11 Apr 2017
JewH227 Obama’s Flop List Wars, Policies and Financial Disasters

Let’s take a look at some of Obama’s prominent flops ... so that we can get an understanding of how the Establishment fools and misleads the US President. Their modus operandi facilitates “all benefits” for them and “stagnation & disasters” for others. This is how the Jewish Establishment operates.


The charismatic and dashing Obama of 2008 campaigned for “no wars” ... withdrawal of all troops ... and no more politics of fear and hate. But when he took office ... the first thing he does is ... sends tens of thousands of troops to Afghanistan. Why and how? The guy was a simple Community Organizer yesterday and now he is sitting in the White House with the Nation’s top advisers telling him that “we are under attack ... American soldiers are being killed ... Taliban is on the rise ... we need immediate assistance”. What do you think he is going to do? Is he going to listen to the Generals or do his own thing?

The Establishment played Obama by simply “overwhelming” him. It’s a rigged system ... it was the most simple and easy card that they could play. And the Nation is seeing that ... “hey, the guy just said that I am going to get back all of our troops and what is he doing?” Obama flipped and flopped ... costing the American tax payers trillions more in continued wars while putting American soldiers at risk at places they should have never been present in the first place. Who benefited? The Establishment benefited via billions in weapon sales while causing the people financial disasters.

Iraq and ISIS
Afghanistan is something that Obama did completely on his own. Then we started exposing the flawed moves and malice of the Establishment behind these wars. We showed how it was in America’s best interests to stop blowing up our tax payer money by the trillions when there is no benefit or returns for us. So, Obama finally gathers the courage to withdraw troops from Iraq.

The Establishment gets pissed at Obama’s decision and when the date of withdrawal of troops is announced ... they started creating “ISIS”. These wars could not continue if America pulled off troops and if these countries were stabilized. There had to be chaos in these countries so that America remains involved and so that it is continuously deviated from its failing economy. By the time Obama pulled off all of the troops ... ISIS was ready on the other side. Once Obama pulled off the troops ... they unleashed ISIS.

ISIS was used to carry out the most barbaric activities and these activities were given widespread publicity in the Establishment owned media in America. Obama continuously ridiculed George Bush for bombing Iraq ... and then after a few years Obama found himself bombing Iraq. How? Establishment malice.

The mistake that Obama made was that ... he should have kept surveillance of the entire area. He knew that Al Qaeda was active in these areas ... terrorist groups were in the play ... he should have kept strict surveillance of Iraq. Drones were used to bomb areas ... instead they should have been used to monitor, track and control all terrorist activities in the zone. This lack of monitoring and control in combination with a rigged system ... led to the rise of ISIS. We are back to square one ... spending trillions of tax payer money in warfare while the Establishment benefits.

Syria Weapons Supply
As if chaos in these two countries was not enough ... it had already created a massive debt in the economy. There is no wise reason why we should blow up our money to such extents for others with no returns ... but even then we destabilize another country, Libya, by eliminating its government. We already know that Libya has become a terrorist breeding ground ... giving the Establishment armies of terrorists which is limitless entertainment for them. Despite all of this, Obama chooses to topple one more government in Syria.

Why? Because the wonderful rigged system gave him two choices ... either to bomb and eliminate Assad or supply weapons to rebels. That’s what the Establishment does ... both of the choices given benefit the Establishment. One choice is disastrous ... another choice is terrible ... and Obama said ... “hmmm, I choose terrible”. We spent hundreds of billions of American tax payer money in Syria ... please tell me where are the returns for the American people? Nothing, zero.

While our lovely Murder Queen, Hillary Clinton, was leading these disasters around the world ... Obama was busy revising the healthcare system for the American people. And the amusing part is that ... the Establishment misled Obama in this also. They encouraged him to copy most of his healthcare points from Mitt Romney’s healthcare system. Mitt Romney is one of the biggest corporate leeches in America. Obama ended up creating a system that provides massive benefits for the Establishment with sky rocketing premiums. The Establishment fools Obama once again ... creating massive benefits for itself while leeching out the people.

With 8 years coming to an end ... there is nothing on Obama’s works that he can call a legacy. He spent most of the time either bombing or destabilizing countries ... thanks to our Murder Queen. When he looks back at 8 years of work ... he finds that there is no legacy for him. So, he wants to do something that is “historic” so that he can call it a legacy. He is encouraged to go to “Cuba” ... make a historic visit and mend relations with Cuba. Which was another blunder ... Cuba is a Communist Country ... it is an Establishment intensive control point ... they only “farted back” in response to Obama’s historic visit. Thankfully ... this move did not cost the American tax payers much.

