12 Jan 2017
JewH212 Anchors that will take down the Trump Presidency

Our lovely President Donald Trump has no idea what he has got himself into. He is so happy to have become the US President. He is so eager to multiply his family’s fortune. But he has no idea that all of this could lead to failure and humiliation. Instead of gains, he could face massive losses with what he already has.

Here’s the thing ... being elected as President is no big deal for the Establishment. This is a routine thing that needs to happen every 4 years. Every 4 years ... one guy has to be elected as President ... this routine has been going on since hundreds of years. A guy being elected as President is no big deal. The only thing that the Establishment does is ... make sure that both of the leading candidates from both the Parties are “their guys” ... guys who support Israel ... guys who support the Jewish Establishment ... guys who don’t do absolutely anything against them.

In this election ... they put Trump and Hillary as the main leading candidates. If you see the key sponsors and donors of both of these candidates then they will be Jewish groups. They make heavy donations to both sides and bring “their candidates” to the top by giving them massive publicity in the media that they own. This is one of the reasons America does not run for Americans but it runs for the Establishment.

Here is the issue. You saw George Bush’s second election. Nobody voted for him. He was the most unpopular Presidents ever. Millions of Americans were protesting against his wars and policies ... there were mass protests against his re-election. How did he get elected then? They rigged it in his favor. If they are rigging an election and making you the President ... then they are not doing a big favor for you. It just means that there is terribly drastic planned under your Administration. Just look at how they used George Bush and tossed him aside. They used him like a tissue paper ... blew their nose in it and tossed it aside. George Bush is the most humiliated Presidents of our time.

This is how Donald Trump can avoid being George Bush II. All he needs to do is keep an open mind and look with reason and logic. You use simple basic commonsense ... and you will save yourself a lot of trouble ... and you can save yourself from a lot of disasters and humiliation.

Here are some of the anchors that will take down the Trump Presidency.

