12 Jan 2017
JewH209 Saving Active Democracy from the “misguided” Donald Trump

It is not just saving Active Democracy from the misguided Donald Trump ... but it is about saving America, Europe, Russia and the World from a misguided Donald Trump. First ... let’s talk about Active Democracy and then we will move forward.

This page is a continuation of the topic: Half a dozen countries rattled in order to stop Active Democracy.

We love you! Move your work to America!
We got this suggestion from several Americans during the Obama Administration. We were like ... I love you too but I don’t trust your system. Many Americans knew that we were concerned with what was happening in America and we knew how to fix those issues. They wanted us to relocate and work from America. But the major issue with that was ... these people who were inviting me to America did not understand how their systems worked. This invitation to America ... this itself was a trap. Our lovely Jewish Establishment was only using a few people who liked our work in order to pull us into a country where they controlled the legal system.

It was an Establishment Trap
In America ... the moment you mention the word “Jew” ... Jews did this or Jews did that ... then the game is over. You are either tossed into jail for hate speech and racism ... or you get legal issues that drain out all of your wealth. That is the extent of control of our lovely Jewish Establishment in America. Which is why you will find no one even wandering close to that approach. Even if you are the President of America, even then the legal system supersedes you. Legal action will be taken against you if you dare to go against the Jewish Establishment in any way. You will be rattled in many ways.

But the thing is that ... it is impossible to address this issue without referring to Jews or Jewish Ideology. Because they themselves have embedded Satanic Ideology within Judaism ... they are actually Satanists but they call themselves Jews. It is impossible to address this concern and the systems that arise out of this ideology without referring to Jews or Judaism. Because the entire base of their operation is firmly embedded in their ideology.

Helping America remotely
This is why we chose to help America but from overseas. We were connecting with the top leaders in the system and we were based in a fantastic secular country that fully supported free speech. Since we were not moving our operation to America ... we were not falling for their trap ... they started rattling and scandalizing the political systems of other countries. They started off with India then Malaysia, Serbia, Turkey, America and Russia. Wherever we moved they targeted those political systems ... whatever programs we came up with, they started schemes to oppose those programs in America and Russia.

Saving America from a massive disaster under Obama
The Obama Administration understood our work and he understood the legal parameters that we were facing. He liked our work and in fact, we guided him on a lot of things. The best thing about the Obama Administration was that we got political and legal security. Obama understood that legals were a major concern and he made sure that no legal or political pressure was taken from the American side in order to stop the work.

We were able to continue our work and guide Obama on the misleading techniques of the Establishment. They were already pushing Obama for massive wars. The war in Syria was supposed to expand into Iran ... and a war with Iran was actually supposed to be a war with Russia. They were planning a complete massive nuclear war right under Obama’s nose. Our work helped Obama understand these deceptive games. It helped America save itself from a nuclear war.

Obama refused to send US troops in any country ... thus saving thousands of American lives. And he struck a Nuclear Deal with Iran to avoid moving into a war with Russia. This brought 100% security in America whereby we are having the highest job growth ever since the past 8 years. The unemployment rate is below 5%. This stability and growth in the country was achieved via peaceful, diplomatic and intelligent moves ... that did not involve any blind military action based upon emotions, hate or fear. Obama’s diplomacy was best in his second term. He worked very “intelligently” and refused blind military aggression.

Change of Political Parameters in America
But now ... since the Obama Administration is going to be over in a few weeks. The political parameters will change in America. The biggest problem with a Trump Presidency will be massive Jewish influence. This will create massive unpredictability under a Trump Administration. For example, support for Israeli settlements in Palestine. No country supports Israeli settlements. Why? Because of commonsense. They are constructing houses on someone else’s land ... how is that legal in any part of the world. It is like Paris Hilton coming and taking over Trump Towers. Would you be okay with that? If you are not okay with someone taking over your house or land ... then how are you okay with it when Israel does that?

This is the main reason why no country has setup its embassy in Jerusalem. They know that it is occupied territory ... they know that it is illegally occupied land. And you are promising them a US Embassy in Jerusalem. What is this? Massive Jewish influence. They come and teach you that:

  • Islam is bad
  • Muslims are bad
  • Arabs are terrorists. They are firing rockets.
  • Support Israel. Save Israel.
  • We will support you in so and so way.

And you just blindly support whatever Israel says.

Fooling George Bush
But what you don’t realize is that ... they mislead you in massive ways. You think they only misled Obama? They made a fool out of George Bush as well. He was a Republican President. Tell me one good thing that Bush did for America ... one good thing. All of these wars ... this War on Terror ... was launched by whom? George W Bush ... a Republican President ... carried out under a Republican agenda. Bush is gone ... but all of these wars still continue and expand ... why? Because it was not Bush or Republicans actually behind this ... these are Establishment games. They use you ... doesn’t matter who you are ... Republican or Democrat ... you are only used for their self-serving interests.

Just like they had tweaked George Bush’s brains ... and he made a lot of speeches against Islamic Terrorism and Muslims and Arabs ... they have done the same thing to Donald Trump. They sat right next to him and gave him a lot of home lessons against Islam and Muslims. Not only against Muslims but interestingly Trump has been given a lot of racist information against Blacks and Latinos as well.

When you buy this information ... when you trust these kinds of sources ... then my friend, your actions become totally unpredictable. You forget American values ... what is right and wrong ... you leave out facts aside. And then you just start deciding based upon emotions, hate and fear that they are preaching you ... just because they are supporting you on other fronts. And just like there were massive protests under George Bush Administration ... the very fact that Trump won the election created mass protests & riots in several cities.

