10 Feb 2017
JewH222 Border Wall and Deportation will cost $15 Billion/month for Small Businesses

President Donald Trump is following an idealistic path of managing the country. Ideally it is right not to have illegals in the country but what Trump does not know is that this massive “illegal immigrant workforce” is a blessing for Christian American Small Businesses and families. Deportation of all illegal immigrants will adversely affect a huge segment of Small Businesses.

The Idealistic View
Ideally if you see ... a guy who loves his country and who wants what is best of his country ... he would not want people coming into the country illegally ... he would not want a huge segment of illegals sitting in the country. Thus, obviously you will come up with ideas of a border wall and deportation. This is an idealistic view. And you cannot blame Trump to think in this line.

Labor workforce in the Middle East
To be able to understand how the “illegal immigrant workforce” contributes to the American society ... let us take a look at how the labor workforce operates in the Middle East. For example, in countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain and so on. The nationals in these countries don’t do labor work. They don’t do jobs like driving taxis, construction labor, farm work, pizza delivery, mow lawns, dish washing in hotels, house maids and so on. All of these jobs are just too meagre for the nationals of these countries. The Saudi and UAE nationals target better jobs ... better paying jobs ... white collar jobs ... like working in Banks, Engineers, Doctors, Office work and so on.

The issue with these countries is that ... they don’t have mass migration of illegal people out there. So, if a company in Saudi Arabia needs labor workers or a family needs a housemaid ... then they need to carry out the below steps:

  • Pay a Recruitment Agency. Follow a hiring process ... pay a recruitment agency to get the right guy.
  • Pay for visa and tickets. Pay to get the visa for the workers and pay for their travel tickets.
  • Pay for Health Insurance. The employer needs to pay for the health checkup or insurance for the worker.
  • Pay for Accommodation. Yes, in the Gulf you also need to pay for their accommodation. Either provide the accommodation or pay for it.
  • Pay a decent competitive salary. And then you also need to pay a competitive salary so that the worker agrees to work for you.

This is a regular routine in the Gulf countries. The small issue with this is that ... the lower income families cannot hire housemaids because they cannot follow through the visa process. Sometimes, it limits the number of workers in Small Businesses because they don’t have visas or they can’t afford to go through the visa process. And this kills their business potential.

Debt Crisis in America
What President Trump should understand is that ... the situation in America is totally drastic. The high cost of living is killing everything ... it is creating massive debt for families to survive and it is adversely affecting Small Businesses. The private debt has crossed the country’s GDP already. There is a debt in excess of $20 Trillion by the private segment in America. Families and Small Businesses are already struggling to survive.

Get deported and come back in legally
I know you are concerned about security of the country ... but in this scenario of a debt crisis ... if you start a scheme of “get deported and come back in legally” ... it actually translates into ... get rid of the guys who work for $6 per hour and get in guys who will do the same work for $15 per hour. And that would be a massive financial blow to the Small Businesses in America.

Can’t say we hire illegal immigrants
The thing with this issue is that ... Small Businesses cannot stand up and say ... “Hello, excuse me Mr.President ... we hire illegal immigrants ... it helps our businesses ... it helps us keeps the costs down ... it is helping us survive ... it keeps the business going ... please don’t deport them.” Now, no Small Business is gonna come out and tell you this. But this is the reality at the ground level.

Who hires illegal immigrants?
Who do you think hires illegal immigrants? What type of jobs do you think that they do? These poor fellows work for $6 per hour at:

  • Dish Washing
  • Pizza Delivery
  • Farm Work
  • Cleaning Jobs
  • Mowing Lawns
  • House Maids
  • Construction labor

All of these are rough, tough, low paying and laborious jobs. Now, if you go on a deportation spree and start deporting by the millions ... see how it will impact your own American Small Businesses.

  • Farmers will lose their workers. Prices of agricultural products will go up.
  • Restaurants will have to hire at higher salaries
  • Hotel’s costs will increase
  • Prices of products will increase
  • Savings will further reduce

Deportation will cost $15 Billion/month for Small Businesses
Let us assume, that all 11 Million illegal immigrants are deported. Because they were illegal they were working at $6 per hour. Now, if Small Businesses follow the “legal” process to hire staff then ... in this already debt laden society ... they have to pay for:

  • Recruitment costs
  • Visa and tickets
  • Health Insurance and
  • Double the salary

In many cities they have made the minimum pay as $15 per hour. If you replace $6 per hour salary with $15 per hour then it is $15.8 Billion per month in excess. That is $15,800 Million additional every month for Small Businesses. This is the additional cost only on salaries ... I have not put in the recruitment costs, costs for visas & tickets and cost of health insurance. That is just the additional cost on salaries.

