30 Jan 2017
JewH219 The “Impeach Trump” train on its way

What President Trump does not know is that ... while he was busy picking his Cabinet members and preparing for his Presidency ... our lovely Jewish Establishment was working on ways to impeach him. Trump’s victory was not expected, it was not planned and it was a shock for the Establishment. They have put the “impeach Trump” train on a fast track and they are doing everything required to initiate impeachment proceedings.

My dear friend, Donald Trump ... if you want to understand Establishment plans then you need to do a little bit of reverse engineering. What these guys do is ... decide on the required result and then facilitate moves that will deliver that result. For example ... impeachment ... if you see the impeachment of any other President around the world or in the US ... then these are the factors that come into existence before impeachment:

  • Law Suits. There will be legal action taken against the President under whatever pretext.
  • Media Demonization. These law suits are used as a tool to demonize the President in the media. Massive demonization of the President takes place in order to raise the people against the President.
  • Protesters. And this leads to people taking to the streets and protesting against the President.
  • Initiate impeachment proceedings. Once they have the necessary mileage, impeachment proceedings are initiated.

If you see Bill Clinton, that’s what happened to him. They scandalized him, tossed in a few law suits, demonized him and initiated impeachment proceedings. The difference between you and Bill Clinton is that ... he got impeached in his second term. But the Establishment is wasting no time in trying to get you impeached ASAP. If you see ... it has been just one week since your Presidency began:

  • Law Suits. There are already law suits coming up. One woman is filing a defamation law suit, one group is filing an ethics law suits that you are taking money from foreign countries and now ACLU is filing a law suit to challenge your immigration order ... the law suits are already piling up.
  • Media Demonization. The media demonization has been going on since you won the Republican ticket. This has been a non-stop feature of your candidacy.
  • Protesters. To add to that ... there are protesters when you won the election ... there are protesters at your inauguration and there are protesters when you signed some executive orders.

For how long do you think that you can put up with this? They will not start impeach proceedings right now because it is too early to make that call. But if they maintain this pressure till the end of the year, then their impeachment proceedings will be quite valid. If people are continuously protesting against you for a full year ... they will just jump at the idea of impeaching Trump. You yourself look at this scenario ... the moment “impeach Trump” initiatives begin ... who wouldn’t take part? Everybody is going to jump at that opportunity.

  • Republicans. Republicans abandoned you once and they will do it again. The party will split and the next guy will be eager to be President.
  • Democrats. There is already an issue with Democrats. You are undoing everything that they did ... not that it is any good ... but there is rivalry. Every Democrat will jump at the idea of impeaching Trump.
  • People. You are having protesters for nothing on the streets against Trump ... the moment they see a movement to impeach Trump ... trust me, streets will be filled with millions of people.
  • Media. The Establishment owned media will give heavy mileage to help in getting this done.

Understand the background game
Speaking against the protesters will not help ... speaking against the media will not help. These are just front end pawns. It is something like ... they will put a tree in your path ... kicking the tree and scratching the tree will not help. While you are kicking and scratching the tree, the only thing that will happen is ... time will get wasted ... and the tree will only grow more branches ... and then they will keep planting more trees in your path while you fight with the first one.

Here is the background game ... understand why the Jewish Establishment does not want you as President. Because you are a patriot, you love your country and people ... and that is a problem. Because you are a patriot and because you love your country and people ... you will not wage a war against Russia. The Establishment fully supported Hillary because they knew she was totally anti-Russia and anti-Putin. They knew that Hillary would do the needful. And the most important reason why you were selected for the job is that ... we knew that most of the Republicans were totally trash. Most of the Republicans would favor action against Russia. You were selected to save the country. And the Establishment is enraged at your victory. They are putting two options on the table ... either you get impeached or start a war with Russia. What do you choose? They know that you are not going for the Russia option ... so they are pushing for the impeachment option.

Why the hurry for a war with Russia?
There is something that you should know about Israel. Do you know what is Israel and who is Netanyahu? They will say that Israel is the Holy Land of the Jewish people ... the promised land and bla bla bla ... all of that is bullshit. Israel was created by the Rothschild Family. These guys are your Central Bankers ... the guys who run the Federal Reserve System. World War I was designed to create the State of Israel. This land was given to Rothschild by the British ... so that the Bankers can bring America in the war to defeat Germany. And why did Rothschild need Israel ... why did these Bankers need a country of their own? Because their “Federal Reserve System” was creating a massive amount of wealth in trillions for them ... and they needed a secure place to store this wealth.

They were literally stealing from several European countries and America ... and the wealth was so much that they needed a country of their own. They knew that they are stealing from America and Europe ... and if these countries rose up against Israel ... then Israel should have an army and air force of its own to fight off these Christian countries. This heavy high end military security for Israel ... is not for its people ... it is for the Bankers wealth. Netanyahu and the Israeli government ... is just a frontend show for the world to see ... that Israel is a Democratic country. The Israeli government is nothing but one of the frontend pawns of the Bankers. Netanyahu has been promoting these wars since the past 16 years ... at whose instructions? The Bankers. The Bankers run the show ... it is their master planning.

