16 Jan 2017
JewH214 Establishment Strategy: Promote Hillary, Misguide Trump

President Donald Trump does not know that there is a fundamental ideological conflict between him and the Jewish Establishment. Our lovely Establishment has spent several decades in building China at America’s expense and Trump wants to make America great again, bring back jobs from China and create American jobs, energy and manufacturing. This very concept is against the interests of the Establishment.

What Trump wants is what any patriotic American would want. Any guy who loves his country would like to work on his country, make his country great and do fabulous things for his country. This is something very simple and very natural. But the thing with our lovely Jewish Establishment is that ... they work on a reverse ideology ... they work on a self-serving ideology at other’s expense. So, if you are a patriot and you love your country then you are a problem for them. For them the ideal candidate is the one who is ready to sell off his country, sign ridiculous trade deals, ship jobs to China and drive the country’s wealth to the Establishment. If you can do that then you are their favorite.

They basically like “traitors”. And this is exactly what our politicians have been doing since the past decades ... selling off our country to China. And Trump’s opposition to America being ripped off made him a problem child.

This Presidential election was not like the previous two elections. Choosing between Mc Cain and Obama ... or between Mitt Romney and Obama ... was very easy. We had junk on one side and gold on the other side. The choice was very clear. But this time our lovely Jewish Establishment had influence on both sides ... they were influencing both the candidates ... Hillary and Trump.

Jewish Establishment and Intelligence
There were two major intelligent entities involved which had widespread connections at various levels around the world. One was the Jewish Establishment and the other was the Intelligence community. However there are some differences in how they work.

Jewish Establishment

  • Self-serving. It is a self-serving entity. The only thing it cares about is itself.
  • Media. It owns 90% of US mainstream media.
  • Politicians. It controls 70-80% of the Congress.
  • Finance. It has massive financial resources with the support of large corporations.


  • People Oriented. These guys follow a Christian ideology of caring and supporting the people.
  • Strong Network. They are very well connected through various levels of the society.
  • Strong Intel. They have very good and detailed information of anyone and everyone out there.

The major difference between the two is that ... the Intelligence does not own media or corporations ... nor does it have a vast influence in the Congress which the Jewish Establishment has. Which makes their mode of operations totally different. When the Jewish Establishment operates ... it operates with maximum media, political and financial support. When the Intelligence operates ... it operates with pin pointed connections at very powerful and effective places. By their mode of operation ... you know who is at play.

Trump’s Profile
I don’t think Trump knows that ... we have already been in touch with the Intel community for a very long time and we have been discussing China ... and how America has been ripped off by China since about 10 years now. And we knew that ... with the current leadership in the Congress nothing is going to change. They are all puppet politicians. We needed a guy who would fight for the country ... someone who would put America first. And to do that ... we needed a guy who would fight in a slit throat style with a killer instinct. We needed a winner.

  • An outsider. We knew that Washington contains only junk. We needed an outsider who could change the system. Just like Barack Obama ... he was an outsider ... new to Washington politics ... very less Establishment control ... that’s why he could make moves to change the system. We needed another outsider to carry on the work after Obama.
  • Pure White. I needed a guy who was pure white American. A guy who did not have a Jewish wife. If he had a Jewish wife then the game was over then and there itself.
  • Who loves America. We needed someone who loves America ... who would fight for America ... who would place America ahead of the Establishment.
  • Killer Instinct. And we needed a guy with a killer instinct. A guy who will fight in slit throat style ... someone who can totally obliterate the opposition.

And I looked at Trump’s profile ... he seemed to be the perfect guy. I was actually amused at how he was the exact profile that I wanted. And he comes up with a punch line “Make America Great Again”. I was like ... yeah, really? It’s perfect.

Election Dynamics
What basically happened was ... our lovely Jewish Establishment saw that we were working together ... we were aware of the issues and we were bringing in a candidate who will change the system. The idea that the Goyim were working against their self-serving policies outraged them. Like good cattle in the farm ... we are supposed to remain silent and do what our Jewish masters tell us to do. If you oppose then you will be eliminated.

Now, look how fantastically ... our lovely Jewish Establishment supported Hillary in every way possible and they tried to pull down Trump using every technique possible.

Promoting Hillary
What they saw in Hillary was that ... she was a total Establishment puppet ... she will do everything we ask. She has no plans to change anything ... our systems will remain untouched ... there will be absolutely no opposition ... she is the perfect candidate.

