12 Feb 2017
JewH223 Every Soldier that will die in Trump’s Wars will be a Benghazi

“Every soldier that will die in Trump’s wars will be a Benghazi” ... this is the Establishment’s plan for President Trump ... designed to demonize and eliminate Trump from the Presidency. Benghazi was designed using only 3 elements ... Media, Republicans and Legalities ... these 3 elements helped in creating a crisis out of the Benghazi event. But our lovely President Trump has several additional parameters unleashed after him.


Design of Benghazi
If you see, thousands of American soldiers died in Bush’s wars ... but none of them got so much attention as the incident in Benghazi. Why did our lovely Jewish Establishment owned Media choose to focus on the incident in Benghazi and turn a blind eye to thousands of deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan?

  • Condemn the Obama Administration. One of the main priorities was to rattle and condemn the Obama Administration. The ongoing trend at the time was to hold back and condemn Obama.
  • Not against Wars. The Benghazi incident was not against wars ... the event was not related to a war in Libya. The ongoing trend was to support the wars in the Middle East.
  • Deviation. It worked as an interesting deviation that occupied the headlines for several months.

They fantastically used 3 elements to publicize Benghazi:

  • Media. The incident was covered in every newspaper and channel across America ... repeatedly.
  • Republicans. Popular Politicians were used to repeatedly question and inquire about the incident ... which led to the creation of headlines again and again.
  • Legalities. As a result, Hillary Clinton was put through scrutiny and she was made to testify several times ... which led to even more publicity.

These were the only 3 elements used to design the “Benghazi” which became a major burden for Hillary in her political career. Not that Hillary is a clean candidate ... she has a truck load of more trash than Benghazi with her ... but the widespread publicity given to this event gave her a huge setback in her public standing. This was done using only 3 elements. Now, our wonderful President Trump is being attacked by several additional elements.

  • Hollywood. If you observe no celebrity spoke against Obama’s wars or Benghazi. But now we have an entire spectrum of celebrities ... who don’t bother to hold back when it comes to Donald Trump. This is helping the Establishment reach to a much wider audience.
  • Protesters. No one protested and went on the streets against Obama’s wars or Benghazi. But if Trump does anything ... we get instant protest groups.
  • Corporations. Top companies are filing lawsuits against Trump’s policies ... top retailers are dropping Ivanka Trump’s brands. Obama never had a pile of lawsuits before his first month ended in office.
  • European Union. Hardly any European leader stood up against Obama or his policies. But several European leaders are speaking against and looking for ways to stand up to Trump.
  • Soldiers. The soldier’s segment has not yet begun ... but the moment Trump puts boots on the ground ... this segment will create a major catastrophe for the Trump Administration. Because the soldiers convey exactly what is going on at the ground level ... and all of these wars and conflicts are nothing but large scale genocides carried out in several countries.

The game is reversed
What Trump should realize out here is that ... the game has been reversed. You yourself can see ... all of these guys are getting maximum publicity ... it might be anyone who is speaking against Trump ... he is given maximum publicity in the Establishment owned media. It might be a Republican or a protest group or a Hollywood celebrity or a corporation or an EU leader ... anyone and everyone is raised to the mantle if they are speaking against Trump. They have already started providing publicity to even “illegal immigrants” who are being deported ... let alone Hollywood and politicians. Putting boots on the ground will be a major catastrophe for the Trump Administration ... both financially and politically. They will raise every soldier to the mantle who wants to demonize Trump and his wars. All of the disasters in the Middle East will be put on your head ... all of the death and chaos out there will be put on your head ... all of the debt and financial losses will be put on your head.

Establishment War Malice
We are telling you this in advance even before you start any operation in the Middle East. The system is rigged and your guys in the White House and Generals have no control of what goes on at the ground level. They will create massive blunders at the ground level and put the entire blame on you. Starting from large scale casualties, looting of your weapon depots, supporting the opposition, enhancing the conflict and creating disasters. They have already begun the count of “soldiers dying under the Trump Administration”.

This is the segment where you will have no control. You will sit in the White House ... plan something ... create a policy for something ... but totally something else will happen at the ground level. The system is rigged. And trust me ... it is not planned to work in your favor. You yourself can see what is happening around you. Do you see anything happening in your favor ... apart from a small fraction.

I am telling you this in advance ... because it will be very very difficult to take back policies once you have begun. For example, your travel ban ... once you start something ... it will be very difficult for you to take it back. The same applies to putting boots on the ground ... once you start a ground mission ... apart from the massive financial costs ... the disasters at the ground level, over which you will have no control, will create a massive impact on your Presidency.

The Political Scandal Zones
These are the major political scandal zones for America.

