23 Jan 2017
JewH217 War on Terror is a “Bait and Bleed” Military Strategy

If President Trump does not want to end up like George Bush who blindly spent trillions on private war contractors and if he does not want end up like Barack Obama who blindly gave trillions to rebel groups ... if he wants to be different and actually eliminate this malice then he needs to play smarter.

Yes, President Trump needs to be different ... he needs to be smarter, more intelligent and more effective in his moves. This page is specially written for President Trump because fighting terrorism seems to be one of his goals. If President Trump is truly ... honest to God ... genuinely wants to eliminate this terrorism crap that has only been growing since it started then ... you need to be true to the cause ... you need to be true to the actual goal of eliminating this crap. Well, that’s the only requirement. If you are true and genuinely want to eliminate this ... then we will show you how.

Let me give you a simulation model of how this works. Let us assume there is a multistoried bank with 1000 employees. It has been taken over by 100 terrorists. There are a 100 bad guys in there ... who have taken over this bank ... they have no demands ... the only thing that they do is ... cut off heads of the bank employees and show you videos of those assassinations. The bank employees are screaming for help while the terrorists are literally inviting for an armed conflict. They have no demands and the only thing they are interested is in an armed conflict.

And if you won’t give them this “armed conflict” then they will take over another bank and another bank. They will do the worst to the employees of those banks ... only to enrage you and invite this conflict that they want. So what you do is ... you send in your team of soldiers to fight with these terrorists. The conflict begins and it continues for days, weeks and months. Just imagine what would happen to the bank if a heavy armed conflict continues for weeks and months. The bank gets totally decimated and destroyed. Mass casualties result in the deaths of a huge percentage of the bank employees.

The interesting part is ... how are these guys able to fight for months together against an army of soldiers? Where are they getting their weapon supply from? Where are they getting their daily meals from? It seems there is a tunnel below the bank through which these supplies are being made. New terrorist recruits, weapons and food supply is being sent via this tunnel. What do you do? Do you allow these supplies to continue? The first thing you will do is cut off their supplies, won’t you?

You may be surprised to know that this was not done during Bush nor during Obama. Both of them turned a blind eye to these supply routes. Welcome to the rigged Pentagon operations. The game is not about being powerful here ... it is about getting the actual work done ... and both of the previous Presidents failed in doing that.

War on Terror is a “Bait and Bleed” Military strategy
This is what you should know. This is not War against Terrorism. These are Establishment wars. This terrorism is designed by the Jewish Establishment. If you understand the mind behind the game then you understand what is going on in the frontend.

Why is the Establishment doing this?
That requires an elaborate answer ... will answer that in the next article. In brief, terrorism is a deviation from the debt crisis. This debt is created by Establishment policies that are draining the wealth from several Western countries ... not only America but several West European countries. These countries are plunging in debt and they are having to resort to Austerity measures to make the people pay for this debt. This is creating an outrage in the West. So, the best thing to do is ... keep the West busy in Terrorism. Forget about the financials ... remain busy in saving your lives.

And this strategy ... if you see ... it is bait and bleed strategy. What is the cost of carrying out these activities? What is the cost of flying someone else’s plane into someone else’s building? What is the cost of setting up a few events here and there? Nothing ... negligible ... zero. But in response what are these countries doing? They are spending trillions to go after these terrorists. These countries are literally bleeding and crashing in debt ... but the game never ends. Terrorists keep multiplying.

Yes, there is ISIS. They are cutting off throats and they have guns. How much does that knife cost? $10? How much does that gun cost? $50? How are we responding to these $10 and $50 provocations? We are responding to them with billion dollar fighter planes and million dollar missiles. Do you see any comparison of how much your enemy is spending and how much you are spending? Bait and bleed ... bait and bleed ... it is a bait and bleed strategy.

They drove a truck into a Christmas market ... several people dead. How much did it cost the bad guy? Nothing. All of these events are “baits” ... they are again and again and again “baiting” you into keep spending trillions in this stupid war. It is an economic trap.

Terror transition from Bush to Obama
Do you know why Obama pulled off troops from Iraq? Do you know why he refused to send boots on the ground? Instead he chose air strikes. Do you know why he did that? It was because of the “private war contractors” that were being used in military operations overseas. These private war contractors were getting multi-billion dollar contracts. War was a business for them ... no war means no business ... no business means no profit. So, what our lovely contractors were doing was ... they were very liberally supplying weapons to the opposition. US weapons, ammunition and vehicles were being very liberally donated to the opposition ... only to facilitate a long term continuous conflict. “The opposition took over the weapons depot. The terrorists took over the line of vehicles.” They just took over. Lol.