  • Massive Donations. They showered her with massive campaign finance in excess of hundreds of millions than what Trump collected.
  • Several Democrats Campaigning. They put several Democrats on the campaign trail to promote and campaign for Hillary.
  • Hundreds of Millions in ads. She was able to spend hundreds of millions in ads to promote herself.
  • Full Support from DNC. She got full support from the Democratic Party.

Pulling Down Trump
What they saw in Trump was that ... hey, this guy wants to make America great again. And he is actually talking sense ... he is talking about trade deals that have ripped off America ... he is talking about 70,000 factories that have left America ... he is talking about bringing it all back from China. And he has risen to immense fame. We have to do something to pull him down otherwise he will win the election and tear us down. We have to stop Trump.

  • Design of Chaotic Racist Policies. If you observe, Trump did not start his campaign by saying that, “I want to kick out all of the immigrants and ban Muslims from America”. That’s not how he started his campaign. He talked about genuine issues that were ripping off America and he won in fantastic style. He won in fantastic style defeating more than a dozen Republicans in the primaries. This rattled the Establishment. The way to take down Trump was to put wrong policies in his agenda. And that’s when later Trump comes up with these policies against Blacks, Latinos and Muslims.
  • Immense Negative Media Coverage. We at first thought that there is Establishment influence on the Trump’s camp and he is being given a lot of media coverage in exchange for these racist policies. But that was not the case. Trump was getting immense media coverage because the people loved him, they couldn’t get enough of him because of his killer instinct and slit throat style of fighting. The media companies were actually making money off him. Yes, they gave him free coverage of $5 Billion but they also made hundreds of billions in revenue by covering Donald Trump. There was no deal. Trump got this much coverage by default only because of his style. And since he was getting so much positive mileage ... they had to take him down. Once he talked about his racist policies against Blacks, Muslims and Latinos ... the Establishment gave maximum media coverage to demonize Trump. They had to pull down his ratings and massive publicity ... and this was one of their techniques.
  • Massive Finance for Hillary’s Campaign. Since Hillary was low energy ... no style, no vision, no plan ... she was hardly getting any media coverage compared to Trump. To combat this, they showered her with massive campaign finance so that she could spend hundreds of millions in ads to promote herself.
  • Scandal Tapes. All of the above was not helping ... Trump was still the shining star. They needed much more to take down Trump. And they leaked a scandal tape containing sexual remarks to give a massive blow to Trump’s campaign.
  • Scandal Women. And to add to it ... they sent a series of women claiming sexual assault. This actually killed his campaign.
  • Zero Republican Support. At first we thought that it was the intelligence who leaked this tape and sent these women. But that was not the case. It was the Jewish Establishment who did that ... because in the next step they pulled off all Republican support for Trump. If the Establishment wanted Trump to win then why pull off the support from the politicians that they controlled?
  • Zero Republican Spending from RNC. The Republican Party was spending zero in order to campaign for “their candidate”. If the Jewish Establishment truly supported Trump then why pull off all of the spending? They misled him, demonized him, pulled off all support and left him for the dogs. This is what the Establishment does if Christians dare to stand up against the Establishment. You are rattled, scandalized and eliminated from the game.

Intelligence Support for Trump
We actually know all of this shit that goes on. All of these malicious and defamatory tactics were expected by the Intel. It was shocking that they actually used all of these techniques but the Intel was watching the entire game at play. They knew who was pulling which strings ... they knew which was the right candidate ... they knew what had to be done.

  • Slit Throat Style. Look at all of the moves that the Intel made. They were pin point powerful moves that were very very effective. Firstly, they picked you ... Donald J Trump ... because they knew that you had the killer instinct and you would fight for the people. And it was this slit throat style that brought massive publicity to your campaign. It gave you an upper edge to the Establishment controlled media game. It drove billions of free advertising for your campaign.
  • Trade, Jobs, China. They gave you all of the right points to fight for. Against NAFTA, TPP, bad trade deals ... stuff that is actually effecting the people. And since you were a billionaire yourself, you did not have to depend upon cheesy donations that would control your policies. You could fight for your country independent of any corporate donations. Fighting for your country pulled a massive support for your campaign.
  • FBI Investigation against Hillary. Again a powerful pin point measure to help your campaign. Look at the way they designed the investigation also ... they did not release all of her emails at once ... but they chose to release “batches” of emails. It helped to stomp over Hillary’s campaign over an extended period of time. And when the Establishment rattled you with sex scandals ... they reopened the FBI Investigation against Hillary just days before election. This was done again to help you.
  • Pulling votes in your favor. At first I thought that the Establishment rigged the election in your favor but that was not the case. If the Establishment so desperately wanted you to win ... then they would not have pulled off all political support from the Republicans ... they would have continued to campaign for you. It was the Intelligence who pulled the votes in your favor. Because they knew that you were down and hurt ... the only way to pull you up was via the votes. If they did not do that then it would be the same Establishment politics under Hillary. This was again a pin point measure that was very effective.

