19 Jan 2017
JewH216 The Establishment War Train to Russia

Obama has no idea that he has just been “domesticated” by the Establishment. Obama spent a fantastic last 4 years in office ... understanding Establishment ideology and moves but in the last few months of his Presidency he kind of lost track. Our wonderful Jewish Establishment uses a non-stop tireless strategy of isolating the person and using multiple pressure points to control his decision making so that he follows the track that they have preplanned.

Yes, Obama understood the Establishment game in his second term ... he was pretty much lost in his first term. We reached out to Obama showing him the parameters at play and how it would be disastrous for America. Obama changed gears and handled the situation very tactically and diplomatically. Very carefully ... he pulled out America from major preplanned conflicts. But owing to the monopoly of our wonderful Jewish Establishment ... they are able to repeatedly attack and pressurize the decision makers to change their policies. The exact same thing was done to Obama.

They were using several pressure points into pressurizing Obama into war and a full scale aggression but till date they did not work. But since the Democrats lost the election ... and it was massive loss ... they lost majority in both houses as well as the Presidency. The Democrats were successfully “isolated”. Now, they were hammered with points like:

  • Russia meddled in the election!
  • Russia helped Trump.
  • Because of Russia the Democrats lost the election.
  • Trump is going to wipe out your legacy.
  • Obama’s legacy will be gone.
  • This hit the Democrats at a personal level ... especially Obama, since his name was going to be wiped out. What is the Establishment doing here? They are playing with emotions ... they are using a low point in your life for something that they want.

Domestication of the Cattle
This entire process is called “domestication of the cattle”. As per their ideology we are cattle. How do you tame a wild horse? You isolate him ... put him in the ring all alone and then you use pressure points to train him so that he listens to you ... so that he follows your orders and he falls within your plan. You domesticate the animal. Once animal is domesticated and willing to follow your plan then he is ready. They apply the same strategy on Christians and non-Jews. In the political spectrum, they are applying this strategy on top political leaders.

Domestication of Obama and the Democrats

  • Isolating Obama. Why did the Democrats lose the majority in both the Houses? Because we were in touch with Obama and Obama was conscious of the Establishment. They were afraid of the moves that Obama would take unilaterally if he retained the majority in the Houses. They immediately had to isolate Obama as much as they could in order to limit his powers.
  • Multiple Pressure Points on Obama. Since they got the majority in both Houses they were able to control what Obama can and cannot do. Since they owned the media, they were hammering Obama anytime and every time they could. They allowed Obama to do a few things but they grossly misled Obama in many moves.
  • Obama Domesticated. Lastly, they were able to capitalize on the fact that Democrats lost everything and Obama’s legacy would be wiped off. They were able to put Obama against Russia ... as they showed Russia as a key player in helping Trump win.

Tips for Obama

  • Trump did not win the election. If you look closer ... Trump himself was the victim of the Establishment games. He was chosen as the victor because he was the “right candidate”. It was the right thing to do. You seriously don’t think Hillary was the right candidate did you? You yourself fired her for the terrible job that she did as Secretary of State. You had to spend another 4 years undoing all of the crap that she did. Yes, Russia favored Trump but it didn’t help at all. The DNC hacks favored Bernie Sanders against Hillary ... no info about Trump was revealed.
  • Putin did not mislead you. You did a few things as President but you were grossly misled. You were misled by the Establishment advisers put in your team. Putin had nothing to do with that. It was an Establishment game.
  • Among all things, pound Russia? Now, among all things that you can do as the opposition party ... you have to choose to pound Russia? There are dozens of things that you guys can do so that Trump can be a better President. You leave all of that and focus on Russia? How does that help the American people in any way? Show me any good for the American people by being anti-Russia. Don’t you see how they are fooling you even during your exit?
  • Work for your Legacy. I told you one simple thing ... you want a legacy? Then you have to work for it. You have to do something realistic and beneficial for the people. Leave Russia alone ... an anti-Russia stand will only worsen things. You want to do something? You want to show the world that Obama is made of some substance? Then do something against the guys who misled you, misguided you, trashed you and eliminated your legacy. It will not only help you but it will also free your country from their malicious grip. You know this ... you have seen this ... you have experienced it ... do something on this track. The war train to Russia will bring about a destruction across the Northern Hemisphere. And stupidly, you don’t want to be a part of a major catastrophe.

Attempts to Domesticate Donald Trump
The same guys following the same strategy on different people. You know ... a criminal will always leave a pattern ... it is exactly like that. Their initial strategy was to “eliminate Trump” not domesticate him.

  • Isolating Trump. They misled Trump by inserting racist policies in his agenda. And then isolated him via repeated attacks from Republicans and Democrats. Trump’s demonization was widespread in the media.
  • Using Multiple Pressure Points. However, Donald Trump still wins the election. The Establishment failed in their objective of eliminating Trump. Now, the strategy moves on to “domestication”. They use multiple pressure points in order to pressurize Trump and turn him against Russia. A conflict with Russia is the Establishment’s goal. If they get this then the game is over. See how they are systematically pressurizing each key decision maker to be “anti-Russia”.
  • Domestication Attempts on Trump. Just a week before inauguration, the media comes up with a prostitution scandal. Now, among all the properties in the world that Donald Trump has ... this prostitution scandal had to be placed in Russia? Tell me, is that a coincidence here now? This is no coincidence ... this is Establishment preplanned malice. They are trying to rattle Trump again and again in order make him flip against Russia and pull him abroad on the war train to Russia.

