07 Apr 2017
JewH225 Creating events to design “fake and favorable” realities

Trump just got fooled by the Establishment on Syria and he does not even know it. Heh. He jumped into a trap without even thinking twice. He does not know that the chemical attacks in Syria are “Phase Two” of worsening relations with Russia and initiating a major world war that would lead to America’s destruction.

 A lot has happened this week. Let’s take a look. Firstly, one of the major factor that has changed is “the gold has moved and Israel is dispensable”. Which is why ... now the Jewish Establishment is bold enough to carry out terror attacks in Russia. Till date, Putin would scare the shit out of Netanyahu ... they had absolutely no control over Russia in any sphere and Russia could take overwhelming action against Israel. But now ... the war needs are at a desperate low ... the Bankers really don’t care about Israel now. They are ready to use Israel as bait and allow Russia to take any action on Israel or Jewish Entities. A Russian action on Israel and Jewish Entities will only facilitate action from America ... which is exactly what the Establishment wants. Putin already knows the roots of these events and terror attacks ... they are well aware of their origins. The Bankers don’t care because their reserves are under the protection of a huge powerful Communist Country, China.

This is what the terror attacks in Russia facilitate:

  • Action against Jewish or Israeli Entities in Russia. Putin can easily pressurize Jewish Establishment groups like Banks and Corporations connected with the Establishment. If Putin takes this approach then they will promote Putin as “Anti-Semitic” in the Western media and build up a war plan against Russia. This is direct use of Jewish groups as bait.
  • Pulling Russia in the War on Terror. Since the Establishment has become bolder and they don’t fear Russia anymore ... the use of these terror attacks will facilitate Russia to join the War on Terror and become Anti-Islamic. This is actually one of the problems of putting everything online. Apart from the good guys, the bad guys are also reading everything that we publish. We have been writing that ... more than a million Muslims live in Moscow ... and no terror event happens there ... these terror events happen mostly in Jewish Establishment strongholds like US, France and Britain. When we mention these facts ... these facts are discussed in the White House. The Establishment tracks the White House in several ways. And they are informed that ... “hey, the White House is not buying the agenda of War on Terror ... they don’t believe it is from Muslims because no event happens in Moscow!” When the Establishment gets this information ... then their next objective is “create events in Russia”. Which is exactly what happened this week.
  • Friction with America. If Russia takes a strong stand against the Establishment and it makes moves against Jewish Establishment and groups ... then it is looking at a demonization campaign and friction with America. These events just don’t happen. These are “Establishment Events” and they have multiple purposes.

The Chemical Attack in Syria
Once they created an event in Russia ... they instantly carried out another event in Syria. Firstly, let us see why would Assad need to carry out a “chemical attack” in his own country?

  • The guy is winning. He has a huge portion of the country under his control and a huge section of Syria is stabilized.
  • Russian military technology. The guy has one of the most advanced military support that he can get and he is winning like hell against the rebels and terrorist forces in his country.
  • Syria Stabilized. If Russian and Assad’s victories continue at the same pace then all of Syria will be stabilized. Once Syria is stabilized then the Establishment loses its opportunity in Syria. Syria is protected by Russia ... and Syria is a stepping stone for a major war with Russia and Iran. And if Syria is stabilized then ... hello ... they miss a major chance for a conflict with Russia and Iran.

Establishment objectives in Syria – Phase Two of aggression against Russia

  • Phase One – Demonize Trump & Putin. They spent several months demonizing Trump and Putin ... they spent several months demonizing the possibility of good relations with Russia. This demonization was just words ... using mental voodoo ... using media and psychology ... to push Trump away from Putin ... to put America away from Russia.
  • Phase Two – Real Action against Russian interests. First, they carried out an event in Russia to weaken Putin’s support for Muslim countries. And then they created a chemical attack in Syria in a way to facilitate action against Russian interests. In Phase One, they were just talking ... in Phase Two, they are actually bombing Russian interests.

Trump thinks that he is carrying out a great humanitarian gesture by responding to the chemical attacks. I don’t blame him ... the situation is quite complicated ... anyone can make a mistake. Trump has actually fallen into a trap which will:

