09 Apr 2017
JewH226 The Obama Administration A combo of Stall King and Murder Queen

Something interesting that Trump should know about the Obama Administration is that ... it was not exactly as you think. Obama took some moves against the Establishment but it does not mean that he is the wise leader that you should follow. Hell no. The Obama Administration was a combination of Stall King and Murder Queen.

Some facts about Obama, the Stall King
The guy is wonderful ... he is simply a wonderful human being ... wonderful, humble, down to Earth, people loving and caring. The good thing about Obama being President was that ... he was a Washington outsider ... which gave him the insight to see the trash that goes on in Washington ... it gave him a little bit of courage to make some moves against the Establishment.

But at the end of the day ... it does not matter “whether you tried” ... what matters is ... “whether you got it done”. The punchline was “yes, we can” ... it was not ... “I will try”. What matters for the people is what you do for the people at the ground level. The situation in America is so severe that a “nice guy” is not enough ... we need someone who can take down the wolves. It is then that real change will come.

Obama failed in most of the stuff that he wanted to do because:

  • Zero Killer Instinct. He lacked killer instinct. He tries once and fails ... and then leaves it at that. You can’t take one punch at the wolf and then leave it at that ... you have to make sure to get rid of the wolves. If Obama had even 10% of the killer instinct that Trump has ... then he would have been phenomenal.
  • Zero Initiatives. When he is shown the right direction then he doesn’t take much initiatives. He sits there expecting magic to happen. Which is one of the reasons he has zero legacy ... if you won’t even take the right initiatives in the right direction then how are you supposed to get a legacy?
  • $20 Trillion Debt. Owing to his zero killer instinct, zero initiatives and massive Establishment influence and misleading ... Obama gave us a debt of $20 Trillion. They didn’t allow Obama to make any move in the right direction. The same crappy system continued and we crashed into deeper and deeper debt.
  • Disastrous Healthcare. If he did anything ... then the Establishment made sure that he did all of the wrong stuff. His healthcare ... which he thinks is a great accomplishment ... it is actually a disastrous system. This is how they sit there and make a fool out of you.
  • No change in manufacturing. He campaigned about bringing jobs and manufacturing back from China but he took absolutely no initiative to make it happen. Zero initiatives.
  • No change in trade or education. He brought about no major change in the trade or education systems to make it better for the American people.
  • He did nothing for the American people. As an overall result ... he ended up not doing anything for the American people. He ended up being the “Stall King” of America. He got “stalled” by the Establishment. He did not have the killer instinct to go for the fight ... to make the right initiatives ... to bring about the right change.

As a result, we the people, got a “nice guy” who only created “hope” whenever he talked. Was Obama a nice guy? Yes he was. Did he do anything for the people? No, he didn’t. Another major factor that led to Obama’s incompetence is mentioned in the next section ... read the next section.

The Murder Queen – Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton is a 100% Establishment puppet. She ran the State Department as if she was the Queen and she had to answer to no one. She went on a killing spree around the world. You can do one thing at a time ... either it is “economy or war”. You can never do both. You can choose “economic prosperity or war insecurity” ... both do not go hand in hand. While Obama was campaigning for love and equality ... Madam Hillary Clinton was on a killing spree ... launching one war after another. Bombings, interventions, armed revolutions and crazy spending by the trillions was her day to day routine.

She has a fantastic track record of killing 500,000+ people within 4 years of time. George Bush is considered the worst President because he got killed more than 100,000 people in Iraq for no reason. Bush did that in 8 years ... but our lovely Hillary killed 5 times more in half the amount of time. She is 5 times worse and monstrous than George Bush. Bush was just reading the script ... but she knew exactly what she was doing.

All of this happened right under Obama’s nose ... under his Administration. He stands with zero legacy today because this is what his Administration was busy with ... waging one war after another ... one armed revolution after another. He tried to do something nice for his country ... that was stalled ... the only thing that was facilitated and promoted was “war and aggression”. We warned Obama again and again and again ... that these wars are “economic traps” ... you have to move away from them otherwise your country will only sink more and more in debt.