  • Republicans. Yeah, your own team. Tell me one good thing that the Republicans did in the past 16 years. Tell me one good thing that George Bush did ... he was a Republican President ... he had almost the same team. The same leaders were under Obama. Tell me one suggestion or reform that they gave. Nothing. Almost the entire team is a pack of junk. Forget about doing good ... instead of that they will give you totally drastic suggestions.
    • Anti-Russia. For example ... they will stand there and promote anti-Russian propaganda for no reason. Putin has done nothing against America or the American people. But they will push for hardcore anti-Russian policies. Why? Because this is also an “Establishment Agenda”. They want America to be against Russia ... they want a line of friction and conflict with Russia.
    • Massive Military. “Peace through Strength” ... a Republican punchline in order to give hundreds of billions of tax payer money to the private defense industry. Who are you trying to make peace with? Who is threatening you? There is no threat why waste hundreds of billions of tax payer money in hoarding up more military equipment. You don’t need to hoard more ... you already are the most powerful country in the world.
    • Massive Defense Expense. Despite a $20 Trillion debt ... they will stand there and push you for hundreds of billions of expenditure into weapons and war.
  • Congress. Here is the hard truth about the Congress. Most of it is junk. There are only a few Republicans and Democrats with the right mind that actually care for the country. The rest is all Establishment junk. If you don’t play smart then your own Congress will take you down.
    • Anti-Russia. Being anti-Russia is the latest trend in American politics. You will find ridiculous and unnecessary propaganda against Russia from both party members. Like I said ... it is an Establishment agenda and the Establishment controls members of both parties. And moment you get carried away with this anti-Russian agenda then the game is over for America.
    • Road Block Reforms. One of the fantastic things that the Congress will do very effectively is road block reforms. This is done in two ways. One is by not letting you create reforms that actually have any benefit for the people. Two ... the first one is accomplished by keeping you busy with stuff that doesn’t benefit people in any way.
    • Bitching about Nothing. One of the most fantastic thing that the Congress does is “bitching about nothing” ... this is an Establishment stagnation technique. They kill your time by keeping you busy with bullshit. They don’t let you do anything that effectively benefits people. Will give details on this later.
  • Israel. This is the core center from where all of this master planning is done. This is the Establishment center. There are several ways in which Israel serves as an anchor to the US government.
    • Spend More! Give More! Israel is supposed to be our ally ... our friend. Friendship goes both ways ... not one way. One way benefit is for parasites ... friendship is a two way street. If someone is always taking, taking and taking from you ... and never giving you anything in return ... that is a definition of a parasite. Parasites always take ... they never give ... like a mosquito on your skin ... it keeps sucking, sucking and sucking ... it doesn’t care in what condition you are ... whether you are healthy or sick ... if you have what it wants ... then it will keep sucking ... till you are no more. Tell me one thing that Israel does for America. It takes hundreds of billions from us ... does Israel provide any equal benefit in return? It takes support in every form possible ... military, technology, political, financial, education, trade ... does Israel provide any measurable returns for America or the American people? If it does us no good then why are we ... like fools ... spending hundreds of billions of our tax payer money on this “developed country”. Israel is not Africa ... people are dying in Africa. If we spent the same amount in Africa, we could revolutionize several countries there. Why are we continuously fooled by this country? Because it is an Establishment agenda, my friend. This is the center of the Establishment.
    • Massive Terrorism Expense. It is this country that blows up our money by the trillions ... not just in aid for itself ... but trillions in terrorism expense. All of these wars for terror are promoted by Israel. Listen to Netanyahu himself ... he is the one who marketed the war in Iraq in the Congress: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wHmhf_wrcrM. George Bush was only an obedient pawn of the Establishment. It is these guys who have leeched out $6 Trillion of American tax payer money for these crappy wars. And the fantastic thing about Israel is that ... it is a tiny country in the Middle East ... but it will kick your balls and beat the shit out of you if you don’t follow orders. The moment you say no to anything ... you are demonized in the media as “anti-Semitic, not Israel’s friend and as a traitor”. They literally bully and abuse American leaders into following their orders.
    • Fight Radical Islam. They will continue to push you to keep fighting Radical Islam. This is another “stagnation technique” ... to keep America busy with bullshit and not care for its own people. Your expense on Radical Islam ... an artificially created concept ... will be one of your biggest anchor that will take down your Administration. With $20 Trillion debt, you cannot afford to spend hundreds of billions fighting against cranky idiots in the sands.
  • Jewish Establishment. Now coming to the main don himself ... the Jewish Establishment. All of this ridiculous stagnation via the Republicans and the Congress is because of this Establishment. These guys are the main culprits.
    • Create Events. You will find magically events happening at the right time, at the right place and by the right person as per the preplanned agenda. Once the event is created, the script will be ready for you to read.
    • Provide Incentives – Bait. So that you follow through their program ... they will support you with two things ... one is they will lure you with incentives on the side to run the program ... and secondly, they will also give you a “moral agenda” to support the concept. They will tweak your brains ... tell you stuff like “Islam is bad, Muslims are bad, Quran teaches bad things, these are bad people, you have to save your country from bad people, we will support you” ... this gives you an illusion that you are doing something nice. And the fact that an event happened on the ground level in accordance to this program ... you will think that they are right. This is how they fool the novice leaders. When it comes to spending on weapons programs ... the moral agenda is “peace through strength”. When it comes to spending on Radical Islam ... the moral agenda is “keeping America safe”. Both of them are bullshit programs designed to benefit the private weapons industry. If you want to check what they are saying then check where the cash flows in the next related moves.
    • Humiliation and Demonization. And once you fall for their bait ... and you run those programs ... after a while people will notice that ... all you did was nothing but bullshit. You spent trillions of dollars in 4 years ... all you did was kill people and kept Americans occupied in war, fear and insecurity ... guess who gets slaughtered next? Yes, it will be President Donald Trump. You will be humiliated and demonized massively ... not the Establishment ... not Israel ... and not any Republican or Congress member. You are the one who will face all of the humiliation and demonization.

How do you handle these Establishment games?

