03 Feb 2017
JewH220 Trump’s war against Radical Islam is a “TRAP”

What President Trump does not know is that ... Radical Islam is a “Ponzi scheme”. The entire scheme right from the events to its promotion, political action and wars ... everything is designed and coordinated by the Jewish Establishment. If Trump thinks that there are actually Radical Islamists out there ... then Trump should understand that he is in a HUGE TRAP.

A massive reversal in the Establishment policy towards Islam and Muslims

I think President Trump is already feeling the different response from the country towards Muslims. A few Muslims are detained at the airports ... and we have “protesters” against these Muslims being detained. We have several Hollywood celebrities speaking up against this policy. Tell me, where were these protesters and celebrities when we got 500,000 people killed in Syria? How many celebrities spoke against anti-refugee policies? There is a humanitarian crisis in Yemen ... millions of people are literally starving to the bone because of the ongoing war in Yemen ... how many protesters stood up for Yemen? How many celebrities spoke for Yemen?

In fact, they gave a prison sentence of 35 years to the guy who leaked information that more than 100,000 civilians were killed in Iraq. Julian Assange is under the threat of espionage charges. Massive atrocities were occurring in the Muslim world and there was pin drop silence from all of these networks ... it might be the media, Hollywood, Congress, EU or the Corporations. None of them fought for Muslims. Now, when Trump initiates a policy to control immigration ... there is a massive wave of protests ... and the Media and Hollywood explodes against this policy ... giving full support for Muslims and ridiculing Trump in the process. What is this? This my dear friend ... it is a massive reversal in the Establishment policy towards Islam and Muslims.

Stealing from a thief
Here’s the thing ... this entire concept of “Radical Islam” was designed by the Jewish Establishment. It served several purposes for them:

  • Deviation. This concept of Radical Islam and terrorism successfully helped in keeping the West deviated from its failing economies.
  • Massive Interest. The Jewish Bankers continued to get hundreds of billions every year as interest from the debt of these countries.
  • Exploitation Systems. Since the West was focused on Radical Islam, the Establishment exploitation systems continued to run which leeched out the country’s wealth into the Establishment hands.
  • Cheap Oil. Israel gets 70% of its national oil requirement from these war zones for as less as $10 per barrel.
  • Affiliate Countries. It helps Israel break these countries into smaller states which will provide oil supplies to Israel.

To facilitate the above ... the entire process was very well calculated and controlled through all phases.

  • Design of Events. Events would be created as and when required ... at the right time and at the right places.
  • Promotion. The Establishment owned media would be used to fully promote the event for several days and weeks. They would not present any alternate information.
  • Politicians. Several Establishment controlled politicians would take to the stage and work as marketing executives for this concept.
  • Military and Intelligence. These segments would cooperate and maintain silence.
  • Legals. Despite its drastic consequences ... no one faced any legal action ... not Bush and not Hillary.

The season of Radical Islam is over
The bad news for President Trump is that ... the season of Radical Islam is over. Mainly because:

  • The deviations are not working any more.
  • Economies are crashing in debt.
  • There are massive protests against austerity measures in the West.
  • War with Russia has been made as a priority.

Change in Establishment Priorities
As per Establishment plans, the war with Russia should have already happened. It is terribly overdue for them. And the biggest obstruction to a war with Russia is President Donald Trump. So, what our lovely Establishment has done is ... they have changed the priorities.

  • President Trump. The number one target is President Trump. As per their vision, Trump is worse than ISIS. ISIS was successfully getting us the wars that we need. Now was the time to move into Russia ... and Trump is being the biggest obstacle. Thus ridiculing Trump, demonizing Trump and eliminating Trump has become their highest priority.
  • Putin and Russia. The second target is President Putin and Russia. They will continue to use other politicians within America and Europe to remain anti-Russia. Because their objective now is a war with Russia.
  • Radical Islam. Radical Islam has been moved to the third level. They are rarely ever talking about it since Trump took office. And if there will be any events ... these events will be designed only to keep Trump motivated and push him into the trap.

Trump’s drawbacks against Radical Islam
These are the biggest drawbacks that the Trump Presidency will have ... if they move forward with their current understanding.

  • Trump believes in Radical Islam. This Radical Islam crap has been going on since 16 years now. We can’t blame citizens like Donald Trump who actually think that there is a thing like Radical Islam. George Bush started these wars against terrorism ... but he simply read the script ... he didn’t believe shit in what he was reading. The same goes with Hillary Clinton ... she also destroyed several countries ... but she also did the script reading part. They had an understanding of the game that was going on. But when you actually believe that there is a thing like Radical Islam ... then you start owning operations against it. It becomes your thing ... it becomes your way of thinking ... and the whole blame falls on you.
  • Monetizing the War on Terror. The second reason why Trump may want to fight against Radical Islam is because of the money involved. Trillions are being spent in this war ... seems like a nice place for some incentives. But that again is a trap. You might have a plan to run this war for the next 8 years. You are already on a shopping spree ... buying fighter jets, submarines, ships and what not. What you don’t know is that ... you are alone in the war now ... and everything you do in this war will be used against you in a multitude of ways.
  • Sending ground troops. And the moment you send ground troops to fight Radical Islam ... then the game is over. This is where you will put fire at your own Presidency.