Domesticating Republicans
Republicans don’t need domestication ... most of them are already very well domesticated by the Establishment. And this also includes many of the Democrats, by the way. 99 out of 100 Senators vote for anti-Russian actions. Why? What has Russia done against America? Tell me in one way Putin is hurting any American. They are doing nothing against any American interest. But all of this anti-Russian propaganda is devised by our lovely Jewish Establishment via AIPAC and Israeli politicians in America. These are the guys who continuously funnel Russian opposition.

Domesticating Europe
The same strategy is replicated in many West European countries. Who is funneling this anti-Russian propaganda in Europe? The same guys control the politicians there and the same guys own the media companies there. They are able to pull an entire train of war from Washington and Europe against Russia using their monopoly.

Multiple Pressure Points on Active Democracy
They use multiple pressure points in suppressing Active Democracy as well. They know that we know all of their crappy policies and misleading techniques ... and that we are dynamically interacting with world top leaders in stopping their malice. They use several pressure points to suppress our work as well.

  • Racists, haters and Nazis. Supposedly, we are racists, haters and Nazis because we use the term “Jewish” Establishment and we talk about what’s written in the Talmud.
  • Fake News. Now, that did not help since all of these media agencies and corporations are directly owned by Jewish groups and in fact, the Talmud talks about a lot anti-Christian policies and activities. So, they can’t call us racists and they came up with the term “fake news”. We are supposedly a fake news channel and spreading lies. Lol.
  • Russian Propaganda. These guys are so scared about the information that we expose about the Establishment that they are trying to initiate laws against Russian supported information as we are hosted on Russian servers. These are all deviation tactics.
  • We are Obama Guys. When we reached out to Trump ... they tried to suppress us claiming that we are “Obama guys” working with the Democrats. Another technique of blinding the person from reason and logic.
  • We are Trump and Russian Supporters. Obama was the decision maker ... we helped him make good decisions. Now, Trump is the decision maker and we are helping him make good decisions. At the end of the day, we are working in the best interest for the country and people. We are not following any leader. We know that Trump is going to be great if he makes the right choices and there is nothing wrong with a great country with great leaders. But the fact that we are helping Trump ... they are using this aspect to turn Obama and the Democrats against us. “Ow, ow, this guy is a Trump supporter ... don’t help his campaign. Trump is wiping out your legacy. Why will you help a Trump supporter?” Jesus ... save me, save me now!

What is all of this? Multiple pressure points used to change decision making ... and pull things in their favor. The same guys following the same self-serving strategy. Wake up Obama, wake up. See how segmented and isolated they have made all of you. On one side they have isolated and pressurized Obama ... then they have isolated and pressurized Trump ... on the other side have isolated and pressurized Putin and kept him ready for war. Putin is fully prepared for action.

We don’t follow this stupid segmentation. We do the opposite. We unite everyone under one umbrella. Republicans, Democrats, Americans, Europeans and Russians ... we unite everyone under one umbrella and then fight with the Establishment monopoly. This is how it is supposed to work. And not by breaking apart and following the Establishment war train.

Tips for Putin
This is what Putin should note. When Obama was there in power, he had an entire team of Democrats resisting moves for war. They were resisting anti-Russian propaganda. But right now, until Obama understands what is going on ... Donald Trump is all by himself. Out of 100 Senators in the room only one Senator supports him on Russia. We have been continuously in touch with the Trump campaign and we are doing our best to maintain Trump pro-Russia. We are hoping that Trump will do the right thing and normalize relations with Russia. But if you see this entire train of aggression against Russia ... it is not because of America or Europe. It is our lovely Jewish Establishment.

Tips for Ivanka Trump
My dear lady, you are a wonderful soul and you have a terribly important job in the White House. And that job is being a pillar of strength for your Dad. Be there for him and help him ... because the Establishment will try to rattle Trump a lot. It might be with the use of media ... continuous demonization ... or with the use of Republicans or Democrats. Analyze everything intelligently. If you can keep your Dad on the right principles and facts then nothing can shake him. The media or the Congress can’t do shit to him.

Most importantly, don’t allow anyone to switch Trump against Russia. Do you know what will happen with the war train against Russia? Yes, the nuclear war will be there ... yes, the destruction will be there. But after that, President Donald J Trump will be demonized and cursed at for the next 100 years and more. Your entire family will be laughed at and made fun of ... or more probably executed for war crimes. Did you see Hitler’s fate? It has been 70 years since the WWII but they still hate Hitler. The world will say ... “yes, Americans made Donald Trump the President and he started the nuclear war with Russia ... what a fool he was.” This will happen after the war.

But right now ... does Trump want the war with Russia? No. Is Donald Trump against Russia? No. Who is against Russia ... who wants this friction and conflict with Russia? The Jewish Establishment. And this Establishment is a complicated animal. They have dozens of frontend pawns. You never know how you get screwed. So the simple formula is ... doesn’t matter who the hell it is in front of you ... it might be the media or politicians or friends or family or religious guides ... whoever it might be ... if they are promoting an anti-Russian agenda ... it is your job and your Dad’s job to simply change the topic and bring the focus on making America great again. Change the topic to peace and prosperity. Your Dad will need your help ... please be there for him.