Banker tools in America
Some of the Banker tools in America:

  • The Media. The media is being unfair to you ... the media is demonizing you. Why? What have you done against the media? You don’t deserve the treatment that the media is giving you. But they keep demonizing you to the fullest. Why? How it works is ... the Bankers do the master planning ... they decide who to promote and who to demonize. And this agenda is forwarded to various Banker tools ... these banker tools run the agenda in perfect synchronization. Tens of thousands of media outlets ... all of them running the same agenda, the same news, the same points ... as if they have the same mind. They can facilitate this because all of these tens thousands of media outlets are owned by the same Establishment. The media runs whatever instructions are given by their bosses. This is one of the reasons why we need a new system for the media.
  • Corporations. Uniquely if you see ... even corporations are speaking up against Trump. Again on the same points and same style. How do they do this? The master planning comes from the Bankers and this agenda is circulated in all Establishment points.
  • Hollywood. Several celebrities speaking up against Trump ... refusing to perform at his inauguration. What did Trump do against any celebrity? Did he hurt someone? Okay, maybe a little bit ... but it does not warrant such abandonment.
  • Politicians. You already know about how the Establishment controls politicians via AIPAC and party advisers.

What you are seeing above here, my friend Donald Trump, is a uniform agenda master planned by the Bankers being run via various points of influence.

The plan has been upgraded from deviations to destruction
The Bankers want a war with Russia as deviations are not working any more. They were chopping off heads in Iraq ... but still people were protesting against Austerity measures in Paris. It was not just one day protest or two days protests ... these protests in France continued for months. Our Establishment is like ... “hello, we are ISIS here ... we are chopping off heads! Anybody please look at us.” But nobody cared. At first it was shocking but then once the surprise is over ... people get used to stuff. The people are like ... “okay fine, so that’s what happens there ... whatever. Let us fight for our country. No more Austerity measures!”

These deviations are not working any more. People are more concerned about the rising taxes and the failing economies. And these economies are failing because of Banker malice ... because of debt based systems. A war with Russia will simply destroy these countries for good and it will save the Bankers. The Bankers will continue to run their systems in the Southern Hemisphere. That’s the plan.

Double Layered Strategies
All of these are double layered strategies ... there is something else drastic going on in the background. In reality, these protests should be against the Bankers, not against President Trump ... these protests should be against Establishment policies, not against President Trump ... the people should be rallying against the Establishment wanting a change in system and policies. But they have cleverly put Trump on the mantle and they are running full-fledged demonization schemes against him.

How to handle this?
If you take action against the media ... it will only backfire ... if you take action against the protesters or corporations ... it will only backfire. They are playing double layered games ... we will launch triple layered games for you. Allow us to fight for you. The schemes that we will launch ... we will fight for you in at least 3 different dimensions.

  • Layer One – Expose Establishment Malice. Our number one priority will be to expose Establishment malice. We will show the world that ... hey, Trump is here to save the world. He is not here to destroy the country. It is these Bankers ... it is this Establishment that has setup several exploitation systems that is leeching your wealth. It is putting you in massive debt and it is destroying your countries.
  • Layer Two – Pull everyone under one umbrella. We will not work on divisive policies. We will pull everyone under one umbrella, under one common goal ... of love, stability, peace and progress. We will pull all religions and all countries ... starting from America to Europe and Russia ... we will unify them under one common goal.
  • Layer Three – Fantastic People Based Systems. And that one common goal will be the creation and implementation of fantastic people based systems and policies ... that will safeguard each and every one of us ... except for the criminals, that is.

This media that is staunchly against you ... we know exactly how to break it apart. They might be owned by Jewish bosses ... but still there are American Christians working there. The majority of the workers are American Christians following American principles. You will get a massive support from the media itself in creating the new systems. We will show you how it is done.

Mislead and Demonize
However, this will not work if you get misled by any of your advisers. We informed you during your campaign itself that the Establishment will play a two sided game. At first, they will mislead you into creating race based policies ... and once you launch them ... they will themselves unleash the media against you. Kindly, do not be misled into creating any policies that target women, race, religion, color or country. These are basic principles.

Politics is not a like a hotel. Once you own the hotel then it is yours for life ... it does not work like that for Presidency. There are ways to take away your Presidency ... and that’s exactly what they are working on right now. So, if we are going to help you then you also have to cooperate in following basic principles.

Establishment breakdown will not affect Trump
You might think that ... hey, this guy is about breaking down and distributing ... is he going to take away my stuff. No, no ... it does not work that way. We are targeting the big fish ... the debt based systems ... systems that are exploiting the people ... where the cash is being leeched by the hundreds of billions. You are an honest guy ... you are not running a monopoly ... it will not affect you.

Exploiting the vulnerability of the people
Right now the people are very vulnerable and the Establishment is exploiting this vulnerability and turning the people against you. You are simply being victimized. Don’t remain a victim for long. Prepare and fight.