George Bush’s War on Terror
Bush sent millions of US soldiers to different countries ... at a time hundreds of thousands of troops were deployed. What you should remember is that Bush had 911 ... more than 3000 Americans were killed. He had a massive event in his country and then he sent the troops. Despite 911, Bush faced a massive resistance from the people. Millions of people poured into the streets against the Iraq War. Everything was put under control ... media was controlled ... celebrities were controlled ... corporations were controlled ... but despite controlling every network ... millions and millions of Americans poured into the streets against George Bush and his wars. He was the most unpopular Presidents ever.

Trump’s War on Terror
The American people already know the bullshit behind this War on Terror and Radical Islam. Now, if you make the mistake of sending troops to Iraq or any other Gulf country. Then this is what will happen:

  • Media. When you try to enrich yourself using this War on Terror then you are basically stealing from a thief. And this thief is vicious ... you have no idea about Netanyahu and Israel ... and the games that they play. These guys are total sleaze balls. They already have activated several networks that they control and own against you. You are alone in the game right now and you will be massively ridiculed in the media in every step that you take. Just check for yourself ... this is exactly what is already happening. Several media entities will target you and humiliate you.
  • Hollywood. Several celebrities will attack your policies. There is no way that you can stop them. These are the games of Establishment monopoly. You control what you own. And the Establishment owns several networks ... all of these networks get activated against you.
  • Corporations. Large companies will speak up against you and initiate law suits.
  • Protesters. During Bush ... everyone was kept silent ... even then millions of people poured into the streets. Just imagine what will happen if the majority of the media, celebrities and corporations campaign against you.
  • Soldiers. You are making a lot of efforts in Veteran affairs but what you don’t know is that ... these soldiers themselves will become marketing executives against your war policies. This is one wise thing that Obama did ... doesn’t matter what ... he did not send any ground troops. Because during Bush ... many soldiers came back and conducted “press conferences” exposing to the people how flawed this war is and what kind of a total bullshit leader George Bush is. Soldiers tore off their badges and threw them in front of the cameras. If you send a million soldiers then you get a million marketing executives against your war policies. And you cannot do anything to stop them.
  • Congress. Forget about Democrats ... even some Republicans are against you. Imagine their support in a state of crisis.
  • European Union. Several EU and world leaders will also provide opposition.

Calls to Netanyahu don’t work
You might think that ... hey, I am the US President ... I will just call Netanyahu and ask him to back off. It does not work that way ... calls don’t work. Netanyahu is just a front end pawn ... it is the Jewish Bankers who make the calls. And they really don’t care about your Presidency or powers. Several European countries are at the brink of collapse ... will President Trump donate trillions to save those countries? They have setup massive exploitation systems that you cannot even imagine.

Putin already tried that ... calling Netanyahu and making EU leaders back off. But the only thing that our smart ass Netanyahu does is ... play sleaze ball. He goes to Putin ... sucks up to him ... says how much he supports Russia ... and then puts all of the blame on EU leaders. “The EU and American leaders are bad. They want war. Teach them a lesson.” This is what Netanyahu tells Russia. And when he comes to America ... he will suck up to you ... ask you to donate a few billion more in financial aid, give a few hundred billion in military aid and support them in occupying more land from Palestine ... and then he will blame everything on the media and turn you against the media. Calls to Netanyahu don’t work. The guy will cleverly extract everything that he needs from you and then just push you into the war that the Bankers have planned.

How to manage this?
Well, if you are actually planning to send troops then you are following a very weak two layered strategy ... and you will be attacked from many many angles. The layers that you are using are:

  • ISIS is bad. I am fighting Radical Islam.
  • Oil from Iraq. Probably, while fighting Radical Islam you also want to take the oil.

Do you have any idea how explosive this strategy is going to be? Firstly, you ban their people from coming into your country. And then you want to send your soldiers to their countries? You don’t love their people but you love their oil? That too, you hired Rex Tillerson, an Exxon Mobil CEO, as Secretary of State. This is how the media is going to portray it and they will put your oil ambitions on fire.

You saw the illustration I made above ... I am showing only 8 Establishment networks there. But they have more than a dozen of such networks. You cannot deal with the Establishment with a two layered strategy. That is a very very weak approach. That too, when the Establishment is very aggressively following a strategy of isolating you, attacking you, demonizing you and eliminating you.

You need at least a 4 layered strategy in dealing with Radical Islam.

  • Eliminate ISIS. Eliminate all terrorist groups in the region.
  • Get oil. Get a good share of oil for American interests.
  • American support. Get support from the American people for the operation.
  • Local support. Win local support for your operations. Because if the locals see a large number of US troops in Iraq then it is a new war all over again.

Can’t give you much details here. We need a more secure channel for communication on this. However, what you should know is that ... if you are planning on sending massive troops without planning for all Establishment moves ... then my dear friend, your Presidency will be much worse than the Bush Presidency. Bush started these wars when the debt moved from $0 to $1 Trillion. And you will be starting these massive wars when we are moving from $20 Trillion to $21 Trillion. Everybody sees Bush as dumb ... but if you make this mistake without the right planning ... then a lot of trouble is on the way.