26 Jan 2017
JewH218 Terrorism is a “cover up” for the Debt Crisis

Terrorism has been at the top of US agenda since George Bush but what you don’t realize is that it is nothing but a "cover up" for the debt crisis. Let us assume that there was no terrorism ... if we took out terrorism from news headlines from the past decades then do you know what would be the hottest topic? The hottest topic in the West would be the "debt crisis" and austerity measures.

In fact, half a dozen countries in Western Europe have already initiated austerity measures and hundreds of thousands of people have poured into the streets protesting against these austerity measures. But amusingly, our wonderful Jewish Establishment owned media has simply "censored" these austerity protests in America. Any news and any information about these austerity protests has been totally censored in America. Why? Firstly, because America is the worst affected by the debt crisis. America holds the largest debt among all Western countries. Secondly, because the American people kick ass. Once they know that there is a problem then they don't stop until its fixed.They explore more and more and more, they pull all strings possible and they don’t stop until the problem is fixed. The Establishment knows this very nature of the American people. So, the best thing to do was to start something even more shocking and terrifying. And that was terrorism ... bombs blowing up here and there, people being shot, mass massacres ... all of this was designed to rattle the people and keep them occupied with something else other than the "debt crisis".

The Establishment prospers while the people and countries drown in debt
Take a look for yourself ... take a look at the below illustration.

This is the exact state of half a dozen highly developed West European countries and America.

Personal Income Tax Rate. The people are being made to pay an income tax starting from 40% to a whopping 56.5%. Half of your salary is just going towards income tax.

Loans to Private Sector. The cost of living is maintained so terribly high that you cannot afford to live with your current salary. Thus you have to borrow money. You have to take a loan ... to buy a house, to buy a car or to buy anything expensive. And if you see the amount of loans being taken by the Private Sector ... it has already crossed the GDP. We are not talking about government debt here. These are private loans ... loans for a house, car, education, hospital bills. Do you know who "maintains" this high cost of living? Do you know who owns all of these manufacturing companies that supply most products in your life? Yes, it is the lovely Jewish Establishment. In the name of cheap labor, they have taken all of our jobs and shipped them to China. Now, if you are manufacturing at the cheapest places on Earth then shouldn't the products cost less? If you are not making in America and you are making in China then shouldn't the products cost less? No, but that is not the case. They keep charging you more and more and more and make you pay as much as possible ... to the maximum extent.

Why do they do this? Firstly, it gives them maximum profits secondly it depletes your savings. And when you don't save anymore then you go to the bank for a loan. The more people need loans, the more money the bankers make. This high cost of living is designed to leech out as much money from you as possible and then make you go to the bank for loans. It’s a two sided game run by the same Establishment.

What it does to the people of the country is that ... it puts them in massive debt. You can see the income to debt percentage. In UK, it is 125% ... if you are earning $100 then you are borrowing $125 just to survive a proper life in the UK. The same goes with France, Spain, Portugal, Italy and USA. All of these countries are rattled with the same problem.

Balance of Trade. On top of that, if you see ... look at the scale of jobs that has been shipped abroad. Several European countries are in a negative trade balance including America.

Government Debt to GDP Percentage. Not only the people ... even the governments of these countries are crashing in debt. They are in as much debt as 71% for Germany to a 133% for Italy. Not only the people but even the governments are drowning in debt.

Corporate Profits. The people are drowning in debt. The countries are drowning in debt. But look at the profits of our wonderful Establishment ... they are simply sky rocketing.

How do they facilitate this? Because it is just a few families of businesses that own tens of thousands of companies in the West and all of these companies drain the wealth based upon the same money drain policies. So, you get a sky rocketing difference in what the 0.01 percent earns and what the rest of the country earns.

The Austerity Shock
Here's where comes the Austerity shock ... the people are already paying a whopping 50% income tax ... and then they are already drowned in 125% in debt only to be able to survive in the country. Now, the government comes to you and says ... excuse me people, the government is in debt and we need you to shell out a little bit more to pay off this debt.

These Austerity measures are creating shock waves across Europe. People are enraged and they are taking to the streets by the hundreds of thousands against Austerity measures. Because it is so totally unfair. Where is the people's fault in this? Did they do anything wrong? Haven't they got a good education? Aren't they working hard? Aren't they already paying a huge share of their earnings? Arent they paying the terribly high prices set by the Establishment? Why are the people being forced to pay more and more? They have absolutely no sources to make any additional payments.

Austerity Protests Slide Show
Take a look for yourself. These are protests against Austerity measures across Europe in half a dozen countries that are drowning in debt. Austerity protests in UK, France, Spain Portugal, Italy and Greece. These protests were completely censored in America.


Government Shut Down
What happens if the government does not have enough money for its operations? There is massive debt and no cash to pay salaries. The government shut down begins. Honest hardworking dedicated people who dedicated their lives to serving their country ... they get fired. Tens of thousands of government workers become unemployed. It drastically affects the services provided to the people and with more and more operations being shut down ... chaos starts taking over the cities.

No money to pay to control and monitor the cities ... in combination with massive unemployment results in chaos. In this scenario, who do you think that the people will rise against? They will rise against the debt. They will rise against the policies that created this debt. They will rise against the bankers and establishment that created this debt. Which means a mass movement in the West will be automatically mobilized against the Establishment.

War on Terror comes as a "Cover up"
Our lovely Establishment already knows about these coming phases. So, what they have done is launched the War on Terror. Created terrorist events in the West and kept these countries terrorized and occupied by terror. Which is why you will never see an end to this terrorism malice. The more you fight in this war ... the more terrorists multiply. This terrorism is a need for the Establishment.