Helping China fight Protectionism
Obama campaigned on promises to bring back jobs and industries from China. He talked about how he saw machines and equipment that were pulled off their roots from cities like Detroit and shipped off to China. Instead of doing that ... what Obama does is ... help China fight all forms of “protectionism”. He walking around with the Chinese President in his second term promising to fight Protectionism. What is Protectionism? It means countries should not block Chinese products from coming into their countries.

The Establishment has shipped off all major manufacturing industries to China and in the name of Global Trade ... World Trade ... Trade Across Borders and Free Trade Agreements ... they have facilitated massive “massive” amounts of sales of their own products. Tens of thousands of industries have shut down across the West ... millions of people have lost high paying jobs and it has created debt by the trillions. And all of this cash flows to “China”. This is what you facilitate when you help China fight Protectionism. Another major blunder of the Obama Administration and he made zero initiatives to address this issue.

$20 Trillion Debt
When you continue to spend trillions in wars with absolutely no return back into the system ... you continue with the same crappy system when tens of thousands of our industries remain in China ... when you make no positive change ... then obviously you will continue to sink deeper in debt. There is no way that you will be able to stop the debt when you won’t change the system.

Russia Flip
Obama went ahead and forcefully signed the Iran Nuclear Deal. Because we showed that ... these wars are planned to expand and the conflict is being designed with Russia ... you fight with Russia and Russia will terminate the entire West ... which is exactly what the Establishment wants. Obama understood this and for once ... he stood up, went ahead and forcefully signed the Iran Nuclear Deal ... despite the vicious opposition of Netanyahu.

But when Trump won the election ... Obama flips against Russia. Because Republicans gave him a tough time ... did not let him do anything ... he got zero legacy because of their non-cooperation ... and being against Russia helped him be against Trump and Republicans. Obama gets fooled again by the Establishment. He leaves what is good for his country aside and gets consumed by party politics. Till date ... he was cooperating with Russia ... had good relations ... was stabilizing Syria ... and just because Trump had good relations with Putin ... he flips against Russia. It was a totally disastrous move.

Don’t Connect – Sit and Read
We, Active Democracy, have clearly shown Obama again and again ... hundreds of times ... how the Establishment functions. We have shown him the need to control and restrict Establishment influence in politics, media and business. And this cannot be done by any US politician on his own ... because he will never get the media mileage and he will never get the votes to bring about this change. We already know this ... Obama has already experienced it. We designed an entire strategy ... that combines “people based systems and media”. We told him ... we will fight for fantastic policies ... that will bring about beautiful changes in the country ... and we will do it with maximum media publicity ... by involving the people.

The reason it cannot be done in the US is because all major US corporations are owned by the Jewish Establishment. They will never contribute to this campaign ... they will never want these policies to be realized. So leave aside US companies ... instead connect with the Gulf countries ... like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait. These guys would love to see the Jewish Establishment’s influence terminated in America. They will provide as much support as you need ... its peanuts for them. To beat the Establishment in the West, it is imperative to involve them. This information is already given to Obama. All he needs to do is make a few calls and provide us with some connections.

Now see how the Establishment fools him. Instead of encouraging him to do the same ... they tell him to “sit and read” ... extract the info that we publish and try to be a great President. Lol. Tell me, who does this benefit? The American people or the Establishment. While Obama was sitting and reading ... the Establishment was making all of the necessary moves to protect itself. They started blaming Russia for “Russian propaganda and interference in elections” ... started promoting the concept of “fake news”. The Establishment cannot be taken down without Russian support. The hammering of “Russian interference in elections” is an Establishment precaution ahead of time. And when we would expose Establishment malice ... we would be called “fake news”. Obama sits and reads while the Establishment strengthens its network.

They are making extensive efforts to worsen relations with Russia. Why? Because if Active Democracy, Trump and Putin combine ... the game is over for them. And the worst part of Obama’s inaction is that ... they packed up and ran. The Jewish Bankers packed up their gold reserves from Israel and fled to South China Sea. We lost reserves worth hundreds of trillions of dollars. We could have wiped out the entire world debt and rebuilt the world with that amount.

They pushed Obama back telling him ... “hey, one brown guy with a laptop ... what the hell will he do? Just read what he writes and make use of it.” Because of this one brown guy ... they packed up and ran:

  • The world’s only trillionaires packed up and ran
  • They fooled and established an entire country to store their reserves. They abandoned their country and ran.
  • They created two World Wars to create and populate this country. They abandoned "this country" and ran.
  • These are the bankers that 80% of US politicians goto AIPAC and kiss their feet. We made these guys pack up and run.
  • They own 90% of US mainstream media. They rattle the shit out of most top politicians in America. We made them pack up and run.
  • We made the world’s worst criminals who were fooling their own people and the entire West ... criminals who had their own army ... we made them pack up and run.

We told Obama again and again ... these guys are scared ... the Establishment is scared ... that is why they are promoting “fake news and Russian propaganda” ... the time to act is now. But the guy shows no initiatives and we lost reserves worth trillions ... hundreds of trillions.