  • Massive Military. Spending $1 Trillion over weapons and military is not a wise thing to do ... in fact, the whole thing is actually a scandal. This is the weapons industry just leeching out the hard earned tax payer money via political contacts. There is nothing wise about it ... nothing intelligent about it ... nothing smart about it.
  • War on Terror. Spending trillions on fighting a bunch of dudes in the sands is another major ongoing scandal that is ripping off tax payer money since the past 16 years. This is no war ... this is a massive scandal. As a wise leader ... you don’t inherit scandals ... you don’t make scandals a part of your Administration. As a great leader ... you eliminate these scandals and fix the system. The mistakes that you are moving ahead with is that ... you are committing to a massive military that requires ridiculous amounts of tax payer money. Secondly you are also taking over the War on Terror and planning to fight ISIS in every country possible ... another several trillion dollar operation.
  • Mass Deportations. Apart from the above ... you are also adding mass deportations to the list ... which will again cost $400-600 Billion to the tax payers. These deportations are planned to be given a racist theme against Latinos.
  • Police violence against Blacks. Another introduction to the Trump Administration is the Police violence against Blacks. This is another social scandal that is being disproportionately promoted in the media.

Donald Trump’s path to being a Super George Bush
You might not realize but you are headed towards being a Super George Bush ... that is if you follow the scandalous policies.

  • War on Terror. The only thing that George Bush did was the War on Terror ... that was kind of racist against Arabs and Muslims. Despite him having the entire media by his side, he was the most unpopular Presidents ever. The War on Terror is a scandal and you cannot promote this scandal without demonizing Islam and Muslims.
  • Mass Deportations. Apart from demonizing Muslims ... you are also having to demonize Mexicans and Latinos to support Mass Deportations. This is a scandal of another scale ... targeting the Latino community that is several times larger than the Muslim community in America.
  • Police Violence Against Blacks. When you support the Police over Blacks ... then you have pissed off another community in America. Do you see how many steps ahead of Bush you are going?

Bush’s Pattern of Fall
This is the pattern that Bush followed to get the prize for the “Worst President Ever”.

  • Massive Cash Schemes. He ignored the ongoing debt scenario in America and diverted the country to massive war schemes that only depleted even more from the country.
  • Hate and Fear Marketing. To support his massive cash schemes ... he had to run a program of hate and fear in the society. He had to sit there and preach against Arabs and Muslims. Observe what you are having to do to support your “travel ban”.
  • Long Term Military Deployment. The military deployment led to the worsening of relations with several countries ... created uncertainty in the market ... apart from the heavy costs ... even the economy took a dive.
  • Economic Downfall. You want to be the greatest job creator ... but if you follow Bush’s steps ... you will end up being the worst job creator ever. Bush created about 1 million jobs only while the previous guy created 23.5 Million jobs.

Reasons to support Scandals
There might be several reasons why President Trump may support these scandalous policies:

  • Team Idea. One guy from your team gave you this idea. As per his mentality ... this is the right thing to do.
  • Maliciously Introduced. These ideas of massive military, war on terror and mass deportations might have been maliciously introduced into your campaign.
  • Monetary Benefit. The weapons industry might be supporting you with lucrative monetary benefits to run these policies.

If you follow through your program ... then this is what will happen:

  • Liar. The people will see you as a liar ... that you misled the people and fooled the people. Look at what happened to George Bush and Hillary Clinton. Do you think anyone trusts these candidates? The people have lost their faith in both of these candidates. Why? Because of this very reason ... they lied to the people and ran scandalous schemes only because they got monetary support from the Establishment.
  • Event Design. George Bush and Hillary Clinton ... both of them completed their terms. Because whatever they ran ... it was as per the Establishment plan. But now the plan has changed ... it has been upgraded from being anti-Muslim to being anti-Russia. They sit there and create events for wars. These guys are war designers ... all of you are pawns for them. Bush came into power in January and by September they gave 911 to facilitate the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Right now, they need a war against Russia. So guess what will be the event that will facilitate this war? Trump’s impeachment. This is what they are working on. You are the biggest obstacle for a war against Russia ... and eliminating you will be the event required to move forward with the war.

I already told you this before ... you are entering very turbulent waters ... you are entering a very unpredictable phase. To call for an impeachment right now is too early ... it will not succeed. But if they keep up with the media demonization and you compliment them with these scandalous policies ... then you are severely harming your own Presidency.

I would strongly advise you to stick to the economy until the Establishment monopoly is eliminated. They are able to create these waves of attacks against your Administration only via their monopoly in media, politics and business. Do not give them more attack points. Go easy on your travel bans, do not plan any mass ground troops anywhere and go easy with Latinos, Blacks and Muslims. "I already talked about this in my campaigns" ... this is not a valid explanation.

“Build trust” ... this is one very important thing that is missing in your Presidency right now ... and that is trust. Relax for at least one year ... create more and more jobs ... pull people’s support. It is not the right time to go ballistic on the minorities when the majority of the people don’t support you.

One fantastic thing about the Trump Administration is the job growth ... you have a fantastic lead in job creation. Maintain that lead. If you enter these scandalous policies of a massive military, War on Terror and mass deportations ... you will be providing more bait for the beasts.

And don’t worry about monetary benefits ... we will show you some stunning ways. But these would be the better ways ... where people are also benefited in the process. In the stupid War on Terror, nobody benefits other than the weapons industry. We will show you really good ways.

And don’t be in a hurry to reap the benefits of the Presidency. Once you start working with us ... your second term is almost guaranteed. For now, look at the patterns of attacks against your Administration. Sucking up to the Establishment does not work. They are attacking you 10 times worse than they attacked Obama. You should look into ways of breaking down this aggression against you ... because this monopoly is not only a problem for you ... it is a problem for the entire country.