05 Feb 2017
JewH221 The American Limbo: Follow Trump, Get Chaos. Remove Trump, Get Destroyed.

Trump’s America is designed to be a collection of the scandals of the past 3 generations. Bill Clinton’s sex scandals, George Bush’s war scandals, Barack Obama’s debt scandals ... and these scandals are topped with some additional scandals like ... Donald Trump’s racism scandals and the Establishment’s Russian scandals. Parameters have been designed to work collectively on all 5 scandal layers at once during the Trump Presidency. Welcome to Chaos.

If you want to understand the design of chaos under the Trump Presidency ... then it becomes very easy if you look at them generation by generation.

Bill Clinton’s Sex Scandals
President Trump thinks that Americans need jobs and if he generates jobs then everything is going to be okay. He has no idea of the issue that the economy faces. It is not that Americans don’t have jobs ... employment is at its peak right now ... to a whopping 95% plus. Trump wants to be the highest job creating President ever. Here is some bad news for Trump ... Bill Clinton created 23.5 Million jobs ... 95% of the people are already employed ... the remaining 5% of unemployed constitute of only 8 Million people. You get additional new graduates every year of about 1 million ... so even if you raise America to a 100% employment record ... even then you will be touching around 16 Million jobs. So, you are not beating Bill Clinton even if you create a cent percent record. So, how are you going to be the greatest job creator on Earth if you cannot beat even Bill Clinton? Unless ... unless ... you allow immigrants.

And the bad news about immigrants is that ... you want to deport millions of illegal immigrants. If you create good jobs then your available workforce is only of only 8 million. So, who is going to mow the lawns, deliver the pizzas, work in the farms and work as housemaids for Americans for $6 per hour? What you don’t understand is that illegal immigrants are kind of a “blessing” for America. How? Because of the instant cheap labor available with no recruitment cost to the employer. It is mostly the small businesses and middle class families that benefit from this labor. You will be giving a punch in the gut to the small businesses and the middle class when you root out this migrant workforce. “Go out and come back in legally” is easy to say ... but this hiring process is going to cost at least $1000 per head with traveling expenses. If you remove 1 million illegal immigrants and try to rehire them ... then it is going to cost $1 Billion for every million immigrants. And then since they came in legally small businesses will have to pay double the salaries than what they pay to the illegal ones. Right now the minimum wage is being increased to $15 per hour ... where is $6 per hour and where is $15 per hour?

Your wall and the deportation of illegal immigrants will only raise the operating costs for small businesses and it will raise the cost of living for middle class families. Which is why ... this “illegal immigrant segment” is kind of a “grey area” in the market. The officials themselves turn a blind eye to this because this work force is required ... it is needed and it benefits the country. What you should understand is that “raising the cost of living” are Banker strategies. They will initiate all schemes ... all policies and strategies which will make the common American pay more and more and more on a daily basis. Your wall and deportation will create a massive cost for the simple common American families and businesses.

Moreover, for your own “job creation” targets ... if you deport 11 million illegal immigrants then who will do their work? You have only 8 million at hand ... and you are planning massive infrastructure works ... you will touch those 8 million in no time. You will have a massive labor shortage and a financial impact on the middle class.

The Sex Scandals
But that is when everything goes well ... and you are doing simply splendid ... that’s when you reach a 100% employment mark. But do you know why Bill Clinton was scandalized? Bill Clinton is a living treasure ... he is one of the finest American Diplomats ever. He knew of all of the Establishment crap but even then he was so tactful, diplomatic and intelligent that he created a massive internal job growth. Yes, he signed NAFTA but even then he created 23.5 Million jobs. He did harm to no one ... he was doing simply fantastic ... even then they scandalized him. Do you know why?

Because “jobs” are not the problem in America. The problem is the Establishment monopoly. Despite creating 23.5 Million jobs ... the country started going in debt by $1 Trillion every year. That’s what happened ... during George Bush’s first year ... the debt was $1 Trillion. You tell me ... how the hell does this happen? You create tens of millions of jobs and even then the economy plunges into debt by the trillions? This is why they had to stop Bill Clinton ... they had to stop his massive fame and publicity. Had he reached to a stage of 98% job creation or a 100% job creation ... and then the economy would plunge into debt ... this would be a major shock for the people. It would serve as a massive point of exposure. They saw Bill Clinton’s massive fame and non-stop job growth ... then they put “sex scandals” as the headlines. His job record was pushed to the back and the only thing that the Jewish owned media talked about was “Monica Lewinsky”.

George Bush’s War Scandals
With Bill Clinton’s sex scandals ... we entered into George Bush’s war scandals. See how fantastically they are playing the whole game with control points at the right places. They launched “War on Terror” using George W Bush. “Forget about your failing economy ... forget about your country’s resources being leeched by us ... forget about the massive high cost of living ... now, your own lives are in danger ... there are bad guys out there who want to kill you ... be afraid.” This is the strategy that was launched. For the next 8 years, Bush never talks about the debt ... the only thing he always said was ... Saddam Hussein, WMD and Al Qaeda. Instead, he should have said ... we are going in massive debt ... we have an economic crisis ... we need to fix our systems. George Bush himself should have taken the initiative.