The illegal immigrant workforce is a “blessing” for America
What you should understand is that the illegal immigrant workforce is a "blessing" for America. You are getting staff by the millions for rough and tough jobs without any recruitment cost, without any cost on visas or tickets, with no health insurance cost and at half the salary.

Fighting Crime
I know that President Trump is concerned about the crime. But when it comes to fighting crime ... it is exactly the same as with US citizens. Just because he is a US citizen, it does not mean that he is not involved in any crime. Millions of US citizens are involved in drugs and gun violence. Just like you go after any criminal in the US, you have to handle the crime in the same way from any community.

Obviously, if the guy is illegal and he is involved in criminal activities ... of course yes, deport him. But don’t go on a deportation spree because it will create massive costs for the government as well ... apart from the long term impact on the Small Businesses. Did you know that the inmate cost per head in a US prison is about $31,286 per year? Which means putting a guy in a US prison costs the government $2600 per month. With $6 per hour ... he was earning only $960 per month. If you put him in prison then it costs you $2600 per month.

As per a study, deportation of millions of immigrants has a massive cost by the hundreds of billions ... including costs of detention, lawyers, judges and travel expense ... the deportation of 11 million immigrants comes out to about $400-600 Billion. With the massive debt that the country already has ... where is the need of spending hundreds of billions in deporting simple workers who are actually doing good for our American Small Businesses and families? It does not make sense.

It’s not like they are taking our jobs. The employment is at a record high of 95% plus. And we will be creating millions of fantastic high end jobs. We need this workforce ... they are a part of the economic system in the country.

Israel and Netanyahu love your border wall and deportation program
You are citing Netanyahu support for the wall ... “walls work, just ask Israel”. These guys are criminal assholes ... who are you asking? Do you know why they are supporting you on this?

  • Phase One – Chaos. Once you start deporting ... they will use every deportation case to create chaos in the country and raise people against your Administration. The deportation scheme will be given a racist color and it will be shown as a race based agenda. This is the media game that they will play.
  • Phase Two – Higher Cost of Living. Eventually, if every illegal immigrant gets deported ... it will only raise the already high cost of living in the US. This is what the Bankers love ... a high cost of living where people don’t save any money. People and businesses should be dependent upon bank loans to survive. Here is where Bankers make their money. Your deportation program helps the bankers ... that’s why they are supporting you.
  • Doesnt affect the Establishment. And yeah, Banks dont hire illegal immigrants ... so it really does not affect their operations. All of the big corporations don't need illegal workers ... it does not affect them. The deportation will affect only the Small Businesses ... that are mostly Christian American. Small Businesses are surviving and competing only because of low cost of operation. This program will raise costs for Small Businesses and it will help the Establishment kill Small Businesses. The resultant beneficiary will be the Establishment ... politically and financially.

Walls work in Israel?
No, no ... that is bullshit. What actually works in Israel is “armed guys” who will shoot you dead if you try to enter Israel from its borders. Try to enter Israel by sea or by terrain ... you will be simply shot dead. If the incident is reported ... they will just say that ... “Palestinian terrorists were trying to enter Israel and the threats were neutralized”. That’s what works in Israel. It is a tiny country ... they can setup cameras and put an armed border force. That’s how they manage it.

You think Israel is your friend?
Visit this page to view some information on Israel: http://active-democracy.com/news/the-lovely-jewish-history/1142-jewh180-israel-is-americas-closest-ally-because.html

Israel will toss you into jail for upto 5 years if you are found giving the Bible to anyone in their country. They have a law that facilitates this. There is a law that forbids Jews from marrying a Christian. They created a law to put refugees into jail without a trail. They claim to be descendants of Moses and have the right to the Holy Land ... but 65% of Israel is either irreligious or Atheist. It has the highest percentage of Atheist and irreligious communities in the world. And they hate religion ... you try to promote any religion ... they will toss you into jail. Israel is one of the worst countries in the world. It is a role model for no one.

Advice: Don’t go on a deportation spree. Stick to deporting only the “criminal illegals”. Because if you deport a criminal illegal then they will not be able to publicize it in the media against your Administration. They will not be able to give it a racist theme. The Establishment or the Media will have absolutely no stand in protecting criminal illegals.