A great Donald Trump will lead a great America ... if Trump falls America will fall

This is why we reached out to Donald Trump during the elections ... showing him where his strengths are and where his weaknesses are. At a personal level, Trump is a great guy and he can do wonders for the country. But if he is misled then it can be totally disastrous for America and several countries around the world. We showed you how your policies are “intentionally designed” to be racist against several groups and how they will create chaos in the country.

This is one of our specialties ... you take one move and we will tell you the next ten steps. This helps you foresee how some people are misleading you ... how they are intentionally placing mines in your path ... and how they want to destroy you intentionally. This helps you change your direction ... secure your moves and do what’s best for the country. A great Donald Trump will lead a great America. That’s what we believe in and we know you have the potential for that. We are going to show you some fantastic things that will revolutionize America. But if these guys successfully mislead you and stab you in the back ... if Trump falls America will fall. We know it works both ways. We know that you love your country enough to divert from these misleading assholes.

They have rattled several countries in order to stop our work. There is definitely a chance that they will come to you under a variety of pretexts to initiate moves to stop our work. And if they are coming to you ... on any pretext ... to stop our work ... then you need to understand what our work delivered.

  • Stopped Destruction. We stopped America from destruction. We stopped massive wars. Had we not collaborated with the Obama Administration ... America would have already been destroyed by now.
  • Stopped Chaos. We stopped the forthcoming chaos under a Trump Presidency. There will be peace and stability under a Trump Presidency because we have already exposed their current malicious racist policies. Had we not collaborated with the Trump Team then you would stick to your racist policies and there would be chaos in the country by now.

We are the ones who are stopping destruction and chaos in America ... owing to malicious Establishment schemes and misdirection. If they are approaching you to stop us ... then know that ... they want to create chaos and destruction in America. We love America and Americans. We have nothing against Americans. And we know that America will be one of the finest countries in the world. The entire content that is published on our website points only to the Jewish Establishment - the bankers, corporations and Israeli government. We show their criminal ideology and schemes ... and this saves countries.

They can do absolutely nothing to us ... legally speaking. Other than legals ... they can just shoot us dead, drug us into any disease or terminate our finances. These assholes are criminals ... they can be creative in various ways. But legally speaking ... if you don’t cooperate then they cannot do anything. Since they have a lot of access to you ... they will make an attempt. Here is how to handle this malicious moves:

  • Not based in America. The operation is not based in America. Tell them, you have no legal jurisdiction over us.
  • Protected by the Local Governments. Tell them that they are protected by the local governments of Turkey, Serbia and Malaysia.
  • Protected by Russia. Even then if they try to push you to pull political strings in order to stop our work somehow ... then just tell them that we are protected by Putin and Russia. All of these countries have good relations with Russia. Tell them we are under Russia’s umbrella ... we are not on US soil and we don’t want to harm Russian interests. This will make them back off.

There will be moves ... they will encourage you to use your political influence. Use the above techniques ... they will back off ... God willing.

Turkey, Serbia, Malaysia and other Local Governments
Here is some common information for all of you. Like I said above ... we are fighting “White Collar Criminal Systems”. These guys are all criminals and they have setup massive criminal exploitation systems around the world. Their strategy is to “Kill the Goyim using the Goyim”. They use Christian and Non-Jewish Governments to take action against their own people. To use the power of the government to silence their opposition. This indirect technique helps them stay out of the loop and put the blame of the aggression on someone else.

If they got involved directly then it would create a confrontation between a Jewish group and a Non-Jewish group. This confrontation would expose all of their malice and ideologies. It would create unnecessary publicity and show the world who they are. This is one of the reasons they use “silent indirect” techniques. They turn an entire government against a person or a group to silence the person.

At a local level I think countries like Turkey, Serbia and Malaysia should be quite safe. And such moves will not be entertained. But even if they attempt to take any move ... redirect the move to Russia. Putin should be able to handle the necessary political pressure ... God willing.

Russia – Future Unpredictability
This is what Putin and Russia should understand from these scene. We were quite effective in stopping large military operations and a war against Russia. President Donald Trump ... he is a great guy. The good thing about him is that he has basic “commonsense”. He is not like the other idiots in the Congress. He does not run any agenda blindly. If we had George Bush in his place then there would be no way to stop George Bush. Trump has excellent business acumen and he is running a fantastic business ... you cannot run such a large business without basic commonsense. There is a huge probability that Trump will do what is right for America.

But he has massive Jewish influence over him ... a lot of Jewish access. And you should understand that the core of the problem is the “Jewish Establishment”. Trump may be nice towards Russia but look at the current vote for sanctions against Russia ... 99/100 Senators supported sanctions against Russia. Why are these guys supporting sanctions against Russia? What has Russia done? Nothing. This is an Establishment agenda and these are our lovely puppeted politicians in America ... which is why no good for America ever happens. They are given one agenda and they blindly run the agenda without foreseeing the consequences.

This makes it even more important to keep a check on American political moves and guide President Donald Trump towards the right direction. You leave him unchecked and the whole thing can go down steep hill in no time. The better thing to do would be fix the whole damn system. But using this website ... there is one thing that we can do ... stop America from destroying itself ... and your help is ever more needed in this work. We need to setup the security system before Trump comes to power. Security is the most basic requirement for the work to happen at any level.