Barack Obama’s Debt Scandals
The debt was hidden till date ... now you know that there is debt, right? Why wasn’t it fixed? Obama blamed Bush for the next 4 years to come and blamed his massive expenditure on war. Bush was gone ... but the debt continued to increase by $1 Trillion per year. And surprisingly, Obama also increased the number of wars ... Obama spent a massive amount in Libya, Syria and other countries. Instead of addressing the issue ... Obama took a debt of $10 Trillion and made it $20 Trillion. Can’t really blame Obama for that ... he made some attempts ... but the issue is a little bit complicated. It is not within the direct reach of the President to solve this issue.

Donald Trump’s Racism Scandals
And here comes Donald Trump ... and the interesting this about him is that ... he is coming with all of the scandals of the previous guys combined ... and with some additional scandals of his own. Even more interesting is that ... all of these scandals are “Establishment designed”. The Jewish Establishment designs these scandals ... runs and manages these scandals ... gives massive publicity via their owned media networks ... and runs these scandals for their own personal benefit.

They inserted racist ideas into Trump’s campaign only to eliminate him from the race. They are literally preaching him with hateful ideology and showing him how to encash these issues. They are teaching him an “issue + cash” policy.

  • $15 Billion Border Wall. Trump is a construction guy. This is a massive construction project. He has not done a single project of this magnitude. All of his combined properties are worth about $10 Billion. With one single project he is getting access to a $15 Billion project. It is a combination of “issue and cash”. Immigration is the issue and here is $15 Billion for the wall. Yes, drugs are coming in from the borders ... but are they costing the American people to the extent of $15 Billion? Are these drugs creating an issue worth spending $15,000 Million of tax payer money? They are misleading Trump. They are showing him money and asking him to promote a racist issue.
  • $500 Billion Military Boost. Look at the stuff that they are making him work on ... the most expensive stuff in the world. Spending hundreds of billions of tax payer dollars on boosting the military. Who is attacking you? Who is threatening you? People are crying and complaining about the high cost of living and austerity measures ... and you are spending hundreds of billions on the military.
  • $1 Trillion Rebuilding Infrastructure. Apart from the hundreds of billions on the military ... Trump wants to spend $1 Trillion on rebuilding infrastructure ... roads, bridges, airports, hospitals, everything possible ... related to construction. The Establishment knows this ... that’s why they gave this plan to Trump and they are promoting in the media that Trump wants to enrich himself at the public’s expense.
  • $3 Trillion Fight ISIS. Trump loves to fight ISIS. Trump uses the word “Radical Islamic Terrorism”. Why? Look at the cash involved in the issue ... $3 Trillion ... this is the biggest fish in the tank. It’s an “issue + cash” combination.

This is what Trump does not know about wars and economy. The moment you send troops abroad then its game over for the economy. Country building and war does not go hand in hand. Look at the entire history ... war and economy don’t go hand in hand. Either you are at war or you build your country ... you cannot do both at once. Do you know how many jobs George Bush created? Just 1.3 Million. The previous guy created 20 times more than him. 8 full years and he created 1.3 Million jobs ... many sources quote negative figures actually for Bush’s record on job creation ... that’s a decent number that I am giving you.

Establishment’s Russian Scandals
Apart from all of the above ... the Establishment has also opened a new front for aggression ... that is being anti-Russia.

Slideshow – Anti-War Protests under George Bush
Donald Trump ... see this ... these are the protests under George Bush.


He did not have a plan to build a wall ... he was not racist against Latinos, Blacks or Muslims. He was only anti Al Qaeda. He did not have any sex scandals. On top of that, he also had 911, an event which killed thousands of Americans. Despite all of that, millions of Americans poured into the streets against his Administration. Now, you my friend ... you are going in with everyone’s scandals brought under one Administration ... you are looking at massive chaos ... massive chaos.

The moment you send ground troops ... then the game will be over ... the economy will instantly tank. Your job creation dreams will be vaporized. Forget about creating jobs ... you will be struggling to maintain your Presidency. All of the above are Establishment games. You have to be very very careful in what you do.

Remove Trump and you get destroyed
The worst part for Americans is that ... you remove Trump then you get destroyed. Most of the other politicians in the basket are all trash. Most of them are Establishment puppets who will jump for a war against Russia ... with absolutely no use of common sense. At least, Trump is a commonsense candidate ... at least he is showing some sense in keeping himself restrained when it comes to Russia.

The American people are pretty much stuck in a limbo ... you follow Trump ... then you get chaos ... you remove Trump ... then you get destroyed.