18 Jan 2017
JewH215 Jewish Establishment’s Innocent Blame Game (E+R=O)

Jewish Establishment’s Innocent Blame Game (E+R=O)

Here is another fantastic working strategy of the Jewish Establishment. Event + Response = Outcome. If you have guys that can control both sides of the conflict then you can control the outcome of the conflict in your favor. And the Establishment, owing to its monopoly, has been doing this since decades within America as well as world politics. Let’s take a look.

There is a long list of “chaos strategies” that have been designed to favor the Establishment. Let’s just take a look at two simple examples.

Internally within America
A widespread monopoly in American politics ... on both sides of the aisles, Democrat and Republican, helps them place their advisers in both the teams. This “advising system” is managed via advisers placed within the Administrative team, AIPAC, corporate campaign sponsors and media influence. What they are able to do is control the actions of both the parties.

Desired Outcome: Eliminate Trump
In the recent election, the desired outcome was Trump’s elimination and they used all elements possible to eliminate Trump. They used Ted Cruz from the Republican Party to circulate semi-nude photos of Donald Trump’s wife. And the most amusing part is that ... once they take an action against you ... they will control your response to that action. “Ah look at Ted Cruz, that slimy rascal. He is circulating semi-nude photos of your wife.” They sit right next to you, misguide you and control your response. And what Donald Trump thinks is that ... these guys are my friends and Ted Cruz is the asshole. What Trump does not know is that they play both sides ... they play both sides.

And then they used Obama, Hillary and the Democrats against Trump. They stand next to you and make you feel that the Democrats are the enemies. All of these malice and radical moves are coming from Obama and the Democrats. They will sit next to you and turn you against Obama and Democrats. What you don’t realize is that ... this is an ERO game. A game of creating the event, controlling the response to that event and making sure that the outcome is in their favor.

See ... some political opposition is normal in elections. It is totally normal for the opposition party to stand up and question your policies. This is normal politics. But in the recent election ... you, Donald Trump ... you were their biggest target ... their objective was to “eliminate Trump”. Yes, Obama and the Democrats were used against you ... but who gave the racist policies against Blacks, Latinos and Muslims? Did Obama give you these policies? Did Hillary give you these policies or did Ted Cruz? None of them gave you these policies ... nor are these policies yours ... the Establishment put their advisers right next to you ... they sat next to you and misled you massively into creating chaotic racist policies.

They play both sides. They were making sure that you fell into their “demonization trap”. These racist policies helped the large scale demonization of Donald Trump in the media. Who demonized you in the media? Does Obama own those media agencies? Does Hillary or Ted Cruz own those media agencies? 90% of US media is owned by the Jewish Establishment. It is these guys who ridiculed you to the maximum and they are still continuing to do the same.

Means: Establishment Monopoly in the Congress and Media
How were they able to attack Donald Trump from every angle? The simple answer is ... establishment monopoly in the Congress and media. They misled you ... and then used both Democrats and Republicans to demonize you fully in the media that they own. Using this monopoly and ownership they are able to design the entire game and run it for their benefit. They are able to control the entire ERO process.

Remaining innocent at all times
The fantastic thing about this game is that they cleverly remain “innocent” through all phases and all times. They come to your side and tell you that Obama and Hillary are the enemies ... they go to their side and tell them that Donald Trump is the enemy ... Donald Trump is a racist and you should do everything to take down Donald Trump. They gave you racist policies and then ignited the opposition to campaign heavily against you. In the entire game ... our lovely Jewish Establishment is totally innocent. Or more accurately “claiming” to be innocent ... when actually the entire chaos and crisis was created by them. Before these racist policies, Donald Trump was a shining star who had obliterated the Republicans in the Primaries with greatest ease ... using nothing but his style.

The Establishment ERO game at an International Level
Now, here is a striking similarity in their ERO game at an international level. Their main desired outcome was to eliminate Trump ... for that they carried out the below aggressive moves:

  • Design of Chaotic Racist Policies
  • Immense Negative Media Coverage
  • Massive Finance for Hillary’s Campaign
  • Scandal Tapes and Scandal Women
  • Zero Republican Support and Spending
  • And Protesters in Multiple Cities

Did you know that they did the same things to Vladimir Putin during his re-election? Putin is also a patriot just like Trump. He loves his country and Christianity just like Trump. During his rule the Jewish Establishment faced some losses and Christianity rose to a shining level under Putin. And they hate Putin for that. Under the Jewish Communist rule, thousands of Churches were destroyed and Christianity was shoved under the rug. And Putin reversed everything.