Under the Bush administration the point of malice was “private war contractors”. These guys were supporting the terrorists. Obama refused to go back to the same strategy ... he refused to put boots on the ground. But then our lovely Establishment misled Obama in financing the “rebel groups”. Just a few years ago ... Muslims were evil, bad and demonic and under Obama they became rebellious heroes who needed full support. Several ships of weapons and ammunition were sent to rebel groups in Libya and Syria. Not only material but Hillary also supplied hundreds of millions “in cash” to these groups ... on the pretext of “humanitarian aid”.

ISIS was spread everywhere and they were providing millions in cash and tons of ammo to rebel groups. They literally “air dropped” weapons and army vehicles in these war zones ... which were very comfortably taken by ISIS groups.

Finance and Support for Terrorist Groups
So now, if you look at this scene ... who is actually financing and supporting terrorist groups? Where is the main source of this cash and weapons flow coming from? It is the US Government ... hard earned US tax payer money. The Establishment has been continuously fooling and misleading the US government in this ridiculous War on Terror and making it spend trillions in actually growing these terrorist groups.

Establishment Beneficiaries
They create events that cost them nothing ... make us spend trillions to address that issue and then they reap benefits from this self-created chaos.

  • Terrorism provides a fantastic deviation from the debt crisis
  • America and West European countries continue to plunge deeper in debt ... providing Jewish bankers with hundreds of billions in interest over this debt every year.
  • Israel is getting 70% of its national oil requirement for as low as $10 per barrel from these war zones.
  • Israel is planning to bifurcate these war torn countries and create affiliate countries that will give them massive oil supplies.
  • Israeli weapon manufacturers are doing a booming business from these conflicts.

What is Israel’s investment in all of this? Zero. What is the investment of Jewish Bankers? Zero. What is the investment of Israeli weapon suppliers? Zero.

Full Scale support for Terrorism
Which is why you will find full scale support for terrorism by the Establishment. One event happens and the Establishment owned media goes crazy after it. They cover the event in every channel in every show and then they try to pull maximum number of politicians in order to start a major expenditure to address that event.

Self-Serving Monetary Systems designed using “Chaos”
This is not the first time that the Jewish Establishment has designed a system that serves their interest using chaos. They have designed several self-serving systems based on chaos. The chaos costs them nothing and in return in rains money for them. This is embedded in their ideology ... all of this comes from their ideology ... it is called “creating circumstances for success”. They have been doing this since the past 1000 years ... not just today. Some examples will help.

  • Kazaria Loot and Plunder. This whole crap of looting what non-Jews have started off from their Kingdom of Kazaria. It was a poor agricultural country with no technology or scientific knowledge. If crops failed then they had to starve. So the King came up with the concept of guerilla wars against its neighbors. They would just go loot and plunder what the neighboring villages and cities had. They did this so repeatedly that they made into a religion of their own. What belongs to non-Kazarians can be taken by Kazarians by force, stealing, looting and even by killing. He literally made it their divine right to do this. This is where this Jewish malice originates from. What was the King doing here? Was he investing anything? Was he working on science and technology? Was he creating anything? Nothing ... he just created chaos in Christian countries and looted what they had. He just maintained a tough army of warriors who would go and loot whenever required. It was a self-serving monetary system designed using chaos.
  • Federal Reserve. Coming into the more modern world ... the same Jews acting in the modern times. How was the Federal Reserve created? Via chaos ... they designed several banking scandals ... they plunged the banking industry into chaos and the Federal Reserve was promoted as the solution. Using chaos they were able to get the license to print the nation’s money. They print money out of nowhere and then “lend” it to the country on interest. We the people pay interest for every dollar printed to the Federal Reserve. And who the hell are they to charge us interest? They are a private Jewish entity. They created a self-serving monetary system using chaos.
  • Communism. They went around creating revolutions in Eastern Europe against the Kings and Czars of Eastern Europe. They channeled the cheapest labor for these operations. They supplied weapons to farmers and encouraged them to fight against their landlords and Kings ... in the name of providing them with land ownership. They got armies of farmers against the Kings. They used the cheapest resource and gained over the entire country. They leeched out all of the resources of these wealthy European countries. And the farmers that fought for them ... they starved to death in later years ... because all of their grain and cattle were taken away by the same Communist rulers that they fought for. Millions of Christian farmers starved to death in Communist countries. Did they care? They didn’t give a rat’s ass. What did they do here? They created chaos in the country to setup their own self-serving Communist system.
  • Israel. How was Israel created? Using World War I ... Britain was losing the war ... Rothschild said, “give me land for Israel and I will bring America in the war against Germany”. What was Rothschild’s investment to create a country of his own? Zero. He used chaos and war to create a country of his own.
  • Conflict with Palestine. This is another system of chaos designed to benefit Israel. Because there is a conflict with Palestine, Jews are shown as the victims. “Ow, those Palestinians are firing thousands of rockets all the time. Israel’s security is very important. We need your help.” What you don’t know is that they themselves maintain this frontend opposition against Israel for the show. These rockets from Palestine are essentially fireworks. Once in a year 2-3 Israelis are deliberately killed in order to maintain terror in the country. And owing to this conflict ... Israel gets billions in aid, military, political, technological, trade and financial support from the US. If there is no conflict with Palestine then there is no reason to provide so much aid. Israel is the beneficiary from this conflict while Palestine lives in a humanitarian crisis. Which is why they will never end this conflict. This conflict is itself a self-serving monetary system designed using chaos.
  • NSA Spying. This is not a monetary system but this system is again designed on the pretext of combating crime. This system gives access to the personal information of every single American as well as many international leaders. This system is designed to detect any opposition against their policies and successfully suppress those individuals. It helps them controlling the country and maintaining the flow in their best interests. It is a self-serving system designed to sustain their monetary systems.
  • War on Terror. Just like all of the above ... this is also a self-serving monetary system designed by the Jewish Establishment. It costs them nothing and reaps them immense benefits.