  • Destabilize Syria. It will destabilize one more country. Terrorist groups will ravage one more country. These terrorist groups will spread more trouble in several other countries.
  • Growing Terrorism. When Trump is eliminating Assad, there is no other suitable replacement that can hold the country together and rule it properly. So, elimination of Assad means more terrorism for the world.
  • Friction with Russia. Till now it was only the “American Media” that was talking trash against Russia ... but now an American President is bombing a country protected by Russia. Would America be okay if Russia bombed a country protected by America? Let’s say ... would you be okay if Russia bombed Israel for example? The Bankers would be okay with it ... but would you?
  • Wars lead to Zero Legacy. The thing that Trump does not know is that ... these wars are an economic trap. The moment you start these wars and start spending your time on them ... then you end up like Barack Obama with “zero legacy”. The only thing that Obama did was spend trillions in Libya, Syria, Yemen and old wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. And he ended up being a “zero”. 8 years flew by and he was like ... “What the hell?? Where is my legacy??” No one congratulated Obama for taking down Gaddafi ... no one congratulated him on Syria. All of these countries are disasters. You can forget about Making America Great Again once you enter this zone.
  • Aiming for Termination. Obama was lucky because the Establishment priority was only “deviation” under his Administration. Now the Establishment is aiming for “termination”. We already mentioned this several times ... the moment Obama leaves office ... “expect events” ... we warned again and again ... expect events once Obama leaves office. And you think “Assad” would create those events? My dear Donald Trump ... you got fooled and you fell for a trap. It’s a hole ... the more you go in ... the deeper it gets. They will consume you and work towards termination ... and you won’t even know it.

Disadvantages of putting everything online – Creating “Fake Favorable Realities”
Since we had already mentioned of a WMD attack in the Middle East to escalate the wars ... they wanted to try something new ... which is why they were trying to create friction between Israel and Syria. They were actually expecting to circulate the news that “Syria attacks Israel ... so many people died ... America should take action”. But since we exposed that also ... they went back to the WMD attack. This is what these guys do ... they sit there ... fool and mislead world leaders ... and create fake and favorable realities. They create events and use them for their agenda. They have done this several times ... and several times they have created events only to “change facts” that we quote.

  • Events in Establishment Strongholds. We quote that these events mostly happen only in America, France and Britain ... which are Establishment strongholds. We quoted this even during the Obama Administration. At that time, just to change this fact ... they carried out terror events in Northern countries like Finland or Norway. They carried out that event “after” we wrote exposing them.
  • Police Violence in Paris. We wrote about police violence in America against Black people ... how it was Establishment designed only to promote racism in America and destabilize America under the Trump Administration. We questioned that ... Black people live all over Europe ... why doesn’t police violence occur in Europe? And guess what ... “after” we write this ... a black guy is raped using a baton by a police officer in Paris. Police violence protests appeared in Paris after that.
  • Peace in Russia. We mentioned about peace in Moscow, Russia ... and “after” we mentioned that ... they create terror events in Russia.

What is this? This is creation of “fake favorable” realities. They create events that will support their narrative. What is this chemical attack in Syria ... it is a fake favorable reality created to promote their line of action.

What to do?
Firstly, you shouldn’t have jumped into action. What did you fall for? The media? The media asked you to respond and that’s why you responded? The media has been vicious and monstrous towards you ... why would you follow the media’s instructions?

  • Don’t jump into action. That’s number one. That’s what they want you to do. They want you to just react ... without thinking, without analyzing and without any investigations.
  • Don’t listen to Obama. If you are consulting Obama then do not listen to him. They have fooled him for 8 long years and he will only give you wrong advice which will make a fool out of you as well.
  • Use stalling techniques. When the Establishment is pushing you for immediate action that’s where the trap is ... you should stall it. Stalling techniques could be:
    • Call for an investigation. Spend time investigating the event. It will give you some thinking time and look at all possible options. It will prevent you from falling into a trap.
    • Take it to the Congress. Take a vote for action in the Congress. It helps you spend more time before making a decision.
    • Involve third parties. Involve Russia, ask them to do an investigation and submit their reports and findings. Talk to all parties involved. Conduct meetings ... have consultations.
  • Don’t tear yourself away from Russia. We are working on continuously bringing together Trump and Putin. You two will change the world when you will work together with Active Democracy. This is exactly what they are trying to stop. If you two guys don’t get together with Active Democracy then the work never happens. That is why they ran a huge demonization campaign against you and Putin. Work together with Putin and stop military action against countries. These wars have to stop so that you can develop your countries in peace and stability. The Establishment’s objective is to keep you occupied in war ... that’s how they stalled Obama for 8 years ... the guy was busy either bombing or supporting armed revolutions. You don’t have time for that. It is all rubbish and bullshit. You will end up being a zero if you enter this direction.
  • Keep it limited. You have already initiated some action. Now, what to do? Keep it limited and wind it up. Do not go for regime change ... do not destabilize one more country ... do not create a terrorist breeding ground. Most importantly, do not follow Obama ... do not follow Obama ... do not follow Obama. He was a total disaster. Will give you details on that.
  • Its a trap. You have been pulled into a trap. Get out of it as quickly as possible. Russia is doing a fantastic job in Syria. Allow Russia to complete its work.