We, Active Democracy, did this (thanks to God) ... using just one website. Imagine what we can do when we have a workforce of 1,500 people ... with Trump and Putin by our side. It will be revolution after revolution ... one systemic change after another ... one country after another. You can take a counter and keep ticking ... the number of changes that we will create around the world.

Oprah for President
Not only Obama does not reach out to the right leaders for support ... he is misguided to connect with the wrong people as well. Instead of talking with the Kings and Sheikhs of Gulf Countries ... he is asking Oprah to run for President. Lol. The extent to which the Establishment fools Obama ... Good Lord.

So, the billionaire, Oprah is supposed to finance our project and we should make her President? Which means ... demonizing and pulling down Trump for another 4 years ... which means nothing being done rather than demonizing the current President resulting in the stagnation for another 4 years for the people? Falling perfectly in line with the Establishment agenda ... which is “demonize Trump”. Well, that is your best case scenario. Just in case, Trump commits any major blunder ... it might be military or legal ... the Establishment is keen on replacing him with another Republican. And this other “Republican” will not be Russia friendly ... which implies that ... even before these first 4 years come to an end ... there is a chance of war with Russia and the complete West is destroyed. So much for Oprah being President.

Terms of Cooperation
Obama dear ... you realize this, right ... you are not even President now ... but you are still being fooled by the Establishment. We asked for Obama to cooperate with Trump and interestingly there seems to be a setting of terms and conditions for cooperation. Lol.

  • Trump should not use his Executive Powers
  • Trump should continue Obama policies
  • Trump should continue with ObamaCare
  • Trump should continue with Obama wars

My dear Obama ... this is Democracy ... this cannot be your “inheritance deed”. America does not belong to you ... it belongs to the American people. And what is in the best interests of the American people ... that will be done. There is no way that Trump will not use his Executive Powers and there is no way that we will continue with anything that is disastrous from the previous Administration. It might be your wars or your policies.

It’s the Establishment’s Fault not Mine!
My dear Obama ... you cannot sit back saying that ... it was the Establishment’s fault ... I am a good guy ... it is the Establishment that is bad. You cannot say that. It is like a shepherd saying ... that wolves are bad, I am a good guy. The shepherd is seeing that there are wolves among the sheep ... but you are sitting there saying ... I am good, the wolves are bad. Tell me, what kind of a shepherd would that be? You were one of the most powerful men in the world ... the Commander in Chief, the President of the United States ... you want to sum up your Presidency saying that ... I was good, the wolves were bad?

If saw that there were wolves among your sheep then what did you do? Why didn’t you get rid of them? What actions did you take? What measures did you put into place? Why didn’t you eliminate the wolves?

Obama Legacy Options
This is how it works. Like we said before ... we don’t take any policy for a vote in the Congress directly. It is going to be a media war first ... which is why channelizing several media options are incorporated in our strategy. We will be taking all policies to the people first and the people will rally for each of these policies. When this system starts enfolding ... these will be your options:

  1. Remain Silent – It will create humiliation for you
    If you choose to remain silent then it will only create humiliation for you. The people will ask ... if Trump could do such fantastic things ... then what was Obama doing? Why was Obama sleeping when Active Democracy got in touch with him hundreds of times? Why did Obama do nothing when we repeatedly got in touch with you? Trump will shine while people will look down upon you.
  2. Oppose – It can be disastrous
    If you choose to oppose the work only because of party politics ... then it will be drastic and disastrous. The people will see that the guy did not do anything for 8 years in office and now he is stalling when something is going to be done ... when something totally fantastic for the people is happening? It will backfire enormously. I know you will not be in this section because you are a good guy.
  3. Support Role – It will create legacy options
    We strongly suggest this option. You lost the opportunity for the Lead Role. You could be the leader ... you could have been historic ... had you shown a little bit of fight and some initiatives. You had your opportunity for 8 years and it’s gone now. Whatever has happened ... it has happened and it is over. But there is still an opportunity for a Support Role. Not winning the Oscar for the Best Actor ... but winning the Oscar for the Best Supporting Actor ... it is still good recognition ... it is still an Oscar. And the level of our Oscars is totally different ... it compares with Nobel Prize levels. You still have the option to support, to rally, to promote, to connect and facilitate the work that will be done.

Legacy in Africa
Based upon your initiatives and involvement in the support role ... we can give you a fantastic legacy in Africa. A legacy that will not only do fantastic and fabulous things for Africa ... but it will also bring Nobel Prizes in your family. I am sure you and Michelle would want that ... to have a highly respected and loved status that people will look up to.

Forget about your past works ... it was tainted with Establishment malice ... your legacy lies ahead of you ... it is in your future works.