wins or loses the election.

Just by controlling who gets positive media coverage and who gets the money to campaign ... the Establishment is easily controlling who gets elected to any seat ... it might be the Governor or it might be the President. It is because of this monopoly that nothing changes in America. Which is where the “Gulf Countries” come into picture. These countries happen to be with the right ideology ... they themselves don’t like the Jewish Establishment ... they are pretty darn pissed at its malice around the world. And they would love to see the Jewish Establishment eliminated. Being oil rich countries ... just one of these countries can out-sponsor all US corporations combined together. This is a critical role that Gulf Countries will play in rooting out the Jewish Establishment from around the world.

What’s in it for Gulf Countries?

  • Elimination of the Jewish Establishment. You will have a critical role in helping the elimination of wolves from around the world. You will be a key player in bringing about fantastic systemic changes around the world.
  • Glory for Kings and Princes. Just imagine ... so and so Prince changes Italy ... so and so Prince changes France ... so and so Prince changes Spain ... we will be working with hundreds of countries around the world and your Royal Highness will be credited for the fantastic changes in those countries.
  • Fantastic changes for your own countries. We will be unleashing fantastic people based systems and your own countries will see phenomenal growth and progress under those systems. Apart from being recognized internationally, you will be loved and adored for generations to come in your own countries.

Trump and Gulf Kings & Princes
We saw Trump along with one Prince from the Gulf ... Trump seemed a little bit freaked out. Lol ... as if he was walking along with the King of ISIS. Relax Donald ... it is not like that. The ISIS thing is “crime” being promoted as Islam. It has nothing to do with Islam or Muslim Kings. In fact, you will find all of the Kings and Princes from the Gulf countries to be very hospitable, friendly, loving and caring. Just like you ... they love to do great things for their people and countries. Just like you ... they love being great. And just like you ... they also like the finest luxuries. You have a lot in common with them ... get the ISIS out of your head when you meet them. And many of them are educated in America ... so, don’t really worry about what they wear ... you have a lot in common.

What’s in it for Active Democracy?
Well, we get to create a People Centric Intelligence System that works with hundreds of countries around the world … designing the most fantastic systems that empower and benefit people around the world. 

Former President Barack Obama
Well, do you see Trump and Melania on the center stage in the above illustration? That could have been you and Michelle. If you had been a little bit proactive and made some initiatives while you were still President ... then that could have been you. We told you several times that ... we have something fantastic for you ... you will go down in History not only in America but also in several other countries ... but you did not seem to be proactive about it and you kept flipping in the other direction.

But still ... we have a lovely respected role for you. The reason you are still there on the top at the left is because ... you were kind of a part of this movement for a long time. You didn’t show a lot of action ... but at least you made some moves. And since you were aware of Establishment malice for the past 6-7 years ... it gives you some seniority in the movement. We already discussed this in the previous pages ... if you show initiatives ... then we have a fantastic role for you that will create a legacy for you.

Chancellor Angela Merkel
She will be a key leader in Europe against Establishment malice and control. Owing to Germany’s history, she is very well aware of how these guys operate and function in a few ways. She will be a key leader in eliminating Establishment influence in Europe.

Trump: Be friends with her. She is very important.

The Golden Lady, Ivanka Trump
Yes, look at the league that you have joined. You are in the same group as Trump, Putin, Obama, Kings, Princes and Angela Merkel. You will have a fantastic role in this. You are Trump’s right hand in making a Great America and a fantastic world. We will give you details of your role as we move on.

Project Delay Effects
Just in case ... this project is further delayed and you guys don’t get together ... and you guys don’t connect with Active Democracy ... then the Establishment will continue its malicious path ... which means:

  • Trump. More demonization for Trump and Ivanka ... more lawsuits ... more elimination attempts and more misleading in various ways.
  • Putin. More demonization of Russia and Putin ... more events to create friction between the two countries. This is one of the reasons why they are creating more events to facilitate friction between Trump and Putin. They are afraid and they do not want you to join on this project. It is because of this project that they have started a new scheme of demonizing “Russian interference in elections”. The Establishment is so scared that they are carrying out such desperate moves.
  • Obama. You delayed throughout your Presidency and you lost a key role. If it is further delayed then your support role which is possible now ... that also gets diminished with changing time and factors.
  • Debt, Stagnation and Terrorism. You will see a continuous increment in debt, stagnation and terrorism around the world ... because that’s what the Establishment wants to keep you busy with.

Common Factors
However, if you see the interesting thing among all key players mentioned above ... Trump, Putin, Gulf Kings & Princes, Obama, Angela Merkel and Ivanka ... all of you have a few things in common.

  • People Oriented. All of you are people oriented. All of you love people and love to do what is best for the people.
  • Victims. All of you have been the victims of the Establishment.
    • Trump has been viciously and horribly demonized by the Establishment ... which includes Ivanka.
    • Russia has crippling sanctions imposed by the Establishment and a list of demonization attempts targeting Putin and Russia.
    • Gulf countries are suffering an attack on Islam by the demonization of Islam and creation of rules against Islamic culture in the West.
    • Obama has got zero legacy and a bruised Administration because of the same Establishment.
    • Angela Merkel has been viciously attacked for her immigration policy by creating events in her country ... apart from the previous disasters that they created in Germany.

So the more you delay ... the more the Establishment will progress towards friction, disaster and stagnation. But if all of you combine and work with Active Democracy ... then you will be key leaders that will change the world forever.