  • Don’t trust but lead and provide direction. Don’t trust your Republican friends or any Congress member. Most of them are all junk. You are the President of the United States ... it is your name under scrutiny ... you are the one who was elected President ... not all of the other junk. So, you lead and you provide direction. How do you do that? Read on.
  • Three simple checks. These three simple checks will help you evaluate any and every policy and move. Just evaluate everything ... every suggestion, every policy, every tactic ... based upon this:
    • Basic Intelligence (ROI). If we doing anything or if we are spending anything ... what is the return on investment? How are the American people going to benefit out of it?
    • Values and Facts. Every policy should be based upon American values and principles ... and the facts on the ground. Nothing should be racist and nothing should be propaganda based. 
    • America First. Look for the benefit of the people ... and not the Establishment. There is already a huge income distribution issue. Try to do something for the people.
  • Outmaneuvering the Establishment. Doesn’t matter who the hell it is ... it might be the largest corporations or Israel or any media giant ... President Donald Trump can easily outmaneuver the Establishment. You don’t need to bow to anyone ... Trump is a slave to nobody. This is how you do it. These guys might be whoever ... but most of the stuff that happens in Washington doesn’t benefit the people at all. It gives you a massive support of 300 Million Americans nationwide. Don’t allow the Republicans or the Congress to clobber you in the corner. Use the power of the media ... take stuff to the people. Tweet it ... press conference ... talk shows ... just take it to the people. And the media ... despite its Jewish ownership ... they will hammer the shit out of these Congressmen. Numbers don’t matter ... the Establishment holds the majority of the Congress ... but it doesn’t matter once you take it to the people ... they have to come clean ... they have to fix it ... they have to do right. You might be one guy in the room that is right ... and all of them against you ... but you can turn the whole thing around ... using the power of the media. They have been telling you that the “media is dishonest” ... all of that is bullshit. The idea was to make you do ridiculous things and then use the media to hammer you. But if you play smart ... then you can turn it around. You do what is right ... take it to the media ... and hammer the shit out of the Congress. Yes, the Jewish Establishment owns 90% of media ... but they will be totally helpless in this regard. Because the media is actually run by American Christians via American principles. This way you get an upper edge over any corporation or government or media group.
  • President Donald J Trump.
    • Media Magnet. You are already in the media game ... you already know the business. The media already loves you. Anything you say becomes headlines ... why do you think it is like that? Because the media really loves you and they are eager to know what you say or do. You are already a media magnet. Don’t go against the media, use the media in your favor. This will be one of your most powerful tools ... more powerful than the Congress itself. You can control the entire Congress using the media.
    • Charismatic with a Killer Instinct. You can do this 10 times better than Obama could do it ... because you have a fantastic killer instinct. Obama is too much of a gentleman. If he had even 10% of your killer instinct then he could do wonders. People will simply love it ... if you stood up for American values and what’s best for America ... if anything is going against this ... just take it to the media.
    • Fights for his People. With this strategy, you can simply reverse the game. Instead of you taking any blame or any humiliation ... people will know exactly where the fault was ... where the issues are. And you will retain your image as a “fighter for the people”. Obama didn’t do much but because he remained committed to American values, he still has his honor and respect. People still respect him. You can be much better. You can slaughter anyone who stands in the way ... doesn’t matter which corporation or country. You will come out victorious. If you don’t take up the fight for the people ... then trust me there will be someone else who will.

Will this fix America?
Ow no, my friend. This recipe is just to stay alive. Fixing America is a little bit more complicated than that. The above will help you survive the wrong flow of moves. It will help you save yourself from turbulent waters. It will help you see who is creating the trouble, where the trouble is coming from ... how to stop yourself from going with the flow ... how to stop yourself from creating disasters just because everybody said so. Just because everybody in the house said ... bomb, bomb, bomb ... you don’t go out there and start a bombing campaign. These tools will help you think a little bit logically ... resist the flow ... and try to choose an alternate option. When the House is suggesting you totally drastic moves ... it is the people who will come to the rescue. Take it to the people, the people will save you. You don’t need to be anybody’s puppet ... you don’t need to be anybody’s slave.

Will Trump follow the recommendations?
Heh ... no idea. Everything with Donald Trump is 50/50 ... massive Jewish influence in the next game ... no idea what is going to happen. It can be greatness or it can be chaos. He can move both ways. Don’t know anything till you see his real actions.