Obama pulls off all troops from Iraq and ISIS is created
We spent trillions in Iraq. Private War Contractors were making a killing for more than 8 years. Obama wanted to end this war which was nothing but of monetary benefit for Private War Contractors. He put in a timeline to pull off all troops from Iraq. Because America was being demonized for bombing other countries ... these countries should be able to take care of themselves. In 8 years, if a new born baby can learn how to walk, talk and go to school ... then these guys should be able to stand up, hold a damn gun and protect their country. Why should America suffer financially and psychologically in trying to save other countries? That's why Obama pulled off from Iraq.

Our lovely weapon contractors and private war contractors are a part of the same Establishment. They saw Obama's withdrawal plans. The only events that were happening around the world were suicide bombs and cars blowing up ... and Obama said ... their own governments should be able to manage all of this ... we are not going to spend trillions to save you from these minor incidents. The response of the Establishment was the creation of ISIS. They said ... ow yeah, America will not respond to suicide bombs? Let's give them more. They created an army of terrorists that started doing the worst that was possible ... beheading people and mass massacres ... they became demons unleashed. Why? Only to keep America and the West committed to this War on Terror. You have to accept that there are terrorists out there ... there are bad guys out there and you have to keep fighting. That's why ISIS was created. Only to rattle the West with the worst that was possible ... only to keep them occupied by terror.

Russia was chosen to finish off the job
As per their plan, the West had to be occupied by "Islamic Terror" and in the process ... initiate a conflict with Russia and then use Russia to finish off these countries. Instead of these Christian countries rising against this terrible cost of living, debt based societies and austerity ... instead of these countries rising against the Establishment the plan was ... let's use Russia to finish off the job.

Which is why you can see ... they have already made all of the provisions for this. Massive demonization of Putin, large scale aggressions against Russia, military buildup, sanctions and war rhetoric against Russia. Among this whole War on Terror against Arabs ... how the hell did Russia come in between? Is Russia an Islamic country? Is Putin a Muslim? No, then why the sudden aggressive turn against Russia? The plan was to go to Russia via Iran but Obama said ... let's have a nuclear deal with Iran. That's why they started facilitating direct actions against Russia because the option with Iran was off the table. Well, this is the second time that Obama saved America.

An Eye Opener for President Trump
You might think that this terror is based in ISIS and if you fight ISIS then this terror will go away. That is what they want you to think. Where was ISIS when 911 happened? There was no ISIS ... and all of these countries were totally stable ... Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and Yemen. When the show of terrorism began ... all of these countries were totally stable and totally under control. And if you see all of the events that happened in America and the West they happened by using guys already in your countries. ISIS did not come to the US in their trucks and then attacked America ... that did not happen.

So, even if you spend trillions in fighting ISIS and stabilizing these countries in the Middle East ... even then, there is no guarantee that events will not happen in the West. Because these events are not based in ISIS or Islam or Muslims ... these are Establishment based events. ISIS itself is run by Israel. It is the Establishment that wants to maintain your countries in terror.

Iraq War was a cover up used during George Bush
Muslims have been living in America and Europe for hundreds of years. Why did these events begin in 2001 with George Bush? If Islam was truly bad ... if Muslims were truly bad ... then why did they get activated only in 2001? They have been living with you in peace for hundreds of years in America and Europe ... why didn't Muslims start blowing up people before 2001? Where was Radical Islam in the 1900s or 1800s? Where was Radical Islam before 2000?

If you observe the year 2001 when Bush took office ... that's the year when America started going in debt by $1 Trillion every year. It was the highest debt that any country in the West was facing. Did George Bush ever talk about debt ... no, the only thing he talked about was Al Qaeda, Saddam and WMD. Only after the end of George Bush's 8 years ... he sheepishly says ... you know what ... we are $10 Trillion in debt. That's when America gets to know about its massive debt. The entire Iraq war was a cover up.

Address the core issue behind terror
So, doesn’t matter how much you fight or how much you invest in this War on Terror ... it is never going to be solved. Because that is not the main problem at all. The main problem is within ... it is inside your country ... inside your economic systems ... it concerns the Establishment ... it has nothing to do with Arabs.

Yes, ISIS is bad and it needs to be eliminated. But ISIS is bad not because of Islam ... ISIS is bad because it is designed by the Establishment and run via Israel to maintain the West in terror. That's why ISIS is bad. You will never be able to eliminate groups like ISIS until and unless you address the core reason behind them.

How to handle this?
If you want to end these wars and terrorism from the world for good and if you want to stabilize the world and move it forward on a peaceful, progressive and prosperous path then you need to work on the Establishment. Cash is not the problem for them. It is draining a massive amount of wealth to them via banks and corporations but it is also creating mass debt for the people as well as their countries. And these Europeans are highly educated ... these countries are some of the most powerful countries in the world ... and their own malice is freaking the hell out of them. They are freaking scared of the response that will come from these countries. This is why they are continuously keeping you occupied in terror.

We need to eliminate this Establishment monopoly ... we need to stop these wealth drain policies ... we need to end this high cost of living ... we need to end these debt based societies ... we need to empower people ... and deliver peace, strength and stability to our people. It is then that this whole terrorism crap will come to an end ... because then there wouldn't be a reason for terrorism ... there wouldn't be a reason to demonize Trump anymore ... there wouldn’t be a reason to remain anti-Russia anymore. Why do you think they demonize Trump in the media so much? Because you are an obstacle in a war with Russia. As per them, Russia should have finished the job by now. And you my friend, you were an unexpected element that walked in the game and changed everything. They demonize you only to get you out of the way. Details later on this. Be sure that if any rare activity happens even after taking care of the Establishment ... we will know exactly how to handle it.