Obama and Active Democracy
Look at the chart below ... you will understand Obama’s Actions.

Obama went through cycles of flip flop pissed ... flip flop pisssssed ... flip flop pissssssssed ... flip flop pisssssssssssed. The more he flopped, the more he got pissed.

Economic Disasters for America and Genocidal Disasters for Others
The end result of the Obama Administration being stalled ... having a Murder Queen unleashed ... and massive Establishment influence ... what we got was ... economic disasters for America and genocidal disasters for other countries. This is what the “Obama Administration” was.

So, Donald ... do you want to be a Stall King ... or do you want to be a Murder Queen? I guess none. Do not follow Obama.

Teaming up with Team Obama
We talked several times of how Trump should team up with Obama against the Establishment. Yes, we want you to team up ... but we never told you to follow Obama. Obama is absolutely in no position to put any conditions to team up with you. He cannot put any condition on the table or demand anything from you whatsoever.

I will give you an example so that you understand Team Obama’s status. A guy goes into the woods for a walk ... with his backpack ... he’s got his snacks and a bottle of water ... and he is walking in the woods. After a while, he finds himself surrounded by a pack of wolves. The wolves beat the shit out of him ... he is hurt and bruised ... he runs and finally makes it to the village. The villagers see his condition and ask him what happened?

This is Obama’s condition. He went into the woods ... without knowing what is there ... they beat him up, tore him apart, he is hurt and he is bruised. What are the questions that you will ask him? How many wolves were there? How did they attack? What type of wolves were they? You will take details of the attack and the behaviors of the wolves. And then you will take the necessary preparations to deal with the wolves ... fire, gun, an armored vehicle if required ... you will prepare yourself fully and then go into the woods.

That’s the info you can take from Obama. Who is the Establishment? How do they function? What did they do? And then stop there ... do not take his policies or advice ... because he has failed terribly against the Establishment. If you follow Obama then either you will be Stall King or Murder Queen. We, Active Democracy, will give you the tools and policies to take down the wolves.

When we take down the wolves ... we are doing Obama and his team a favor. Obama is not doing us any favor by telling us how he was attacked or bruised. And by any chance ... if Obama remains silent or does not cooperate ... you will shine like a rockstar and people will hammer Obama. I am sure Obama will cooperate ... but he should know the risk of his other options.

People Based Movement
Its gonna be a people based movement. We will not design laws and bring it to the Congress for a vote. Hell no. We will take it to the people and the people will rally for these laws and changes. And the people will hammer the shit out of any politician who opposes it. That’s how the whole thing is designed.

There is no compromise with Obama
President Donald J Trump ... you have absolutely no need to compromise with Obama or Democrats.

  • Executive Orders. You will use any and every Executive Order that you want. Do not listen to anyone on curbing your Executive Authority. You will not compromise it for any reason.
  • Don’t take Obama’s Policies. The only thing that will guide you is “intelligent action”. You are already 10 times better than any politician in the Congress, including Obama. Decide what is best for your country & people and do that. You have absolutely no obligation to take up any Democrat or Republican policies. Its People First ... its America First.
  • Don’t take up any wars. Don’t inherit anyone’s wars. You are in no obligation to inherit and carryout anyone’s wars. It might be Bush’s wars or Obama’s wars. Flush them down the toilet. Its time we put the interests of our country first rather than blow up trillions on other countries. If any country wants our Military Services then they should pay up the bill of a few hundred billion dollars per year. It is simply outrageous and stupid that we take up anyone’s wars that has no benefit for us.
  • Don’t create race based policies. The only request is that ... don’t create any race based policies that will target any race, religion, color or country.

There is no compromise with Obama or Democrats or Republicans. Screw the polls. You are doing fine ... focus on your people and country.