They did not want Putin to be re-elected. For that they carried a lot of aggressive steps against Putin also:

  • Heavy finance and support for the opposition. Putin’s opposition was heavily financed and supported by the West.
  • Protests in Multiple Cities. They organized large scale protests against Putin in several cities.
  • Sanctions against Russia. They failed in stopping Putin. Now, their objective is to initiate a conflict with Russia. For this, they are using their control points in the West to piss off Putin and Russia in every possible way. They have put sanctions on Russia which have rattled their economy and affected their currency.
  • Corruption Scandals and Scandal Women. To demonize Putin, they released articles claiming Putin’s corruption ... saying that Putin is corrupt. And then they also went ahead in claiming that Putin was giving out luxury apartments to his “special women”. Who the hell gets this kind of information against the most powerful leaders of our time? The Jewish Establishment.
  • Military Buildup. They carried out one provocation after another against Russia. The above didn’t work so they started massive military buildup near Russian borders.
  • Ban from Olympics. Some guys tested positive for drugs and they banned the entire Russian team from Olympics and Para Olympics. This is not demonization but this is humiliation. They are resorting to humiliating techniques to create friction with Russia.
  • Cyber War Fare, Hacking, Malware. Then they started a series of accusations against Russia claiming “cyber warfare” from Russia. If you see ... the entire list of provocation is coming from the West.
  • Expulsion of Diplomats. They exploited the Democrat’s loss in the election ... they used the vulnerability of the Obama Administration to expel Russian Diplomats. You can’t blame only Obama for this because 99 out of 100 Senators voted for this move. Both Republicans and Democrats voted for this move.

Desired Outcome – Conflict with Russia
If you see all of the moves above ... what is the desired outcome? It is a conflict with Russia. How were they able to do this? Via Jewish Establishment monopoly in Europe and America. They already decide the required outcome and then they play the required moves to facilitate that outcome. It is a simple ERO game.

Innocent here as well
The fantastic thing is that ... they are innocent here as well. They are playing both sides here also. They have advisers near Putin and the advisers tell Putin that ... “hey, America wants war. NATO is doing bad things to us. NATO is bad. America is bad. We should prepare for war. We should teach them a lesson. Let’s destroy them.” What Putin sees is that ... yes, these moves are coming from America and NATO countries ... and yes, these are the countries that want aggression.

In the whole ERO game, our wonderful Israel plays totally innocent on both sides. When it comes to America, it says, “we are your ally, we are your ally.” And when it comes to Russia it says, “Americans are crazy. They want war. We love you. We will do everything to support you.” These are the guys who are making America and Russia fight against each other ... they are using all of their control points to facilitate this conflict ... while they themselves remain clearly distant from the chaos and conflict. Just make you fight and enjoy the fireworks from a distance.

Establishment ERO Strategy
These are the steps that they follow for their ERO Strategy:

  • Play both sides. Their desired outcome was elimination of Trump. They played both sides for that. And then their desired outcome is a conflict with Russia. They are playing both sides for that.
  • Create chaos. In both the scenarios, they are sowing seeds for chaos. On one side, they sowed seeds of racism and hate in Trump’s policies which will facilitate the chaos. On the other side, they are blaming Russia for hacking, cyber warfare and propaganda ... and enticing Russia for a war.
  • Blame the other guy. In both the scenarios ... they are blaming the opposite sides. Trump thinks that Obama and Democrats are bad. And Democrats are told that Trump is a racist, we must do everything to stop Trump. Russians think that NATO is bad and vice versa.
  • Remain clear from the conflict. In both the scenarios, they are totally clear from the conflict. Nobody doubts them ... if you doubt them then you are a racist ... you should be a good obedient guy and get on with their program of chaos ... you should take one side and be a part of the game.
  • Benefit from the chaos. And if you see both scenarios ... they were designed to benefit them. Elimination of Trump would bring Hillary, an Establishment puppet in the office and they did not have to worry about anything. A conflict with Russia eliminates the West for good erasing all of their malicious systems.

They know no limits
They come from a different ideology and they know no limits. Look at the extent to which they fall ... these are the worst steps that can be taken against any one. Circulating semi-nude photos of someone’s wife in the public ... giving him policies which make him a racist and then using the media to fully trash him and oppose him publicly. Look at the actions against Russia ... a country isolated, put in full sanctions, telling the world that their leader is corrupt, create a massive military buildup near your country and then keep on humiliating you and blaming you for this and that ... this and that. These are the worst things that can be done to a person or a country. And our lovely Jewish Establishment does this ... simply because they don’t care. They don’t care because as per them we are just sheep and cattle. Thinking twice about the impact on someone’s life, feelings, principles, welfare and wellbeing ... is not in their dictionary. All of this against Christians and Non-Jews is totally allowed for them. As per their religion, they are allowed to do this ... they are allowed to use us like animals.

Yes, Establishment monopoly is the “means” of how they get these things done. But more importantly we need to work on this ideology that comes from the Satanic part of Judaism. Until and unless you address this ideology that creates Jews who think like this and work like this ... this will be a never ending problem that the world will face.