How to manage this successfully?
Coming the main point ... how to manage this crap ... how to contain this crisis? The good news is ... you can successfully eliminate a huge segment of this terrorist activity. If you honestly work on this ... then you can wipe out a huge segment. The bad news is ... you cannot eliminate terrorism until and unless you directly address the issues that arise from the Establishment. If you can contain the Establishment ... which President Trump cannot do on his own ... then this terrorism problem can go away completely.

So, let me tell you the stuff that you can do on your own to make a huge reduction of terrorist activity around the globe.

  • Don’t use private war contractors. Firstly don’t use private war contractors. War should never be a business ... it should never drive profits to private companies.
  • Don’t supply weapons to any group at the ground level. It might be rebels or whatever ... do not supply weapons to any group in the war zone.
  • Don’t hand out cash. Don’t give cash to anyone in the war zone ... it will be directed to buying more and more weapons ... and the cycle will never end.
  • Pentagon operations are rigged by the Establishment. Don’t think that you are the Commander in Chief and everything will be done as you say. Pentagon operations are rigged and something else happens at the ground level. How to address this problem? The answer is ... work with Russia. Israel and the Jewish Establishment has absolutely no influence in Russia or on Putin. Putin will kick Netanyahu’s ass if he wants to. Putin scares the shit out of Netanyahu. Russia will be of crucial help here. This is one of the reasons that they want to turn Trump against Russia ... so that this cooperation never happens.
  • Eliminate Supply Routes. Putin knows exactly where the supply routes are. Nobody likes ISIS ... but ISIS is making money by selling oil. Which means that someone is buying oil. And Putin will give you the exact information on that.
  • Eliminate Weapon Depots. You will be surprised that oil supply routes and weapon depots were not targeted in the operations under Obama. Putin knows all of these locations. Work with Russia in overcoming Pentagon’s rigged operations. Russia will make your operations very effective in these war zones. For your verification, look at the fantastic work done by Russia in Syria ... they have successfully eliminated and stabilized a huge segment of Syria.
  • Don’t supply humanitarian aid in cash. Make sure that you are not supplying cash for any purpose in the war zones. You want to supply aid? Then supply the actual products and services.
  • Don’t do stupid regime changes. If you eliminate any new ruler then you will get a terrorist haven. This stupidity needs to stop for terrorism to end.
  • Stabilize the country. Work with regional governments in stabilizing their countries.
  • Minimal Expense. And try to do all operations with minimal expense. Don’t get on the war horse with a great mission trying to be a great war hero and utilizing the fullest force of the country. It will only result in trillions spent with no results.

All of the above is commonsense but when you are dealing with rigged operations then commonsense becomes rocket science. And if you don’t work with Russia then you will end up bombing civilian areas ... claiming that terrorists where hiding there. 2 terrorists and 100 civilians dead ... fantastic operation. This is how many of the operations were carried out. Work with Russia, they will give you very good intel.

The above will help you in only stabilizing a few countries in the Middle East. But there is not guarantee that activities will not happen in the West despite all of these measures. Because like I said, war on terror is an Establishment game. It is quite unlikely to end until and unless we handle the Establishment itself. The Establishment is the core center of this issue. If you want this issue to be eliminated then you need to work on the Establishment itself ... which is not just a military operation ... it is a detailed multi-platform and multi-layered operation.