Trump wins and the Establishment freaks out!
Despite all of the measures that they took ... right from misleading you, demonizing you, scandalizing you and pulling off all support ... Donald Trump wins the election! And this freaked out the Jewish Establishment ... how the hell did this guy win ... this is an outrage!

  • Protesters. They put protestors on the streets with signs of “Not My President”. Protests turned into riots. Who led this protestors ... not a single Democrat was leading these protesters. These were Establishment designed protests in order to create chaos. These protests quickly disappeared when we suggested to use these protests against Establishment policies.
  • Recount of Votes. Hillary conceded and Obama accepted the results of the election. Who led the recount of votes? Jill Stein, a Jew. They used one of their candidates to verify the votes because we made a suggestion that the votes were pulled in Trump’s favor. They were so eager to pull down Trump in any way possible.
  • Russia Meddled! Propaganda. If you see all the measures that the Establishment takes ... it is for their benefit. They are using the Democrats to worsen relations with Russia. They know that Trump wants to work on his country ... peace is a major requirement ... and they are using the remaining days of the Democrats to increase the friction with Russia.

This is not Hillary crying over her loss ... this is not Democrats crying over their loss ... this is the Establishment that is shocked at your victory. They were shocked that you rose to fame ... they were shocked that despite all measures taken ... you still won the election. They don’t know that Donald Trump has a guardian angel helping him. And this guardian angel knows all of the shit that goes around and they will take measures to keep the country safe.

The good news is that ... you have a chance to take major steps to change the country. Don’t bow to these assholes just because they own a few companies. You have a very powerful and a very effective support system with you. The only issue is the Establishment monopoly. It is using this monopoly that they were able to rattle you for one year to such an extent that you were losing the election itself. If we eliminate this monopoly then you will eliminate a lot of malicious opposition. As long as these guys still own most of the country ... there is a lot of possibility of more rattle rattle and scandal scandal ... this is how they shake Christian leaders and remove them from leadership. You know a few things but there are so many other parameters in action.

Jared Kushner
A word about Jared Kushner ... I know you really like him. If Dad likes his son-in-law then it means that he really likes his daughter. (Talking about genuine fatherly respectable love here ... nothing wrong with that. A father loving his children is okay.) I am not saying that he is bad or anything ... but keep your mind open. There is a Jewish strategy of selling bad apples along with good apples. They will show you one thing that is so simply fantastic ... and then ask you to do something that is totally disastrous. You will think that ... hey, this guy gave me such a fantastic idea ... so both of his ideas must be good ... he must be true about both of them. Well, that’s where you will be misled. They will give you something fantastic for the country and then they will give you something totally racist and chaotic. Don’t buy both the apples just because it is coming from the same guy.

Analyze intelligently every apple. If he gives you one apple ... analyze it intelligently ... if it benefits the people then take it. Analyze the second one, analyze the third one and every single one. I think Ivanka Trump will be of great help here. She is a good soul and she has a good caring & supportive heart just like her Dad. It might be difficult for your loving Dad to say no or to analyze everything ... you should step in and help him out. Your word will be much stronger than Kushner’s. I am not saying that Kushner is bad or anything ... but there is no harm in analyzing stuff intelligently in favor of the people. You already suffered a massive demonization campaign last year ... a little bit of screening will help.

Blame Game Strategy
And the fantastic thing about our lovely Jewish Establishment is that ... owing to their vast network ... they are able to pull people from various fields to do their crap. Once they are caught then they immediately shift the blame to another person. How you analyze if it was an “Establishment Strategy” is ... see the working of all 3 elements ... media, majority of politicians and finance ... if all 3 are flowing in one direction and it benefits the Establishment agenda then it is pretty much an Establishment Strategy. Life is little bit more complicated than right and wrong nowadays.

Who is this Intel Community?
Just so that Trump knows ... it is not the regular FBI or CIA. It is a different type of Intel community. Let’s just say that they are very well connected. The simple formula would be ... trust no one, evaluate everything.