12 Jan 2017
JewH213 Systematic Demonization of Peaceful Countries

What President Donald Trump does not know is that ... when he is fighting against demonization of Russia then he is automatically fighting against an “Establishment Agenda”. There is a striking similarity in the patterns of demonization of Islam and the demonization of Russia ... because it is carried out by the same criminal mindset. Let’s take a look.

Why is Donald Trump fighting against the demonization of Russia? Because if there is a war with Russia then Trump has a lot to lose. He has a $10 Billion real estate empire ... sky reaching fantastic hotels and luxury apartments ... he does not want all of this to be wiped out in case of a war with Russia. Trump is using commonsense. He has something to lose and he is protecting it ... unlike rest of the junk that exists in the Congress. No other Congressman has properties like Trump ... they have nothing to lose ... so they blindly run any agenda given to them ... even if it is an agenda against a superpower like Russia. No commonsense, no evaluation of costs and casualties and blind obedience to the Establishment ... that is Establishment Politics.

The striking similar pattern in the demonization of Islam and the demonization of Russia.

  • Repeated Provocation carried out against a religion and country. They literally invited aggression by provoking Muslim countries by creating laws against Burqa and Minarets in the West. None of the two had any direct impact on the culture or security of any Western country. These points were picked only to create hate and outrage in Muslim countries by picking on their religious cultural aspects. It was designed to facilitate a war between the Christian West and Muslim countries. Similarly, now to demonize and provoke Russia ... the Establishment has used Western governments to put sanctions on Russia and attempted to create laws against the so called “Russian Interference”. This is designed only to provoke and create a line of conflict between the West and Russia.
  • Starts off with targeting of leaders. The whole thing starts off with targeting of the leaders of the country. The world saw that Saddam, Gaddafi and Assad were widely demonized in the West via the Jewish Establishment owned media. They were demonized as brutal dictators who needed to be removed. The whole game begins with one person and it led to the complete destruction of their countries. Similarly, President Vladimir Putin is also a bad guy ... as per top American leaders, “Putin is a bully”. Why? What is Putin bullying America about? What is Putin pressurizing you to do? Nothing. The whole thing begins with the demonization of the leader.
  • And then it moves on to the people. They start off with demonizing one leader and then it automatically moves on to the people of the country. They started off with Saddam Hussein then automatically Islam became bad and Muslims became bad. Why? Why is this so? Because there is no planned end to this bullshit War on Terror. Continuously there have to be some bad guys out there against whom a war is required. That’s why the war translated from Saddam Hussein to Radical Islam. Owing to which mosques and common Muslims became the targets of violence in the West. Similarly, they are taking the moves against Russian people wherever possible. One or two guys were caught using drugs and they banned the entire Russian team from the Olympics. Why was this done? To create a provocation ... to create an outrage ... to facilitate a conflict that the Establishment wants. Now, don’t be surprised if in the future Russians in the West are being investigated or questioned or profiled for negative activities. Just like Arab Muslims became targets for suspicion ... the same pattern will move to Russian citizens abroad if the anti-Russian propaganda continues.
  • Placement of Events. Now, to facilitate all of the above ... events are placed at the right time, at the right place using the right person. To demonize Islam “terrorism” was the theme. Now, to demonize Russia it is “cyber warfare, hacking and malware” is the theme. If you look at the nature of both of these events ... terrorism and cyber warfare ... this can be carried out by anyone. You pay a guy a few bucks and these criminal activities can be placed anywhere you want. But what our lovely Establishment does is ... once these events are placed ... they direct it at a religion and a country as per their “preplanned agenda”. They don’t go for the criminal who actually did it ... instead they go for a religion and countries.
  • Top Politicians Promote the Agenda. The fantastic part is that ... they use top politicians to promote this agenda in order to give more weight and direct the country on a different path. See the similarity in both the agendas ... demonization of Islam and Russia ... both of them are marketed by top Western politicians. This is less of a criminal activity and more of a political activity.
  • Promoted Solution is Military Action. Okay fine ... some idiot out there committed a crime ... you are the politician ... you have an intelligence and police force ... go catch the criminal. But instead of catching criminals ... what our lovely Establishment does is ... they promote “military action” as the solution for these acts. Instead of catching the guys who carried out 911 ... they went about destroying a series of countries. You will find that all of these “events” that happen ... the culprit is never caught or he is dead in the act. They never catch the guy, they never investigate, they never ask who paid him to do it or they never ask who told him to do it. They just sell us a readymade version through politicians. “This bad event happened ... because Islam is bad ... because Russia is bad”. Now, the people are supposed to believe it and go with the flow.
  • What did any of these countries do against USA? What did Saddam, Gaddafi or Assad do against USA? Can you give me one move that they took that harmed any American life? They did nothing ... these were peaceful countries minding their own business. And our lovely Establishment gives us events and we spend decades in destroying other countries ... instead of doing good for our people. The same pattern applies to Russia. What has Putin done against America? Give me one American individual that was harmed by Putin or Russia. Putin has done nothing ... but still they are demonizing him as the enemy and calling it as an “act of war”. This is systematic demonization of peaceful countries who did absolutely nothing to America. These are Jewish Establishment agendas.

Tips for Russia
We have been reaching out to the Trump Team in order to cool him off against the Radical Islam propaganda. We have been trying to make him see through some logic ... so that he knows where the issue is. But I don’t know for how many years they have fed him with information like ... Islam is bad, Muslims are bad, Quran teaches hate and bla bla bla. So obviously, making Trump realize will take some time. He has learnt some things over several years ... he can’t switch to something else instantly ... it may take some time. But he has shown some progress ... he says, he will not ban Muslims ... he will not target a religion ... but he will restrict immigration from several countries.

This opens a door of opportunity for Russia. Trump still has doubts about Islam and Muslims. To the extent that he may allow legal action to be taken against Saudi Arabia for 911. GCC countries are the richest Muslim countries in the world. The moment Trump creates any policy against any Muslim country ... it opens a fantastic door of opportunity for Russia to move in. You need friends and Trump’s cold shoulder to the Muslim world will bring a lot of friends for you.

Trump is a great guy. He is trying to work on one of the elements that we have given. But he does not have the full information ... he is working on a terribly limited amount of data ... which is going to make his efforts very very limited. He is focusing on his country ... which is good in a way ... but since he does not have the full info ... he will isolate a lot of friendly rich Muslim countries owing to the anti-Muslim propaganda given to him. Be ready to move in as a supporting country for several countries in the Middle East and North Africa. It is a very prospective region. I know right now Russia is mainly exporting oil, natural resources and agricultural products ... but we will show you how to easily move into the technology and the manufacturing market and compete with countries like Germany, Japan and China. Its easy. Trump’s limitations will be Russia’s gains ... and these rich Muslim countries will provide fantastic economic support for the variety of Russian products in the future. Look at the long term and prepare.