12 Jan 2017
JewH211 Will Trump get on the Republican War Horse?

What our lovely President Donald Trump does not know is ... Washington Politics is a rollercoaster ride. All new comers think that they are going to get into the most powerful car in the world and drive it the way they want. But what they don’t know is that ... everything is already preplanned, the whole path is already set and you have no control except to be the face of that ride. Welcome to Washington Donald Trump.

Here is something interesting that you need to know. Obama did not start all of these crappy wars ... Obama did not start the War on Terror ... Obama did not start spending trillions of tax payer money in conflicts and wars. All of this was launched by our lovely President George W Bush. What you need to realize is that you are heading this exact same party. You talk about making America Great Again and jobs and economy and building the country. But what you don’t know is that “war and economy” don’t go hand in hand. Either you can be at war or you can build your country ... both don’t happen simultaneously.

The Republican War Horse
Take a look at the entire agenda given to you.

  • Massive military buildup and expenditure. Yeah, that’s what George Bush did. Massive expenses on military activities and weapons. This is a “Republican” thing. A lot of control by the weapons industry here ... and maybe a lot of incentives as well. But massive military activity and expense is what the Republicans do.
  • Bush blamed only Saddam Hussein and Al Qaeda. Now, look at the “scale” of the design of your agenda. Bush specifically mentioned one name and one terrorist group. What have they given to you? They are making you target three entire races and religion ... Muslims, Blacks and Latinos. Do you see the scale of the expansion of the operation? That too Bush was targeting something “offshore” ... but you are going to target these groups on American soil. Bush created chaos in Afghanistan and Iraq ... in other countries ... but you are given groups on American soil. The chaos is planned to be on American soil under your Administration.
  • Events targeting Arab Muslims. They gave Bush an agenda to “fight Radical Islam” and then they created events to target Arab Muslims. Just one group was under target during the Bush Administration. Based upon the same pattern of events ... your Administration will contain events targeting Muslims ... and also Blacks and Latinos. The strategy is just create the event ... and then come to President Donald Trump ... “President Donald Trump! Please take some action! Donald Trump do something! Donald Trump do something!” What will President Donald Trump do when events enfold? Turn a blind eye? Or jump into action?
  • Events did not target Russia. The good thing about the Bush Administration was that events did not target Russia. But to our wonderful surprise ... we are having repeated events targeting Russia. 99 out of 100 US Senators are screaming for action against Russia. “Punish Russia! Punish Russia!” Do you see the troubled waters that you are entering, my friend Donald Trump? This is “Establishment design” ... Washington Politics is a rollercoaster ride. It is all preplanned. And they are planning to rattle you in several ways.
  • Promoted hate, fear and insecurity. Bush massively promoted Radical Islam in order to justify his wars. It led to the promotion of hate, fear and insecurity in the society. Targeting only one tiny group led to so much chaos under the Bush Administration. And they have put a variety of 4 targets on the platter for you ... Muslims, Blacks, Latinos and Russians. Just imagine taking action against 4 different groups and maintaining your sanity as a country.
  • Bush’s wars targeted only 2 countries. Yes, Bush waged unnecessary wars but he targeted only 2 countries. And you are being told that Radical Islam exists in 30+ countries. You are being pushed for a massive military buildup and encouraged to “fight Radical Islam”. So with how many countries are we going to fight, Donald Trump? In how many countries are we planning to take military action?
  • Bush deployed hundreds of thousands of US soldiers. How many soldiers will President Donald Trump deploy? In how many countries?
  • Massive expenditure in wars. Fighting in 2 countries itself has cost us in trillions ... just imagine the costs for fighting in 30+ countries. We had zero debt when George Bush started off ... now imagine the launch of new wars with a debt of $20 Trillion. Awesome.
  • Massive Unemployment and Economic Meltdown. All of these “Republican policies and wars” led to a massive economic meltdown and led to the highest rate of unemployment. Do you think that if you continue the same agenda and multiply it by a factor of 4 ... do you think it will result into anything positive?
  • George Bush was Israel’s puppy. What you don’t realize is that George Bush was 100% pro Israel and pro Establishment. He followed orders to a 100% ... with no questions asked. He never questioned Israel ... he never questioned Netanyahu ... he never questioned the agenda that was given to him. And look where he ended up ... just look at what they did to him. The guy simply disappeared from public life ... he can’t even show his face at any public function.

Obama challenged the Establishment. Yes, they put some hurdles in this path. Because Obama challenged and dared to question ... Obama could stop himself from disasters. Obama didn’t do great stuff but he didn’t do great disasters as well. The people still love him. Do people love George Bush? Nobody in their right mind loves George Bush. Obama retained his honor and respect by being intelligent ... by questioning and reasoning ... and by keeping American interests first.

It took Obama 4 years to get off the Republican War Horse. It took a massive effort to mend relations with Arab countries and bring back peace in the country. That was Obama’s biggest accomplishment in his first term. He got rid of all of the hate, fear, insecurity and division that was plaguing the society. Had he continued to ride the same Republican War Horse then it would be total chaos. He is giving you a fantastic and peaceful country on the platter for you. This peace has resulted in massive job growth ... unemployment is at its lowest ever. How did that happen? Obama’s diplomacy and intelligent action ... and refusal to expand conflicts and military action ... that’s what has given you peace in America right now.

Obama’s second major accomplishment was “refuse to engage” in military action in more countries. He stood up and questioned Establishment policies ... he questioned Israel ... he questioned Netanyahu ... he put America first. He decided what’s best for America. I am telling you this in advance ... because if you really care for America and the country ... then you will find a different type of fight in Washington. You will have to fight against your own party ... you will have to fight against the majority of the Congress in order to do what is best for America. You will have to think twice before following Israel and Netanyahu. All of these guys that surround you ... they will only fling you into the wrong direction. And moment you climb that Republican War Horse ... trust me my friend ... before you realize, you will be in chaos.

How to manage this?

  • Return on Investment (ROI). Play intelligently ... calculate costs ... calculate return on investment on every action. We invested $6 Trillion in these conflicts ... what did we get? I am not talking about the oil companies. What did the country get? These are tax payer dollars. What did the people get?
  • Don’t take race or religion based actions. And secondly, don’t take any action or create any policy based upon a race or religion. Doesn’t matter who tells you ... just don’t do it. You will get riots in the country if you do that. The media will give massive publicity to those measures and in no time you will find an opposition from the people.
  • Handling Radical Islam. When it comes to handling Radical Islam ... here also play intelligently not emotionally. Work on strengthening other countries where these issues are ... work on strengthening their military and intelligence. This will cost you peanuts ... compared to the hundreds of billions that you will need to spend in military action. Work with foreign governments, don’t uproot them.
  • Avoid Regime Change. Don’t change regimes ... work with those regimes and address those issues. If you want to pressurize a regime for non-cooperation ... don’t go for military action, use intelligent pressure points ... use sanctions. It is very easy and peaceful to be intelligent ... it will be drastic and chaotic if you are aggressive. Any animal can be aggressive ... it’s no big deal showing use of force. Play intelligently. Use other pressure points other than aggression or military action.

This way you will show America that you are not George W Bush. You are working fantastically and intelligently ... following all American principles and values ... and progressing the country in peace with solid control. That’s what people like to see in a leader ... intelligence, progress, peace and stability.

Tips for Russia
Now here are some tips for Russia. Since the past 16 years America has been blowing up their money by the trillions in fighting an artificially created terrorist group. I know that you are looking for good mutual relations. But the important point about this “War on Terror” is that ... doesn’t matter what they say ... don’t invest a single penny on this War on Terror. They will ask you to join and fight terrorists and bla bla bla. All of that is bullshit ... the more you invest, the more they leech from you. If you follow them you will also get ripped off just like many other European countries are getting ripped off.

Britain, France and Germany also invested in this War on Terror by the hundreds of millions ... what did they get in return? Nothing ... bullshit. It is an economic trap ... don’t fall for it. Secondly, just in case Washington plans to take military action against any new country ... within hours reach out to that country and pull it under your fold. They have isolated you from the world and you need as many countries under your fold as possible. These countries will work like “client states” for you.

  • Defense Development. These client states will give preference to Russia for all weapons and defense purchases.
  • Economic Cooperation. These client states will give preference to Russia for all products in every possible hemisphere.
  • Strengthen Russian Influence. All of the contracts with these client states will be lengthy 50 year contracts ... strengthening Russia’s influence around the world and bringing a huge list of economic tie ups.

I would suggest you to find out which are these possible 30+ countries that have “Radical Islam”. And get in touch with them in advance. Find out every possible country that Washington can attack or take military action against ... and initiate a dialog with them. Keep them prepared and instantly you will get a long list of countries as client states. The moment Washington makes a threat ... you win a client state. It is very simple ... it is very easy ... it is simple use of Diplomacy.

It is not that you are going against America. You are just “cooperating” with these countries and providing them with intelligence and helping them eliminate “Radical Islam” from their countries ... tactically and intelligently. This way ... the issue is addressed, the country is in peace, saves America in billions in military action and you win client states. It’s an all win solution. This is one of the ways of bringing balance in world power and keeping a check on America on unilateral actions around the world. And trust me ... America will love you if you save America from any drastic action that Donald Trump may take. You are already the new year hero for not playing tit-for-tat on the sanctions move from Obama. Your move was loved and appreciated all over America.